20 Best Shaggy Haircuts Ideas For Guys – How To Cut Men’s Shaggy Hair

Funky hipster shaggy hairstyle

If you are irked from giving too much maintenance in regards to your hair then it is not wrong to loosen up a little once in a while. Shaggy hair requires very low maintenance yet it is still a stylish option. You might have seen yourself in messy hair on a lazy Sunday morning when you have to go nowhere. Well, a shaggy haircut brings to you that comfort in your everyday life. It doesn’t mean you are in your pajama looks, you are still neat but not too sharp.

To sound more professional, you will be creating a series of layers on your hair as you go down from the top. Shaggy hairstyles have been in trend since the decade of 1970s. Many lovable celebrities like David Bowie, Rod Stewert, Mick Jagger, etc, have rocked their looks with this exceptional hairstyle. You are giving yourself intentional and controlled messiness to elevate your free-spirited nature.

How to Get Yourself Shaggy Hairstyles

Anyone can have a shaggy hairstyle, even without attempting for it in some cases. But to make it a compelling one you need proper guidance. The first and important suggestion we make to you is to get an appointment with a hairstylist. A professional hairstylist knows what kind of hairstyle will go well with the shape of your face and facial features. They study your face and can help you in choosing the suitable hair length to have for a shaggy hairstyle.

You can go for short, medium, long hair as long as your facial features go hand in hand with it. But choosing the right one needs extensive research and patience. We have gone through all that and brought to you a list of the best shaggy hairstyles that are rocking all over the internet. Explore the list, pick a style and transform yourself.

20 Best Shaggy Hairstyles for Guys

1: Curly and Short Shaggy Hairstyle

Curly and short shaggy hairstyle

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair then attaining shaggy hair is no big deal. Use your hands and scissors to cut the hair neatly to the length you desire. You won’t be using a comb for styling, instead, use your hands to arrange them. To make it look like an intentional mess, don’t forget the minute details like sideburns that need to be in shape and let the hair on the back spread out but do not let it get below the neck level.

2: Short and Shaggy Brad Pitt’s Haircut

Short and shaggy Brad Pitt’s haircut__

Brad Pitt has given several styling options throughout his career along with his lovable performances. For this style, cut the straight hair to a medium length on top and leave it long on the back until it reaches beyond the neck level. The sides are also left untouched and allowed to fall over the ears. Let the hair on top rest in all directions and also let hair strands fall on your forehead. Keep the sideburns long and messy. Keep this style intact by using styling products of good quality.

3: Layer and Wavy Shaggy Hairstyle

Layer and wavy shaggy hairstyle

This is another hairstyle to elevate your long wavy hair. Let your hair grow to your neck level and apply pomade or hair mousse for further styling. Use your hands and neatly style your hair from the top to the sides. Even those who have their hair straight get wavy edges when the length is long enough. Let the hair on the sides cover the ears and the hair on the back settle well on the neck behind. Make sure your face is free from all strands.

4: Long and Faded Sides Shaggy Haircut

Long and faded sides shaggy haircut

A fade always brings out the best in you. Leave the hair on top long and untamed while you give a classic fade on the sides and back. Use your hands and scissors to groom the edges of the hair on top to make it look neat. Apply hair mousse or pomade for styling your hair smoothly. Use your hands and style your hair so that it rests without any direction. Let a few strands fall on your forehead to form bangs.

5: The Mop Style Shaggy Haircut

The mop style shaggy haircut

For this style, you will be needing really long thick, and straight hair. You let your hair grow without any restrictions until it starts to form waves. Apply styling products of good quality to keep the hair straight and intact. Comb your hair forward so that your forehead is covered with heavy bangs just like your ears on the sides. Let the hair on the back fall on your neck and spread out evenly.

6: The Korean Blonde Shaggy Hairstyle

The Korean blonde shaggy hairstyle

There is a reason actors in Korean movies and dramas have an immense craze around the world. They emphasize their facial features with the right proportion of shaggy hair. To attain the look as in the picture, you will be cutting your hair to the dimensions similar to a bowl cut. You leave the hair on the top to a decently long length while reducing the hair volume of the sides and back in perfect order. Use your hands and scissors to cut the hair on top over the edges. Apply hair gel and neatly style your hair with several untamed layers.

7: Shaggy Short Hairstyle

Shaggy short hairstyle

This is a cool style that makes you look professional even with messy hair on the top. First, highlight the hair on top by reducing the hair on the sides. You can do it by giving a classic tapering or undercut. The main distinctive factor for this style to work is by giving the line-up. Keep the temples, sideburns, sharp and connected to the hairline on the forehead. Coming to the top, use scissors and cut down the hair into controlled yet random length. Finally, make a quiff in the front. 

8: Medium Length Shaggy Hairstyle

Medium length shaggy hairstyle

Stay forever young with this artistic hairstyle that gives you a rockstar look any time of the day. Let your hair grow to the neck level for atleast 3 to 4 months. Give controlled grooming all on all sides using either a clipper or scissors. Apply good quality hair styling products such as hair gel or mousse for further styling. Comb your hair to the sides and let it rest on your ears. On the front a let a few bangs fall on your forehead. Give those bangs definitive shape with your hands. Comb down the hair on the back and let it rest on your neck.

9: Long Top Short Sides Shaggy Hairstyle

Long top short sides shaggy hairstyle

This might look like a neatly groomed hairstyle but it is nothing but controlled messy hair with a styling product. This style works great on men with straight hair. First, reduce the hair volume on the sides with a classic undercut. Leave the hair on the top long except for grooming over the edges. Apply pomade or hair mousse and comb your long hair to the side.

Leave the temples and sideburns in line with tapering you’ve done earlier nothing more.

10: Wavy Texture-Medium Sides-Long Top Shaggy Haircut

Wavy texture-medium sides-long top shaggy haircut

The wavy texture is the best platform for attaining a shaggy haircut. As the name indicates, keep the hair long while you cut down the hair on sides to a medium length with scissors. However, cut the edges of the long top to prevent split-ends. Keep the hair on the back in line with the medium sides. Apply pomade or hair gel to style more. Let your hair rest to the sides with heavy bangs falling freely closer to your eyes. The rest of the hair on top is left to rest in random directions.

11: Jon Snow Shaggy Hairstyle

Jon snow shaggy hairstyle

No matter where you stand regarding the finale of HBO’s most popular series Game of Thrones, you cannot argue with the fact that Kit Harrington has given a remarkable performance as Jon Snow. Along with mind-blowing action sequences and great acting, Kit Harrington’s shaggy hairstyle portraying Jon Snow was also widely admired. As you can see, you need dark hair that is long and curly to pull off this style. Let the hair grow freely without any restrictions. Apply the best-quality styling product and comb your hair backward. Keep the forehead free from any hair let it rest at the back of your head over your ears.

12: Shaggy Hairstyle with Copperish Fringes

Shaggy hairstyle with copperish fringes

Fringes are another iconic way to stay youthful all the time. To attain the style you see in the picture, let your straight hair grow to a neck level and slowly groom down a couple of inches with scissors. Apply styling products such as hair mousse or pomade and comb your hair. Let your forehead be covered with hair strands completely forming thick fringes. Though you are not giving any parting, the hair naturally adjusts making a rough parting. Let the hair rest on all sides equally.

13: Blown Back Shaggy Haircut

Blown back shaggy haircut

This is yet another lovable hairstyle to make many men with curly or wavy hair happy. Keep your hair on top medium length while you trim down the sides and back of your head uniformly. Apply hair mousse and comb your hair backward. It is okay if not all hair strands are resting backward. Though the sides and back are shorter in length make sure you don’t give sharp edges anywhere. You can support this style with a full-grown beard for a complete look.

14: Out of Bed Shaggy Hairstyle

Out of bed shaggy hairstyle

Having shaggy hair means not having any restrictions on yourself when showing up. Attaining an out-of-bed style is possible with all kinds of hair textures. Let the hair grow to the neck level and gradually decrease the length from ear to ear uniformly in the front. In the back, let the hair grow to the neck level but make sure it does not grow further below. Style your hair by applying pomade or hair gel. Cover hair your forehead completely with fringes and let the rest of your hair settle in random directions.

15: Funky Hipster Shaggy Hairstyle

Funky hipster shaggy hairstyle

This is yet another artistic hairstyle that makes you look like a rockstar everywhere you go. Straight hair is the best option to attain this look. Let the hair grow somewhere between the neck and shoulder length. Trim down the waves that form at the edge of your hair strands. Apply hair gel or hair mousse to arrange your long straight hair with several layers starting at the top. Let the edges rest on all sides including the forehead which is covered heavily. Your ears, sideburns, and nape are completely covered.

16: Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League haircut

Get yourself a perfect combination of funky and classy with this popular haircut. Keep the hair on the sides and back shorter with scissors and let the hair on the top grow to a medium length. Make a rough parting and let the hair rest on either side. This style looks elegant on men with wavy hair. Keep the temples and sideburns neat and in line with the hairline on the forehead. If you fancy a beard give a smooth transition between sideburns and the beard.

17: Wavy Shaggy Hairstyle 1950s

Wavy shaggy hairstyle 1950s

This style shows the full potential of wavy hair when mixed with a shaggy cut. Let the hair grow to shoulder level. Embrace the waves that form at the end of your hair strand by styling them with a suitable styling product. Use your hand for arranging your hair. Let the hair rest on all sides. On the sides, allow the hair to flow over the ears to the back of your head. Also, let a few fringes fall on the forehead but make sure they do not go below the eyebrows.

18: Shaggy Straight Hairstyle

Shaggy straight hairstyle

It is true that curly and wavy hair tends to get shaggy without much effort. But that doesn’t mean straight hair doesn’t. Keep the hair to a medium length on all sides. Apply styling product of your choice to groom further. Use a comb and style your hair forward so that the hair strands fall on your forehead forming thick bangs. Even let the hair behind the ears rest forward by falling over the ears. Though your forehead is completely covered with hair, bear in mind to keep the rest of your face clear from any strands.

19: Curly and Short Shaggy Hairstyle

Curly and short shaggy hairstyle

This classic hairstyle has been in trend since the early 20th century. Many popular celebrities from Hollywood often made appearances with this trendsetting hairstyle. Reduce the hair volume uniformly on all sides. Style your hair using just your hands. Let the hair on the sides flow over your ears and stand on the back of your head. Allow the hair on the top to rest on either side without any order.

20: The Rock M Roll Shaggy Hairstyle

The rock m roll shaggy hairstyle

This classic look gives you heartthrob vibes irrespective of your age. All you have to do to attain this style is to let the hair grow freely without any restrictions for atleast 4 months. Then give casual grooming to the sides so that you get the shape you intended but make sure your grooming is not visible. Apply hair mousse and start combing your hair with a side part on the top. Push all your hair to the back and keep the face clear of any hair strands.


Not every time you feel like having a classy look on top of your head. It is okay to let it go once in a while with a shaggy haircut. Getting a shaggy haircut does not necessarily mean there is no discipline to your lifestyle. It means you tend to implement a wild and free-spirited attitude towards everyday life. Use this list as a reference for your next grooming session and give yourself a life-changing makeover.


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