20 Best Samurai Bun Haircut:: How To Get (Tie) Man Bun

Man Bun Hair Style 3 - Pony Bun

A Samurai Bun haircut is similar to a man bun of modern times but extra intriguing look. First, it was styled by the elite warriors called Samurai of Japan to keep the hair away from the face that can be a distraction when in a fight. Also called the Chonmage, this iconic style has become one of the traditional hairstyles for men for centuries. Even mighty sumo wrestlers are seen with this style for your reference.

Although it was seemed lost for a while due to modernization, men of the 21st century are owning this style to transform themselves. This remarkable style is easy-to-attain, stylish, and brings great masculinity to your appearance. This works great on all kinds of hair textures with subtle modifications here and there.

How Can I Tie My Hair in a Japanese Topknot

Tying a Japanese topknot is not very hard as we mentioned earlier. All you need is long hair, a hair tie, and trusted styling products. Let us consider making a basic Samurai man bun for a quick run down.

  • Wash your hair neat with a conditioner and towel dry to remove excess water.
  • Use a blow-dry until your hair is damp.
  • Apply a trusted styling product on your hair for easy handling.
  • Use a comb and neatly pull the hair to the crown from the front and back.
  • Tie a knot with the hair tie to make a classic ponytail.
  • Tie the ponytail further to make a man bun.

Now that we have learned the basic way of attaining a top knot, let us see some of the best variations in Samurai bun haircuts that are currently in trend.

Top 20 Bun Hairstyle Ideas for the Stylish Guys

1. Semi Bun

Semi Bun

As the name indicates, in this style, the hair is left halfway without tying a full man bun. Instead, the hair is pulled back to make a sharp ponytail. To elevate the top section, keep the sides and back tapered. Make a parting between the top & other areas. For this bun, you need 6 to 7 inches of hair length. Keep the sideburns and temples neat and sharp for a well-maintained look. To make the style look more trendy support it with a beard.

2. Sleek Man Bun

Sleek Man Bun

This stylish look lets you be the man of the hour anywhere you go. Taper down the sides and the back by dedicating a portion. Keep the temples and sideburns neatly groomed. Make a parting between the top & other areas. Let the hair on the top be of great length with edges groomed for a well-groomed look. Apply good quality styling products for handling your hair smoothly. Using a comb pull the hair to the back but make sure the hair stays flat to the scalp. Tie a knot using a band and to make the bun more captivating dye the edges with the color you like.

3. Pony Bun

Pony Bun

For this style, you won’t be tapering your sides and back but use all of your hair. Groom the edges to avoid split ends. Apply a good quality hair mousse to make your hair shiny and flexible. Use a comb and pull your hair from all sides gather it close to your crown. Use a band or hair tie to tie a knot making the ponytail. Bend the ponytail to a make simple yet striking bun. Groom the temples roughly to make the style look more subtle. If you fancy a beard you can try the style you want and let your sideburns match with the beard.

4. High Man Bun

High Man Bun

It is like any other man bun but the place of the bun is well-determined. For this style, you won’t be cutting your hair short. Instead, you will be gathering all your hair to one spot, higher than the vertex. Make your hair more smooth and shiny by applying hair mousse or any other trusted styling product. Pull your hair smoothly from the front to the back. Also, pull the hair that is closer to the nape upwards and grip all your hair to make a pony high on your head. Tie the pony further to make a thick bun.

5. High Fade Man Bun

High Fade Man Bun

Through this style, you will be elevating your Samurai bun high above the vertex. For this arresting style, you will be combing the high bun with the classic fade cut. First, give a parting between the top & the rest of your head. Taper down your hair on the sides and back starting right below the parting. Keep the temples and sharp in line with the tapering while it connected to the straight hairline on the forehead. Apply hair products of good quality on the hair and comb your hair making a bun high above your head. Support your hair with a beard if you fancy one.

6. Man Bun Taper Cut

Man Bun Taper Cut

By attaining this style, you will be owning a ferocious look like never before. You can place your man bun anywhere near your crown, preferably high on your head. Give your top wider area and make a parting around your head dividing the top from the side and the back. Taper the area below the parting to a short length but not to the scalp. For the top, apply a decent hair product for styling. Comb the hair above the parting and pull it all together to make a bun. Add a thick beard to this style to make it more compelling if you can grow one.

7. Full Man Bun

Full Man Bun

To attain this style, you need to have a minimum of 9-inch length hair. You won’t be tapering down any area for this style but use all of your hair to make a large bun at your crown. Apply trusted hair products such as hair mousse or gel to make your hair shiny and flexible. Using a comb pull all your hair together from all dimensions to your crown. Make a knot using a hair tie or by using an elastic band. Let the rest of your hair grow free and wild. Grow a thick beard to make the most of this hairstyle.

8. Man Bun Undercut

Man Bun Undercut

This is another great way of combining your man bun with a classic haircut. The undercut has been in practice for decades and it highlights the man bun is a great way. Firstly, give a parting between the top of your head and other areas. Decrease the length of your hair below the parting with variations you want. Let the hair on the top grow to a decently long length. Give the edges proper grooming to prevent split ends. Apply hair mousse to keep your hair shiny and flexible. Pull the hair back from the front towards the crown. Use an elastic band or hair tie to make a bun.

9. Harry Styles Man Bun Hair

Harry Styles Man Bun Hair

This classic style is a modification to the high man bun. Do not cut short any area on your head instead use all of it together to make a thick high man bun. Apply hair gel to your hair and comb it neatly to the back. At the crown grip your hair and make a bun using an elastic band or a hair tie. You can make this style more distinctive by keeping the edges curly. If you have natural curls then it is already hit. If not use a round brush to get wavy edges in your man bun. If you can grow one, go for a decent beard at first. Then if it suits you well then shape it well.

10. Slightly Curly Man Bun

Slightly Curly Man Bun

This style works perfectly for men who have curly or wavy hair. It is great if you have long-length hair for this style. Style your hair using good quality hair products such as hair gel or mousse. Use a comb and bring all your hair to one spot on the top. Make a bun using a hair tie or an elastic band. You don’t have to spend much time grooming the temples or sideburns for this style as we are looking for a more wild and free-spirited look. The curls in your bun will be elevated with this style and you can make it more attractive by dyeing color to your hair or at least the edges.

11. Horizontal Double Man Bun

Horizontal Double Man Bun

For this style, you are not trying just one but two ponytails. David Beckham once flaunted his beautiful long hair with this style. As you can see this style works great on straight hair but it can be pulled off with other hair textures. First, make a parting between the top & the rest of your hair. We are not cutting the hair short for this style just a little grooming over the edges to prevent split ends. Apply a hair styling product and spread it across your hair. Using the comb make a pony on the top with the hair in the top area. Make another pony by pulling the hair from the sides to the nape. Let the rest of your hair hang under the ponytail. You can tie extra knots with those two ponies or just leave them as they are like in the picture.

12. The Clean Sweep Man Bun

The Clean Sweep Man Bun

This artistic style gives a sophisticated look that you can carry for all kinds of events in all kinds of attire. For this style you let the hair grow to any length between medium and too long. This style works great on straight hair. After washing your hair, dry your hair and apply a good quality styling product. Neatly comb the hair so that it doesn’t have any tangles. Pull back all your hair and make a bun at the nape. Keep the hair neat and tight without any strands standing out. Make this style more intriguing with a full-grown beard with a length you like

13. Man Bun with Beard and Tattoos

Man Bun with Beard and Tattoos

This is a true modernization of the traditional hairstyle. We are emphasizing the Samurai bun hairstyle with elegant tattoos. Get the ponytail with the length you desire. Keep it high on your head or somewhere between the crown and the nape. To get the tough look, it looks better if the bun is thick so is the rest of your hair. Make sure you comb the hair nicely without any loose hair floating. If you like you can go for a few strands falling onto your face and a few hanging out of the bun. Now get a tattoo that is neither too small nor too much to comprehend. Choose the one that complements your hairstyle. If you already have a tattoo then style your hair following it.

14. Man Bun Without Beard

Man Bun Without Beard

Not every man bun goes with a clean shaved face. To make it possible you need to have thick hair on the top & a thick man bun. This simple style is a better alternative for men who can’t grow a full beard or men with patchy beards. You need to grow your hair to a very long length and groom the edges for preventing split ends. If your hair is not so thick, your styling products that would make the texture look thick. Comb your hair neatly to get rid of any tangles. Pull the hair to the back and right at the crown, make a ponytail. If you feel like the pony is too long, make a quick knot for a thick man bun.

15. Man Bun with Side Plait

Man Bun with Side Plait

If you follow the pop world pretty much then you might have seen this style at least on one rockstar. It brings out the rockstar persona within you that you didn’t even know you had. Make a parting between the top & the sides with a caressing with a hair styling product. Side plait is braiding on the side and making it support the ponytail you make with the hair on the top. Divide the hair on the sides into sections and braid the sections. Now pull these braids to the bac. You can let these braids hang freely or combine them for a sophisticated look. On the top, use a comb and pull the hair to the back to make a man bun. Have a beard you like for this style to look more complete.

16. Man Bun with a French plait

Man Bun with French plait

A french plait is where you decorate the top with a thick braiding starting at the front and meeting with the man bun at the back. There are several alterations to this style. You can make two different partings on the side one with a large area for a side plait and the other for tapering. Make sure your hair is smooth and flexible for which you may have to apply your most trusted hair styling product. On the top start braiding from the front and let it extend up to the crown. Make another braid starting at the nape and let extend it to the crown. You can let the side plaits meet with the one at the back. Combine the two big plaits and you have yourself a thick man bun.

17. Man Bun Neat Undercut Hairstyle

Man Bun Neat Undercut Hairstyle

This is yet another phenomenal variation of undercut hairstyle combined with Samurai bun. Part the top of your hair from the rest. Use clippers to give a uniform undercut to the sides and the backside below the parting. On the top, you can either comb your hair from all sides to the crown or you can get yourself a thick braiding and let it extend to the crown. Make a ponytail at the crown first and tie a knot with that ponytail to make a man bun. If you can grow a beard, you can make this style more compelling with a thick full-grown beard.

18. Long Wavy Hair Man Bun

Long Wavy Hair Man Bun

This may not look like a classic warrior bun but its wavy appeal is still intriguing. As you can see this style works great on men with wavy hair. Grow your hair to neck or shoulder level. Apply the best quality hair mousse or gel to handle the hair easily and also making it shine beautifully. Comb your hair from the front towards the back using a brush. Gather a major portion from the hair on the top & pull it to the crown. Make a pony there with an elastic band or a hair tie. Let the rest of your hair fall onto your neck behind. Keep in mind that you need to style your hair in such a way that all your hair must be on the back. Nothing should fall on your face.

19. Zayn Malik Man Bun

Zayn Malik Man Bun

You can’t stop loving this artistic hairstyle. The pop heartthrob Zayn Malik flaunted his beautiful hair with a man bun on many occasions. There are many variations to the style he gave his fans to follow. Focus heavily on the top for which you need to taper down the sides. Either by a fade or by a uniform undercut reduce the hair volume on the side as well as the back. Apply hair gel or mousse to the rest of your hair. Comb the hair to make it smooth and free of any tangles. Make a bun on top of your head by pulling your hair to the high spot. You don’t have to keep your hair organized let a few strands fall out for a more wild and free-spirited look.

20. Man Bun Hairstyles for Black Men

Man Bun Hairstyles for Black Men

A man bun is not something new for black men. Using braided hair or dreadlocks, black men have been embracing a man bun with their unique and extraordinary hair texture. For the style you can see in the picture, let the hair grow to a long length. Apply a best-quality hair styling product to handle the hair effortlessly. Divide the whole area on your head into small sections. Start braiding these sections and extend them to the crown of your head. You can make individual braids extend to the crown or combine small ones with the big ones. If you like dreads more than braids then make dreadlocks instead of braids from the sections of your hair.


Samurai buns are classic hairstyles that were in tradition for centuries and are going to be in trend for years to come. This remarkable style can be attained by all kinds of hair textures with minimum effort. All you need is the right amount of hair and styling products. For your reference, this article has brought to you the best 20 variations of Samurai bun hairstyles. Embrace your long hair with the right hairstyle that suits you.


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