How Long Does it Take to Grow a Beard: The Right Beard Length For You

Beard length

The Perfect Beard Length for A Man: The first thing that comes to mind while deciding the correct length of your beard is, the face and a guy’s liking towards adopting a particular kind of style. Some men would want to grow it long for a more masculine look whereas some men would want to keep it neat, shaved and clean.

It also depends upon the lifestyle that a guy follows. Whatever be the case there is still no chance of men having the same beard length and style on two different days.

They keep changing depending upon the occasion and the mood. Men can always try out and find out themselves what particular type of style suits their personality. And if they do not like it they have the choice to change it according to the needs. They have to own the look so that they are comfortable and confident both at the same time.

For a change in the style men can try changing their facial hair. It does not require lots of money and effort. This way is cheaper than changing the whole wardrobe or having some other transformation that involves a lot of expense. Plus, this is a safer bet than getting a hair cut and eventually not liking the style.

For some men stubble is considered a shame. Men would want their stubble to be manlier than like a fur ball on the face. It could be patchy, hard, soft, etc. This varies from one individual to another. The growth and texture of the beard could be controlled by cultivating it in the right manner and taking proper care of it. Their may be men who would grow hard wire like stubble where as some men would be struggling to grow few strands of hair on their face but by following the right steps guys can also have the correct style and length of the beard suiting their needs.

The Process involved in growing a man’s Beard

The beard grows in stages namely Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. The Beard growth undergoes a lot of changes at different stages.

Anagen– This is the actual stage when the hair on the face starts to grow. The genetics have a great influence on this stage of hair growth. Depending upon the individual it may take some months or it may even take years to have a proper beard growth.

Catagen- This stage is marked with lesser hair growth. At this point of time the hair may completely stop growing out.

Telogen– This is the final stage of the beard growth. The new hair starts to push the old hair out and starts to repeat the process of beard growth.

These processes may also vary depending upon factors like age, genetics, daily routine etc. Some men may have an early Catagen stage while for others the Telogen stage may be the dominant stage. To know more about the beard growth letting it grow to the desired length and then figuring out if it suits the guy would be a safer bet.

The Right Beard Length For You

1. Stubble


The appearance- stubble is the initial growth on the face after a guy shave. This is observed when few strands of thick hair start to pop out after they have undergone a clean look.

The average time to grow- it totally depends upon the growth of an individual. But usually it takes somewhere around four to five days for the proper coverage. After five days the hair on the face covers half of the mans face. This is the accurate length when a guy can carry off a manly yet sexy look. Or they can grow it out to a length that suits their personality and style.  

Will it suit you? – Depending upon the environment that the guy usually is in he has to decide what will be the bet option for him. Men can get the right beard style by accentuating the right feature of his face. A clean and sharp cut would make the guy look more tamed and groomed.

How to manage it? – the market is full of products these days that meet different standards and need of the customers. Guys can use trimmers and shavers to groom their beard. They should use anything between 1 to 3 grade and should shave two to three times in ten days. To prevent themselves from infections after shaving guys should use a after shave or any other antiseptic that will make them fresh and infection free. Using razors can be harsh on the skin so this will also prevent any infections from the cuts or the razor bumps.

2. Short Beard

 Short Beard

The appearance- this is the perfect beard style for a vacation. For the best look the beard must have a full coverage and should have a thick growth. Once the beard has become thick and there is proper coverage then the beard could be trimmed for an even and groomed look.

The average time to grow- this varies from individual to individual but it usually takes ten to twelve days for the perfect coverage and growth.

Will it suit you? – those who have a thick growth this is the best option as this will have a good beard coverage and then after trimming it will give the guy an even look. This would help in giving a more masculine look.

How to manage it? – Using a trimmer is the best option. Set the trimmer from three to five scales. You can use a smaller grade when you are trimming towards the moustache. With a short stubble the skin needs a lot of care. Exfoliating twice a week and moisturizing the skin is the most important thing that must be added to the daily face care regime.

3.Groomed Beard

Groomed Beard

The appearance- This look is a full coverage, evenly trimmed beard look. The aim is to have all the hair not more than a centimetre long. This will give a masculine look that may be desired by those who are in their late 30’s. This kind of beard will make them look younger.

The average time to grow- It will take no more than three to four weeks for you to grow a beard which can be styled as such.

Will it suit you? –  The unique selling point of this look is the neatness and consistency of the beard which maintains a decent, yet playful appearance. It is best for persons who have a stronger jawline or are looking to make their jawline look stronger than it is. It is also recommended for a round face, looking to slim down the jaw.

How to manage it? – This look is easily maintainable if a trimmer is used once every four days. This should be used only to even out the length of the beard. Care should be taken to trim slightly more from the areas where the hair grows thicker or longer.

The easiest way to groom or style this beard is to pat dry the beard with a towel after rinsing, untangle it and then apply styling gel evenly. Then, use your fingers to comb through the gel and leave to dry.

Exfoliating the skin on the face before moisturising is a must.

4. Long Beard

Long Beard

The appearance- This style is a more multidimensional beard, which exudes itself from the skin of the face.

The average time to grow- The commitment required can span from two to three months. It is tough to grow out and requires patience.

Will it suit you? –  A good long beard works for those looking to add some structure to the face. This can be to even out the proportions of the face with the facial hair – either to elongate the chin, or to make the face look thinner, or to even fill out the sides of the face to make it look angular. This angling can be created by shortening the hair on the sides of the face and elongating the hair on the front.

How to manage it? –   A mid-length beard can be shampooed and conditioned with special beard products, so as to keep the hair looking healthy and moisturised. Using a blow-drier can also help in styling but a heat resistant serum must be applied prior.

Beard oil is another good way to keep the facial hair nourished. The best way to do this is by taking some oil in the palm of your hands and rubbing it in before application. A visit to the barber every fortnight can help with keeping the beard in shape.

5. The Merlin Beard

The Merlin Beard


The appearance- The Merlin beard is a length that can easily be braided out if wished for.

The average time to grow- It may take anywhere between six to eight months to grow out such a beard and this is a long-term commitment. Easiest to maintain by a lazy guy, this beard still requires some styling stamina.

Will it suit you? –   This makes for a bold fashion statement and requires confidence to pull off.

How to manage it? –     A regular barber’s appointment and trim to the beard, along with shampooing and conditioning the hair with essential products everyday are the key to keeping the beard healthy and fashionable, rather than homeless.

Factors That affect your beard length

The first question that comes to a guy’s mind that is how much time it will take to grow a specific length of beard. The question that is followed is what all will it take to grow the beard that suits the guys personality. But for this we will first have to understand the factors that are involved in growing a perfect beard.

  • Genes are the most important factor that affects the growth of a guy’s beard. The time would be determined by the genes of a man. This will tell you how much time it will take to grow a particular type of a beard.
  • Age comes second. The younger the better. The older the more time it may take to get to the perfect length of the beard.
  • Nutrition and diet is one the factors that could be controlled by a man himself. If he takes food rich in vitamin B, eggs, green leafy vegetables (this may also be taken in the form of a juice).
  • Smoking and Drinking leads to the inhibition of growth of the bead. Consumption of alcohol will make the body unfit and will make a guy prone to more disease leading to medication. The side effects of the medication will lead to lesser hair growth.

Steps to increase the Hair Growth

If a guy is wondering if he can grow a particular kind and style of beard but the genes and the age as a factor that is affecting the growth then here are some of the steps that can be followed to increase the hair growth.

  • Say Not to razors- When a guy decides to grow a beard firstly have patience. Stop using razors for some time.
  • Shave Less- Stop shaving the beard completely and wait for some time let the nature do its job and let the beard grow naturally.
  • Let It Grow- While the beard is growing naturally take care of the skin too. Moisturize and wash the face every day.
  • Follow Proper Skin Regime- Put some beard oil in the beard to give proper nourishment to the beard as well. Because washing your face will also make the beard rough and frizzy. So, oiling it will help a guy make the beard soft and tameable.
  • Quit Smoking- Men who smoke should absolutely quit smoking if they want to grow their beard. As this is an inhibitor in the process of growing the beard and would also make the beard rougher due to the release of the toxins inside the body.
  • Exercise- regular exercise will help the body release all the toxins. This will lead to a healthy blood flow inside the body and would eventually lead to a good hair growth. Proper blood circulation also helps in keeping the skin healthy.
  • Eat Healthy- having a lot of junk and not having nutritious diet would lead to growth issues. These factors affect the growth of the hair and the body tends to produce less and uneven hair growth on the face. This makes it difficult to achieve the proper kind and length of beard.
  • Have a lot of Water- having Water will help flush out toxins from the body. And will also keep the body hydrated and fresh leading to proper bodily activities. This will keep the skin and the body young.
  • Sleep Well- having a proper sleep will help the body have proper rest. This will keep the body young and healthy. Following a healthy and stress-free lifestyle will lead to less factors like depression, tension etc that will in future inhibit the hair growth not just on the face but that head too.


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