How to Trim A beard: A Step by Step Guide to DIY Chic


A beard is not just a mass of hair. It is a fashion statement. It can be used to define your personality, make the jawline more proportional, or even restructure your face. However, grooming a beard can be a difficult task. A disorderly beard looks unorganized, and dirty even. With a regular trim and grooming at home, you can keep your look fresh and new, at minimal costs. This article will tell you how to trim a beard in order to make it look one for the ages – whether your aim is hipster functional, or aristocratic chic.

Pre-Trim Instructions:

Before you begin to trim your beard, keep in mind that a thorough cleaning is in order. For the best clean up, follow these steps:

Wash Your Beard:

With warm water, rinse the half of your face which you will be trimming in a massaging motion. Rub together a pearl sized quantity of shampoo in your palms, and comb it through your beard. Lather this and reach all crevices possible before washing off. It is important to clean the beard as issues such as dandruff and lice can crop up in the beard as well. A larger quantity of shampoo would dry up the hair and make it brittle, which tends to ruin a look. Once rinsed, apply conditioner and leave for two minutes before washing with the warm water.

Comb Through:

Use a fine toothed comb to untangle the beard. Comb towards the growth of the hair and not against it. Beard combing will ease out the different lengths of hair on the face. This will make it easier for you to style according to the length desired.


For a beard which is fairly grown out, it is important to first cut the length of hair evenly so that it becomes easier to use the trimmer to the face. This can be done by wither sitting or standing in front of a mirror which you are comfortable with, and using the comb to check the lengths of the hair. Then, with a scissor, even out the lengths to the preferred size and thickness.


Keep handy a towel and cleaning material. Use sheets of newspaper to collect the hair which will be cut. A dustbin should be kept around so that the hair which is cut off can be thrown away.

Three Best Ways to Trim Your Beard:

1. Electric Trimmer

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Trimming with an electrical trimmer is recommended to those looking for a close cut beard, which essentially sticks to the face. A trimmer is an investment that every a=man should make. This can be done in the following manner:

Selecting the correct guard:

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There exist a total of 6 sizes of trimmer guards. These guards vary in size and cut your hair to different measures. Here is a guide to which razor guard to use depending on what length you need your hair to be:

  • Size 0: The zero guard is to be used when you’re looking to get a close shave. This guard cuts the length of the hair about 1/16 of an inch.
  • Size 1: This size of guard cuts the hair length to about 1/8 of an inch. Use this guard if you are looking for a slightly lived in stubble.
  • Size 2: Size two is preferable for someone looking to trim a thick beard into a longer looking full beard. The fuller the look intended, the bigger the size of guard should be chosen.
  • Size 4 and upward: The progression of the guards in length of the hair that it trims is about one-eighth of an inch.

How to use trimmer:

Plug your trimmer into a power outlet and put it on. Read the instructions provided as to the speed control of the trimmer. Once you are sure and have chosen a guard, push the trimmer gently over the area to be trimmed. Be gentle as to the pressure applied on the face, but be firm with the grip on the trimmer to manoeuvre correctly.

  • The Moustache: Using a trimmer on a moustache or on the sparse chin beard can be difficult. Use a scissor here instead, or invent in a smaller trimmer for these hard to reach areas.
  • Clean Lines: To finish the look, use the trimmer without a guard and even out the lines around the neck and cheeks.

How to Maintain your Trimmer:

  • Clean: Clean the trimmer after each use. Usually, a small cleaning brush is provided with the product. If not, use an old toothbrush for the same. Do not let the hair build-up as this may interfere with the interior machinery and spoil it.
  • Lubricate: Lubricate the blade of the mineral oil and run the trimmer for a few seconds. Do not use any oil, use the oil provided in the maintenance kit of the product. This will keep the machinery working and sharpen the blades. Rusted blades will cause infections and rough blades can lacerate the skin. Lubrication will prevent skin irritation as well.
  • Battery Issues: Battery operable trimmers often lose charge and become redundant with time. This can be resolved by the manufacturer especially under warranty.
  • Loud Buzzing and Other Technicalities: Trimmer issues can be solved by simple and regular cleaning. Otherwise, opening up the socket and checking the motor can also show the reason for the problem and is easily resolved by a simple mechanic.

2. Scissors

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While looking to trim your beard with scissors, a few things should be kept in mind:

  • Sharp Scissors: The sharper the scissor, the better the results will be. So look for newer scissors. Do not use your beard scissors for any other purpose.  It is preferable to choose from a number of options. Ask for barber grade shearing scissors as these are built specifically to deal with the thicker beard hair.
  • Clean Scissors: Clean the scissors after every use. Washing with water will not be preferred as if some water is leftover when storing the scissors, it may rust the metal. Do not use rusted scissors on your face as these are likely to give you cuts which may become septic.
  • Comb: Use the comb to untangle the beard and then push the hair outward to measure the appropriate length. Divide the face into a few sections such as sideburns, cheek, jaw, chin and moustache. Begin from the sideburns and move downwards on one side, and then the other so as to do the entire face evenly.
  • Moustache: Trimming the moustache is easy. Use a fine toothed comb and comb the hair straight down. The rule here is to cut in line with your upper-lip.
  • Clean Edging: These edges constitute the cheek and the neck. While an electric trimmer will do as good a job as a manual razor, use whatever you have a steadier hand with. The cheek lines are already defined, but a simple rule for the neck is to turn the head up and cut along the U-shape above the Adam’s apple.

3. Shaving for Cleaner Lines

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Clean line styles where there is a sharp contrast between the end of skin and beginning of hair are known to look sharp. These styles need to be maintained often so that the lines are clean all the time and this is achievable with the help of a razor. The following steps can be followed for this:

  • First, buy a fresh razor or change the blades in your old one.
  • Next, wash your face with warm water and shampoo. Once clean, condition the hair and prepare for styling. Then, apply shaving cream or lathering shaving gel and brush in circular motion.
  • Make your first cut on the face at least half an inch away from the intended area to be shaven. This is to provide yourself with enough of a buffer zone in case of any skips or slips. Wipe away lather if you are unable to see your lines.
  • Swipe the razor in a downward motion towards the intended beard line and repeat on the other side of the face once satisfied.

The Easiest Beard Styles and How to Trim Them

1. The Merlin


A Merlin beard is reminiscent of Dumbledore’s long locks, but somewhat controlled. This works in long beards, or mid length beards which are still growing.

This requires at least 4 months of commitment for growth and a bi-weekly commitment for maintenance.

What you need:

For this look, you will need:

  • Comb
  • Scissors
  • Beard oil/wax
  • Trimmer

How to Get merlin beard:

  • The first step is to even out the beard length from the bottom. For this, dampen the beard and untangle with comb.
  • Run the comb to the length of the beard and at the bottom, snip with a scissor to land at an appropriate and even length.
  • Check the sides of the beard and cut out any unruly hair that sticks out at odd lengths.
  • Use trimmer to give yourself a fade from the cheeks down to look neater. Cut moustache to resemble a downward drooping vine.
  • Finish with a few drops of beard oil. Remember, subtlety is key. Do not oil up the beard.

2. Mid Length Beard


A mid length beard is a hipsters go to.

The preparation which goes into this look is the same as for a Merlin, but the length differs. For a person going from a long beard to a mid-length one, the scissor is their best friend. Learn to groom the face, and trim the beard, because only then can the look scream tousle and hipster chic at the same time. The maintenance of any mass of hair which one intends to grow longer is best done with frequent conditioning and minimal use of masking products.

This beard requires two to three months of average hair growth and grooming once a week.

3. Stubble

A stubble is a most easily maintainable style. The easy part of this is that a stubble grows back every morning on a man with average hair growth patterns. However, styling and making a stubble look kept and neat requires a daily commitment.

This style is good for men with patchy hair growth.

What you need:

  • Trimmer
  • Mirror

How to get stubble beard:

  • First, grow out a slight stubble. This might take a few days to a week to be at styling length.
  • Set the trimmer to a one setting and trim with care.
  • Make sure to follow the growth pattern on your face.
  • Finish with moisturising beard oil.

4. Goatee


The Abe Lincoln goatee works best for men with hair growth on the chin. This should be encouraged to grow downward, or if curly, bunched up on the chin.

The important part of growing a goatee is maintaining the sides of the face. This requires shaving it completely every two to three days. The same applies to the neck. A clean neck and goatee are an attractive combination if done right.

5. Natural Full


A natural full beard is for the men with full hair growth on their faces. The pattern of growth is of essence.

For this beard, you require one to two weeks of commitment for growth and then trimming in the manner described above every three to five days. The aim of a natural full beard is to look lived in and nonchalant, while at the same time attractive and groomed.

A very simple way to make a beard look more manicured than it is, would be to trim the sideburns to a minimal. Trim the cheek area to a clean shave with a razor, and let the neck grow out in a stubble.

The best styling method for full beard is to take a few drops of pomade and rub it into your palms. Then, pat this onto damp hair and scrunch with your fingers until evenly spread.

6. Handlebar mustache with stubble


A handlebar moustache can be created using a hair wax with a lower quantity of paraffin. A gel could work as well, but a gel look is more lustrous, and hence preferred less.

The application of this should begin at the base of the moustache and then in a swiping motion, the ends should be upturned.

Well turned out stubble will include trimming the edges of the cheek and neck.

7. Fade Out Beard


A fade-out is the classic beard look for the last decade. This can be achieved in these simple steps-

  • Clean shave the cheek area.
  • Buzz the side burns.
  • Use trimmer at the lowest setting under the cheek and taper the length of the hair carefully.
  • Trim beard with scissors to complete the look.
  • Beard oil to style.

8. Chin Strap

 Chin Strap

A chin strap is the modern equivalent of Shaggy Doo’s unkempt stoner look.

For this, allow the beard to grow only on the sides of the face. Keep the cheeks clear and the neck stubbly. Make sure that the moustache is trimmed to a minimum and use hair wax to set the hair in place after a wash.

9. Lazy Goatee

A lazy goatee is a style a la Rupert Grint or Shia Le bouf.

Using the comb as a guide to the length of the goatee, cut using a scissor and style with hair wax or apply beard oil and let dry. The longer this goatee, the better. Accessorize the goatee with a light fading cheek stubble and a moustache like Joe Manganiello.

10. Soul Patch, Moustache Combination


This type of beard combination is recommended for those who find it difficult to grow a full moustache. For reference, a soul patch grows just below the lower lip, and a goatee combination moustache is recommended for a complete look.

A simple styling look for this is to dampen the face, apply a few drops of beard oil or pomade into the hair, and then turn the ends of the stache upward.


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