35 Best Hairstyles For Men Over 50 Years


As you grow old, your hair is also prone to changes like graying, thinning and also the receding hairline. However, this doesn’t mean you have to settle with the same hairstyle for the rest of your life. 

Whether you have long or short hair, thin or thick hair, there are innumerable hairstyles you can choose from once you cross 50 years. In this article, we have come up with 35 such versatile hairstyles that suit all face shapes and personalities. Take a look!

Hairstyles for the older men Include:

1. Side Parted with Silver Colored

Side Parted with Silver Colored

If you are someone having the habit of trimming your hair regularly, this hairstyle is apt for you! To get this manicured look, you can use a tiny amount of gel and back-comb the sides. With a short cliff to the front, the hairstyle gets some definition. The salt and pepper mustache and the silver beard makes a nice contrast to the hairstyle.

2. Side Parted Very Short and Simple

Side Parted Very Short and Simple

We know many men hate the habit of combing hair while moving out. This hairstyle is the best one if you are one of these men. With the deep trims all over, your hair sits in place once you undergo this hair cut. It goes well with a light or trimmed beard and mustache. If your hair colour is seeing a recent transition from black to gray, this hairstyle is perfect for you to flaunt the salt and pepper look.

3. The Slick Back

The slick back

This hairstyle is specific for people with long and thin hair. As it requires no parting, you can just brush the hair back using your fingers. To keep the hairstyle intact, you can use a hair serum or a hair spray. For a dapper look, keep your beard and mustache long and you’re ready to grab the eyes wherever you go.

4. The Short Cut with Clean Shave

Short cut with clean shave

If you miss your youthful days and are looking to relive them, this short cut hairstyle is a must try. This is a stylist-recommended hairstyle for people with thick hair. As the sides are back-combed, this hairstyle is apt for men with oval faces. For a defined look, maintain a clean-shaved face while you are in this hair cut.

5. The Short Spiky Haircut

The Short spiky hair cut

To achieve a wilder look, spikes are one of the best options you can do to your hair. If you have a large forehead, this spiked look will make your face achieve a symmetry, so you look elegant in whatever you wear. To get this look, the front and the back of your head need to be trimmed at an equal height. Make sure you mention this to your barber.

6. Razor Ends Short and Medium with French Beard

Razor Ends Short and Medium with French Beard

If you have a hair thinning issue, this spiked razor hairstyle is the best for you. Suiting even 60-year-old men, this one matches perfectly with the french beard. This hairstyle not only hides your scalp from being visible but also gives a texture to your hair. 

7. Wolverine Hairstyles

Wolverine Hairstyles

For men with round faces and long straight hair, wolverine hairstyles are an accurate match. It is an easy-to-wear hairstyle that just requires a comb and you have to brush the hair back to keep your hair in shape. You can either choose to keep your face clean-shaved or even have a full beard for a rustic look. 

8. Vintage Hair Style

Vintage Hair Style

For a senior citizen who likes to have a low-maintenance hairstyle, this vintage hairstyle is made for you. If you have long hair and are experiencing more hair loss, this hairstyle comes as a saviour. You just have to brush the hair to a side either after applying oil or you can use a serum later. 

9. Short Cut with Beard

Short Cut with Beard

If you have recently crossed your 40’s and are witnessing the growth of grays and want to camouflage them, this hairstyle is the right choice. This is the most popular hairstyle among aging men as it doesn’t need much maintenance. 

10. Bald Hairstyle

Blad Haircut

If you don’t shy away from flaunting your baldness, this hairstyle is an excellent option. It suits men who have both black or gray hair. With the minimalistic look, it matches any outfit you wear. 

11. Hairstyle with Glasses

Hairstyle with Glasses

As you age, wearing spectacles becomes a common practice owing to weaker sight. If you don’t like the way you like while wearing glasses, you can enhance the look by changing your hairstyle. A well trimmed hair goes best with glasses. This one you see above has clipped sides with a defined cliff to the front, giving the face a classic look. Also, this hairstyle suits round faces.

12. Senior Men Ponytail Hairstyle

Senior Men Ponytail Hairstyle

For men with medium to long hair, there are numerous hairstyles one can create. Of them, the ponytail hairstyle is both classic and modern and gives aged men a unique style to flaunt. If you have straight hair, this hairstyle adds more definition and makes your face look sleek. So, it is ideal for people with both oval and round faces.

13. Ruffled slick Back Hairstyle for Old Men

Ruffled slick Back Hairstyle for Old Men

Slicked back hairstyle is one such style that has been in trend forever. It suits perfectly for men who want to emulate retro looks and also want to try contemporary looks. Suiting all face shapes, it is very easy to create this hairstyle no matter the length of your hair. For a firmer hold, you can first apply water-based pomade to your hair and then comb all the hair back. 

14. Thin Hairstyle with Glasses

Thin Hairstyle with Glasess

If you have crossed 50 and baldness or hair thinning is becoming inevitable, this hairstyle will help you cover up the receding hairline. Moreover, if you are someone who dons eye glasses regularly, this hairdo will look perfect on you. With a side partition and clipped sides, your barber can easily give this haircut to you. You can match this hairstyle with a fully grown mustache and beard.

15. Side Parted Hair with Clean Shave

Side Parted Hair with Clean Shave

For an oval face shape, side parted hair always gives an elegant look. If you have salt and pepper hair with more thickness but want to keep it defined, this is the best hairstyle you can opt for. Ask your barber to lightly trim the front part of your head and to intensely trim the sides to achieve this look.

16. Messy Medium Hairstyle

Messy Medium Hairstyle

If you have a broad forehead or want to cover up your receding hairline, a messy hairstyle is what you should look for. For men having hair with medium thickness, they can experiment with the front cliff as shown in the picture to create this messy look. In contrast, you can keep a trimmed beard with this hairstyle.

17. Long Wavy Hair

Long Wavy Hair

This hairstyle is for those men who’d like to experiment with different hair do’s to flaunt their sexy long hair. If you are someone who has crossed 40 and are tall and handsome, you must definitely give this one a try to relive your glory youth days. But, yes this hairdo is only possible if your hair is thick and you must be ready to use heating tools to create those perfect waves. 

18. Pompadour Fade with Beard

Pompadour Fade with Beard

Pompadour haircut is the one with high-volume hair on the top of your head and with shorter sides. If you have thin hair but want to style it to make your face look elegant, you can try this one. What makes this hairstyle unique is the fades on the sides. The front part has salt and pepper hair while the sides are completely gray, giving a modern look. 

19. The Long Ponytail

The Long Ponytail

This long ponytail is a great hairstyle to flaunt if you have thin and straight hair, especially if you don’t want to leave your hair loose. Doesn’t matter if you have curly or wavy hair, this hairdo suits you well. 

20. Gray Gradient Hairstyle

Gray Gradient Hairstyle

This gradient hairstyle is achieved by using a razor at the sides so that the front part of your head has the hair with longer lengths to make you look stylish even as you age. You can match this hairstyle with a thick and trimmed beard. Also, this hairdo makes you look stylish and dapper.

21. Side Parted and Colored

Side Parted and Colored_ (1)

For a 60-year-old man who loves to dye his hair, this side parted hairstyle is one of the best ones which requires low maintenance. Match this hairstyle with the same dye color to your mustache for a decent look.

22. Side Parted Short and Simple

Side Parted Short and Simple

If you love short hair, then a side partition makes you look the best version of yourself. This haircut suits all face shapes and is also very easy to create and maintain. 

23. The Brushed Back

The Brushed Back

Brushed back is one of the popular hairstyles among men. It instantly elevates your look no matter what outfit you wear. To  maintain the brushed look all day long, you can either use a hair gel or a hair spray. 

24. The Short Cut

The Short Cut

For a short to medium hair with slight waves, this short cut is the best hairstyle. Not only it is easy to maintain but also keeps your hair in place always. This hairdo is ideal for men who have crossed 40 years who wish to pay less attention to their hair.

25. The Spiky Haircut

The Spiky Haircut

Spiky hair is not just for youngsters, even the aging men look dashing in spikes. To get this look, the sides must be trimmed well enough and the front part must have longer hair. It is the perfect hairdo for summers especially for those living in sultry areas. This hairstyle suits all hair textures and hair lengths.

26. Razor Ends Short and Medium

Razor Ends Short and Medium

If you are recently being exposed to balding, this hairstyle can perfectly camouflage that receding hairline. For achieving this, ask your hairstylist to trim your hair strands to medium length all over except the sides. Ask him to use a razor to aptly trim the edges to short length. 

27. Hairstyles of 2012

Hairstyles of 2012

This is one of the popular hairstyles among older men during 2012. Anyone with medium to long hair strands can try this look. You just have to comb the entire hair backwards using a comb. To set it, you can use a hair gel and apply it all over your hair length. Keep your mustache and beard well trimmed for a captivating look overall.

28. Hairstyles of 2013

Hairstyles of 2012

Having a thick hair and beard can be proved to be a bliss, thanks to this fashionable hair and beard style. If you are recently witnessing hair fall, then this brushed hairstyle can help you hide your scalp. Ask your stylist to cut your hair to medium length and trim the sides short. 

29. Sophisticated Hair Style

Sophisticated Hair Style

This hairstyle is specially designed for men who have crossed their 60’s who have short to medium hair of average thickness. With a partition to one side, it best suits men with round faces. You can look your best if you match this haircut with a cleanly shaven face. 

30. Short Cut with facial hair

Short Cut with facial hair

If you want your beard to dominate your overall look more than your hair, you can try out this simple yet sophisticated haircut. Here, your hair strands are cut to medium length and are parted to one side to keep them intact. This one best suits men who have crossed 50 years.

31. Easy Care Hairstyle

Easy Care Hairstyle

If you do not shy away from your growing baldness and want to keep it simple, you can try this look. With a smooth top and trimmed hair towards the back, this hairdo is easy to maintain and looks good on all face shapes.

32. Tousled Top Old Men Hairstyle

Tousled Top Old Men Hairstyle

To camouflage your thin hair on the top, a tousled hairstyle is the best option. To get this, make sure you ask your hairstylist to make longer trims to the front. This hairstyle works best for men with curly or wavy hair. 

33. Hairstyle for Senior Men

Hairstyle for Senior Men

If you want to hide your bald head in some or the other way, this hairstyle is worth trying. If you are someone with straight hair, ask your barber to cut the hair to short and even length. Though the front part of your head cannot be hidden, this hairstyle can hide the baldness on the back.

34. Ruffled Hairstyle for Old Men

Ruffled Hairstyle for Old Men

If you are looking to conceal your big forehead through a hairstyle, this is the one you must go for. With the ruffles all over, not only does it add thickness to the hair but also gives a bounce. The sides are perfectly cut for a perfect transition from the top. This hairstyle needs no maintenance and you can just use your fingers to comb them through.

35. Bald Hairstyle

Bald Hairstyle

If you are left with just 10% of hair on your scalp, it is always better to keep it simple by completely shaving your head. However, make sure you take good care of your scalp. Match this look with a french beard to get that masculine look.

36. Side Parted Neat Hairstyle

Side Parted Neat Hairstyle

If you have thin and straight hair, you can make it manageable by getting this hairstyle done. With a side partition and shorter hair strands, this style can hide your scalp from being visible from any angle. 


In a nutshell, this article gives you a brief insight on how older men too can get the hairstyle they want irrespective of their hair type and texture. From retro to modern, we have included all types of hairstyles that suit both common and adventurous men. Make sure you comment below if any of our hairstyles have been of help to you.


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