What is a Disconnected Undercut : How to Cut and How to Style (40 Styles)

Introducing the Disconnected Undercut: It is because the transition of the haircut from long on the top to short on the sides and back is not gradual, that the name disconnected undercut is given.

What is a Disconnected Haircut?

The disconnected undercut involves keeping long hair on the top and suddenly transiting to shorter hair at a particular point, which makes the portion of the head on the top disconnected with both the sides. It is because of the absence of the smooth transition from long to short hair the name is given.

Connected Vs Disconnected

Difference Between Undercut and Disconnected: It is basically the blending of the hair from long on the top to short on the sides that makes the difference between the connected and the disconnected haircut. Whereas the haircut from long to short is gradual and smooth in a connected haircut, it is not so in the disconnected haircut, where the short hair starts suddenly at one point. The blending of the hair is perfect in the connected style, whereas in disconnected hairstyles the blend is uneven. The hair on the sides are completely different in length, which is noticeable in the disconnected hair cut styles.

How to Get the Disconnected Undercut

  • To get the disconnected haircut men’s, you will need to grow your hair to a length of about 2 inches in order to have the disconnected effect
  • so that the contrast of the long hair on the top with the shorter hair on the sides is noticeable.
  • The sides are undercut using a clipper and the edges at the neckline are touched up setting the razor of the clipper to #1.
  • The contrast is actually created with the long hair on the top just brushed back without cutting.
  • This disconnected men’s haircut style is a blend of the quiff and the pompadour which creates the actual contrast.
  • You can also have the sides faded to allow the hair to gradually get thicker till the point where it reaches the disconnect.
  • Regular maintenance will be required to ensure that the uneven lengths of the hair is noticeable.

How to Style the Disconnected Undercut

  • Let your hair grow to a length of about 2 inches in order to get the effect of a disconnected haircut mens style.
  • Shampoo your hair for better controlling
  • Cut the hair on the top to about 2 inches and determine the demarcation point from where the hair will get disconnected
  • Work all the way around the head to ensure hat the line of demarcation is even
  • Using a plastic attachment or a blade of 1/8th size, work on the taper around the haircut outline.
  • Take an adjustable clipper and repeat the above step and make sure that the lever of the clipper is open.
  • Adjust the lever to the middle and repeat this step
  • Repeat the step again with the lever fully closed
  • Use a trimmer to create an outline just around the ears
  • Remove any dead ends to finish off the disconnected haircut for long hair styling.

20 Best Disconnected Hair Styles for Men

Here are 20 hand picked disconnected men’s haircut that offers you a choice to flaunt the one suited to the shape of your face.

#1: Disconnected Pompadour Style:

Disconnected Pompadour Style

This men’s disconnected haircut is for guys wanting to wear a contemporary and trendy disconnected pompadour. The elegance of this hairstyle is reflected in the combination of the pompadour and the quiff. It is an eye catching and an ideal fun hairstyle for those following hipster hairstyles.

#2: Disconnected Comb Over:

Disconnected Comb Over

The hipster combover is a men’s disconnected undercut which gives a bold appearance. The sides are ultra shaved and a slight taper is noticeable at the point where the hair starts to get shorter as it gradually goes down. You can also add some style by making the hair a little messy.

#3: Disconnected Slick Back Undercut:

Disconnected Slick Back Undercut

Why not personalize the disconnected undercut hairstyle like the one you see here. It is a flexible hairstyle to fit to your aesthetic taste. This hairstyle will need regular visits to the salon to prevent the hair getting irregular in shape. A styling product is used to keep the volume of hair properly brushed back.

#4: Disconnected Shaved Sides and Back:

Disconnected Shaved Sides and Back

The disconnected hairstyle with the sides ultra shaved to give an extra definition and is a cool hairstyle that makes you stand apart from others. The skill of a barber is exhibited in this disconnected men’s hair style. To maintain this hairstyle in proper shape, you will need regular visits to the salon.

#5: Pomp with Bald Faded Sides

Pomp with Bald Faded Sides

Here, the medium hair on the top has a pomp with bald faded sides forming a contrast. The skilled hand of a barber is amply demonstrated in this disconnected hairstyle men. The long hair on the top is brushed back and the faded sides has the sideburns joining the beard line.

#6: Disconnected Undercut Quiff

Disconnected Undercut Quiff

This is a disconnected hair men style where the length of hair is styled as a quiff and the sides are slightly undercut to make this hairstyle a cool one. Notice the different lengths of hair as it gradually goes down. The sides are trimmed instead of being shaved to create a different undercut style.

#7: Disconnected Undercut Fade

Disconnected Undercut Fade

This undercut with disconnected sides is one of the disconnected cut hairstyles where the various layers of the disconnection style are noticeable. See how the hair is cut from long to shorter in length and the sides trimmed. Having the hair dyed in golden brown could add more style.

#8: Disconnected Layered Hair

Disconnected Layered Hair

The length of the hair on the top is textured in this disconnected layered hair style where the sides are undercut. This is a cool haircut, which is borrowed from the 1920’s and given a twist to look contemporary. You will definitely need disconnected hair salon for making regular visits in order to maintain this disconnected haircut for men.

#9: Modern Undercut Style

Modern Undercut Style

This men’s hair disconnected style is a classic example of a modern undercut style where there is a variation in styling. What makes this hairstyle unique is the undercut sides having the shorter hair of equal length to form a striking contrast to the hair on the top which is comparatively long.

#10: Top Knot Disconnected

Top Knot Disconnected

If you want a disconnected haircut for men, like this one, you will need the hair on the top groomed to a certain length and then the sides to be undercut. Notice how the undercut is shaved right up to the region round the ears to form a striking contrast to the hair on the top.























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