20 Astonishing Disconnected Undercut Hairstyles That Instantly Transform Your Look

Disconnected Undercut Styles

Hair trends keep changing with the changing times. Every now and then, hair stylists come up with a quirky hairdo and people start to emulate them. One such hairstyle that’s both classic and also contemporary, and has been on trend is this disconnected undercut. 

What is a Disconnected Undercut Hairstyle?

As the name says, a disconnected undercut hairstyle is basically where your hair sees a transition from longer hair strands to shorter ones. 

In layman terms, an undercut is essentially the one where the sides and back of your head has shorter hair strands. Meanwhile, the top of your head will have longer hair strands making it disconnected from the sides and back. 

This hairstyle is not only eye-catching but also suits both children and adults. 

Who Can go for this Disconnected Undercut?

If you are not too much into experimenting with your hair and want to be clear before going for this hairstyle, check out the points below to make sure if it suits you or not.

  • This hairstyle works with almost every type, be it curly, thick, thin or coarse.
  • It requires maintenance from your side, which needs to be refreshed once in two weeks.
  • There are various types of disconnected undercuts, which we will discuss later in the article that can suit almost all face shapes. So, this one is ideal for all face shapes.
  • You can do this haircut by yourself, so make sure you have your trusted hairdresser.

How to Get the Disconnected Undercut?

  • As this hairstyle requires your hair to be cut into different lengths, make sure you grow your hair to 2-inches in length before visiting your salon. This makes sure you get the right transition from top to the sides.
  • To get the undercut, the hairstylists use a clipper and a razor so that you can visibly see the difference from the top of your head to the neckline.
  • Then, the long hair that’s left on the front and top of your scalp is brushed back without making any cuts or trims. 

How to Style the Disconnected Undercut?

  • As mentioned earlier, the first step is to grow the length of hair to 2 inches or more.
  • Once you visit your salon, ask your hairstylist to shampoo your hair. This helps him get better control on your hair for perfect styling.
  • Then, your stylist will clip your hair to 2 inches all over, if it has overgrown.
  • Now, a demarcation point will be set from where the undercut will be made.
  • Your barber will set the demarcation throughout your head so that everything is even.
  • Then, with the help of a clipper, he will keep adjusting the lever and will work on the taper around the outline of your haircut.
  • He will then use a trimmer to create a perfect outline around your ears and neckline.
  • Lastly, the front part of your head will be combed through and will be trimmed slightly if needed.

To know about how this haircut is achieved in detail, watch this video:

20 Best Disconnected Undercut Hairstyles for Men

As we said above, disconnected undercut is not a single haircut but comes in multiple formats and styles to suit different hair textures and face shapes. Here are some of the best ones we have compiled for you!

1. Disconnected Pompadour Style

Disconnected Pompadour Style (2)

Pompadour is one of the classic hairstyles that has always been in rage. When combined with an undercut, it gives a modern look that most funky men would love. You can either choose to have a side parting or even hide the demarcation while creating this look. The faded sides and an elegant quiff to the front add definition to this hairstyle. 

2. Disconnected Comb Over

Disconnected Comb Over (1)

If you are interested in experimenting with the overlook of your face, you can try this disconnected comb over look. Here, the sides are completely razed and a taper seems noticeable near the partition. This hairstyle suits men with thick and straight hair. The entire hair is combed back and a gel or pomade is used to keep the hair in place. You can also add some style to this look by choosing to highlight certain strands with blonde or chocolate brown shade. 

3. Disconnected Slick Back Undercut

Disconnected Slick Back Undercut

This one’s similar to the comb over hairstyle you have seen above but here the brushed hair is weighed down using a gel or a hair product, so your hair doesn’t move even an inch. You can customize this look, which means you can decide the placement of tapers according to your face shape. Also, you can either choose to completely raze off the sides or keep them trimmed. 

4. Disconnected Shaved Sides and Back

Disconnected Shaved Sides and Back

For any man who loves to be unique and try out different hairstyles, this one can be delightful. While the top and the front are maintained to the fullest, the taper is noticeable from the temples till the back. Also, it is tough to maintain this look and it requires frequent visits to the salon. 

5. Pomp with Bald Faded Sides

Pomp with Bald Faded Sides

If you want to notice a steep contrast between the front and the sides of your head, you can opt for this hairstyle. A pomp is created on the top and is combed backwards to create definition. With a partition right above your eyebrow, you can notice the trimmed hair fading down to a complete shave near the ear area and the neckline. 

6. Disconnected Undercut Quiff

Disconnected Undercut Quiff

A quiff usually adds style and charm to your face no matter what haircut you have. When it comes to the undercut hairstyle, a quiff adds more elegance and brings the right amount of volume. This hairstyle mostly suits men with large forehead or with round face shape. You can easily notice the difference in hair lengths from the temples till the neckline.

7. Disconnected Undercut Fade

Disconnected Undercut Fade

This is nothing but a normal disconnected undercut hairstyle yet the difference lies in the fade from the taper. You can clearly notice the length of the hair going from short to none. This hairstyle makes your hair look thick. So, if you are someone experiencing frequent hair fall, try this one. 

8. Disconnected Layered Hair

Disconnected Layered Hair

If you love your hair bangs falling on your face, this hairstyle suits you perfectly. As a contrast, there’s an undercut to the sides and back giving you a rapper look. As the name suggests, your hair is cut into layers in the front part to add more volume and style. From the temples, you can clearly see the length of your hair getting short and ultimately fading away.

9. Modern Undercut Style

Modern Undercut Style (1)

In this haircut, the fade is less visible, so if you are someone who wants to see the demarcation from top to the sides but not a complete shave, this one’s for you. You can match this hairstyle with a clean-shaved face to add some class. With a quiff to the front, your hair not only looks voluminous but also stylish.

10. Top Knot Disconnected

Top Knot Disconnected

If you love to have a hair bun or knot to the back, this disconnected undercut hairstyle adds more style to your appearance. To get this hairstyle, you need to grow your hair long, at least till your neck. You can easily notice the transition the hair has undergone near the ear and neck area. 

11. Temple Shaved Undercut

emple Shaved Undercut (3)

This hairstyle is similar to the quiff hairstyle you have seen above, except for the temple area. Your hairstylist will create a pattern you like to the sides and back of your head after giving an undercut. With a perfectly trimmed beard, this hairstyle makes you look stylish no matter what you wear. 

12. The French Crop with Swag

The French Crop with Swag

Having thick hair is a blessing in disguise as you can try out any hairstyle that’s currently on trend. This hairdo is one such contemporary one with a long pomp and a quiff to the front while the side has a simple cross design to add some swag. You can match this hairstyle with sunglasses and a modern jacket to appear dashing. 

13. The Mohawk and sheer

The Mohawk and sheer (1)

This is a pretty difficult hairstyle to achieve as it needs a skilled hair stylist for this flawless look. Warriors and tribes are previously seen with this cut and it has got its cult lately as it is modern and stylish. To get this, your stylist will fade or shave the sides of your head while keeping a thin strip of long hair to the front. This strip is cut into layers andis later dyed for getting a perfect contrast.

14. V Fade Haircut with Hair Design

V Fade Haircut with Hair Design

In this hair cut too, your stylist leaves a strip of hair to the front and cuts into layers while giving a deep V shape to the back. The sides are both trimmed and shaved to get the perfect transition. Grow your beard to the fullest to match with this hairstyle. This hairdo mainly suits teenagers.

15. Fringe cut with two hard lines

Fringe cut with two hard lines (1)

Unlike the other disconnected undercuts, this one differs in a major way. The strip of hair to the front is combed to the front, giving it more volume and bounce. Also, ask your stylist to make two hard cuts to the side using a razor to get this look.



If you have curly hair but want to get a stylish disconnected undercut, go for this one. This is also a mohawk hairdo where you find a narrow strip of hair from the front to the back. Meanwhile, the sides will see a steep transition in terms of hair length. 

 17. Disconnected undercut faux hawk


The hairstyle you see here is nothing but a quiff to the front that’s pointing upwards to create a stylish look. Similar to the fringe cut we have seen, here also your hair will be brushed to the front and the sides are trimmed and razed. You can choose to keep your face cleanly shaved when you try this hairdo.

18. Disconnected Undercut with Brushed Up

Disconnected Undercut with Brushed Up

Here, the front strip of your hair is cut into layers and your hairstylist uses a hair gel to lift the hair up to create volume. It looks best when you dye this strip of hair with silver colour.

19. French-Crop-with-Sleek-taper-Fade


As you can see, the front part of the hair is cropped to look like an inverted bowl. This hairstyle is one of the trendiest you will find on the internet. With the faded sides and beard, it enhances the look of your face instantly.

20. Disconnected Undercut with Long Curly Fringe

Disconnected Undercut with Long Curly Fringe

The last hairstyle on our list is disconnected undercut with a wavy front strip that is brushed to the front that creates a stylish look. It looks even better when you colour this front part in chocolate brown. 


Disconnected undercut will remain in cult in the coming years and more styles are likely to emerge. If you love to try various quirky hairdos, you can easily try all the undercut hairstyles we have listed above. While some of them require more maintenance, some of them are easy to carry off. Which one from the above would you like to try? Comment below.


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