Neck-beard to Beard: Should I Shave My Neck When Growing a Beard


Neck-beard to Beard: Look Amazing with These 5 Simple Steps: The neck-beard is a beard is exactly what it sounds like. It is facial hair that extends to the neck. If you are trying to maintain a proper beard you would know by now that hair on the neck is strictly to be removed for the perfect beard. When trying to grow a beard the removal of neck hair feels odd at first but looks neat and attractive in the long run.

This style of beard is mostly maintained by Amish men who do not grow any hair on the face but concentrate the growth of hair under the chin and the neck region.

This neck-beard may be liked by a few people and if you are one of them and can carry it off well, then go for it. This style can either be left to grow wild or it may also be trimmed from time to time.

The neck-beard is a derogatory term which has been coined on the internet which represents a person who is a nerd and has no sense of grooming or hygiene. There are millions of memes which have been created portraying men with neck-beards, playing video games still in their parent’s home.  

Neck-beards in Popular Culture

These days neck beards are looked down upon. It is a recent trend on social media to belittle people for keeping a neck beard. This has been associated with being a nerd and being unhygienic and un-groomed.

The word neck-beard is considered derogatory for this reason exactly.

It is much more masculine to keep a beard which is well groomed. This gives you a neat and well kempt look which makes you look attractive.  

A neck beard is different from a regular beard since this beard grows on the neck. When you keep a full grown beard, the norm, is to remove hair from the neck since it gives a neater, more sophisticated look. When your regular beard is accompanied by a neck beard it makes you look shabby and unhygienic.

The neck beard trend, introduced in the 1980’s was started by men who played in various musical bands, since they identified with their natural self. They did not believe in grooming and were considered somewhat barbaric.

Hence, now when men have started to keep neck-beards again they are considered barbaric and are largely condemned on the internet.

Beards and the Masculinity that Comes With It

The beard is inherently considered masculine. It makes a man, a man.

Every man has a different growth pattern for their beard depending upon the genetic straw that they draw when they are born. Every man has varying lengths of facial hair. If you look around you, you will see that different men with various kinds of facial hair, patchy, heavy, or light. All men have the capability of growing a beard. You can find a style that suits you and your personality easily.

The beard is a trend which has been here since time immemorial. It is a trend which is here to stay.

Now, keeping this in perspective it is important to know about the right way to groom and maintain a beard that others admire and you love.

Therefore, here you will find five easy grooming rules that every man should follow to attain his desired beard. This will not only give you confidence but will also make you feel good about yourself because when you look great you tend to feel amazing about yourself.

5 Simple Grooming Rules to Transform your Beard

Here are 5 easy steps to groom your beard properly which will transform you into a head-turner for sure:

Cut Neck Hair Regularly:

if you trim your neck hair on a regular basis you will give your haters and critiques very little ammunition to attack you with. It important to regularly trim your neck beard so that you can look sharp and attractive at all times.

Symmetry is very important when it comes to maintaining a beard and maintaining appearances. You can define and create a look solely dependent on your beard. The way you style it and groom it says a lot about you as a person.

If you wish to maintain an image and want to look attractive, it is important to remember to trim your beard regularly.

Set a reminder your phone and trim your neck hair at least once a week if you wish to maintain a full beard otherwise. It is always better to remove neck hair if you wish to look neater and more attractive while carrying off a full beard.

There needs to be a balance in the amount of beard hair and the hair that you maintain on your face. A neck-beard looks shabby and barbaric. There are millions of ways in which you can rid yourself off that shoddy neck beard these days. My suggestion here would be to use them and trim your beard and neck-beard using a trimmer or a razor on a regular basis.

One thing to remember here is that you should never let the hair on your neck grow longer than that on your jaw-line. This will improve how you look by great heights. Your beard should only be till where your jaw-line ends and not below that. Remember not to cut your neck-beard too high as that does not look too attractive.

Maintaining a beard is a full-time job and requires utmost commitment and precision. If you feel that you cannot maintain or groom your beard on your own you can always hire a professional to help you. It is recommended to hire a professional at least once a month so that you can groom accordingly at other time at home, as and when required.

Condition Your Beard on a Regular Basis:

whichever product you chose to condition your beard with, be it beard oil, a balm or butter it will make your beard feel super soft and make it look terrific.

It is recommended to use at least one conditioning product to help maintain the natural oils of the beard. When you wash your beard it tends to lose its natural oils to replenish these oils you need to condition it regularly.

If you condition your beard regularly, other than it looking super amazing and feeling super soft, it will also make the skin underneath the beard nourished and help you rid off the feeling of itchiness. If the hair follicles of the face remain hydrated with help of balm or butter it will ease hair growth and reduce the chances of in-growing hair. In-growing hair is undesirable because they cause pimples since they accumulate dirt.

Applying a good conditioner after each wash will help reduce the chances of you developing split ends. When you do not groom your beard regularly or do not condition them from time to time they develop split ends. This in-turn makes your beard rough and ugly.

All three products, butter, oil and a balm are similar in nature. Having said that, if you wish to style your beard from time to time then it is recommended to use a balm since it is the only product that can help you style your beard while conditioning it at the same it.

To get maximum results it is suggested to use these conditioning products on a daily basis. If you avoid using a balm or other conditioning products your beard will become brittle and hence will cause discomfort to you and your partner.

Combing The Beard Regularly:

to decrease the growth of neck hair and to keep them at bay it is important to comb the hair of your facial beard on a regular basis. The simplest way to tame your beard is by combing or brushing it every day.

This will not only help you look neat and tidy but will also help the direction in which your beard grows. By coming or brushing your beard you can train it to grow in a certain direction so that you can groom it in the desired manner after that.

If you brush your beard hair you will be able to provide it with the required volume and this will give your beard a fuller and more complete look.

By combing your beard you can help by ridding it of knots and making it smooth. Combing makes hair smoother and makes your beard look more attractive than ever. Combing tames beard hair and adds quality to your beard.

While combing your beard hair decide one stroke and comb them in that particular stroke each time, this will help the beard gain direction and help it to grow in that particular trend.

Combing provides hair with the required texture and helps by give it a ruffled, manly look. This will make you look as masculine as ever. Combing your beard hair is as important an activity as is combing the hair on your head.

Don’t over-play it:

the main reason why men have trouble getting the desired look is because they try too hard. A man looks his best when he is natural and indulges in basic grooming.

When you put in too much effort you can spoil your entire look. Hence, it is important to know when to stop and not go further with styling your beard.

Keep yourself updated with the latest trends of beards that men all around the world are trying out and experiment. Chose the one that suits you the best and make it ‘your look’. This will not only give you confidence but will also make you feel great about yourself.

You should maintain a simple routine regarding your beard and follow it religiously. This routine should include regular grooming, shampooing, and conditioning. Applying a good shampoo to your beard will help you boost hair growth. Once you have a healthy beard growth grooming it and styling it becomes easy.

Grooming here does not refer to only facial hair, but a regular haircut and regular removal of neck hair is important to maintain a neat and attractive look.

You will find it extremely easy to maintain and groom a beard if you identify the growth pattern of your beard. Once you know the amount of time it takes your beard to start looking unruly you can set a reminder for a date around that time each month/ week to groom your beard in a timely fashion.

Once you develop a system of grooming your facial hair on a regular basis you can easily guide yourself to find a routine that suits you the best.

Trust your decision:

whatever style you may choose for your beard, remember to trust your decision. If you show confidence in the style you chose for yourself you will automatically start looking and feeling attractive.

It is hurtful to be called names on the internet and otherwise for having a neck-beard. Avoid this by grooming it in a timely manner and maintaining your style at all times.

An attractive man will always put in some amount of effort to maintain appearances. It is important to flush out the negative comments and focus on the positivity of your decision in choosing a style for yourself.

Neck-beards are looked down upon and hence should be removed from time to time to maintain a neat and tidy look for you.

Remember to comb shampoo and condition your hair on a regular basis to look attractive and to transform yourself into someone who is a head-turner. Having confidence in you is the key here. If you are confident about the way you look you will radiate positivity and will attract a lot of positive attention.

The important thing is to always try and be yourself and chose a style that best suits your personality so that you are comfortable in your skin. When you feel comfortable in your own skin you will in-turn feel confident and attractive.


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