10 Best Moustache and Goatee Beard Styles That You Can Try


Best Moustache and Goatee styles: Men all over the world nowadays are focusing on following the fashion trends. It has now become a style statement for men everywhere to be updated with the latest advancements in the fashion world. Moustache and beard are two things on a man’s face that defines him and his personality. Men have been seen experimenting with various moustache and beard styles one of them is the goatee style. It is one of the easiest styles to follow.


You have to be smart when you choose to change your beard or moustache styles. Keeping moustaches started from the ancient times when men wanted to appear wiser and bolder to symbolise strength and courage and also to be desirable. The same trend is now back in fashion and men have gone head over heels to discover the various ways to experiment with this look.

How to style Mustache with Beard?

Do not trim it too often

  • If you want to grow out your moustache then you clearly have to keep this in mind that do not trim your moustache or beard too often. Let them grow to the actual desired length.

Always follow proper regime-

  • You have to remember to keep the skin and your face clean and moisturize from time to time.
  • Taking proper care of the skin like regularly washing it to keep it free from dirt and dust and then moisturising it after that will help the skin breathe which will eventually help in good hair growth.

Keep the hair conditioned-

  • Remember when you are specifically aiming at increasing the hair growth then, you have to keep this in mind that you will have to also focus on the texture of the hair as well.
  • Using some beard oil for keeping the beard and the moustache conditioned will not only help you to grow them faster but will also assist in improving the hair texture and volume.

Proper Diet-

  • Following a proper diet is a must for every individual not just for those who want to grow a beard or a moustache.
  • Following a healthy diet will supply minerals and vitamins to your body which will in return help you in the process of fast hair growth.

Following the Right Steps to Trim-

  • When you finally decide that the length of your moustache or the beard is of the perfect length as preferred by you and that now is the right time to trim them and get the right style go easy on them.
  • Understand the intricate steps that must be followed to get the look and then go for it. You just have to understand the style to embrace it.

10 Best moustache and Goatee styles for Men

#1: Handlebar moustache

Handlebar Moustache with Beard on the Chin

About the style-

  • This moustache style has been followed by men all over the world.
  • It takes somewhere around three to four months to grow the moustache.
  • The moustache has a curled effect at the ends and it is longer than the usual moustache length.

#2: Horse Shoe Moustache

Horseshoe Moustache

About the style-

  • It is the perfect cow boy look.
  • It takes some time to grow the moustache. It resembles the handles of a bicycle.
  • The moustache is grown on the upper lip extending towards the outline of the chin from the sides.

#3: Cow Boy Moustache

Cow Boy Moustache

About the style-

  • It is the regular moustache but it is slightly fuller from the centre.
  • It basically covers the whole upper lip and extends towards the ends.
  • It gives you the super edgy cow boy look.

#4: Fu Manchu Moustache

How to grow a Fu Manchu Moustache

About the style-

  • This style is recommended for those men who have a scares moustache growth.
  • It is as known as the Chinese moustache. It is known for its thin look.
  • It is a simple, super thin moustache that is extended till the chin.

#5: Walrus Moustache


About the Style-

  • It is a fuller, huskier and a bushy moustache look.
  • It basically covers the whole lip.
  • This style is known for its popularity and hype in the eighties and the nineties.

#6: Circle Beard


About the style-

  • This moustache style covers the upper lip and the chin region of the face.
  • It is given this name because the moustache covers the upper lip and the outlines of the chin forming a circle.

#7: Royal Beard

About the styles-

  • This moustache and beard look are the perfect combo that suits most men.
  • The moustache covers the upper lip right till where the lip ends and the goatee covers the chin.

#8: Petite Goatee


About the style-

  • This goatee style covers lesser part of your chin.
  • It starts growing from the middle part of the lower lip and then grow downwards touching the other end of the chin.

#9: Anchor Beard


About the style-

  • This look has a perfect angular moustache covering the upper lip.
  • It has a longer covering goatee style that covers the chin region.
  • The goatee on the chin is extended till the ends of the lower jaw.

#10: Chevron Moustache

Chevron Moustache

About the style-

  • It is basically a short and bushy moustache style.
  • This style has been followed by men since the vintage times.
  • The moustache is of the length that it covers the middle part of the upper lip completely.


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