10 Best French Mustache Styles for Guys


This beard style as the name suggests has been popular in France in the last few centuries. The French have been wearing it for centuries and this style has recently been adopted by the western world because of its versatility and the ease with which you can wear as well as maintain the French bearded look. There are also a lot of styles in which you can chose to wear your French beard.

There has been a constant debate about the differences between a Van Dyke and a French Beard. It is an interesting fact that most people aren’t aware of that the terms Van Dyke and French Beard are used interchangeably. Originally, a French beard was easily distinguishable since it was characterised by being separate and distinct of the moustache. Now-a-days however the term French beard is used to denote a style of beard that is localised to the area just around the mouth.

How to get the perfect French Beard?

  • For starters, you need to have a nice moustache to complete the basic French bearded look.
  • You can also decide to keep a walrus moustache along with a disconnected beard on the chin this is another innovative way for you to wear a French beard.
  • You can decide whether you wish to keep the moustache connected to the rest of the beard or not.
  • You could also choose to keep a light stubble or be completely clean shaven…either ways this look works great on men of all ages.
  • Another way to keep a French beard would be in the form of a soul patch. This is a new and innovative idea. In this there is a sole patch on the chin and this can be coupled with a moustache.
  • The sole patch along with a moustache in itself is extremely elegant and fashionable.
  • If you wish to change the style of your moustache and your beard and are confused about what you can do, the French beard or the Van dyke is a safe bet as it suits all men of all age groups.
  • This type of beard style is also great for men who have patchy or scanty growing facial hair or men who are new to the idea of growing facial hair.

10 Best Styles of French Beards

#1: The Van Dyke:

Van Dyke mustache

This is a classic look that became famous due to the artist Van Dyke, he used to keep this style of beard. In this the beard portion is kept separate from the moustache. This look is exclusive and different because the beard is accompanied by a moustache that looks like a handlebar. This style is extremely trendy and impressive. This is the perfect formal bearded look.

#2: Thin moustache with a thick beard:

Thin moustache with a thick beard

this look is great for men who have a smaller face. The heavy beard on the chin will help you make your face look elongated. The thin moustache will help keep the focus on the heavy beard. This look is shaggy and trendy and you can choose to wear it if you like the old fashioned rugged look.

#3: Patchy and disconnected moustache, with a ‘W’ shaped beard:

Simple Moustache and Simple Beard

to get the perfect shape of a ‘W’ you will need to start by growing a sole patch that shall lead up to the corner of your lips. To prevent this style from looking heavy or over the top, there is discontinuation between the beard and the moustache.

#4: Wide and thick:

Wide and thick

if you wish to intimidate another person this is the look for you. A wide and thick French beard will make you look intense and fierce. A thick beard will mean more facial hair, this will in-turn mean an enhanced colour of the facial hair. It is a fact that dark colours create the most intense look.

#5: The stubble French bearded look:

The stubble French bearded look

this look is great for men who do not want to grow a full beard. It is also great for men who have trouble growing a full beard. This is the perfect in-between look and suits younger men more. To maintain this look you will need to trim your stubble every morning. 

#6: Beard which is round around the chin:

Beard which is round around the chin

this is a cute and friendly look. The curves on the chin are soft and angular. In this, the beard is patchy and is thin on the sides of the mouth. The moustache is also thin. This look is perfect for men who have a round face.

#7: Square-ish French beard:

Square-ish French beard

this beard can help enhance the shape of the face. Trim your beard to make an angular section on the corner of your face. To complete the look couple the beard with a moustache which is connected the beard.

#8: White French beard:

White French beard

this beard is great for men with a darker complexion. Everybody likes to maintain a dark coloured beard, but the idea of having a white beard can also b appealing to some especially to people whose hair are growing white due to age. This look is graceful and elegant.

#9: Tight and full beard:

Tight and full french mustache

this beard is close to the lips. It is tightly cropped near the lips and helps in enhancing the bone structure of your face. The fact that the beard is tight and is accompanied by hair which is localised to the chin and the upper lip, this adds intensity to the beard and makes it look more manly and dark in colour.

#10: Soul patch and French beard:

Sole patch and French beard

this is the perfect combination of a beard with a soul patch. The sole patch should be maintained just below the lower lip. Other than this there should be hair around the soul patch, with some distance. This beard is connected with the moustache and looks great on younger men.


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