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James Edward Harden Jr was a college basketball star who was scouted by Arizona State – whom he aptly led to the finals of the 2008 NIT Field. His NBA career began in 2009, when he was picked by the Oklahoma City Thunders in the draft, at the age of 19.

His typically kinky hair and wide set eyes make his face appear tapered and less full on the cheeks. Quite easily a victim of social media and the age of the internet, Harden’s signature facial hair has become almost iconic among the general public. He is commonly known as ‘The Beard’ and the catch-phrase ‘Fear the Beard’ has been coined in its honour.

James Harden – A Profile

  • Name – James Edward Harden Jr.
  • Date of Birth – 26th August, 1989
  • Age – 29
  • Nationality – American
  • Place of Birth – Los Angeles, California
  • Height – 6ft. 5”
  • Weight – 220 lb (100 kg)

How to Get Beard Like James Harden

The process of growing a beard to the full extent that mirrors James Harden’s look can take up to three to four months. The long commitment demands consistency in grooming and maintaining the look. Here is how you can have your own James Harden Beard:

Things you need are

  • Shaving Kit with a fresh razor and blades
  • Beard brush or comb as convenient
  • Trimming shears
  • Electric Trimmer
  • Beard Shampoo, conditioner as well as oil
  • Beard styling wax


  • Always begin with a healthy cleaning and grooming routine. Use a beard shampoo and conditioner on your facial hair, and rinse with warm water.
  • Every few days, after cleaning and washing your beard, use the shaving cream or foam to draw out a grid line for your beard. Look carefully at the shape you ultimately want to focus on, and apply shaving foam outlining the general area.
  • Next, use a sharp razor to shave above the areas where you intend to keep the beard. Use this to shape the lines around the beard.
  • If you have a thick facial hair growth and the beard appears unruly, use the trimmer to make the hair look more even.
  • Finish with a rinse and a dab of styling wax to keep that beard in place.

It’s alright if you haven’t quite achieved the length of beard to sport a look like James Harden – keep at it for a few months!

5 Best James Harden Beard Styles

Peach Fuzz and Stubble:


James Harden’s looks have been iconic and identifiable through the years. One of his earliest looks was this – peach fuzz and some stubble. The look consists simply of keeping a neat and trimmed moustache and beard, shaving or trimming the hair as close to the face as possible.

Goatee and Moustache:

Harden preferred to keep his beard trimmed in this phase and neatened the edges of his facial as well as head hair. In this look, his facial growth gravitates on the chin, and so growing a goatee was no sweat at all. To really make the look your own, you can trim the beard from the sides with an electric trimmer to take off the lengths, which you can continue to keep on the chin. Add a manicured moustache to the mix, and voila!

Trimmed Beard and Full Moustache:

In this phase, James was seen keeping neat undercuts and trimmed edges. His look was a tribute to many of the greats in basketball. The style consists of trimming your hair to a short buzzed cut, and maintaining a beard from the sideburns down, keeping the moustache connected to the beard. The curtain drape beard which tends to grow out can be evened out with a trimmer and maintained.

#4: Chinstrap:

Harden’s chinstrap is basically a full beard that he just let grow below his chin. The kinky hair texture that James Harden possesses is what makes this chinstrap look work for him. In fact, many stylists have called it a chin curtain, because of the sheer length and volume of it!

#5: Full Beard:

Full Beard

The current look that Harden sports is a full, mature beard which is neatly trimmed and kept tidy around the mouth. He also maintains a moustache that extends into his beard, and side burns which keep the shape of his face within recognition.

If you are trying to replicate the James Harden look at home, all you require is some tools, and a lot of patience! Keep working towards growing that beard. And remember – a cared for stubble is a stepping stone to a healthy beard!


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