How to Stop Your Beard from Itching : Working Tips and Tricks

how to stop a beard itching
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Every man who has a beard will experience an itch at least once in his lifetime. Sometimes, the itch is not noticeable but sometimes the itch is very unpleasant and makes you feel like scratching your skin every time. 

What Causes a Beard Itch?

Of course, keeping a beard makes men look fresh and grown, but the maintenance is what makes a lot of people shave or cut it off altogether. If there is no proper maintenance, you might experience beard itching or even rashes. So, you need to learn how to prevent this itch, but before that we shall have a little discussion about what causes itchy beards. 

There are two reasons why beard itches:

  •  The first is when your beard has just started growing. After you have decided to shave all your life, your beard is sliced off making you have a sharp edge on the hair. This sign shows that as your beard grows the edge of the follicle scraps as it comes back out, causing itch. 
  • The second reason is if you have a fully-grown beard and it itches, this is as a result of the combination of your dry skin, wiry and scraggly beard.

 Beard that is not moisturized or conditioned gets dry, brittle and coarse.  While you are busy with your day schedule, it will rub against you and your chin, thereby causing itch and irritation at the same time. So, let’s see the solutions to beard itching. 

Tips to Stop Beard Itching:

Here are some of the best ways to prevent and stop beard itching from our side. Take a look!

  • Clean Your Beard

On a daily basis, the human face sheds thousands of dead skin cells together along with about fifty beard hairs. These cells and hair fly away on the other parts of the body. 

Meanwhile, a beard catches these and holds them close to the skin, which then agitates it and causes itches on the face. However, you must not use a regular shampoo to clean your beard hair. 

Some regular soaps and shampoos come with waxes that clung pores and dry skin out, worsening beard itches. This is the reason why you will need to make use of a cleanser designed for beard hair.

  • Repair Your Beard

The most resplendent of beards can cause damage, your beard hairs might decay as a result of heat styling most especially if you have a longish beard. Beard hairs can be easily repaired with regular use of conditioning agents and absorption of protein that brings moisture back into the strand helping to revitalize it.

  • Condition Your Beard

After you have given your beard a proper cleanse, the next thing to do is to soften it up. Getting a quality beard conditioner will infuse your beard with both moisture and nutrients, making it less irritating and improving your beard’s texture. A quality beard conditioner protects it from damage and keeps them smooth.

  • Moisturize Your Beard

A good beard conditioner may not be enough for a day. A good beard oil is a real supporter of beard conditioner. The most recommended beard oil is Blackbird beard oil.  It is made with argan oil, it is ideal for softening hair and doesn’t leave a greasy residue, and its smell is incredibly high.

  • Use a beard gel

The gel is particularly for those who suffer from dandruff and psoriasis; gel helps you to knock out dandruff from your beard in a few days and also contributes to stopping itching automatically. Using gel doesn’t last forever because it does not give room for itches. 

  • Try to maintain a cleaning routine

A regular wash is a good way of treating your beard, note that everyday shampoo is not for daily use on facial hair and this can strip your strands of moisture. Taking good care of your beard shows how neat and mature you can be.

 It is a good idea to keep the beard and keep it clean because it commands respect and makes you look and sound responsible. Keeping a beard should not make you look like people of the old ages but make people see you as an intelligent person and some that have wisdom and can be approached for advice and for seeking knowledge. It is a magnificent idea to keep a beard.

  • Brush your Beard

When you regularly brush your beard, it prompts better blood circulation, so the beard grows well. It also makes your beard smooth and gives a nice shape and texture. Also, brushing helps to grow your beard hair in one direction and this will also prevent itchiness. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. Why is my beard so itchy?

There are many reasons for an itchy beard. Those include, ingrown hair, dry skin, unhealthy hygiene, breakouts and acne. Sometimes, there might be an underlying reason like a fungal or bacterial infection behind your beard itch. 

2. Does itchy beard mean it’s growing?

Sometimes while you are growing your beard, you can face some itchiness. When you shave your beard and when the hair starts to grow again, The sharp edges remain in the follicle. These sharp edges can also cause itchiness.

3. Is it normal for Beard to itch?

There are numerous reasons for beard itching. Many a times, it can only be due to lack of maintenance or during the process of beard hair growth. If this itchiness is persistent, then you can consult a doctor. 


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