How To Be More Attractive- Scientific Factors and Tricks.

How to make yourself more physically attractive- scientific factors and tricks : Not all men are born with charming looks. This should not restrict a man to spend his life alone in his apartment, with television and a dog as a company. Though looks do matter to both the genders, it’s one of the immense factors that is seen to help an individual to be attractive.

The science of attraction is a complex subject that involves various multiple factors, that include the way one smells to the jaw shape and even the color of the attire one wears.

Though not all men resemble celebrities or have some extraordinary traits, there are still plenty of routes that can make an individual more attractive. This article enlightens some scientific factors as well as some pointers that are seen to aid many men to look more attractive.

#1: Keep the chin up.

Keep the chin up

Research studies have shown that putting the chin up enhances the masculinity in the man. As per a  review piece published in Facial Attractiveness: Evolutionary Based Research, 2011 a large jawbone is a masculine feature. This review also noted that secondary sex characteristics like defined cheekbones and large jawbones also showed the genetic strength of a man.

Scientifically the parasitic resistance theory explains this concept. The male hormone testosterone plays a critical role in not only the secondary sex characters development but is also are linked to promoting a healthy immune system hence strong jawbones is seen to show the opposite sex that a man is fairly resistant to parasites.

On the other hand, psychologically it is proved that men who keep their chin are shown to be more assertive and confident—even if they’re secretly self-conscious. The chin-up position is the most appealing position for the face because it is seen to not only aid in defining the jawline but also creates a slimming effect for the neck region hence it is generally recommended to have a high chin for men.

#2: Putting on sunglasses

Putting on unglasses

Consider wearing a sunglass as these obscure the eyes that are believed to create an air of mystery around the wearer. Sunglasses also are proved to improve the facial symmetry by hiding any slight anomalies around the eyes. For instance, predominantly in men one of the eyes sits higher on the face or one pupil might be slightly larger than the other. As many people like to select people with symmetrical faces opting to wear a sunglass can solve the cause.

#3: Boost the adrenaline levels.

If a man is sincerely trying to make an impression, then he needs to think something more exciting on his first date with his favorite. Research has shown that adrenaline works as a natural aphrodisiac and it is also linked to even help calm the nerves in a weird way.

One can also opt for an extreme sport. A University of Alaska 2014 study found that women were more attracted to men that take on “hunter-gatherer risks,” which include activities like deep-sea scuba diving, extreme rollerblading, and mountain biking.

#4: An average looking face is considered to be more attractive.

Research reports show that average people have an upper hand in looking attractive than unique-looking people. Scientists link this to the mental database in every person’s brains were in there is a storage of all the faces that a person has known or met in his life. Hence, on a subconscious level, we have a good idea of what looks normal and attractive.

#5: Crop the facial hair averagely.

Scientific researches have proven that a full beard is not exactly attractive and is an indicator of masculinity and aggressiveness. Research reports that women feel stubbles are much more attractive than a full beard or a clean shaved man.

#6: Sweat-a great love drug.

The Sweat is full of masculine chemicals, which is seen to enhance the attractiveness in a sweating man. Androstadienone, a chemical present in the sweat is seen to not only improve a women’s moods but also arouse them sexually.

#7: Avoid smiling too much.

A survey found that women found the grim-faced men more attractive than the smiling ones as smiling is seen to cause wusses. Serious expressions portray domination and domination attract women.

Note: Keep in mind to not overdo it by being looking depressed.

#8: A longer ring finger enhances attractiveness.

A longer ring finger enhances attractiveness

The length of the ring finger determines the amount of testosterone that a man is exposed to during pregnancy. In short, the longer the ring finger, the more manly and attractive a man is.

#9: Walk a dog.

Walk a dog

Having a pet especially a dog is seen to add on the attractiveness quotient. A research group in the USA sent two sets of men around a town to ask for the bus fares and phone numbers from random strangers. The outcome of the research showed that men walking with a dog had better chances of getting phone numbers and bus fares. So dudes go and get a pet dog.

#10: Facial scars also improve attractiveness.

The scar is an indicator of a dangerous as well as an adventurous lifestyle. But on the contrary, even though women find scars attractive but ultimately they wish to settle down with men who have nil scars.

#11: Opting for red shades of costumes enhances sexiness.

Red is known to be the official color of sex and attraction. Men wearing red are not only linked to a higher social status but are also considered being successful. The color works on one’s subconscious and literally convinces people that the opposite gender is sexy.

#12: The facial features of the man and the girl’s dad match.

Women actually fall for men who resemble their dads. And the vice versa too, men find women hotter if they find a resemblance of their mothers in them. This does not restrict to the basic facial features. Most men even find older women more attractive for this same reason.

#13: Ovulation phase of the women’s monthly cycle.

Studies show that women become less picky during the ovulation period. The chances of landing a woman enhance during this period.

#14: Hit the gym and build the muscles.

Hit the gym and build the muscles

Bigger muscles are an indication of a well maintained health and good genes. This is seen to subconsciously attract women because a better set of genes is a genuine choice for a mate.

Note: Women like men with moderate muscles only.

#15: Have an erect sitting posture.

Though appearance plays an important role in making a man attractive his body language also matters much. Women find men an erect posture man more attractive than a slouchy one.

#16: Always try to roam around in a group.

According to a research report from the University of California at San Diego, people were given a better rating for looks when they were part of a group photo than in solo shots. The reason for this is both the genders appear more attractive in groups because viewing faces together aids in a better judgment of a  person’s unattractive idiosyncrasies.

Note: This does not apply to date apps, one should refrain from using a group photo in such platforms.

#17: Develop closeness or friendship with infants.

A man’s best wingman is actually a baby. A research from France has reported that men who played with babies have an increased chance of getting hold of a woman’s phone number than guys who ignored the infants. Reports indicate 40% of ladies gave up their digits after they saw men smiling, cooing, and talking with the newborns.

So babysitting a niece or nephew you’re crazy about, is a good option once a while. Its a win-win for everyone as their parents will not only appreciate the help but this will also help in seeking the attention of the young chicks.

#18: Be open to help people especially women out.

Volunteering is seen to increase the attractiveness in men. A study from Cornell University reported that women indicated a greater desire to date—and engage in long-term relationships with—men whose dating profiles included selfless traits like spending time at a local food bank.

#19: Get hold of a guitar in all possible hangouts.

According to the study published in the journal Psychology of Music, women are more easily approachable to get her digits when asked for it while holding a guitar case than when he carried a sports bag. In addition, musical ability is also seen to signal higher intelligence and good genes—two qualities that most women prefer or search in men when choosing a partner.

#20: Refrain from making use of the corny pickup lines.

Refrain from making use of the corny pickup lines

A study from SUNY-New Paltz reported that people are more likely to favour a man for a long-term relationship if he prefers to talk openly over flirting from a distance. Flippant phrases are also seen to make men seem less intelligent and less trustworthy.

#21: Buy a bouquet of flowers.

A journal Social Influence research suggests that a room with a few vases of flowers can influence the way a woman sees a man. Ladies judge men as sexier and more attractive when flowers are nearby as these signal romance and improves a women’s mood.


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