How To Be More Attractive: 21 Working Tips and Tricks for Men

Keep the chin up
Attractive look

When we think about the word “Attraction”, the first thing that comes to mind is the physical appearance. But, not everything is about looks. People tend to get attracted to you more through your confidence and passion. 

According to research, attractive people tend to earn 14% more than their peers and this is due to the way they treat everyone and the kind of attitude they portray. 

However, there will be some days where you feel down about yourself and cannot show up to work or to any social gathering. So, through this article, we bring you some of the best, scientifically-proven tips and tricks to instantly start looking attractive. 

1. Lift up your Jawbones

Lift up your Jawbones

According to a research published in 2011, a man’s jawbone defines his masculinity. The research noted that the larger the jawbone, the more handsome a man looks. 

To explain this scientifically, strong jawbones are directly linked to your immune system, and the strength of your immune system is promoted by male hormone testosterone. This hormone is also responsible for the development of sexual characteristics in men. So, what we mean is that, the stronger jawbone tends to attract women more.

So, to show off a strong jawline, one thing you can do is to lift your chin up. This also shows that you are assertive and poised about what you’re speaking and doing.

2. Show Positive Body Language

Show positive body language

In 2016, a research was done by the University of Texas among a handful of men. It showed that men who choose to sit in a relaxed and opened up position are more attractive than those who sit with crossed arms or hunched shoulders. 

So, guys! Straighten up and be confident about the position you choose while sitting. You never know whom you’re attracting.

3. Wear Sunglasses

Wear Sunglasses

A well known researcher from the Nottingham Trent University conducted a study on why sunglasses made a difference in men. Though she concluded it scientifically, what we found is that these glasses cover the eyes and make them obscure, thereby creating some mystery for the people looking at you.

Also, eyes are an important source for conveying what you are thinking. When you are nervous, while on a first date, the sunglasses can help conceal your expressions.

On the other hand, sunglasses also enhance the symmetry of your face and also cover up any abnormalities like dark circles around your eyes, making you look perfect and handsome.

4. Smile


Expressionless faces are often considered unfriendly and unapproachable. This has also been proved by certain studies. However, some guys don’t smile as they think that it’s offensive or people might take them for granted. But, this is a wrong theory.

There are many benefits you can actually gain from smiling. You can attract women towards you. Plus, endorphins are usually released when you smile, which will make you less stressed and happier. When you smile, you also make yourself approachable, so you can make better friends and business partners.

5. Don’t Wear Too Much of Perfume

The fact behind perfumes is that they mingle with your natural odour. So, you must always choose perfumes with a mild scent so that when they mix up with your body odour, one must only get a pleasant smell.

Also, you never know who you are disturbing or annoying by putting on some intense perfume. Always choose the subtle ones and attract more people.

6. Be Careful While Texting

Be careful while texting

In this busy world, greeting someone with a message showing that you still remember them is a good way to increase your attractiveness. However, nothing should cross the limit. So, here are some guidelines you can follow, as suggested by a reputed relationship expert:

  • Make sure your messages are not too long. Keep them short and crisp. Some people might feel long messages to be overwhelming.
  • Use emojis in between your texts to create some fun. Sometimes, a single emoji can replace a long text. So, choose wisely.
  • Choose the right timing to send the texts. Don’t create an impression that you are too eager or willing to talk.

7. An Average Looking Face is More Attractive

Average Looking Face is More Attractive

Many research reports show that average people have an upper hand in looking attractive than good-looking people. Scientists link this to the mental database in every person’s brain. They believe that in a human brain,  there is a storage of all the faces that he/she has known or met in his/her life. Hence, on a subconscious level, we have a good idea of what looks normal and attractive.

8. Have the Right Beard Length 

Have the Right Beard Length 

There are several studies indicating differently about men in beards. Some researchers have observed that men with large beards or thick beards do not attract women more. However, women also feel that men with beards have higher social status than those without.

Also, this doesn’t mean that you have to shave off your beard entirely to attract women. But, make sure that you keep it well trimmed. Moreover, women find men with stubbles more attractive. So, give it a shot!

9. Sweat- A Great Love Drug!

The Sweat is full of masculine chemicals, which is seen to enhance the attractiveness in a sweating man. Androstadienone, a chemical present in the sweat is seen to not only improve a woman’s moods but also arouse them sexually.

10. A Longer Ring Finger Enhances Attractiveness

A longer ring finger enhances attractiveness

The length of the ring finger determines the amount of testosterone that a man is exposed to during pregnancy. In short, the longer the ring finger, the more manly and attractive a man is.

11. Walk Your Pet

Walk Your Pet

Four independent studies have confirmed with their research that men who own a dog are more likely to attract women than the men who hate pets. 

The study also found that women tend to exchange their numbers easily to men who have pets, especially a dog. The researchers have concluded that this attraction from women is due to a feeling women get when they see men walking their dogs. 

Women tend to believe that men who nurture a pet have more patience and are capable of making long-term commitments with partners. So, go have a pet now!

12. Wear RED colour

Colour plays a major role in attracting people. Several studies have also shown this! According to some studies published in a Psychology journal, men in red shirts or tshirts tend to attract women more. This is because the colour makes them seem confident and sexually desirable. 

Surprisingly, men don’t have any special perception towards colour while they see women. However, women do! So, guys, it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe!

13. Facial Scars are also Attractive

Facial Scars are also Attractive

The scar is an indicator of a dangerous as well as an adventurous lifestyle. But on the contrary, even though women find scars attractive but ultimately they wish to settle down with men who have nil scars.

14. Resemblance to the Girl’s Dad – A Natural Tendency

Women actually fall for men who resemble their dads. And vice versa too, men find women hotter if they find a resemblance of their mothers in them. This does not restrict the basic facial features. Most men even find older women more attractive for this same reason.

So, if you want to make a girl fall for you, see how her dad is! Try to learn his attitude and develop some of those traits to get the girl. 

15. Women and their Ovulation!

There are several studies that indicate the changes in a woman’s thinking pattern during ovulation. Researchers have noted that women tend to be less picky and choosy while they are ovulating. So, the chances of you attracting the women you want multiplies while she is ovulating. Make a note guys!

16. Build your Muscles

Build your Muscles

According to researchers of California, men with more muscles and a tight body are likely to have more sexual partners than others. Women tend to get attracted to brawny men instantly, even if it’s just for a fling! Women feel that muscular men are a symbol of strength and power.

Also, bigger muscles are an indication of a well maintained health and good genes. This is seen to subconsciously attract women because a better set of genes is a genuine choice for a mate.

17. The Right Sitting Posture!

right sitting posture

Though appearance plays an important role in making a man attractive, his body language also matters much. Women find men an erect posture man more attractive than a slouchy one. 

Several studies have found out that sitting posture is important for both men and women to attract each other. The researchers have termed this posture as expansive body language, which means expanding the body while being erect, both while sitting and standing. So, improve your posture right now!

18. Be in a Group, Always!

According to a report from the University of California, you are identified much better in a group than when you are single. This means, when you are in a group photo, people tend to compare and notice the positive traits and features in you much better, than when they notice you alone.

So, both men and women find each other attractive in groups as they can make better judgements through comparisons. So, when you are in your office or during parties, make sure you are not alone. Always roam with a group while putting a nice grin ON.

19. Be Friends with Infants

Men usually hate kids and their crying noises, don’t they? But, according to research done in France, the report said something else. 

Men who actually had a close friendship or emotional connection with toddlers tend to attract women more. Infact, women tend to give their phone numbers to such men easily. 

Many reports have also indicated that more than 40% of women instantly gave their phone numbers to men who were seen smiling with and caressing kids. 

If you are new to all this, start by developing a bond with your neighbour’s kid or a nephew. You will not only help their parents but also make kids fall instantly in love with you.

20. Help People! Especially Women!

Volunteering and being kind and just being there for people helps to increase your attractiveness instantly. 

According to a research from Cornell University, women have a greater desire to have long-term relationships and commitments with men who like to spend their time doing volunteering activities. 

The study has also found that women actually search for men with these traits while filtering the profiles in dating apps. 

But, you can’t be kind just for the sake of it. You should be really willing to serve people without expecting anything in return.

21. Get Hold of a Guitar in all Possible Hangouts

According to the study published in the journal (Psychology of Music), women are more easily approachable to get her digits when asked for it while holding a guitar case than when he carried a sports bag. 

In addition, musical ability is also seen to signal higher intelligence and good genes—two qualities that most women prefer or search in men when choosing a partner.

The Bottom Line…..

So, here you have it! 21 interesting and powerful tips from our side based on what researchers have found out! So, the next time you feel like you are not attractive enough, don’t invite despair. Instead, read this article again and again and try to develop these traits. 

Tell us which of these 21 traits you already have and which ones you want to really inculcate right now!


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