40 Best Skin / Bald Fade Haircut : What is it and How To Do Skin Fade Haircut…?

Skin Fade Haircut

Skin Fade Haircut: Should you be searching for a haircut that is up-to-date with the latest men’s hairstyle trends, Well your search is over, and you’ve found it!! I introduce you to the skin fade haircut which is among latest 2016 men’s hairstyle trends, now, you’re gonna know a lot more about it.

If you are interested in this cute, elegant,stylish and unique hair cut, then read on.

What Is The Skin Fade/ Bald Fade Haircut?

A Skin Fade is the style achieved by cutting the hair lower and lower as you move with the clipper towards the neck. Though most haircuts require the locks to be the same length all around the head, skin fade haircuts demand the hair to be cut at a decreasing length level.

The skin fade is especially unique because it is super unique and it stands out among other hairstyles.  The difference in the hair sides and a full head of mane is constantly attractive and attention-grabbing. A particularly trendy, modern day look, and best of all, it is not difficult to get done and needs little or no maintenance.

How to achieve the Skin Fade Haircut Step by Step:

  • We will need t-liner clippers, heavy duty clippers, a really sharp razor blade , a mirror, and tiny fading remember to brush and a comb.
  • First make your line(fade line) , perhaps about an inch above the ears.
  • Then cut the hair to a really low length from the lower part of the hairline up to that particular point where the fade line is, working around the whole head — use your clippers (lowest setting zero), mini-trimmers, t-liners, or a cut-throat razor to get a super fresh look.
  • Following, do the process again on the next section directly above the recently barbed area (perhaps half an inch higher), altering the clipper’s setting up a notch. This process will allow the hair to gradually “fade” as it gets down to the ears.
  • Keep shaving using small and fast strokes to get rid of small bits of hair, rather than long strokes to take away large amounts of hair. Remember to brush the area you working on in order to see if the mane is faded and free of imperfections.
  • Repeat the process until you reach the top of the edges of the head. If there are any uneven areas or ‘steps’, go back over them with mini-trimmers or scissors and a nicely toothed comb to blend in the steps.
  • When you have done the fade leaving no imperfections, use a razor blade or mini-trimmers to produce an extra sharp look and Shapen up the angles of the clients hair in order to upgrade the level of detail.
  • Lastly, cut his (your clients) hair on the top as your client wants it to be or as you see fit depending on the head shape, whether a short or long hairstyle. Alot of guys are recently going for trending and modern-day looks so to have heads turn around and look at them this is the hair cut guaranteed to grab attention.

Types Of Skin Fade/ Bald Fade

Here are twenty types of the Skin Fade Haircut.

#1: Skin Fade with Curls

Skin Fade with Curls

Though Skin Fades can almost be impossible to achieve with curly hair, Having said that this is an exactly perfect look for curly haired dudes.

You gotta let your hair on your head grow so to let natural curls show up. Join the Skin Fade on the sides and the back of the head and you will end up wearing a cute and unique hairstyle.

#2: Brief and Simple

Brief and Simple

A bald fade or a really short cut that fades to skin on the head sides is a relatively easy technique to get a neat look without crazy details or wacky designs

This is the cut guaranteed to work well for careers in the military services or jobs that require a more decent and sharper look.

#3: Magnificent Mohawk

Magnificent Mohawk

Combine an Afro-Mohawk with etched lines that highlight the shape of the client’s head. They’ll support the vibe of your general look without disturbing the curly Mohawk at the center of the head which is the star of the show and where all eyes want to be.

#4: Haute Heights

Haute Heights

Do not under rate the ability of the sideburns to enhance the skin fade haircut. They may be somewhat retro, so modernize it by pairing it with a long trendy cut on top. It can be worn as a pompadour. Also, you can put in a texturizing hair product and swoop it to the side – depending on your level of creativity there are many ways to wear this hairstyle.

#5: Wavy skin fade

Wavy skin fade

A nicely done mid-skin fade is in high demand for most dark men, so put a cheeky spin onto it with a design that mimics the waves inside the haircut instead of a part line, this could be more exciting and thrilling.

#6: Old School and Cool

Old School and Cool

Get the vibe of the freshmen from the nineties, with a higher top fade that is too cool for school. The extra elevation and curved line is also ideal for square shaped  and round faces since it adds length to the top of the head- not to mention class

#7: Balanced Cut with BeardBalanced Cut with Beard

Balanced Cut with Beard

Most times short fade haircut can similarly work like layers on longer hairstyles, it also provides a nice contour to the mane on top of the head with a nicely balanced full beard on the chin. It also adds a stylish texture on the middle needed for a cleaner appearance.

#8: Side Part With Professional Skin Fade

Side Part With Professional Skin Fade

Are you searching for something that will be accepted in a professional work environment? Then go for the side part with professional skin fade, because it is more polished and less rugged

looking for a more military look or work-appropriate fade haircut? opt for this one it’s stylish and decent.

One can also style it like a sleek comb over with a part to include a retro and fashionable touch to your look.

#9: Straight to the Point

Straight to the Point

This is for guys that want to make trends not follow them; the high skin fades suits leaders, not followers. It begins high at the top for a more serious look, and then you could try various trending styles on your beard. Personally, I think this haircut is sexy.

#10: Fresh Sharp edges

Fresh Sharp edges


Here is simply an interpretation of the faded well carved haircut. The main haircut shows up if you join it with a syncing beard style.

#11: Imitable Fade with Light Beard

Imitable Fade with Light Beard

There are many styles one can go for, but the classy will always have more class as usual, join this tight and high hairstyle with a brushed beard and look exquisite,simple and dashing appearance guaranteed.

#12: Balanced fade Cut

Balanced fade Cut

I am 100% positive that real gentlemen will cherish this exquisite fresh haircut, Just balance the head sides fade properly then supplement it with a well done beard.

#13: Shaved Head Fade with Comb Over

Shaved Head Fade with Comb Over

Obviously a fast technique to instantaneously soften your appearance for a more attractive haircut that will most definitely make her wow on that date night… The barbed part presents a nice tone to the rest of your skinned hair, Give it a shot.

#14: Dapper and disconnected

Dapper and disconnected

A head full of mane and chin full of facial hair my make your client look monotonous and too mature, or moreover not your clients taste. So you know what to do? give it a splash of coolness by giving it a Skin Fade, The line that disconnects and breaks the flow of hair always enhances the client’s luminary look and suddenly becomes the center of attention.

#15: Bald Fade Caesar Cut

Bald Fade Caesar Cut

Like the name implies this cut is meant for the leaders not the followers, it’s a non complex buzz cut, you have to cut the whole mane to up to 1/8 of an inch in length. The hair is very low and visibly awesome and mature. Here comes the good part it requires little to no maintenance.

#16: Pompadour(faded)


This sexy cut has been existing and it ain’t going anywhere for a long time, it adds class,cuteness,elegance and sophistication to your general look. Try this haircut and you will be glad you did.

#17: Taper Fade

Taper Fade

This is a very simple look often good for your daily life, there isn’t much to do for the upkeep of this style. Simply comb the top mane after taking your bath.

#18: High Fade Slick back

High Fade Slick back

Here we have another great haircut for professional jobs. Hey guys that don’t like to beat around the bush, and go straight to the point you are going to love this haircut believe that.

#19: Mohawk Fade

Mohawk Fade

Steal the show by pairing a curly Mohawk and a Skin Fade and it’s guaranteed to get every eye on you.

#21: Disconnected Skin Fade

Disconnected Skin Fade

#22: Disconnected Ponytail Bald Fade

Disconnected Ponytail Bald Fade

#23: faux Hawk fade

faux hawk fade

#24: Side Part Bald Fade

24 Side Part Blad Fade

#25: Ponytail with Bald Skin

Ponytail with bald Skin

#26: Slick Back with Side Shave

Slick Back with Side Shave

#27: Bald skin with Side Punk

Bald skin with Side Punk

#28:Bald Skin Fade High Bun


#29: Quff Skin FadeQuff Skin Fade

#30: High Bun Bald Skin Fade


#31: Skin Fade with Long Hair

Skin Fade with Long Hair

#32: Curly Wavy Skin Fade Hair


#33: Buzz Cut Fade

Buzz Cut Fade

#34: Very Short Skin Fade with Beard

34 Very Short Skin Fade with Beard

#35 Skin Fade Under Cut



There you it 20 fresh skin fade haircuts,choose the hairstyle that will suite your clients head shape and I guarantee a satisfied customer. Good luck.

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