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Classic Hairstyles for Men: If you are one of those who want to stand apart from the crowd with a stunning hairstyle, then I would suggest that you go through my presentation where I have tried to highlight the classic hairstyles for men which are staging a comeback in this present era.

Retro hairstyles like the pompadour, slicked and the loose fringe have come back again with the same popularity as they were before. Barbers are getting tuned up for bringing variations to the mens classic hairstyles, adding features like the fades, undercuts and hairstyles with textured styling.

Here, I have tried to update you with a collection of the latest classic hairstyles that can help you choose the ones that are best suited to the texture, type and color of your hair and the shape of your face.

Classic Hairstyles for Men

#1: The French Crop

If you are facing thinning hair, this classic haircut could be ideally suited for you, irrespective of the shape of your face. The hair is brought slightly forward, with the fringe having a slight length. You can use a hair spray or a styling product to maintain the style, which should be an easy process.

#2: Slicked Back Skin Fade

Slicked Back Skin Fade

Volume is added to the hair using a blow fryer and then slicked back with the help of a comb. The sides are skin faded using clippers and the blond hairs are coated with a gel type product to hold on to the shape. This men classic haircut is a low maintenance hairstyle.

#3: The Buzz Cut

buzz cut

The Buzz Cut is one of the classic men’s haircuts that is still popular as it had been in the past. Square and symmetrical types of faces are the best ones for this buzz cut classic hair cut. Got a great head shape? This classic men’s cut can make you look stunning.

#4: Medium Length Scissor Cut

Medium Length Scissor Cut

The medium length hair on the top has loose waves and added volume. The fringe has curls and the entire styling is a messy one that makes this hairstyle classic a sex appealing one. To add to the appeal, you can style the hair to be slicked on the sides.

#5: The Fringe with Textured Cut

The Fringe with Textured Cut

You will need long and thicker hair for this classic gentleman haircut, where razoring and point cutting techniques should be used instead of scissors to prevent wispy ends and bulky hair roots. You can use a little putty on your hair to achieve the textured look.

#6: Long Hair on Top with Shorter Sides

Long Hair on Top with Shorter Sides

This is the trend in classic hairstyles for men, where the hair on the top is kept long and the sides cut shorter. This hairstyle is a vintage one having a twist that makes it a modern classic men’s cut. Styled in a pomp fashion, this haircut has to be worn matte.

#7: The Slick Back

The Slick Back

This is one of the vintage classic haircuts for guys where the hair needs to be straight for easy styling. The sides and the back are tapered and the top gradually becoming heavier. If you choose for an undercut combination, a disconnection will be required for making this hairstyle classic a striking one.

#8: Bald Fade Undercut

Bald Fade Undercut

This is one of the classic hair styles where the hair is short, long and then again short. The hair on the top is kept long, the sides skin faded and angled, and then textured to the top to make it wavy and appealing. This cool hairstyle will need a skilled hand and a quality hair product for the texture.

#9: The Side Parting

The Side Parting

The side part men classic haircut is popular since the 1920’s and is a simple hairstyle, where the back and the sides are kept short and the long hair on the top parted neatly. Apply a product on the hair when it is damp for making it easier for parting and a spray for controlling the unruly hair if you have.

#10: Swept Back with Long Fringe

Swept Back with Long Fringe

Long hair on the top can be the best for the Swept Back with Long Fringe hairstyle, a classic hair style which has been given a modern twist to the slick back version. The sides are cut ultra clean and the fade tapers the short hair along the hairline.

#11: The Shoulder Length Haircut

The Shoulder Length Haircut

This is one of the versatile classic hairstyles mens which has a layered cut to make it beach trendy. You will need to have patience while growing the hair to the required length to achieve this hairstyle classic man. Wavy hair could be better than straight hair for bringing perfection in this hairstyle.

#12: The High Pomp

The High Pomp

The pompadour hairstyle is a timeless classic hair style which has never dropped its popularity since it was pioneered by the great Elvis Presley. The thick hair on the top is given volume by using a blow dryer and then vertically styled to a height that is veritable.

#13: Modern Afro Hi-top Fade

Modern Afro Hi-top Fade

This hairstyle is a modern version of the classic hi-top fade classic hair styles where you will need to define the degree of the shape and to which point you want the afro to be styled. You can have a range of variations to this men’s classic haircut.

#14: Skin Fade with Waves

Skin Fade with Waves

Long, thick and straight hair can have any hairstyle to look clean and cool as is this classic haircut men. Waves are created on the top using a hair product and a parting is made together with an undercut to create a contrasting hairstyle. A mustache could very well compliment this hairstyle.

#15: The Quiff

The Quiff is an iconic classic men hairstyle which is less polished than the Pompadour, and features a softer back and the sides which create a dramatic contrast to the long hair on the top and giving a disconnected effect. Apply a styling product that is wet and then towel dry the hair before styling.

#16: Burst Fade High Pomp

Burst Fade High Pomp

The burst fade is one of the ways you can rock a modern fade, and when it goes with a pomp, this men’s classic haircut can be a timeless one. The skin fade is in the region around the ears only, which creates a striking effect on the long and thick hair neatly combed back.

#17: Dry Slick Back

Dry Slick Back

The slick back hairstyle has always been popular as one of the classic male haircuts, and this modern version is an ample demonstration. The V shape created at the temple is a striking contrast to the skin fade. This is a cool hairstyle which has a uniqe finishing touch.

#18:  Combover with hard part

Combover with hard part

This classic men hairstyle has added features to the vintage combover, where the razor cut hard part adds to the variety. The side has about one inch long hair and the temples and the area around the ears are skin fade. The geometry in this hairstyle makes it unique.

#19: Short Disconnected Pompadour

Short Disconnected Pompadour

This classic mens hair style involves the hair on the top to be cut to a length of about one and a half inches for styling the pomp, whereas the sides are undercut with a hard part forming a dividing line. This hairstyle will need regular visits o the salon.

#20:  Shadow+Step Drop Fade

Shadow + Step Drop Fade

This is one of the bold classic haircuts men, which can be striking even if you do not have enough texture on the top. The dense top gradually tapers into a skin fade as it goes down. The variation is brought by the step which is added while styling.

These classic hairstyles mens with a modern twist are among the latest and most fashionable hairstyles for men who want to hold on to the vintage smell and yet look trendy.

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