Hipster Haircut: 40 Best Stylish Hipster Hairstyles For Men

The Classic Undercut

Hipster Haircut: There are different styles and variations when t comes to the hipster hairstyles, with various mens hipster haircuts styles, taken from the hairstyles during the period between 20’s and 50’s. There are hipster haircut styles that are taken from some of the ancient cultures, and are still favorites, even today, although some variations have been added by hair stylists to make them look trendy.

Among the varieties of male hipster haircuts, are the sleeked back, pompadours, side parts, undercuts, and some cool hipster hair styles that go well with handlebar mustache and full beard. A typical hipster hair cut involves undercuts on the sides and the back, with full volume hair on the top, and most of the times, complemented with a beard.

Here are 20 of the best hipster mens haircuts you can choose from to try out which one suits you best when it comes to the shape of your face and head.

40 Hot Hipster Hairstyles for Men

#1: Caesar Haircut:

Caesar Haircut

The Caesar haircut is still a popular hairstyle among mens hipster haircuts, especially for those having short hair. The hair on the top is styled flat and forward, unlike trendiest hairstyles, and is a perfect hairstyle, when in a corporate or office environment. This haircut hipster was the most popular ones in USA for men in their 40’s.

#2: The Classic Undercut:

The Classic Undercut

The volume and length of the hair are maintained on the top of the head, while the sides and the back are cut short to perfect this classic undercut, which is a variation of the mainstream hipster haircut. The dividing line segregating the top, back and sides is distinct, hence creating a contrast between the lower and upper areas of the scalp.

#3: Asymmetrical Undercut:

Asymmetrical Undercut

The Asymmetrical Undercut is yet another haircut hipster style that has always been popular since the 50’s. Asymmetry and accurate side part make this hairstyle striking, and with bronze added over the top, this hipster haircut men style highlights the sophistication in the style.

#4: Slicked Back with Beard Combo:

Slicked Back with Beard Combo

This hipster haircut mens hairstyle is one of the variations of the hipster hairstyles, where the full volume of the hair is brushed back with a distinct parting. The hairstyle is complemented with a full grown beard.

#5: Clean Combed Hipster Haircut:

Clean Combed Hipster Haircut

The Clean Combed Hipster Haircut is one of the simple hipster boy haircut styles, where the hair on the top is combed neatly to thhe back and the sides shaved to form a contrast. Using a gel can keep the hair in shape and look glossy.

#6: Fade Hipster for Wavy Hair:

Fade Hipster for Wavy Hair

Men having wavy hair can flaunt this hipster fade haircut to look more attractive. The bottom edge is faded and the clean lines and the perfection in the tapering of the length, make this hairstyle look incognito and individualistic.

#7: The Messy Hairstyle:

The Messy Hairstyle

Variations in the hipster mens haircuts styles are reflected in this hairstyle, where the volume of hair on top has a messy and unkept look. The hair is styled high on the head and the sides cut short, with a distinct parting line. The fully grown beard is a must to add to the style.

#8: Cool Hipster Haircut:

Cool Hipster Haircut

This hairstyle is one of the male hipster haircuts, which looks cool and smart. The hair on the top is brushed to one side and the other side cut short, with a distinct line of parting. This haircut hipster hairstyle is a perfect one when in office or attending a corporate meeting.

#9: The Disconnected Undercut:

The Disconnected Undercut

For office or at parties, this hipster hair style is a perfect one, where the undercut is disconnected and the sides shaved. The parting is noticeable and the hairstyle is complemented with a beard.

#10: The Long Fringe Indie Hipster:

The Long Fringe Indie Hipster

This hipster male haircut has long been popular especially among black men. The long hair is styled to one side and the other side cut short. Both the sides meet the beard line, and the beard is overgrown to add to the style.

#11: Stylish Short Hipster with Side Swept:

Stylish Short Hipster with Side Swept

This hairstyle has creativity in it and that is why men with short hair would love to flaunt this hipster hair style. The short hair on the top is cleanly swept to one side with the other side having an undercut. A quality styling product ad to the glossiness and keep the hair in shape.

#12: Stylish and Fizzy:

Stylish and Fizzy

This is one of the hipster haircuts for guys, where the hair looks fizzy but stylish. The entire volume of hair is brushed to the back on one side and the other side styled with an undercut. This hairstyle is best suited for guys in college.

#13: The Big Wavy Hipster Hairstyle:

The Big Wavy Hipster Hairstyle

This hipster guy haircut is an artistic looking haircut, where the hair is grown on the top to be styled in a pompadour. The sides are either cut short or faded to add to this hipster youth haircut style. Styling the tall pompadour is not an easy task, and only professional hair dressers can be the perfect ones.

#14: Pompadour with Faded Sides:

Pompadour with Faded Sides

This hipster hair cut will make you stand out in your class, and is now being followed largely by men who want their personality to be personified. The volume of hair on the top is styled in a pompadour and matched with a handlebar mustache.

#15: The Colin Hipster:

The Colin Hipster

If you want to follow the celebs and show the volume and height in your hairstyle, the Colin Hipster hairstyle can be an ideal one. This mainstream hipster haircut helps in reflecting the good structure of the bone, and is simple to design.

#16: Sides Shaved Short Hair Hipster:

Sides Shaved Short Hair Hipster

With the full volume hair brushed back and the sides shaved clean, this hipster haircut mens is perfectly matched with a full grown beard. This hairstyle is one of the trendiest hipster haircut shaved sides for men.

#17: The Curly Q Dan:

The Curly Q Dan

This hipster haircut is a creative and innovative hipster hair cut, where the hair is brushed back and the sides cut short, with modern sideburns. This hairstyle is from the vintage days, but with a variation. It is funky as well as cool.

#18: Back Shaved with PonyTail:

Back Shaved with PonyTail

This is one of the hipster boy haircuts for those having long hair. The sides and back are shaved and a pony tail styled in the middle to look funky.

#19: Standard Indie Pompadour:

Standard Indie Pompadour

If you want to show your style and class, this haircut hipster style can be the perfect one, especially if you are in the office.

#20: Silver Blonde Hairstyle:

Silver Blonde Hairstyle

This hipster guy haircut is a trendy hipster hairstyle, showing style in colors. A tousled top and undercut style can be the perfect match for this hairstyle.

Since the 30’s till now, hipster mens haircuts are still one of the most popular hairstyles, and with variations being created by professional barbers, men, as well as guys and boys can flaunt these hairstyles. You can also find hipster kid haircut, which shows the popularity of the hairstyle.

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