Blowout Hairstyles: 40 Hot Blowout Haircut Styles for Men 2017

Blown Back

The blowout hairstyles is one of the trendy hairstyles, which looks like as though your hair has been blown by a wind. This blowout hair cut is designed to look like that you have just walked through a gust of wind. This blowout hairstyle is perfect for those having round shaped face, and is most popular among the young generation, especially for college students.

Despite the blowout hairstyles for natural hair, which came into existence during the 90’s.was flaunted by many, the height of popularity of this hairstyle came into light during the year 2000.

The answer to what is a blowout hair is that, the hair is first pushed upwards and then styled to project out of the head. The look resembles like a heavy wind has blown from the back to blow the hair out. A quality gel or a hair spray could be quite handy to bring perfection to the blowout hairstyle guys.

What is it, How to get blow out hairstyle?

If you want to flaunt a blowout hairstyle, looking as though you have weathered a storm and have come out with ruffled hair, here is a way which will help you flaunt a blowout hairstyle. What exactly is a blowout hairstyle? You can have any length of hair on the top, which is  styled to the back while the sides are kept short and tapered of slowly. The tapering around the region of the temple is noticeable.

The blown out hair styling begins with a temple fade by keeping the hair on the sides of the temple to hardly 1 inch and then choosing the style you want to flaunt with the option to keep the hair on the top to the desired length. What you will need to do for this styling is to create the back and the top to signify that you have walked through a tornado, spike the hairs all over the scalp, and finish it off with an Afro style. You can also wear the blowout style with a quiff or a messy hairstyle. All you will need to do is style a quiff at the flaunt or make the hair on the top messy by not combing the hair and instead passing your fingers through your hair. Use a gel top and the back to characterize the blow out fade and for spiking the hair up and around. You can also pull out the Afro style with a temple fade.

Here are 15 of the most popular blowout styles, that could help you in selecting the right hairstyle for you.

15 Hot Blowout Haircut Styles for Men 2016

#1: The Perfect Blowout

The Perfect Blowout

This smart looking perfect blowout hair for black hair is one of the latest trends. Notice how the hair is lifted and styled  with an undercut for the perfect blowout.

#2: Blown Back

Blown Back

This hairstyle is one of the simple blowout hairstyle guys, where the hair is brushed backwards, using a gel to keep it in shape. To do this, you will need to wash the hair thoroughly and then brushed, by using the best round brush for blowout. Using a hair dryer can help brush the hair back easily, and a hair spray can help you keep the hair in place, with some falling to the sides to add to the unique style.

#3: The Light Blowout:

The Light Blowout

This brooklyn blowout style reflects the use of the hand dryer lightly, to blow the hair to the side with not a great height. The sides are undercut to add to the style.

#4: The Curly Blowout:

The Curly Blowout

This is a blowout with curls hairstyle, where the hair is is first blown dry and a hand spray used to style the curls into shape, high from the scalp. Some hairstyles like this can resemble a pompadour hairstyle.

#5: Blown Out and Up:

Blown Out and Up

This men’s blowout hairstyle is a contrasting hair style, where the hair at the front is blown up to a certain height, and the sides, blown towards the outside of the head. To keep the hairs in the right directions, a quality gel should be used.

#6: Blowout with Spikes:

Blowout with Spikes

The blowout styles can be of various designs, spiky blowout hairstyle being one of them. A strong gel is used to style the hair into spikes, and blown upwards with a hair dryer. The sides are faded with lines of demarcation noticeable.

#7: The Blowout Square Haircut:

The Blowout Square Haircut

This blowout haircut male will need a professional hand to bring perfection. For men having curly hair, this one is best matching, where the curls are blown up and the sides and the portion just above the forehead is square cut to very short hair.

#8: Complete Blow up:

Complete Blow up

The Complete Blowout hairstyle is a unique hairstyle among the blowout hairstyles for natural hair, where the full volume of hair is blown up, with the sides undercut. The bangs are styled straight upwards, and a gel is used to massage the hair to keep them stand up. This hairstyle is a perfect pauly d blowout.

#9: Curly Blowout with Undercut Back:

Curly Blowout with Undercut Back

Here, the curly hair is blown up but in an asymmetrical fashion, and the back is undercut. A small amount of gel is used to highlight the messy style in this blowout fade haircut.

#10: Side Blowout:

Side Blowout

In this blowout hairstyle, the hair is blown out only to the sides, and the hair on the top left to be styled according to preference. With only the sides looking blown by the wind, this hair blowout style is a unique one.

#11: The Temple Fade Blowout:

The Temple Fade Blowout is a typical pauly d blowout, one of which he started a revolution in hairstyles. The hair length is brought down to characterize the temple fade, with the use of a gel and hair dryer, keeping the hair in shape.

#12: Blown Away Haircut:

The Temple Fade Blowout

This is one of the popular blowout taper fade hairstyles, where the full volume of hair is raised upwards, forming a taper shape, and the sides and portion above the forehead has a fade. This hairstyle can be an ideal one for black men.

#13: Kinky Blowout:

Blown Away Haircut

This is a brazilian blowout hair style, where the hair is styled into spikes and blown upwards. The sides and forehead have a distinct fade with a clear line going across from one side to the other.

#14: The Raised Up Blowout:

Kinky Blowout

Here, the hair is fully raised with sides having an undercut. The use of gel is distinctively noticeable from the glow of the hair.

#15: New Look with Shaved Lines:

New Look with Shaved Lines

This blowout hairstyle guys style is an innovative hairstyle, where the curly hair is blown up and the back shaved with shaved lines being distinct.

The blowout hair styles are still one of the popular hairstyles, that could be one of the ideal hairstyles for black and non black men and guys.

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