40 Best Hairstyles for Thin and Balding Hair

The Perfect Buzz Skin Fade

Never mind if you are balding and disheartened by the apprehension that hair styling has gone forever in your life. Instead, you can flaunt some of the most attractive looking hairstyles for balding men, if you know the secrets on how to look better in some of the stunning haircuts for balding men.

Receeding hairline can be something to be proud of, if you can have the right hair styles for balding men, like some of the actors in Hollywood and athletes, who have shown that good looking bald men can make others turn their heads. In fact, hair styling for bald men is easier than for others, as, a simple crew cut can change the appearance of a bald man. There are many other hairstyles for thin hair men even at a stage when they are young, let alone those in their mid 40’s.

Short hairstyles can be the best solution for balding men to look smarter and younger than to let the baldness increase, or even shaving the head.A haircut for balding men can either be traditional or contemporary, but the secret of making men with thinning hair, look attractive, lies in the skills of a professional barber.

Here are 20 best haircuts for men with thin hair, which have been meticulously chosen, from which you can choose the ones best suited for you.

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20 Best Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

#1: The Crew Cut Style:

The Crew Cut Style

This is one of the most common and followed hair cuts for balding men. The styling is easy to make, and a French Cut beard can add style to look great.

#2: Absolutely Short Hairstyle:

Absolutely Short Hairstyle

This hairstyle reflects the scalp of the head becoming visible, and is a great option for hairstyles for balding men with round faces. A clipper is used with precision to make men with receding hairline look younger.

#3: Temple Fade Short Comb Over:

Temple Fade Short Comb Over

This hairstyle is among the most versatile best hairstyles for balding men, which come in a range of lengths and styles. The top part is given a clean look and parted to one side, and the sides are faded to create a contrast and hide the baldness.

#4: The Improvised Haircut:

The Improvised Haircut

This is one of the creative and improvised good haircuts for balding men. This crew cut can even make young guys look smart and stylish. Young men with receding hairline can take inspiration from this haircut for balding men.

#5: Short Haircut with Forehead Line:

Short Haircut with Forehead Line

This hairstyle for bald men shows a distinct line on the forehead, with the hair cut shorter n te sides. Keeping a beard could add to the style and camouflage the baldness.

#6: Short Haircut with Trimmed Beard:

Short Haircut with Trimmed Beard

Short haircuts are the best options for balding men, and this best hairstyle for balding men with long beards is unbeatable. No styling product is used and the scalp is totally hidden.

#7: The Compensating Hairstyle:

The Compensating Hairstyle

There are many short haircuts for balding men, which are for those who have little time to look after hairstyles. The Compensating Hairstyle looks fantastic with a beard and a moustache.

#8: The Side Fade Haircut:

The Side Fade Haircut

The variations of bald hairstyles for men are reflected in this hairstyle, where the scalp is exposed to very short hair with the sides faded to meet the beard line. Men with oblong face can look great with this bald men haircut.

#9: Haircut with Very Short Sides:

Haircut with Very Short Sides

For those who want to squint, this hairstyle can be among the best hairstyles for balding men, where the hair on the sides are cut very short, leaving the scalp exposed. A beard can do the rest for styling it perfectly.

#10: The Flipped Hairstyle:

The Flipped Hairstyle

For those having receding hairline, this hairstyle could be the best among hair styles for bald men. With the hair cut short and flipped to one side, both the sides are faded and designs appearing on the sides of the ears along the neck.

#11: Royally Short:

Royally Short

Those having early signs of thinning hair can flaunt this hairstyle, where the closed cut and side parting looks neat. The hugging trim adds to the beauty of this hairstyle. A professional barber will know what to do to make this haircut for stylish bald men look unique.

#12: Haircut for black men with receding hairline:

Haircut for black men with receding hairline

Although black men are less prone to baldness, there are still exceptions. For these exceptions, there are the shorter haircuts for black men, where the Buzzed Skin Fade is a perfect one. This buzz cut for balding men hairstyle can really look cool with the baldness hardly being evident.

#13: The Perfect Buzz Skin Fade:

The Perfect Buzz Skin Fade

The Buzzed Skin Fade is for those with thin hair, where the sides are faded and the hair on the top cut very short to match a closed shaved face. Highs and the tights could be the perfect matching wear for this hairstyle for bald men.

#14: The Perfect Crew Cut:

The Perfect Crew Cut

The Crew Cut hairstyle has long been one of the favorite hairstyles for men going bald where the hair at the top tapers in the upper forehead, and the sides are shaved in a faded style, right to the areas behind the ears.

#15: Short and Clean Haircut for Men:

Short and Clean Haircut for Men

This is one of the haircuts for balding black men having short hair and matches all types of shapes of the face. This hairstyle is flexible, making it easy for the barber.

#16: The Complete Fade Hairstyle:

The Complete Fade Hairstyle

This hairstyle is for bald hair men, where the fade starts right from the middle portion of the scalp and runs down to the sides and back. The fade ends at the areas behind the ears. Those who have little time for hair styling can find this haircut perfectly suitable to flaunt to hide the baldness.

#17: Crew Cut for Elders:

Crew Cut for Elders

Natural baldness comes with age, but to take up the challenge, there is an array of best haircuts for balding men who are aged. This easy to maintain crew cut can be the most convenient one.

#18: The Square Cut:

The Square Cut

This hairstyle can be one of the matching hair styles for balding men who are young. The square cut on the front makes it easy to hide the baldness.

#19: The Stylish Haircut:

The Stylish Haircut

This is one of the hairstyles for balding men who are aged, where they can look smart with a neat trim and side parting. This stylish haircut is a classy one.

#20: Crew Cut with Moustache and Beard:

This hairstyle is the most common hair style for bald men, where the crew cut match with the beard and moustache.

Crew Cut with Moustache and Beard

Those with receding hairline have many options to choose from an array of hair styles for balding men, which are not only easy to flaunt, but also to maintain. The skills of a professional barber can make these hairstyles for men going bald, smart and attractive. You can hide your baldness, choosing any of these hairstyles, for any occasion. The greatest thing is that, you do not need any styling product or to use a blower. Most of these haircuts for bald men are for those who have little time to spare for paying attention to their hairstyles.

Hope you like the list of top best haircuts for thin hair men and choose your own. Share your comments below.

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