7 Best Hair Removal Cream’s for Men – Reviews


Hair removal has been one of the basic body grooming activities. You may have to do it once or twice in a month to maintain your body.

Many people prefer traditional shaving. However, it is a time consuming process. Apart from that, skin irritation, ingrown hair and cuts are some of the other drawbacks.

The best solution is to go for a hair removal cream (depilatory creams). These creams can remove unwanted hair easily within few minutes.

They contain active ingredients which will break down the structure of hair strands. Later you can just wipe the hair.

Before looking for the best men’s body hair removal cream, you have to understand that hair quality and texture is different in men and women.

Men have coarse and thicker hair, which is why you have to purchase a hair removal cream that is specifically designed for it.

Men’s body hair removal creams are usually effective, cheap and decent solution for removing unwanted hair on chest, armpits, pubic hair and legs.

After going through a comprehensive research, we have provided a list of Best Hair Removal Creams for Men below. We have also mentioned information on how to choose the right hair removal cream in our buying guide.

7 Best Hair Removal Creams for Men

Hair Removal Cream’s for MenSkin typeIngredientsUsageBuy Now
Nair Hair Remover for Men HairAll skin typeAloe vera and lanolinchest, arm, leg and back.CHECK ON AMAZON
Neomen Hair Removal CreamDry to sensitiveAloe Vera, Vitamin E and Baby Oil.chest, arm, leg and back.CHECK ON AMAZON
No Hair Crew Hair Removal Cream All skin typeAloe vera and vitamin Echest, arm, leg and back.CHECK ON AMAZON
Nad's for Men Hair Removal CreamAll skin type Aloe verachest, arm, leg and back.CHECK ON AMAZON
Veet for Men Hair Removal GelDry skinButyrospermum Parkii Butter,
Sodium Gluconate, Acrylates Copolymer,
chest, arm, leg and back.CHECK ON AMAZON
SEGMINISMART Hair Removal CreamAll skin typeAloe vera and vitamin Echest, arm, leg and back.CHECK ON AMAZON
BallsBALM Body Hair CreamDry to normal skin----chest, arm, leg and back.CHECK ON AMAZON

1. Nair Hair Remover for Men Hair

Nair Hair Remover for Men

This is one of the biggest names of all the hair removal creams.

This especially works wonders for men with thick coarse hair. And this cream can be used for many parts of the body- chest, arm, leg and back.

This is an effective and painless process. It can give you a smooth finish in not more than 5 minutes. This is formulated with a series of ingredients-aloe vera and lanolin are a few among them. We all know aloe vera has antifungal and antibiotics properties, it also gives a calming effect. While lanolin makes your skin moisturized. So with every shave, your skin can relax without any irritation.

However, we suggest testing a small area initially to check if you are allergic to any of the components in the ingredients list.

This comes in a pump bottle and its application of this is very straightforward. Apply this cream before you get into the shower. And let it rest for a minute or two.

Do not rub it on your skin, just apply it as a coat and remove it after a while.

Wash off the cream thoroughly after its done.


  • Works on other body parts as well
  • Offers a good quantity


  • Might cause an allergic reaction for some

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2. Neomen Hair Removal Cream

Neomen Hair Removal Cream

This hair removal cream is perfect for someone who has dry or sensitive skin. Because this makes your skin smooth and silky by hydrating it.

And this takes place with its beneficial ingredients-  Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Baby Oil.

This can also be used on other body parts. And effectively removes hair without any irritation or skin bumps.

This can help you get smooth skin in just 5 minutes.

Its packaging is very helpful to carry it around with ease. This comes in a tube which can easily fit any of your pouches.

This also has a similar application process like our previous product.

Apply it before shower, wait for a minute or two and then rinse it off.


  • Consists of beneficial ingredients
  • Works without any skin irritation
  • works great on sensitive and dry skin


  • Doesn’t last long as Nair

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3. No Hair Crew Hair Removal Cream 

No Hair Crew Hair Removal Cream This hair removal cream from the No Hair Crew brand is suitable for different body types. 

It is a gentle cream that works well effectively even for intimate or private areas. It removes thin, thick, and coarse hair so easily within 3 minutes after applying. 

The high-precision spatula that comes along with the cream, has an easy grip to work without effort. There won’t be any risk of cuts, and it also gives durable results when compared to shaving and trimming. As it remains painless, you can be tension-free. 

Moreover, it contains seaweed and other ingredients that make your skin silky and smooth. Besides, the skin remains hydrated for up to 24 hours. 

We highly recommend this cream because it is dermatologically tested and safe to use. 

Still, it is better to check your skin reaction by applying it to a small area of your feet or hands for safety. 


  • Easily removes hair within 3 minutes
  • Suitable for sensitive skin 
  • No burning sensation 


  • Some people complained that it is a bit painful. 

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4. Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Cream

Nads for Men Hair Removal Cream

This is a popular hair removal cream. And this is specially made to treat the most coarse hair. You can use this for chest, arm, legs and back.

This is definitely a better alternative than using a razor. A painless and effective way to remove your hair and get a smooth skin. Moreover, this is very quick. It just takes 4 minutes to remove the toughest hair.

This is a mixture of Potassium Thioglycolate and Potassium Hydroxide. And its application is pretty simple like any of our listed products.

Just apply to the area you want and wait for 4 minutes and then rinse it off.

This features a no-drip formula so you need to worry about messing the area. It can dissolve the hair beneath your skin and give you smooth skin for days.

Now, this is an alkaline formulated. So a prolonged use might burn your skin.


  • Works great for coarse hair
  • Works within 4 minutes


  • Keeping this cream for too long might cause blisters. Suggested to apply on a small portion, initially.

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5. Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel

Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel

Veet is a common name when it comes to hair removal cream.

This is an excellent option for men with dry skin. It has Butyrospermum Parkii Butter as one of its ingredient components. This is a conditioning agent and helps hydrate your skin.

This is also efficient to remove hair close to the roots, so you do not have to use this again and again.

This is also a fast-acting cream and takes only 4 minutes to treat your skin.

This comes with a spatula that helps you spread the cream evenly.

Note: this might cause a burning sensation when used in private areas. So it is advisable to avoid these areas.


  • Good for dry skin
  • Works fast


  • Not ideal for thick hair

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6. Aobbiy Men’s Hair Removal Cream 

Aobbiy Men’s Hair Removal Cream Best hair removal and safety concerns go hand in hand when choosing the men’s hair removal cream. This product from Blitzby is one such cream that fulfills both and removes unwanted hair without any pain and rashes. 

It is made of several plant extracts including Aloe vera leaves, Sophora roots, sassafras leaves, and wolfberry. As it has such natural plant-based ingredients and avoids harmful chemicals, it is even suitable for men having sensitive, oily, or dry skin.

Upon applying the cream, you won’t be left with any burning sensation, pain, cuts, irritation, or scratches. So, you can use it better for arms, armpits, legs, toe, chest, and pubic area. 

This one is also gentle, smooth, and fragrance-free and lets you an easy and comfortable application. It removes the thick hair within 10 minutes. 

In addition, it also moisturizes the skin and delays the growth of new hair for some time. 

It’s always advised to use it after a safety application for testing irritation. 

The product comes in a feasible pack with 100 ml capacity that’s sufficient enough. 


  • Removes thick hair too
  • Painless and irritation-free
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal to use for sensitive skin 
  • Good for women too


  • You have to wait for more than 10 minutes. 
  • Painful if you leave the cream for a long time. 

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7. BallsBALM The Bare Pair ‘Threesome’ King Kombo – Body Hair Cream

The Bare Pair Threesome King Kombo

This is not just a hair removal cream. But this has dual-stage body stage management. This takes care of the removal of body hair and also treats the skin after that.

Initiate by using the bare balm. This will gently remove all the hair. And then apply the calm bare. This will add an extra layer of protection and soothe your skin.

This duo just balances out your skin.

You can use this on the back, chest, arm and legs. And moreover, you get an exfoliating glove that helps in easy application.


  • Includes balms and an exfoliating glove
  • Care balm helps to keep to the skin further soft


  • It’s difficult to clean the gloves

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Things To Consider When Purchasing Hair Removal Cream For Men

Since our skin is so sensitive, we should always check the details of the products before application, especially when you want to use the product on areas such as pubic hair. Here are a few factors that you must look for before buying a hair removal cream.

1. Hair Texture

Understanding the texture of your hair is very important and helpful to select the best type of hair removal cream according to the type of your body hair. While some men have thick body hair, others have dense or coarse hair types. Thus, you should select a hair removal cream depending on the hair type.

2. Usage

While talking about usage, again there are 2 things that you should consider:

  • Which all body parts are you planning to use the hair removal cream?
  • How often are you going to use it?

When it comes to the specific body parts, some hair removal creams are formulated to be used especially on certain body parts and they don’t work great on other body parts. For example, most of the hair removal cream for men offers great results when used over hands, legs, back, and chest but they might not offer similar results in private body parts.

Coming to the second point, the frequency at which you are going to use the cream allows you to know whether you will reapply the product in a few days’ interval or week’s interval. Most of the hair removal creams provide good results and allow you to maintain a hair-free zone for several days. You can however also check what the manufacturers claim and then buy accordingly.

3. Skin Type

Skin type is another important factor that you should look for before buying. The reason behind this is not all the products are designed to suit all the skin types.

If you have a sensitive skin type, you should look for creams that are labeled and designed for sensitive skin types. Such creams include a more diluted solution that dissolves the hair and eventually remove them. However, these creams might take a bit longer to remove the hair than regular hair removal creams.

4. Ingredients

Always check the ingredient list of the product. This will help you understand the product better. While selecting a good hair removal cream, you should look if it contains any hydrating agents such as aloe vera or shea butter. These ingredients prevent the skin from irritation and also add moisture to the skin. As the chemical dissolves the hair making the skin feel hot, these hydrating ingredients help in cooling down the skin too.

If you are allergic to any ingredient, check out from them. Using products containing such ingredients might cause irritation or an intense burning sensation. Avoid buying such products.

5. Application Time

The application time refers to the amount of time the cream takes to work. This is usually mentioned in the label of the product so that you know that how long should you keep the product.

You should look for a product that offers a longer application time. Some creams allow you to finish the work in 4-5 minutes. These creams might be harsh or aggressive on the skin. Look for the products that take around 8-10 minutes. These creams are a bit gentle on the skin.

How Do Hair Removal Creams Work?

The primary ingredient in the best hair removal creams for men is Potassium Thioglycolate.

The organic compound of potassium combined with a thiol group and carboxylic acid works on chemically breaking down (chemical depilatory) the structure of the body hair.

When you apply the hair removal cream to your hair, the chemicals present in the cream interrupts the disulfide bonds in keratin. Once it breaks down completely, the structure of the hair follicles transforms itself into a jelly-like substance that can be wiped away easily using a cloth or tissue.

Before applying it directly to your skin, it is suggested to read the instructions clearly. You will get good results only if you apply it properly. Don’t forget to do a patch test beforehand.

How to do a Patch Test?

Before using a hair removal cream, it is mandatory to perform a patch test. Here is how you can do it by yourself.

Take a small amount of the cream and apply it evenly to the desired area. As instructed on the label, apply the cream and remove it gently. Wait for a day and see if you got any reaction or allergy to that area. If you notice a reaction, you should discontinue using the product right away. However, if the skin is fine, you can go ahead and use the cream.

Some of the common areas where you can perform the hair removal cream patch tests are as follows:

  • The front side of your thigh (if you want to remove hair from the legs)
  • Between your breasts (if you want to remove hair from the chest)
  • The area beneath the chin and right above the adam’s apple (if you want to remove beard hair)
  • Center of your back, exactly between the shoulder blades (if you want to remove hair from the back)
  • Area right above your genitals (if you want to remove pubic hair)


  • While performing the patch test, make sure you do it in an area that has a low visibility. This will ensure that even if there is an allergy, it is not visible out there.
  • Avoid performing the patch test on areas that over sensitive. Also, choose areas that are easy to reach so that you can rinse it off quickly.
  • Try to perform patch tests in areas that are not prone to much movement like inner elbow, areas with multiple folds in the skin, etc.
  • If you experience any pain or burning sensation, wash the cream off immediately.

How to use Hair Removal Creams?

If you are worried to use a hair removal cream, fret not. Here is a simple guide to help you remove the body hair using a hair removal cream. Let’s have a look!

1. Read the directions

Reading the directions mentioned over the label is very useful. Read the pointers carefully and follow the step by step instructions carefully.

Note: Different brands offer different application methods and different set times. In case you have misplaced the box or the instruction manual, you can get it on the company’s website too.

2. Apply it evenly and gently

Take a small amount of cream and apply a thick and even layer over the desired area. You can either apply it using your fingers or a spatula. Most brands offer a spatula along with the cream. While applying it, make sure you are applying the cream gently and not rubbing it over your skin. While you spread the cream evenly, it makes sure that you don’t end up removing extra hair from the areas that you didn’t even intend to touch.

3. Set a timer

Read the instructions properly and see for how long are you supposed to leave the cream. The time can range from 3 minutes to 10 minutes, depending on the product and the brand.

Leaving the hair removal cream for a long time can cause harm to your skin. Thus, set a timer and once the time has passed, be ready to remove it immediately.

You might notice an unpleasant smell while applying the cream, there is nothing to worry about as the smell is generated when the chemicals present in the cream interact with the hair. It will go off once you rinse it off with water.

4. Remove the cream gently

You can either use the same spatula that you used to apply the cream or you can use a soft cloth to remove the cream. After removing it properly, wash off the area using lukewarm water.

You might notice a slight redness or itchiness after washing the skin. This is normal in most cases. However, if the redness or itchiness is not going, you should visit a doctor.

Things to Remember

  • While removing the cream, make sure you rinse off all the residues. Leaving it for long might cause a burning sensation to your skin.
  • While applying the cream to your skin, you might get a tingling sensation. This is normal. However, it should not be a burning sensation.
  • Avoid taking hot showers or going in the sunlight post-application. After applying these creams, the skin remains sensitive for a while and exposing it further might cause irritation.
  • Don’t shave the area for a minimum of 72 hours or until the skin heals completely.
  • Before applying the cream, check if there is cut, sunburn, mole, or any other kind of irritation. If yes, avoid applying the cream because it might cause rash or chemical burns.
  • Exfoliating the skin 24 hours before applying hair removal cream can help in eliminating ingrown hair.
  • Avoid using hair removal creams on a daily basis. You must wait for a minimum of 24-48 hours between each application as it will give your skin some time to heal. Most of the manufacturers mention the time you should wait before using the cream again.
  • To reduce irritation and ingrown hair, wear loose-fitting clothes for a day. Avoid going to the swimming pool, tanning, or sunbathing after applying the cream for 24-48 hours. Also, stay away from deodorants, other creams or beauty products.

Is it safe for men to use hair removal cream on private parts?

Yes, it is safe for men to use hair removal creams on private parts. However, you must make sure that you are using the right cream.

Some hair removing creams are specially formulated to be used on private body parts. They are made using less potent chemicals. These creams also contain multiple soothing, moisturizing, and hydrating ingredients when compared to the creams that are made for use on other body parts.

The creams that are supposed to be used on private parts are gentle on the skin and the leave-on time is also less (around 3-6 minutes), depending on the type of hair.

How to use a male depilatory cream on your balls?

Since this is a private and sensitive region, many men are scared to use the hair removal cream on the balls. Here is how you can use it.

Perform a patch test. We explained above how to do a patch test. Check it once and do safely. It is very important before you apply the cream all over the balls. If the patch test works fine, you can apply the cream.

Also, read the instructions carefully before applying and use it as directed. Don’t leave it for a long time. Once you are done removing the hair, clean the area properly.

1. Trim the hair first

It is suggested to trim the pubic hair first as it helps in removing the hair quickly. The shorter the length of the pubic hair is the faster and effective the cream will work.

This helps in giving a comfortable experience.

2. Wipe the cream off

The best way to wipe the cream off is by using a damp towel. You can wipe it off until the area is completely dry and the hair is gone.

While some brands suggest washing off the cream immediately, some brands are against it. Thus, read the instructions and act accordingly.

3. Rehydrate the skin

It is very important to hydrate the skin again. You can use a moisturizing lotion containing aloe vera or shea butter. They will help in soothing the skin and replenishing the lost moisture.

Some hair removal creams contain moisturizing agents. You need not apply a lotion in such cases.

4. Apply some powder

After applying a hair removal cream, the skin becomes sensitive and you might not feel very comfortable when the clothes rub against it.

In such scenarios, you can apply some powder. This will protect your skin and make it feel fresh.

Most of the time when there is no body hair, the scrotum ends up sticking to the legs. Applying powder will prevent this too.

The main issue with the groin area and balls is the skin there is way too sensitive and the chemicals present in these creams can be harsh. Thus, even if these creams work fine on other body parts, they might not work fine on the balls.

If that is the case, you might have to shift back to shaving or other hair removing techniques such as trimming.

Hair Removal Creams vs. Shaving

Hair removal creamsShaving
If followed the instructions properly, it is a pain-free processChances of cuts or nicks are high
The creams leave the skin smooth and hair-free for around 3-5 daysThe result last for 2-3 days
Hair removal creams are easy to useYou will have to be a bit careful while shaving, especially in private parts
The chemicals present in the cream can cause irritation, rashes, and dark spotsCommon side effects are razor burns or accidental cuts
A single bottle of cream may last for maximum 3-5 applicationsA razor can last easily for 2-3 months
The creams have an overpowering odor of the chemicalsIt is an odor-free procedure

Other Hair Removal Methods

Some of the other hair removal methods are as follows:

1. Laser Hair Removal

Laser therapy is considered as one of the best hair removing technique as it is quick and efficient. However, it is very expensive and might not be suitable for all skin and hair types.

2. Waxing

It is another efficient hair removal technique. Waxing helps in removing the hair from the roots and thus, it takes a bit longer for hair to grow back.

The waxing can, however, damage your skin by removing the top layer of your skin.

3. Epilating

The epilators pluck the body hair out by the roots. It is a cheap and efficient hair removal technique. It can be a bit painful but the body eventually adapts to the pain over time.

4. Threading

It is one of the oldest hair removal techniques. Even though it is a time-consuming technique, the chance of skin damage is less.

The threading is effective only if you have to remove hair from a small area. It can be painful though.

5. Eflornithine Hydrochloride Cream

It is a prescription cream that is effective in dealing with facial hair. It contains chemicals that are responsible for slowing down the growth of the hair.

However, it is a bit pricey and some of its side effects are skin redness or rashes.

6. Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal technique that prevents hair follicles from re-growing. For those who cannot undergo laser technique can opt for electrolysis. However, the risk of infection or scarring is high with this procedure.


And finally the final section of this article. A shaving cream is definitely a must to have a smooth shaving process.

And our favourite product from this list is Nair Hair Remover for Men Hair Remover Body Cream. This just takes 5 minutes to remove your hair effortlessly without any pain. It has a base of aloe vera and lanolin. So once you use this cream, your skin definitely remains relaxed and soothing.


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