Best Blow Dryers for 4C hair For Salon-Level Finish at Home

blow dryer for 4c hair

4C is actually one of the beautiful and kinkiest hair textures. As it has delicate curls and more prone to breakage, you cannot just use any normal blow dryer.

An ideal blow dryer should straighten up the hair easily without any damage. But not all 4c blow dryers are created equal.

To find out the best option, we recommend you considering the below main factors.

1. Technology –

Blow dryers for 4C hair come in different technologies that include ceramic, ionic and titanium. Each of them is suitable for different hair textures. Though 4C hair is kinky in nature, its texture can be different. Some of them can be smooth while others can dry and frizzy. You have to choose the technology based on the hair texture. For instance…

  • Ionic – smooth and thick hair
  • Ceramic – fine and smooth hair
  • Titanium – thick and dry hair

2. Speed and Temperature Settings –

These adjustable settings allow you to control the air flow applied to the hair according to your need. Most of the blow dryers come with three different heat and two different speed settings.

Along with these factors, you can also check out the  “Ultimate Guide” mentioned in this article. Using the same information, we have shortlisted the best blow dryers for 4C hair.

Best Blow Dryer for 4c Hair in 2023

Blow Dryer for 4c HairHair typeMaterialBuy Now
Remington Hair Dryer FrizzyCeramicCHECK ON AMAZON
NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair DryerAll hair typesPlastic CHECK ON AMAZON
Xpoliman Professional Salon Hair DryerAll hair typesPlastic CHECK ON AMAZON
JINI Negative Ionic Blow DryerFrizzyPlastic CHECK ON AMAZON
Conair INFINITIPRO Hair DryerFrizzy, curly hairMulti-colourCHECK ON AMAZON
Andis Hair DryerAll textures including frizzy, thickCeramic, tourmaline and ionicCHECK ON AMAZON
CONFU 1875W AC Motor Blow DryerWavy, curly, thick hairBlackCHECK ON AMAZON
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium PortofinoAll, coarse hairTitaniumCHECK ON AMAZON
MHU Professional Hair Dryer All hair typesCeramicCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Blow Dryer for 4c Hair Reviews

1. Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair DryerThe Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer is manufactured for 4c hair with ionic, tourmaline and ceramic technology. These technologies help you achieve faster drying with less frizz.

The advanced coating technology acts as a shield and protects the hair from heat damage. The micro-conditioner technology prevents moisture and dryness. There are three heat settings and two different speed settings which adjust the airflow performance and are perfectly suited for your hair type.

The product comes with several diffuser and concentrator attachments for freestyling. The attachments can be fitted properly with the cool shot button.

The hair dryer works in 1875 watts max power and requires a voltage of 120V. The removable air filter is easy to clean and does not compromise on the performance of the dryer. The product is lightweight, thereby reducing strain on your hands. It is also affordable.

Product details:

  • Hair type: Frizzy
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Colour: Purple


  • 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings.
  • Cool shot buttons.
  • Several attachments.
  • Lightweight and durable.


  • Poor positioning of buttons.

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2. NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer Nition has come with a hair dryer for 4c hair with new breakthrough technology. It features an air outlet grill that is ceramic coated. This grill is infused with the goodness of Argan oil, Tourmaline and Nano Silver which makes the hair shiny, healthy and smooth.

Nano Silver ion is used widely in the field of hair care as it is renowned to repair the damage in the hair. Argan oil revives and restores the lost moisture in the strands. It prevents the split ends, smoothens the frizzy hair, protects against ultraviolet rays and repairs the hair follicles. Tourmaline is known to emit negative ions and reduce the static in the hair. It also dries the hair quickly and reduces the heat damage to your hair.

There are detachable diffuser and concentrator options. It also features a removable comb attachment for better styling. The cool shot button enables instant cool blow to the hair. There are 2 airspeed settings and 3 heating settings. It also produces less noise.

It requires a power of 1875 wattage and a voltage of 100V to 120V. It has a 7.5ft. long power cord with a hanging loop. It is lightweight and can be carried easily.

Product details:

  • Hair type: All hair types
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Gold


  • Long cord with hanging loop.
  • Several heat and speed settings.
  • 3 removable attachments.
  • Generates negative ions.


  • Issues with quality control.

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3. Xpoliman Professional Salon Hair Dryer

Xpoliman Professional Salon Hair DryerXpoliman is a brand which is known for the use of newer technology for their products. They have come up with an AC motor blow dryer for 4c hair which supplies healthy heat and powerful airflow for rapid drying of the hair.

The hair dryer comes with a negative ion technology which emits negative ions to eliminate frizz from the hair. This technology makes the hair nourished and smoother. It also protects the dull and damaged hair. This dryer used corrugated heating wire which is resistant to high temperature and does not turn red. It is also safe due to the usage of AlCl which prevents leakage in the plug area and provides safer use. It has a removable air filter for easy clean.

The dryer is a 2000 watt product and produces less noise while at work. The product comes with 5 different attachments. The attachments are a diffuser, a concentrator and three combs for hair styling. It also has 3 different heat settings and 2 different airspeed settings. It features a cool shot button and multiple modes can be set easily and adjusted conveniently. All these features make the dryer suitable for all hair types.

It has an ergonomic streamlined design and a non-slip handle for flexible operation.

Product details:

  • Hair type: All hair types
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Brown/ Purple


  • 5 different attachments.
  • Non-slip handle.
  • Safe to use.
  • Wire resistant to heat.


  • Bad packaging.

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4. JINI Negative Ionic Blow Dryer

JINI Negative Ionic Blow DryerThis Tourmaline blow dryer is the perfect lightweight option for 4c hair when it needs quick drying. It is an 1875 watt AC motor product that efficiently provides strong wind and produces minimal sound. An AC motor makes the dryer more stable and durable than the ones with a DC motor.

The negative ion technology breaks the water particles of the hair, causing the water to evaporate faster and resulting in rapid drying. It also locks in the moisture and smoothes the hair. Again, the infrared heating technology enables the heat to penetrate your hair at a lower temperature, drying it inside out and maintaining the health of the hair. The dryer also prevents static and frizz in your hair and protects it against heat damage.

The dryer is lightweight and has an ergonomic design. It has three heat settings and two-speed settings for better styling. The cool shot button enables you to lock the style for a longer time.

The pack also contains a removal diffuser, hair pick and concentrator which enables styling of the hair. It has an 8 feet long cord and a removable air filter for easy cleaning.

Product details:

  • Hair type: Frizzy
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Black


  • Produces less noise.
  • Ergonomic design and lightweight.
  • Cool shot button.
  • Removable attachments.


  • Attachments are not secure.

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5. Conair INFINITI PRO Hair Dryer

Conair INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer

The Conair Infiniti Pro Ion Choice hair dryer has an attractive rainbow chrome finish look. It is an ion choice dryer that enables you to put the ions on for sleek and smooth styles and ions off for fullness and volume in the hair.

The ion choice technology can create two different looks with ease. The AC motor lasts 3 times longer than other DC motor dryers. It also allows 50% faster drying. The ceramic technology fused with infrared technology is gentle for the hair and gives a healthier look to the hair. The ceramic technology enables uniform heating for rapid drying and protects your hair from heat damage. Moreover, the diffuser can be used for making textured waves on the hair, whereas the concentrator can prove to be great for smoother styles.

This dryer uses an 1875 watt power motor. It has two variable speed settings and three alternative heat settings. The cold shot button locks in the style for a longer period.

The removable lint filter enables easy maintenance and increases durability.

Product details:

  • Hair type: Frizzy, curly hair  
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Colour: Multi-colour


  • Choice of ion function.
  • Various heat and speed settings.
  • Detachable diffuser and concentrator.
  • Cold shot button.


  • Buttons get in the way.

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6. Andis Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

Andis Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair DryerIf you are looking for a professional blow dryer, then Andis is the right choice. This brand is well-known for providing good quality hair styling tools at affordable price.

This blow dryer uses a combination of tourmaline, ceramic and ionic technology which makes it the best option for any type of hair texture ranging from soft to dry and frizzy. It comes with different heat and speed settings which help you style your 4C hair without any issues.

As it is light weight and has ergonomic design, you can comfortably use it the hair dryer for styling purposes. It comes with tangle-free cord as well so you don’t have to worry about twisted cords.

It consumes around 1875 watts and comes with two different attachments. Some of the beneficial features include 30-second fast heat-up, auto shut-off, and cool shot button.

Product Details:

  • Hair Types: All textures including frizzy, thick
  • Material: Ceramic, tourmaline and ionic
  • Colour: Black


  • Combination of three different technologies
  • Variable heat and speed settings
  • Ergonomic design
  • Tangle-free swivel cord
  • 30-second heat-up
  • Budget-friendly


  • Attachment don’t stay on

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7. CONFU 1875W AC Motor Blow Dryer

CONFU Hairdryer


Confu is known to experiment with technology innovation and energy innovation for hair styling tools. It uses an 1875 watt AC power motor which increases the health and shine of the hair.

The ceramic tourmaline technology coupled with the advanced ionic formula deals with the moisture in the hair and prevents frizz in the hair. The high quality of the dryer enables consistent airflow for fast drying and low noise production of the dryer while at work. The anti-leaking protection plugs save the device from current leaking. The detachable rear filter has a double safety net to prevent hair drawn into the duct and easy cleaning.

The product is of the perfect size and comes with 3 detachable accessories which let you style your hair in your preferred way. The arm is designed for easy grip and a cool shot button enables you to switch swiftly between cool air and hot air. The LED indicator shows red light for warm wind and blue light for cool wind.

The dryer has a 360° rotary nozzle and hanging loop for storage. The diffuser boosts volume and defines your curls to the maximum effect.

Product details:

  • Hair type: Wavy, curly, thick hair
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Colour: Black


  • Removable filter.
  • Easy-grip.
  • Low noise production.
  • 360° rotary nozzle.

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8. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium PortofinoThe BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino 6600 blow dryer is ideal for 4C hair. It boasts of premium performance with the use of an Italian motor of 2000 wattage. This product distributes the heat evenly throughout the hair for the best results.

The advanced ionic produces negative ions which remove the static electricity in the hair and maintain smoothness in it. Also, the negative ions seal the cuticles of the hair for shinier and smoother results. The removable stainless steel rear filter makes the cleaning process easy and increases the life of the filter.

The dryer offers six different speed and heat settings which makes it suitable for all hair types. The two detachable concentrator nozzles enable several styles for the hair.

It is a professional styling tool that comes with a salon sized cord.

Product details:

  • Hair type: All, coarse hair
  • Material: Titanium
  • Colour: Black


  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Nano-titanium technology.
  • Italian motor of 2000 wattage.
  • Removable stainless steel filter.


  • Not very durable.

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9. MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875w Hair Dryer

MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875w Hair Dryer

The MHU Professional Salon Grade generates gentle heat using infrared technology. This technology also provides healthy heat to the core of the cuticles, not just the surfaces of the hair shafts. This formula induces a higher level of shine and smoothness to the locks.

The infrared technology emits cooler air as it dries the hair, therefore hot spots and burns are eliminated from the scalp and hair. This salon-grade dryer provides powerful wind which dries the hair faster. It also features a long-life AC motor which provides stability towards voltage. This reduces wastage and prolongs the service life. It produces low noise and features a long cord for better convenience.

The two detachments are handy when it comes to styling the hair. The concentrator is amazing for straight hair because of the narrow design while the diffuser makes the hair naturally voluminous for curly or wavy hair. There are 2-speed settings and 3 heat settings for the dryer.

The dryer features a removable lint filter which is easy to clean and maintain. This extends the life of the hair dryer.

Product details:

  • Hair type: All
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Colour: Black


  • Powerful 1875 AC motor.
  • Several speed and heat settings.
  • Produces low sound.
  • Removable lint filter.


  • Might feel heavy.

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How to Choose the Right Type of Blow Dryer for 4C Hair?

In order to manage the kinkiness and frizz of 4C hair type, it is very important to use a blow dryer specifically developed for that. As this hair type very fragile and prone to damage, you have to choose only the best of the best. To help you make an informed decision, we have provided the necessary information and in-depth analysis below.

1. Heating Technology

4C blow dryers are available in different types that include tourmaline, ionic, titanium and infrared. Each of these technologies are specifically designed to satisfy drying needs of particular hair type.

Though 4C is a curly hair type, some of them have smooth texture while some have dry texture. Based on which you have choose the type you are going to invest.

The infrared heat technology present in blow dryers allows you to dry the hair without applying high heat. Infrared heat does not emit harmful radiations and is healthy for the hair.

One of the advantages of infrared heat technology is direct transfer of heat. Without the presence of any intermediate between the infrared source and direct heat, the hair dries quickly. The heat gets efficiently absorbed and there is no loss of energy, even the distribution of heat is uniform.

Some of the common infrared sources include titanium, tourmaline, and ceramic. When it comes to thick hair and smooth hair, ionic is right technology. To control dry and frizzy hair, titanium is suitable. Titanium is suitable for thick and dry hair.

2. Temperature settings and speed settings

It is important to have adjustable temperature settings and speed settings to style according to your preference. It controls the flow of air and the temperature being applied to the hair. If the hair is being exposed to excess heat or too much of air pressure, the hair will become messy and shrink. A blow dryer having only an on and off switch does not allow you to control the airspeed or temperature. In most of the blow dryers, you will find three different heat settings and two different speed settings.

3. Wattage

The next factor to consider while analyzing blow dryers for 4C hair is the wattage. It represents the motor power which affects the maximum airflow rate. Actually, low-wattage blow dryers are best suitable for 4C hair as it enables to easily manage the nasty tangles. You can pair it with diffuser for bouncy finish.

It is recommended by experts to have a wattage of between 1600 to 2000 watts. This wattage is usually found in professional hair blow dryers and is ideal for 4c hair.

4. Attachments

An ideal blow dryer for 4C hair comes with some accessories that include a concentrator and a diffuser.

A diffuser helps in reducing frizz from the hair. A diffuser along with teeth and prongs allows you to divide the hair into different sections and style them.

As the name suggests, a concentrator concentrates the flow of air to a particular hair section. Some blow dryers also provide comb along with them. This allows you to comb while drying and styling the hair. It also makes sure that the hair does not get tangled while drying.

5. Design

Heavy and bulky blow dryers make drying the hair a difficult process. When you are drying 4c hair at home, you need to use the blow dryer for more than 15 minutes to properly dry as well as style the hair. This is why it is important to have a blow dryer that is lightweight. An ergonomic design of the dryer allows you to carry the blow dryer along with you wherever you go.

6. Power Cord

One of the main struggling features of 4C blow dryers is the cable or power. If it is small, then you may not be able to use it efficiently, especially if the power socket is a bit hard from the dresser. And if the power cord is too long, then there is risk of getting tangled. To prevent this, we recommend investing in a model with 6 feet length. But if you want more length, you can go for up to 9 feet as well.

7. Noise

Noise levels are an important consideration as you will be using it near the ear for at least 15 to 30 minutes. Moreover, a loud blow dryer can also wake up or disturb your family members. So, it is better to invest in a model with silent operation

8. Price Range

Last but not the least factor to consider is the cost of the 4C blow dryer. Expensive always doesn’t mean good product. Ideal option depends on individual preference and requirements. There are several budget-friendly 4C blow dryers as well. If budget isn’t a constraint, then you can invest in a model with good quality and accessories.

What is 4C hair?

Natural 4C hair means the curliest hair with tight coils. Though it looks similar to 4B, this hair type actually has a zig-zag pattern.

The number before the C actually refers to certain hair type. Basically, hair types are categorized into four types – 1-straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair and kinky hair. So, 4C hair means it falls under the kinky hair. It is actually densest in terms of thickness and curliness.

When it comes to C, it represents the range of kinkiness or curliness of the hair. If the hair 4A type, then it will be coily and coarse-looking. However, it is still soft to touch. When it comes to 4B, it refers to defined curl patterns yet it has delicate hair texture.

But people with natural 4C hair type have tightest and intricate coil pattern. It has intricated curly hair texture which looks like cotton from afar. Though it is soft and dense, the texture can be either coarse or soft.

Among all the hair types, 4C has highest shrinkage amount. But some people can have 4C hair type dominantly and some parts with either 4A or 4B hair texture range. If you want to manage the frizz, split ends and slew of hair maintenance problems, then using high-heat blow drying is the only effective option. This is why using hair dryer is quite important for 4C hair type.

How to Dry Your 4C Hair Properly?

People always assume that straightening out 4C hair is quite difficult. But actually, it is very simple if you follow the right steps. To help you out, we have provided clear step-by-step instructions below for your reference.

1. Wash and condition your hair

Before styling or drying, we recommend to wash and condition your hair as it becomes fluffy and lightweight. Next, you can use any leave-in product on your hair. However, make sure to avoid any product that weighs your hair down. Also, make sure that hair is damp while following the drying process. Or else, the hair will get damaged by the heat.

2. Detangle using a Comb

Because of its kinky nature, 4C hair is more prone to tangles. So, first you have to de-tangle the hair gentle. If the hair strands are hard, we recommend using some water.

3. Apply heat protection

This application will ensure hair isn’t damaged by the heat generated by the blow dryer. Along with that, they also hydrate and moisture your hair strands which keeps them healthy and strong.

4. You can start the drying process now

Start by sectioning and parting the hair using rubber band and clips. During this process, you have to ensure the hair is still wet or damp. If not, spritz it with some water. Using a comb or hair dryer attachment, you can blow dry as per your interest.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does blow-drying damage the 4c hair?

Ans: Blow drying of 4C hair once in a while is not bad. But if you are planning to blow-dry the hair on a regular basis, it can result in permanently damaging the curls. 4c hair is usually fragile and tends to break easily. Too much heat tends to break the hair more and cause split ends to the hair.

2. Among air dry and blow dry, which one is better?

Ans: Blow drying is better if you are using it accurately and timely. It is better not only for the hair but also for the scalp. Air drying of hair can result in scalp compensation and also make the hair oilier. It also causes an imbalance in the hair.

3. Should I allow my hair to dry a bit before blow-drying?

Ans: To get the best results while styling the hair, you should allow the hair to dry 50%-60%. This allows the moisture to get absorbed by the hair as much as possible.

4. How long does it take to blow dry 4C hair

Ans: It usually depends on how thick and kinky your hair is. On average, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes for blow drying the 4c hair.

5. How often should I blow dry my 4C hair?

Ans: Blow drying hair frequently can cause damage to both hair and scalp. So, we recommend avoiding blow outs frequently or regularly. For hair safety purposes, you can style it for around once in a month.

6. How long does blow dry last on my 4C hair?

Ans: Typically, a blowout lasts around 2 weeks. But sometimes with proper maintenance, it can also last for around one month.

Final word:

Taking care of 4c natural hair is difficult and needs more time to manage and maintain. Blow dryers are designed differently for different types of hair. Choosing the proper blow dryer gives you the freedom to style the hair without breaking or damaging them.

With the buying guide and product reviews, we hope that all your queries regarding blow dryer for 4c hair have been answered. If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned in the article, feel free to write to us. Have you used any of the products mentioned above? If yes, mention your views regarding the same in the comments section below.


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