5 Best Hair Fiber Applicators – Reviews Guide

Hair Fiber Applicators: Among all the plethora of products that are available of late in the market that can conceal balding of the hair, the safest is the application of hair fibers. It is however, important that we use the right means for the hair fiber to stick to our hairs and scalp and for this, a hair fiber applicator is something that we can most definitely count on. Using a hair fiber applicator makes the whole process a lot easier, precise and hassle-free.

Comparision Table

Hair Fiber ApplicatorsBest forBuy Now
TOPPIK Hair Fibers Spray Applicator Disperse the fibers uniformly,Good for front hairline, easy to useCHECK ON AMAZON
Hair Illusion Spray Applicator Covers up thinning areas, Easy to applyCHECK ON AMAZON
XFusion Spray Applicator Covers up thinning areas, Spray into specific areasCHECK ON AMAZON
Infinity Hair Fiber Spray Pump for Easier Application Used on hair and beard too, fill balding spots in 30 secondsCHECK ON AMAZON

How to use a hair-fiber applicator:

A hair-fiber applicator is actually quite easy to use. Even if you’re a first-timer you’ll get the hang of it quite quickly. It can be done in the following simple steps:

  • Step 1: Remove the cap or crown of the hair-fiber bottle.
  • Step 2: Attach the hair-fiber applicator and screw it around the rim of the hair-fiber bottle.
  • Step 3: Press the top of the applicator to release the fibers onto your hair.
  • Step 4: You must make sure that the right amount of pressure is used to release just the right amount of fibers onto your hair and you will get the hang of it almost as soon as you start using the applicator.

Here’s a video that can give you a clear idea about how the a hair-fiber applicator can be used.

5 Best Hair Fibers Spray Applicators in Market:


#1: TOPPIK Hair Fibers Spray Applicator


It is one of the most used hair spray applicators and for a good reason – the nozzle spray system is pretty simple and easy to use. All you have to do is fit it onto a bottle and press the nozzle to apply the fibers over your hair. It helps to focus the dispensing of the fibers in the exact places and amount that you’d like and this is the primary function and use of the Topikk hair fiber applicator

Things you have to remember while using Topikk hair-fiber applicator:

  • It fits the 0.42 and 0.97 oz bottles and not the ones that have a bigger or a smaller rim.
  • If the applicator stops working after using for a while, rinse the insides with warm water and re-use it, it should then work fine.

Advantages over the others

  • The structure of the spray is basic and hence is easy to use.
  • It is used majorly for the front line of the hair.
  • It is capable of covering wide areas and can also blend hair extensions.
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#2: Hair Illusion Spray Applicator

The major difference in the Hair Illusion spray and the rest of them is the design. The Hair Illusion hair-fiber applicator uses a vacuum-press-and-spray technique and is known to give the distribution of fibers more precision because of how it works.

How to use it:

 All you have to do is apply the hair fiber holding spray and then spray the fibers holding the applicator about 10 inches away from your hair. The fibers should be sprayed in thin and precise lines by applying the right amount of pressure.

Advantages over the others:

  • The increased precision of hair fiber application is definitely an advantage of the applicator over the others.
  • There is an inter-changeable tip to the end of the spray tube that makes it easy for you to alter the amount of the fiber that gets dispensed depending on how much of it you need on the area you spray it.
  • It comes with a 3gms trial size of black fibers and a free hairline optimizer.
  • It helps spray the right amount of fibers and thereby reduces the wastage of them.
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#3: XFusion Spray Applicator


Yet another commonly used hair fiber applicator that’s known for being precise and easy to use is the XFusion hair fiber applicator. The design consists of press and spray technique which you can attach to the fiber bottle and thereby use it. It’s one of the simplest designs in the market.

How to use:

After you unscrew the cap of the fibers, latch this applicator onto the rim. Attach it right and spray it over your hair by applying the right amount of pressure.

Advantages over the others :

  • The light and easy design makes it simple to use.
  • There are less clumps and a less possibility of uneven application considering how the spray nozzle is narrow, enabling precision.
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#4: Infinity Hair Fiber Spray Pump for Easier Application

The infinity hair fiber applicator is yet another popular one that’s used for its sophisticated pump design and precision. It is designed to have the fibers fill your balding spots in 30 seconds – as it claims and as reviews have often stated.  All you have to do is attach the applicator to the rim of the fiber bottle and spray the fibers over your hair.

What you should remember while using the Infinity fiber applicator:

  • The bottle sizes that the applicator fits over are 14gms, 28gms and 60gms.
  • It has been designed to save time so that the filling process takes about 30 seconds and not more than that.
  • It can be used on hairlines, sides of your hair and beard too.

Advantages over the others

  • It is time-saving because of the ease of application and the design of the applicator.
  • It is cost-effective and precise.
  • The fibers can stay intact for up to a week and can withstand extreme temperature and pressure conditions.
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#5: Electric sprayer by Samson

The Samson device that sprays fibers is a battery run device that operates with the help of an inbuilt pump and is therefore, faster and way more sophisticated than most fiber sprays available in the market. Fix it over the fiber bottle and press start for it to start working – once it does, it sprays the fiber over the areas you want to by itself.


  • It is a battery run sprayer that operated with a motor-pump.
  • You can control the speed at which the fibers come out of the nozzle.
  • There are four nozzles for this very purpose – to control the speed and the amount of fiber that comes out of the nozzles.

Advantages over the others

  • It is highly effective considering the fact that is battery run.
  • The control of speed and volume of fiber makes it extremely precise and relatively easy for use.
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What is a hair optimizer?

A hair optimizer is a tiny device that is used along with the applicator to optimize the spreading out of the fibers over your hair. It acts like a sieve of sorts and helps the fibers settle on your hair in an even manner. It is majorly helpful in getting an even spread of fibers on the frontal hairline. 

You might want to check out this hair optimizing product available in the market:

What is a hair fiber styling applicator brush?

When you apply the fibers using an applicator, the styling applicator brush – which is a delicate brush with thin bristles, helps in spreading the fibers over your scalp. This helps in avoiding the formation of clumps or uneven patches over your hair.

What are the advantages of using a hair fiber:

For starters it makes your hair look thicker: Hair fiber is one of the most commonly used means to make hair look thicker as it is clearly one of the most effective ways to conceal baldness. Without having to undergo harsh treatments, hair fiber can make your hair look thicker as and when you want it.

It is an easy, immediate means for hair-loss concealing: Hair fibers are an easy means to bond with your hair and this is because they are statically charged. You can use it for instant hair concealing and therefore, it can be quite a time-saving and quick means to cover your balding head.

It is natural and has no side-effects: Since most of these hair fibers are made out of natural keratin, there are no side-effects and that makes it really safe for use for almost all skin-types and for people with really sensitive skin as well.

It is very less-obvious: Despite being an easy way to conceal your hair, it is very less obvious and looks very natural upon use. Even when you get up close with people and when there’s plenty of light around you, it’s really hard for anyone to make out that you have used these hair fibers on your head.

It can withstand some harsh weather conditions and last for quite a long time:

Hair-fiber can actually be quite tough and can withstand some harsh conditions such as really hot weathers, rain, high humidity, a lot of sweating and things like that for a good long duration of time. This is yet another advantage of using the hair-fibers.

What are the advantages of using an applicator for hair-fibres:

The accuracy : One of the main reasons we use an applicator for hair-fibers is the accuracy with which we can apply the fibers over the hair. Using the right amount of pressure can make sure that just the right amount of hair fibers are applied over your hairs.

Reaching the exact areas on your hair: It is easy to reach all the areas on your head that you need covering up off using an applicator.

Leaving out the undesired areas: Oftentimes, there are residual fibers in undesired areas on our scalp where we don’t really need to conceal the bald patches. This can be avoided to a large extent using the applicators.


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