5 Best Hair Fiber Applicators For Easy & Precise Application

Hair Fibers Spray Applicator

A hair fiber applicator is a hairstyling accessory that can be attached to the bottle of hair fibers. It helps in distributing or dispersing the fibers evenly and only in the areas where it is required.

The applicator is very useful when you want to apply the fibers in the hairline and the edges of the scalp where a traditional bottle of hair fiber does not perform a great job.

However, before using the applicator, it is suggested to shake the bottle of hair fibers properly. This will help the fibers in retaining the loose structure and spread evenly. To achieve a proper coverage from the hair fiber or hair concealer, it is very important to choose the correct hair fiber that suits your hair type and apply it in the correct way.

To understand how to use a hair fiber applicator, you can check the Buying Guide mentioned below. We have given a step-by-step tutorial to make it easier for the users to learn the process. Apart from this, we have also reviewed 5 Best Hair Fiber Applicators in the market so that you can buy the best one as per your requirements.

Best Hair Fiber Applicators

Hair Fiber ApplicatorsFits toThe GoodThe BadBuy Now
Toppik Hair Fibers Spray Applicator12 g/ 27.5 gSimple to use, Two size varieties, works on the front hairline, blad spots,
hair extensions
CHARMINER Hair Fiber ApplicatorStandard Size bottlesSuper affordable, precise application,
easy to use
Not the best qualityCHECK ON AMAZON
Hair Fiber Sprayer AtomizerStandard Size bottlesApplicator bottle+ spray applicator
can be used on beard, refilling fibre packs available
A bit difficult to useCHECK ON AMAZON
ELEVATE Spray Applicator Pump NozzleStandard Size bottlesSimple, easy to use, hides wellA bit expensiveCHECK ON AMAZON
Hair-tek Hair Fiber AtomizerStandard Size bottlesSpreads uniformly, natural looks, sophisticated looksYou will need your both hands to use thisCHECK ON AMAZON
Hair Illusion spray applicator Standard Size bottlesSimple, easy to use, hides wellIt's pricier than its competitors CHECK ON AMAZON
XFusion spray applicatorStandard Size bottlesSpreads uniformly, natural looks, sophisticated lookspump might cause arm strain if used for too longCHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Hair Fibers Spray Applicators in Market:

1. Toppik Hair Fibers Spray Applicator

Toppik Hair Fibers Spray Applicator

Toppik Hair fibers Spray Applicator is one of the most used hair fiber sprays, ask why? Because anyone can use it, it’s that simple and easy to apply. Just fit the Applicator to the spray bottle, remove the plug at the end of the applicator tip and press the nozzle to apply hair fibers on the areas of concern.

The thin nozzle spray is for precise application. You can hold and target the exact areas of focus. The spray applicator fits on both the 12g and 27.5 g hair building fiber bottles. It means you have the freedom to choose any.

Although it’s designed for covering receding hairlines, you can use it to cover wide parts, thinning roots, and disguise wig extensions. It can give you a nice coverage on the front hairline. But using it along with the hairline optimizer can do wonders, just an advice, it’s totally up to you. 

Remember that it works with a suction pump mechanism. So, make sure the container is always more than half full. And always shake it well before use, to keep the fibers smooth flowing. 

If you ever face a clog, which is quite common for a spray applicator, remove the Applicator from the container, immerse the Applicator in water and try to pump water through it. It should work fine after this.


  • Simplistic design, anyone can use it
  • Compatible with two size bottles 
  • wonderfully covers front hairline, wide areas and mixes hair extensions
  • Well renowned brand


  • If you don’t shake it well, it will clog
  • Not the cheapest

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2. CHARMINER Hair Fiber Applicator

CHARMINER Hair Fiber Applicator

A lot of you would like something cheaper yet simple to use. So, for them, this should be the best and cheapest hair fiber applicator in the market.

Design-wise, the CHARMINER hair fiber applicator is as straightforward as the very popular ToppikApplicator. All you have to do is remove the cap of the fiber bottle cap, fit the nozzle applicator, and press on the top to spray the powder hair fibers.

It will fit most of the hair building fiber bottles, which measures 1.6 meters in diameters. Similar to the Toppik nozzle applicator, this is also designed for precise application.

Since the nozzle is small, you end up saving more fibers. Hence it also lasts long. The brand claims it works for the beard as well, it seems like it works, but only if you are using a good quality hair fiber.

It’s best for root touch-ups, hiding small bald patches. If you have big bald patches, you can use it repetitively, then pat some with your fingers to get an even look.

Remember that it’s a cheaper product, so don’t expect it to last a lifetime. Somehow a few people managed to break the head of the Applicator.


  • Super affordable
  • Precise application and natural look
  • Simple design
  • Very easy to apply


  • Not the best quality

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3. Hair Fiber Sprayer Atomizer

Hair Fiber Sprayer AtomizerThis hair fiber sprayer optimizer works a bit differently. But it has excellent customer reviews. First of all, it comes with an applicator bottle, a stiffer, and a sprayer applicator. So, you don’t have to worry about the Applicator fitting your bottle.

You can either buy their hair fiber refill packs, which also has a huge fan base or use whatever hair fibers you usually use. Now, the directions for using it quite simple.

To use the kit first, you need to remove the stiffer, screw the Applicator then remove the cap from the front end. It works in two ways. To hide big bald patches, hold it 1-2 inches away from the spot and push the rubber pump to dispense the hair fibers all over the area.

If you want some touch-ups to the roots, hold it closer and press the rubber pump. To adjust the amount of flow, simply put more or less pressure on the rubber pump.

If you are using hair fibers of some different brands, you can simply take the fiber with a plastic spoon and fill this applicator bottle.

The thing that can bother you is the fact that you will need both your hands while applying this. So, it might not be the easiest to use. But it’s still worth the money and the quality.


  • Comes with an applicator bottle and a sprayer applicator
  • Affordable
  • Can be used on beard too


  • Not the easiest to use

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4. ELEVATE Spray Applicator Pump Nozzle

ELEVATE Spray Applicator

The ELEVATE spray applicator might be little on the pricier side, but it’s undoubtedly one of the top-rated spray applicators.

The reason people enjoy spraying applicators is that they are super easy to use. Anyone can use them and use them without needing any professional help.

The spray applicator does the job for both men and women. Like the previous models, there’s a squeezing ball applicator that you have to screw on the top of the bottle, remove the cap at the front, and start applying it directly on the area of thinning.

The more the baldness, the more pressure you need to put into pulling out the hair fibers. Since the applicator nozzle is small, there are fewer chances of messing it up. Still, if it’s your first time using a spraying applicator kit, start with small amounts.

It fits almost all standard size hair building fibers bottles, including xFusion, Toppik, etc. It might clog in the between, if it does, take the Applicator out and wash it with warm water. Then try to pump the water through the nozzle. Let it dry and fit it again in the bottle.


  • Fits all standard size bottles
  • Works for both men and women
  • Good quality


  • A bit expensive

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5. Hair-tek Hair Fiber Atomizer

Hair-tek hair fibreautomizer looks and works differently than a spray applicator. It might not be the easiest to use, but it surely covers the spots as naturally as possible.

The tool works with a vacuum suction bulb. As you press the bulb, it sucks up the fibers and spreads them more evenly. The nozzle is super thin. So it can deliver very fine particles that mix very naturally with the original hair fibers.

On the contrary, it is time-consuming. You have to keep your patience and work with a steady hand. You might also need to use both of your hands.

The beauty of the kit hides in its design. It’s made of a metal tube or nozzle and a glass jar. It looks classy, and you can easily take it with you as you go out.

We have heard people using this to hide their bald spots, also using it on the front hairline. It seems to work; however, it can create a mess while using on the front hairline. So, we suggest using a piece of paper to cover your face before spraying it.


  • Spreads very fine mist
  • Covers naturally
  • Looks very sophisticated


  • Can create a mess
  • You have to learn to use it

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6. Hair Illusion spray applicator 

Hair Illusion spray applicator Hair illusions is a hair care brand that specialises in unique and specialised hair needs like baldness, hair thinning, bald spots. Their product range includes wigs, hair thickening sprays, hair fibres, hair powders and more.

Hair Illusion spray applicator has an easy to use design that is pending patent. It comes with interchangeable rod applicators that are designed for precise application and to minimise product wastage.

The interchangeable tip serves different purposes, one of them is for smaller and precise application and another has a larger nozzle for quicker application in wider areas. Both application methods spread hair fibres uniformly and directly to the area required, this reduces wastage and makes your hair fibre last longer. 

What we liked:

  • Free 3gms trial size hair fibre
  • Free hairline optimizer 
  • Does not clog during application
  • Lightweight and doesn’t cause arm strain while using 

What we did not like:

  • It’s pricier than its competitors 

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7. XFusion spray applicator

XFusion spray applicator

XFusion by Toppik is a leading hair care company that specialises in hair fibres and applicators. They specialise in keratin hair fibres, spray applicators, hair optimizers and fiber hold spray that are designed to make your hair appear thicker.

XFusion spray applicator is a compact applicator that can be attached to the bottle and used for application. The applicator comes with a pump that dispenses hair fibres uniformly. 

The patented design can be used to cover up thinning areas, blending hair extensions, covering bald spots and even root coverage. It offers buildable coverage that allows you to have more control over the application. 

What we liked:

  • Affordable 

What we did not like:

  • The pump might cause arm strain if used for too long
  • Can take some time to figure out the optimum application technique 
  • Can only be used with an XFusion hair fibre bottle or a bottle of exact dimension.  

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How To Use A Hair Fiber Applicator

It is quite simple to use a hair fiber applicator. Once you understand the process, it is easy to get a hang of it. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Step 1: Shake the hair fiber bottle properly. 
  • Step 2: To start using the applicator, you will have to remove the cap of the hair fiber’s bottle. 
  • Step 3: Now replace the cap with the hair fiber applicator. Make sure you fit the applicator around the rim of the bottle tightly.
  • Step 4: Now it’s time to start applying the hair fiber. To release the fiber, press at the top of the applicator. You can control the amount of fibers dispensed from the bottle by applying less or more pressure.


It is always advised to replace the applicator back with the cap of the hair spray bottle after you are done using it. The moisture can enter through the applicator and can cause the hair fibers to clump.

Applying hair fibers on the hairline can be a bit tricky. You can even use a hairline optimizer to apply the fibers precisely and easily on the hairline.

What is a Hairline Optimizer?

A hairline optimizer is a tool that is designed specially to make the application of hair fibers easy on the hairline. It has irregular teeth that help in giving a natural and fuller look to your receding hairline.

What It Does

  • It prevents hair fibers from falling over the forehead while applying.
  • Help in giving a soft, natural, and fuller look to your hair.
  • Works on the preventing the formation of unnatural or straight lines along the hairline.

The natural static force of these hair building fibers works on creating a strong bond between your natural hair and the fibers. To achieve a long-lasting result and shine, you can even use Fiber Hold Spray.

Advantages Of Using A Hair Fiber Applicator

Using a hair fiber applicator can make the job of hair concealing very easy. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Provides accuracy: One of the first reasons people use a hair fiber applicator is it provides an accurate application. You just have to apply the right amount of pressure to make sure you apply it evenly over your hair.
  • Reaching the edges and exact areas on your hair:An applicator makes it easy to reach those areas where a traditional bottle can’t reach. Thus, it helps in covering all the areas.
  • Opt-out the unwanted areas: While applying the hair fibers, you often end up leaving the residual fibers over the areas where it not required. An applicator can help you avoid doing that.


There is a confession to make that is, more than the applicator, important is the hair fiber you are using. Of course, the applicator matters, but it will also depend on the techniques of applying. And if you haven’t tried this before, be ready for some messy trials and errors. But eventually, you will learn as all of these devices are simple and also very easy to use.

In case, if you are still wondering which one to go with, here is what we think the best, the Toppik Hair Fibers Spray Applicator. Why is it the best? First of all, the brand. Toppik makes some real good quality hair fibers and applicator, and they are well known to all the hairstylists around the wall.

You can fit if to both 12 g and 27.5 g bottles, which is a huge plus point. It’s also straightforward to use, even if you are a beginner, you won’t have any problem using it.


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