10 Best Styling Hair Creams for Men – How to Use Them!


Hair creams, also known as hair styling creams serve an endless purpose for men. These oily applicants add a subtle and natural shine your hair by giving a light hold to your hair. Unlike sprays, these creams don’t weigh down your hair and help you get rid of the flyaways.

These versatile products work fine on all the hair types and lengths. An ideal hair cream should be made using natural oils and should not contain harmful ingredients like parabens or sulphates. The product should not look or feel greasy and should not leave white flakes or other visible traces behind.

If you are willing to buy the best hair styling cream for your hair, there are a few other pointers that you should consider and then buy accordingly.

To help you with this, you can check our Buying Guide mentioned below. In this guide, we have also explained how to use the hair cream and how does it work according to different hair types.

Along with this, we have also shortlisted 10 best hair creams available in the market. They work on all hair types and are very helpful in softening wavy or coarser hair types. Let’s have a look!

10 Best Hair Creams for Men

Top Hair Creams for Men

1. American Crew Forming Creme

American Crew Forming Cream

America crew is one of the most popular brands that has the best selling hair creams. These are affordable and effective.

This can be easily applied on any type of hair be it thick, thin, wavy or textured. This has a medium hold and gives a good definition to your hair without making it look stiff. This is also suitable for any hair lengths.

It is pliable in nature that gives your hair the right movement and helps keep your style all day long.

Versatility is in its nature, now what I mean by this is, along with defining your hair this also hydrates and conditions your hair.

And its 3 key ingredients adds on to its benefits

PVR Copolymer, this holding agent gives a firmness to your hair and makes it look fuller. Sucrose conditions and moisturizes. And its third ingredient glycerin makes your hair soft and swells it up making it look thicker.

Having a water based formula this is very easy to remove. Just rinse it with water and it will be off your hair. Knowing it is easy to wash off, you must also know it is very easy to apply. Just take a small and apply it effortlessly over your hair with your fingers.

This cream can be applied to complete dry hair for a low shine and on wet hair if you want a moderate shine.

Product Dimensions: 2.9 x 2.9 x 2.9 inches, 3.04 ounces


  • Hydrating
  • Locks in style all day long
  • Softens your hair


  • Can smell greasy

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2. LAYRITE Natural Matte Cream

LAYRITE Natural Matte Cream

Our second listed product is composed of a lightweight formula. So this cream is an ideal solution to keep your hair in a place all day without adding excess weight to your hair.

You will feel your hair getting softer and smoother and also notice a better definition of hair.

This will give your hair a natural hold without making it look stiff. Your soft and defined hair will have a matt finish without any greasy appearance.

If you want a soft and easy-going look then apply this cream on a wet hair. If you want to give your hair a more manageable and firmer finish, then apply this on completely dry hair.

The application process is pretty easy. Just take some on your palm and apply it with your fingers. And can also be washed easily with water.


  • Does not flake
  • Matt finish
  • Lightweight


  • Has medium hold

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3. Mitch Clean Cut Styling Hair Cream

Mitch Clean Cut Styling Hair Cream

Our runners product can give your hair a flexible hold and long lasting control. This cream also has a medium hold and can make your hair look effortlessly well defined.

This is not sticky or greasy and sits perfectly on your hair with a moderate matt finish. So this cream can hold your hair all day long making it look natural.

This can be easily applied by talking a small amount and spreading it evenly with your fingers. This is suitable for any type of hair, just look out for the amount you are using because that would depend on the length of your hair.

You can easily wash it off too.

Product Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.4 inches ; 3.04 ounces


  • Makes your hair soft
  • Holds the shape
  • Not sticky or greasy


  • Texture is liquidy

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4. Smooth Viking, Hair Styling Fiber for Men

Smooth Viking

First and foremost you must have heard about this brand. Viking needs no introduction, all its products are successful and have served many grooming needs.

This product defines a medium hold, just like our previous products. So this gives your hair a perfect shape with thicken and textured life.

When various hair creams are more suited for longer hair, viking hair cream works wonder with short hair of any texture. Its fibrous texture makes it easier for you to get a desired hairstyle with a matt finish.

This also has a water based formula which implies it can be easily washed off.

Use it on dry to damp to get a long lasting defined hair.

Product dimension: 3.7 x 3.7 x 1.4 inches, 2.88 ounces


  • Best suitable for short hair
  • Matt finish
  • Can be easily spread


  • Sticky and greasy

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5. Baxter of California Cream Pomade for Men

Baxter of California Cream

Baxter cream pomade is infused with beeswax, glycerin and lanolin. These three key ingredients help you to hold your hair, moisturize and soften our hair. Let me tell you this cream has a lighter hold as compared to other products, but even though this is great to tame your frizzy hair. This is especially great for curly, wavy and ofcourse straight hair.

This gives you a natural finish which will not make your hair look stiff or greasy.

This will give you a subtle look and will not weigh down your hair.

Product dimension: 3 x 4 x 2 inches, 8 ounces


  • Best for wavy curly hair
  • Tames frizziness
  • Natural ingredients


  • It only provides light hold

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6. Cremo Premium Barber Grade Hair Styling Matte Cream

Cremo Premium Barber Grade Hair Styling creamCremo is a reputed brand across the US and delivers both men and women grooming products that are crafted with high-standards to make you achieve the best version of yourself.

This hair styling cream from the brand is a lightweight one that can be used for all types of hair both long, medium and short. It is also easy to apply using just your fingers. 

You can directly apply it to your dry hair to create a stylish look that doesn’t feel like you have styled your hair but makes it look elegant. 

The cream offers a light hold and a light shine, so it doesn’t make your hair look artificial or glossy. 

 It is made of all the irritation-free and skin-friendly ingredients that do not cause any harm to your scalp and neither do they cause hair loss. 


  • Affordable.
  • Goes well with all hair lengths.
  • Can be applied directly with fingers.
  • Leaves no flakes on the scalp.
  • Leaves no flyaways.


  • Can feel greasy for oily skin people.

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7. Tea Tree Shaping Cream

Tea Tree Shaping Cream

If you want your hair to have a pliable definition with a long lasting hold and fresh fragrance then this tree tea cream would definitely be a good option. Just a little amount helps you hold your hair for a long time.

Even though it gives a long hold, this does not weigh down your hair and make it appear greasy. Once you apply this cream you would be left with a natural defined hair with a matte finish.

This point cannot go unnoticed having tea tree as its component that prevents flakes and also comes with a fresh fragrance.

You can just use your fingers to apply it on your hair and this can be applied on dry or damp hair to get your desired hair.

Moreover this is a cruelty free product so for the vegans out there you can definitely rely on this product.

Product dimension: 2.8 x 2.8 x 2.4 inches ; 2.88 ounces


  • Medicinal benefits of green tea
  • Fresh fragrance
  • Helps remove dandruff


  • This smell might not liked by all

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8. Axe Styling Cream

Axe Styling Cream

We have another light holding cream in this list. This is a non sticky with a fresh woody smell. This effortlessly manages your hair making it look all natural.

This has a bit thicker texture as compared to other products.

Though while applying you just require a small bit to have your soft natural hold. This does not contain any parabens and is great for sensitive skin.

This has a fresh fruity smell. Just rub it over your hair and control all your flyaways.

Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.1 x 2.7 inches, 4.6 ounces


  • Consists of tea tree
  • Removes dandruff


  • light hold

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9. Smooth Viking Forming Cream for Men

Smooth Viking Forming Cream

And we have another product from Vikings. But let’s see how different this product is.

This has a stronger hold and its formula gives the perfect shape with matt finish. This can effortlessly mould your hair into your desired style. This can nourish your hair while making it look healthy.

And its versatility does not end here, this is great for straight, curly, thick or thin hair.

And just like our previous viking product this is also water based. So this is easy rinse and also requires a small amount to wash it off.

Item weight: 5 ounces


  • Suitable for short hair
  • Can be used in any texture


  • Not ideal for long hair

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10. Bumble and Bumble Grooming Cream

Bumble and Bumble Grooming Cream

This cream consists of natural ingredients like sweet almond, jojoba, avocado and safflower oil. With these ingredients you can definitely trust this product to improve the texture of your hair.

This also offers a slight shine along with a natural defined hold.

This is a great hydrator and is ideal for dry, thick, rough and lack-of-texture hair.

While applying begin with a small quantity and add more as needed. Use this on wet hair with your fingers and finish it with a comb for a cleaner look.

Product Dimensions: 3 x 0.7 x 0.6 inches

Item weight: 3.52 ounces


  • Can be used on wet hair
  • Adds a low shine finish
  • Makes your hair softer


  • Feels heavy on wet hair

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Main Features That You Should Look For in a Hair Cream for Men

While selecting any hair styling product for men, there are 3 essential elements that play a major role: hold, fragrance, and shine. Keeping these pointers in mind, here are other factors that you should keep in mind to buy the best cream for your hair.

1. Hold

The hold of a hair styling cream means how flexible is your hair going to be post the application of this product.

The hold required is totally a personal choice and depends on the style that you wish to flaunt. While stronger hold makes your look stiff, a product with a low hold tends to give a natural look so that there is a movement in your hair.

When compared to other hair styling products, hair creams provide low hold and add some flexibility to the hair pattern. If you are looking for products with a strong hold, you can try hair wax or pomade.

2. Shine

The shine of a hair styling product refers to the appearance of your hairstyle after you apply the product. While some products offer a matte finish to your hair, others offer a glossy finish.

Products with matte finish give your hair a natural look as if you didn’t apply any product at all. Products with high shine give a glossier, or sometimes even a wet appearance to your hair.

The hairstyling creams generally provide a natural and medium shine to your hair so that it looks healthy. Since these creams contain moisturizing ingredients, they also take care of your locks so that you can maintain a healthy mane.

3. Scent

If you are someone who loves fragrance, there are products that contain subtle fragrance. However, when a fragrance is added to a hair styling cream, it is usually chemical-based, which is again harmful to your hair.

Few creams contain scent derived naturally from essential or scented oils. These creams offer a nice and refreshing fragrance and are not overpowering at all. You can try using such creams for scent.

4. Ingredients

Almost all the hair creams contain similar ingredients except the ones that are made using natural ingredients. Some of the essential ingredients that you must look for in a hair cream are as follows:

  • Natural oils are very helpful in maintaining the health of your hair. You can look for products that have natural oils, including both essential oils and carrier oils. Don’t opt for products that contain mineral oils or synthetic oils as they tend to block the moisture from your hair and make it look dry and frizzy.
  • While most of the creams contain alcohol, it is preferable to look for products that don’t contain chemicals like parabens or sulphates. You can also avoid creams that contain petroleum as they tend to clog the pores and can cause flaky build-up over the scalp.
  • Water is the best moisturizing agent for your hair. When combined with natural oils, it seals the moisture in. Thus, look for products with water as the key ingredient.

5. Wash-ability

Since one of the main ingredients of a hair cream is water, it is quite easy to wash out the cream from your hair. However, if you are facing a hard time removing the product from your hair, it is an indication that the cream that you are using is not the best one.

6. Durability

When compared to all the hair styling products, hair creams are not as long-lasting as other products like hair gels. Many people apply it multiple times to have its effect for a longer time. It is a wrong practice. You should not apply hair cream for more than 2 times in a row.

7. Look & Feel

A good hair cream should not leave behind a sticky or greasy feel to your hair. Along with it, the product should not even leave white flakes or other visible traces of the product. If you are noticing any of this with your product, consider changing the brand.

How to Apply Hair Cream?

It is very easy to apply hair cream to your hair. But, following the correct steps can help you get the most out of your hair cream. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply hair cream:

  • Damp or Dry Hair

Apply the product only on clean hair. If your hair is dirty or oily, the natural oils combine with the cream and might not give the best result.

Thus, the best practice is to apply the cream either on freshly washed and towel-dried hair. The creams work the best on damp hair. But if you don’t have time to wash your hair, you can apply it on dry hair.

  • Don’t take too much of the product

A little amount of hairstyling cream goes a long way and thus, you don’t have to apply too much of it assuming that the product will have a long-lasting effect.

The best way to start applying is to take a pea-sized amount of cream and If you feel that you need more amount of product, take some extra.

Also, avoid dabbing the product directly on to your hair. You won’t be able to spread it evenly across your hair.

  • Warm up the cream

Warm up the hair cream by rubbing it in your palm. This helps in the easy application of the product. Start from the front of your hair and move in a backward direction. After applying it evenly, gently massage for a minute so that the cream starts working on the roots too.

  • Use hairdryer

After applying the hair cream on your damp hair, use a hairdryer. Doing so will add volume to your hair and give a soft finish. While you are drying, move your fingers through your hair to add lift and texture.

You can even use a comb to style your hair in a particular way or else you can also use your fingertips to add texture to your hairstyle.


  • You can even apply a hair cream to your wet hair. However, it won’t add the same amount of volume to your hair while you apply it on damp or dry hair. Also, you need to style your hair again after a while.
  • If you have curly or wavy hair, you can apply the cream on wet hair as the cream will help in taming the curls and get rid of tangles.
  • If you have thick hair, use a comb to spread the cream evenly across your hair.

Types of Hair Creams

There are different types of creams that help you with a different type of styling. Each type is beneficial in its own way. Let’s have a look!

1. Grooming Cream

The grooming creams are very lightweight and contain moisturizing properties. They can be used on any hair type and are so light that you can even use it on your beard.

This type of cream is very helpful for those with longer hair. They offer a flexible hold and since they contain moisturizing properties, the grooming cream work on hydrating the hair so that they look the best.

Using products with a strong hold can add stress and weight to your long mane. Thus, it is always suggested to choose lighter products if you have long tresses and a grooming cream can be the best choice for you.

2. Texture Cream

Texture creams also offer a light hold and are very helpful to tame thick and curly hair. They help you get rid of frizzy and unruly hair appearance. A little amount of this cream is enough to keep your locks in place.

This cost-effective formula can be very helpful if you are aiming to maintain a natural look with your curly or wavy hair.

3. Styling Cream

The main purpose of using a styling cream is they lift the roots of the hair follicles to give a thicker and fuller appearance. They don’t weigh down your hair but at the same time, they offer a flexible hold similar to that of a hair gel.

Styling creams are the best choice for people with thin and fine hair as they lift the hair from its root and add volume.

4. Matte Cream

As the name suggests, the matte creams help in giving a natural and matte finish look to your hair. They don’t add any shine or gloss to your hair.

These creams are easy to apply and offer long-lasting hold.

5. Shaping Cream

The shaping creams tend to offer a smooth and natural finish to your hair by adding a medium hold.

Pros & Cons of Using Hair Styling Creams

These styling creams come with a bunch of their pros and cons. Let’s check them out.

It provides light to medium hold to your hairIt does not work great for different styles like spikes or Mohawks 
Offers a soft, nice, and touchable feel, motion to hairNot water resistant in most cases
Is easy to wash outSome creams just wear off very quickly
Comes in different consistencies and multiple formulas
Tames frizz and split ends
Doesn’t dry or damage hair

How Does A Hair Cream Work on Different Hair Types?

A hair cream works great on all the hair types but while they are very beneficial on a few types of hair, they don’t work great on some other. Let’s see how it works according to the hair type.

1. Kinky Hair

Since hair creams add moisture to your hair, they help in taming down the unruly and wiry strands of hair. They also tend to add some weight to the locks so that they are under control. Cream can add some shine to your dry hair to make it look shiny and lively.

2. Wavy and Curly Hair

A hair cream adds a definition to your curls along with a natural shine. It helps in taming large curls and relaxing the tight ones.

3. Long Hair

A hair styling cream can be very helpful in taming the flyaways. They also add moisture and finish to your long tresses, especially the ends.

However, if you are looking for something that also adds a strong hold to your hair, the hair cream might not be very helpful.

4. Fine or Thinning Hair

There are very few products that add volume to your fine hair and a hair styling cream is one of them. When applied properly, it can add volume to your hair and make it look fuller.

One thing that you should take care of is don’t apply too much product otherwise it will weigh down your hair and can make your scalp visible.

Hair Creams Don’t Work Well On Which Hair Types?

Applying hair cream on following hair types might not be beneficial at all:

1. Thick Hair

Usually, thick hair requires a product that gives a strong hold and the hair creams are not capable of doing so. Apart from this, applying these creams on your thicker mane might make your hair look even more poofy.

2. Oily Hair

Applying moisturizing hair cream on oily hair can make your hair look even more oily.

Best Hairstyling products and their characteristics

To help you figure out the best hair styling product that meets your requirements, here is a comparison table:

Styling ProductsHoldShineBest For
CreamLightMediumLightweight style 
GelHighHighCan be used on  different hair lengths
PomadeMediumHighStyling thick & curly hair
WaxMediumMediumShort to medium hair length
Sea Salt SprayLight to mediumLowGetting that tousled, beachy texture For any hair length
ClayHighMatte To Low-Shine FinishMaintaining frizzy & curly hair
MousseHighNaturalAdd volume to thinning or fine hair
Hair SprayHighMedium to HighPerfect for those who live in hot & humid climates
FiberHighLowShort to medium length hairstyles
PasteMediumMediumVariety of hairstyles
SerumLightHighDry & damaged hair

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can applying hair styling cream cause damage to my hair?

Using styling products on a daily basis leads to a buildup of products over your hair and scalp. And, when you don’t wash your hair properly, it might start damaging your hair.
Some products don’t go even after washing and you can notice these build-ups in the form of white flaky residues that look like dandruff.

2. I have a sensitive scalp. Which hair cream is the best for me?

If you have a sensitive scalp and if your scalp is more prone to allergic reactions to hair products, you should buy a hair cream that is made using natural oils like jojoba, avocado, sweet almond oil, etc. These oils have a soothing effect on the scalp.
If you feel irritated after applying a product, stop using that product right away.

3. Is it difficult to remove styling cream from the hair?

No. Styling cream is more like a leave-in conditioner that washes away easily.

4. What is the texture of a hair cream?

Like any other cream, a hair styling cream also has a creamy texture. Even though it is a bit thick, the cream does not feel stiff or sticky. Even though they contain moisturizers, the creams don’t feel greasy while you are applying it to your hair.


And we finally come to the final section. We hope our article served your purpose. Our selection of these top ten products was based on its efficiency and highest reviews.

But if you are wondering what is the best among these top picks then it would be American Crew Forming Cream. This product comes with a great hold that helps you maintain your style all day long. Its key ingredients consist of  PVP Copolymer, glucose and sucrose. This holds the firmness while softening your hair while making it look fuller.

Along with moisturizing and conditioning your hair it also gives a moderate shine.


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