The 9 Best Beard Bibs – The Smart Way To Shave

Beard Bib

Trimming your beard can be messy. So a beard bib can come in handy. This holds your trimmed hair and prevents it from scattering all around.

This is basically a cloth incorporated in a design to prevent your hair from falling on ground.

These are easy to use and are portable.

Most bibs are made up of nylon or polyester. So what you need to check before investing in this is that it should be easily washable. Also check the kind of fasteners it provides.

This can include a velcro strap or snap buttons and you can choose as per your comfort.

For more detailed information go through our Buying Guide.

All the products listed below are the best in the market. We have reviewed them and provided all necessary details. These are now available online and you can buy them in just one click.

Best Beard Bibs

Best Beard Catcher Reviews

1. BEARD KING – The Official Beard Bib


This might seem like an ordinary bib but it has many tiny features that makes it the best in the market.

This comes in a size that fits all. This has a velcro strap which sits perfectly on your neck round. Moreover it has a tiny pouch sewn on it which can act as a storage bag.

And the quality of the suction cup is top notch. It securely holds your bib while you trim.

These cups can also be easily replaced. Separate hooks come along with it for hanging.

This can be even used as a table tray to store your grooming essentials.

This is very convenient to use. Just stick the suction cup before you start trimming and it will hold all the hair without making your ground messy.

Once you are done using it you can fold it and keep it in the self packing pouch that comes along with it.

Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 3.8 x 1.7 inches


  • Original product
  • Simple to use
  • Suction cups anr of good quality


  • Few reviews state velcro doesn’t stick together

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2. The Neat Guy Beard Catcher Kit

The Neat Guy Beard Catcher Kit

A bread bib always comes handy when you are trimming. And the neat guy bid can surely give you a mess free grooming experience.

This can also fit all sizes. This is made of polyester and this makes it waterproof. Its neck round comes with a velcro strap.

And two suction cups which you can stick on your mirror and hold the bib.

Other than this it comes with a set that includes scissors, double sided comb and a carry pack.

This is a complete package for your beard.

Moreover, this beard can also be easily washed in a machine.


  • Easily washable
  • Free accessories
  • Can fit all sizes


  • Suction cups are that long lasting

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3. DOEPSILON Beard Bib New Version Beard Catcher


This beard bib also has a velcro fastener. It is made up of high quality nylon. And has been thoroughly tested to give you a good experience. This features a double sided waterproof design.

And just like our previous listed products this also comes with 2 suction cups. Use this cup to hold this bib uptight and save your trimmed from scattering around.

Its measured size can fit all, so it can definitely be used by others in your family too.

It comes with a portable travel pack, so you can easily carry around this bib wherever you go.


  • Easily washable
  • Comes with two section cups


  • Its loops are not that strong

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4. Mobi Lock Best Beard Shaving Bib

Mobi Lock Best Beard Shaving Bib

The only thing that separates this bib is that it comes with detaches strips, that you can attach according to your convenience. It has a curved slit that sits properly on your shoulder.

This is composed of polyester.

It features pressurized suction cups that are strong and will securely stay in place. It also comes with two straps and four rings. And if you need to stop trimming in between, these four rings will help to secure the apron to the mirror.

And bonus it also guarantees 90 day money back guarantee.

Product dimension: 48 X 32 inch


  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • Strong suction cups


  • Surface of fabric is to static

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5. Bear’s Beard Beard Bib + Good Gift – Beard Catcher

Bears Beard Beard Bib

Yet another option for a beard catcher. This high quality catcher will hold up all your trimmed hair and reduce your cleaning effort. This uses industrial grade nylon.

Though unlike our previous products this does not come with any suction cups.

So that would be an additional buy.

Its strap comes with velcro to fasten it around your neck.

This is compact and comes with a pocket. So this can be easily carried around.


  • Can be easily be carried around
  • Has velcro


  • There can be certain smell to this bib, but it subsided over time

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6. Captain Jax Beard Hair Catcher

Beard Hair Catcher

Our sixth is not only efficient to hold up all your trimmed hair. But this is also the most affordable in this entire list.

Along with its economical rate this comes in a size that would comfortably fit all.

This also features easy suction cups with click in suction hooks. You just have to push down the hook for locking the cup.

This has a velcro strap which secures the bib around your neck.


  • Good quality bib
  • Affordable


  • Suction cups are not strong

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7. Aksice Beard Bib Beard Apron

Aksice Beard Bib Beard ApronThis beard bib from Aksice comes in a one-size design to suit all men. It has a one-button mechanism, so anyone can conveniently use it while trimming the beard.

It is made of a high-quality waterproof fabric, so you can instantly clean it under running water after the grooming session.

This apron has 4 suction cups, making it easy for you to attach it to your mirror without leaving any marks or stains on it. 

Before you start the trimming, start by wrapping the apron around your neck using the strap and secure the other end of this bib to your mirror or tile. Once you are done, just remove the suction cups and empty the hair on it into a bin.

Product Dimensions: 11.61 x 7.64 x 1.18 inches


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Universal size for everyone.
  • Affordable.


  • Nothing specific to mention.

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8. ROCK BEARD Beard Apron Cape for Men Trimming

ROCK BEARD Beard Apron CapeThis high-quality beard bib from ROCK BEARD is created to make your shaving or trimming process a hassle-free task. 

It is made of premium polyester fabric, making it waterproof. So, you can easily wash it once in a while. The surface of this apron is smooth enough to easily brush off the hair remains. As it is skin-friendly, you can use this for kids too while giving them a haircut. 

Coming to the size, it comes in a single size that suits every man. There are adjustable velcro straps that make this apron suit all neck sizes. Moreover, you find 4 auxiliary contacts on the other end of the beard bib, so you can easily attach it to the mirror or tiles in your bathroom.

Also, you get a travel bag along with this bib to easily carry it anywhere you go to ensure a mess-free sink.

Product Dimensions: 45.67 x 29.92 x 0.02 inches


  • The apron is well stitched, so it lasts long.
  • Long size for hassle-free grooming.
  • Large suction cups to secure the apron properly.
  • Affordable.


  • The suction cups are a bit tight.

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9. ELISEHIRI Beard Bib Beard Apron

ELISEHIRI Beard Bib Beard Apron

This beard bib from ELISEHIRI is a one-stop solution for all your trimming and shaving needs. It helps to keep your washroom area spick and span. 

It comes in a comprehensive size that suits all men and kids too. As the neck attachment can be adjusted using the velcro straps, it fits all the neck sizes.

You can easily secure this apron to your neck and also the mirror with one-hand owing to its lightweight and proper size. 

The suction cups of this apron are made of plastic but stick well to all the mirrors and tiles. To secure these cups to the mirror, you just have to push them against the mirror and push the hooks attached to them downwards to lock them.

Along with the beard bib, you get a beard comb, trimming scissors. So, you have everything you need for shaving or trimming your hair, beard and mustache. 

Product Dimensions: 8.46 x 7.17 x 1.69 inches


  • Weighs just 100 grams and easy to use.
  • High-quality waterproof fabric that lasts long.
  • Best quality suction cups.
  • Affordable.


  • Nothing specific to mention.

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Things to consider while Buying a Beard Catcher

Refer to the below mentioned points to know about all the ins and outs of beard bibs. This will help you in selecting a suitable product.


Well, most of the beard catchers are made of nylon. But there can be many varieties of nylon. You need to look for the one that is not sticky, so your trim beard wouldn’t stick the beard catcher. Also, look for one that is washable in a machine. As some bibs come with plastic integrated into them making it difficult to wash in a machine.


On average, the usual bib size is 40 x 30 inches. But if somebody is very tall then this size would not work. They would have to go for bigger size bibs. And this approximately measures around 53 to 54 inches in length and 35 inches in breadth.

Neck strap

All beard bibs come with a neck strap that goes around your neck. Some have velcro in them while others come with snap buttons. You can select the one according to your comfort level.

Suction cup

If the suction cup loses suction after a while then your bib will no longer be in use. So it is important to not cut corners while buying bibs. It is better if you keep the suction cups attached to the mirror and then you just hook up your bib. You can also use petroleum jelly to secure the seal of the suction cup.


Few products come with free accessories and this is always a bonus. These accessories can include comb, travel pouch, hooks and suction cups.

Benefits of using Beard Bib

  • Makes your washroom less messy
  • Saves your grooming time, as you do not have to clean up after trimming
  • You don’t have to spend money on drain anti cloggers

How to use a Beard Bib

  • Ensure your beard hair is dry
  • Keep you grooming tools like scissors, combs and brush nearby
  • Attach the beard bib around your neck
  • Use the suction cup to attach on the mirror or any flat surface
  • Gently press in middle of beard bib to create a basket to hold your trimmed hair
  • Once you are done with trimming, remove the suction cups.
  • Dispose the hair
  • Fold the bib and keep it in the pouch to keep it clean.


A bib comes handy when you are trimming. It ensures your does fall on the ground and scatter everywhere.

So this is pretty much needed for a mess free grooming experience.

All our best listed products will surely serve your needs. And our favourite product among this is The Neat Guy 5-PACK Beard Catcher Kit with Beard Apron/Bib. This is quite a nifty product. It has a pouch sewn on it that can be used as a storage. Moreover it comes in a size that fits all. And its suction cups are strong enough to hold the bib for a long time.



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