All About FU Manchu Moustache: How to Grow, Style, Trim and Best 10 Styles

How to grow a Fu Manchu Moustache

Fu Manchu is a name that was directly derived from the name of the famous fictional Chinese villain Dr. Fu Manchu. It is the moustache look supported by Dr Fu Manchu that we know today as the Fu Manchu Moustache.

The look is also sported by many so called “villains” in various genres of movies and is also very popular amongst bikers and various other groups having a sinister reputation. If you are interested in growing yourself a Fu Manchu Moustache, to give yourself the rough and tough feel, well, this is the place.

The article highlights or you how to grow, style, trim a Fu Manchu Moustache and also Top 10 variations to the style.

What is a Fu Manchu Moustache?

The Fu Manchu Moustache is a straight and full moustache, originating at the edges of the upper lip and growing downwards past the lips and the chin, often extending the jaw line and having two tapered tendrils. Usually, a third extension of the moustache is also involved. It is a third tendril which descends from the chin through a small patch.

As mentioned above, the Fu Manchu Moustache is synonymous with a tough and rough look, mainly sported by villains. The look can also be mainly attributed to Asian men and can also be sported with variations.

How to Grow a Fu Manchu Moustache

How to grow a Fu Manchu Moustache

Growing a Fu Manchu Moustache requires a little time and effort as we all know that hair grows only about one and a half inch per month. To grow a Fu Manchu Moustache use the following tips-

  • While in the growth period, groom the moustache at least twice a week and ensure that only the ends of the hair are allowed to grow.
  • Shave the rest of the face every second day.
  • Make use of a trimmer to shape the moustache and also keep the rest of the hair from growing bushy and long.
  • The beard hair requires to be shaved off so as to keep the moustache ends hanging straight downwards naturally without the rest of the face being connected to it.  
  • The true Fu Manchu Moustache is such that hangs down properly without it being augmented by the beard hair.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Fu Manchu Moustache

As mentioned above, growing a Fu Manchu Moustache requires a little time and effort. It will obviously vary from person to person. However, normally since hair only grows about one and a half inch per month, the look will at least take 4 to 5 months for you to achieve.

Regular trimming and using supplements such as moustache oils could help speed up the process a little but not by much. The oils will however help in keeping your moustache healthy, which in turn will help it grow well.

How to Style a Fu Manchu Moustache

As mentioned above, if you want a rough and tough look, then a Fu Manchu Moustache look is your answer. Remember the following pointers when styling a Fu Manchu Moustache.

  • Grow whiskers on the top of your lips.
  • Continue growing the whiskers downwards on each side of the mouth.
  • Shave all the hair growing past the corner of your mouth so as to keep the moustache thin.
  • Part the moustache and use a little wax so as to point both the ends downwards.
  • You can style these ends by letting them be or braiding them or letting them end on the chin or just below the chin.

How to Trim a Fu Manchu Moustache

How to Trim a Fu Manchu Moustache

The fu Manchu look has to be maintained. It cannot be left on its own after you have achieved the look. Not up keeping your Fu Manchu moustache will lead to it eventually growing out of it and giving you a very unkempt look. If you ever feel like you have outgrown the need to have the Fu Manchu moustache it would be best advised to go for a clean shave and then focus on a different moustache style.  You can use the following tips to trim your Fu Manchu Moustache-

  • Using a trimmer, trim every second day to trim the hair growing out which are not the part of the look.
  • While using the trimmer make sure only the hair on top corner of the lips and running along the sides of the mouth are visible.
  • Depending on the length you want to keep your tapered ends at, take a scissors and cut the hair at the edges to get it at your desired length.  
  • The use of the scissors won’t be necessary every other day. You can use the scissors once or twice a month.

How to Get Fu Manchu With beard Look

How to Get Fu Manchu With beard Look


The classic Fu Manchu beard requires you to only have hair on the top corner of your lips and moving downwards on the sides of the mouth. However, this look can also be combined with a beard.

Let the hair on your jaw and chin grow out rather than trim it off. To keep the beard and moustache healthy, keep using beard oils and keep trimming regularly for proper growth.  For the look to be suitable, try keeping the beard short as a long beard will cover the moustache style and will look like any other beard style.

How to Get Fu Manchu With Goatee Look

How to Get Fu Manchu With Goatee Look

The Fu Manchu moustache can also be combined with a goatee. Just follow the above instructions to grow a Fu Manchu moustache and combine it with a little hair growth on the chin. The look is suitable for those who feel that their chin is a either very broad or a little displaced. The Goatee helps in throwing off the attention from the chin and will help in focusing a persons attention on the Fu Manchu moustache.

Difference Fu Manchu Vs Horseshoe Moustache

A lot of confusion prevails regarding the Fu Manchu moustache and the horseshoe moustache. The basic difference between these two styles is that the Fu Manchu style requires a clean upper lip except its corners and the tapered ends start from the corner of the upper lip and move downwards on the sides of the mouth. A horseshoe moustache however involves hair on the upper lip as well as on the sides of the mouth, thereby connecting the moustache with its ends.  

Top 10 Different Fu Manchu Moustache Styles

#1: Classic

 Classic Fu Manchu

The classic Fu Manchu moustache is the original Fu Manchu moustache. There are no variations to this style and the moustache just hangs off the sides of the mouth.

#2: Braided in the Middle

The braided in the middle Fu Manchu moustache though mostly seen in movies is also very popular amongst common men. If you have a beard on the chin area along with the Fu Manchu moustache, you can braid the beard. This will give it a neat as well as a tough look.

#3: Thin and Short

How to Trim a Fu Manchu Moustache

The thin and short Fu Manchu moustache is the most suitable if you have a round face. The moustache does not cover the chin and the partition is very thin.

#4: In Between a Horseshoe

In Between a Horseshoe

Fu Manchu moustache sported along with a Horseshoe is a very confusing variation to this style. If you are not able to decide whether you want a Fu Manchu moustache or a Horseshoe moustache this is your safe bet.

#5: Waxed Sideways

Waxed Sideways

Fu Manchu moustache waxed sideways is your answer if you are a moustache enthusiast. Using the wax you will have to part the moustache sideways and also use the wax to guide the moustache upwards.

#6: Hung Freely (Long)

Hung Freely (Long)

Fu Manchu moustache which is hung freely is the real Fu Manchu moustache. The moustache hangs freely from the corner of the lips.   

#7: Twisted


The twisted Fu Manchu moustache is a moustache only capable of being supported by a person having the capability of being a style icon. The twists are an easy thing to get. However, it is the confidence with which a man has to carry it that makes all the difference. You can use balm or moustache wax to twist the moustache and keep its shape.

#8: With a Soul Patch

 With a Soul Patch

Fu Manchu moustache with a soul patch is a great look to combine as it will help push the focus from your lower lip area also not making it look bare and will focus on the moustache.

#9: Thick and Wide

Thick and Wide Fu manchu mustache

If you prefer a thick and wide moustache then the classic Fu Manchu moustache is not your answer. The thick and wide Fu Manchu moustache will help you keep most of your hair near the mouth and chin area but still give it Fu Manchu look.

#10: Fu Manchu with a stubble

Fu Manchu with a stubble

A man can never go wrong with a stubble. A stubble combined with any look enhances that look. Combining a Fu Manchu look with a stubble produces a desired look and helps to keep your face from looking bare.


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