10 Best David Beckham Beard Styles to Turn Up Your Look

Beard Shape and Style for Oval Faces

David Robert Joseph Beckham is of the most famous soccer players in the world. This British retired professional footballer was born on 2 May 1975 at Whipps Cross University Hospital in Leytonstone, London, England, is six feet tall and weighs about 75 kilograms. David Beckham’s facial hair and impeccable sense of styling have had fans entranced for decades any many guys still love to sport any of Beckham’s beard styles.

To get Beckham’s beard,  one needs to opt for a shortly trimmed beard with a natural mustache.  This is an easy look that almost any man can wear. This article enlightens the various facial hair styles sported by the famous ex- English soccer player that is guaranteed to seek a lot of attention.

How To Trim Your Beard Like David Beckham – Popular Beard Styles

#1: Beckham’s beard: Light all over

Beckham’s beard Light all over

A classic beard type that is easy to maintain and suits well with a buzz cut. The facial hair needs to be grown for several weeks. To ensure the sharp look one needs to get it clipped closer to the face by a barber.

Post this, all one needs to maintain the shape is a good quality razor. Men with square face cuts can try this style as this beard do will give the face a slender look.

#2: Extended goatee style

Extended goatee style

This Beckham beard type looks great on the messy or just up from sleep look. It involves sporting a thick facial fuzz all the way from the sideburns to the neck. The beard is seen to cover the face and only leaves a small clearing just below the lower lip where it tapers off into a goatee. This beard can be teamed with a number of haircuts like buzz, side part, and messy look.

Note: The only maintenance tip for sporting this style is to keep the beard clean.

#3: Simple elegant look

Simple elegant look

One of the hottest David Beckham beard styles that any guy can sport to grab attention.  Here one needs to grow the facial hair in a clean and clipped pattern. The beard initiates from the sideburns covering the lower part of the chin and neck and looks good with or without a mustache.

#4: Retro beard


This beard type involves growing the facial hair to a considerable length across the face. One can sport sideburns to completely achieve the classic retro look.

#5: Full beard

Full beard

As the name suggests a full beard is a rich, thick facial hair growth that is practically seen to cover the face completely.  One needs a lot of conviction to carry this style. Guys who like to sport a neat, prim and proper look are advised to refrain from this look. This beard style involves getting a full grown mane and care must be taken to keep it clean. This beard style is a great option to acquire an intense brooding look.

#6: Beckham stubble

Beckham stubble

One of the simplest popular beard styles amidst the female population. A light scruff aids in creating a great style statement. The facial hair is advised to be grown for a few days and is later trimmed to the desired length to achieve the stubble effect. A stubble mustache also goes well with this beard type and is seen to suit almost all face symmetries.

#7: Hipster


The hipster beard is predominantly termed as a carefree beard growth that needs minimal attention for styling. A thick mustache is seen to go well with this beard type.

#8: Small goatee

Small goatee

A fairly simple David Beckham beard type. The face bears a clean-shaven look without a mustache. The only hint of facial hair is the small goatee that augments the chin and tends to give a boyish man charm that is absolutely hard to resist.

#9: The sleek and trimmed Beckham with a shaped mustache

The sleek and trimmed Beckham with a shaped mustache

Trim the Beckham beard neatly and pair it with a full, shaped mustache to sport a masculine look.  It’s an option to make the classic Beckham beard a bit more polished for special occasions that include attending a conference or dating a special person.

#10: The professional Beckham look

The professional Beckham look

A more polished, professional Beckham’s beard style wherein a guy can sport an even length all around and a cleaned up neck. A well suitable professional beard style that can be sported by office goers.


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