10 Best Dove Men+ Care Body and Face Wash

Dove Men Care Body Wash

One brand that makes safe and affordable hair and skincare products is Dove. Their body washes and face washes are the best known for their gentle cleansing and moisturizing properties.

Recently they have launched their Men+Care series of products, which are a combo of body and face washes.

They have this amazing texture and formula that is safe to use both on the face and the body. And there are too many options to choose from. Some are hydrating, some are refreshing, and some are packed with most delightful fragrances.

However, when your skin is involved, you should consider your skin type as well. Our skin types are different, especially people with dry and sensitive should only choose the products which are meant for their skin.

So before you pick one for you bath regime, remember these few things-

  • Oily skin– Oily skin feels greasy and produces excess sebum that causes acne and breakouts. You need a deep cleansing body and face wash. A charcoal or foam wash is the best option for you.
  • Dry skin– Your skin needs more hydration. You need a gentle cleanser. Look for natural ingredients in the body wash. And avoid deep cleansing body washes as they will wash off any moisture that is left on the skin.
  • Sensitive skin: Choose hypoallergenic products. It’s better if you use something meant for your skin type. Like the Dove Sensitive shield.

Here is a list of all the best Dove Men+Care Body and Face Washes.

10 Best Dove Men+ Care Body and Face Wash

Best Men+Care Face and Body WashBest forQuantityBuy Now
Dove Men+Care Body and Face WashNormal to Dry Skin,
Refreshing Bath
13.5 oz,
Pack of 1
Dove Men + Care Body Wash Clean ComfortNormal to Oly skin13.50 Oz,
Pack Of 3
Dove Men + Care Elements Body Wash Minerals and SageDry to Normal skin13.50 Oz,
Pack Of 3
Dove Men Body Wash Charcoal and ClayOily skin13.5 Ounce 
(Pack of 3)
Dove Men Body Wash Extra Fresh Instant FoamingDeep Cleansing13.5 oz
(Pack of 1)
Dove Men Body Wash - Hydration BalanceDry skin13.5 FL OZ
(Pack of 2)
Dove Men+Care Sportcare Body And Face WashRefreshing Bath18 Ounce
(4 Pack)
Dove Men+Care Body & Face Wash, Sensitive ShieldVery Sensitive skin13.5 fl oz
(pack of 2)
Dove Men + Care Body and Face Wash, Cool FreshCooling Effect
and Invigorating Smell.
For Normal to oily skin
13.5 Ounce
(Pack of 2)
Dove Men +Active Care Body and Face Wash, Cool FreshSenstive skin18 Ounce
(4 Pack)

1. Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Body And Face Wash

Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Body And Face WashDove deep clean body and face wash is made for dry skin types. It has a micromoisture technology that is clinically proven to fight dryness while cleansing your body and face. The purifying grains formula is recommended by dermatologists and deep cleanses while being gentle on your skin. 

It comes in a pack of 3 bottles, each weighing 400 ml which will last you for a long time. 

Things we liked:

  • The moisturising properties make it a perfect face wash while being a great body wash.

Things we didn’t like:

  • It has SLS which might not suit extremely dry skin.

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2. Dove Men + Care Body & Face Wash

dovemen care body washDove clean and comfort is ideal for men with normal to oily skin. The body wash is said to clean and comforts the skin against roughness.

It effectively draws out oil and dirt from the skin. It’s designed for men’s skin that needs extra cleansing. It’s also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. If you have oily but sensitive skin, this might work great for your skin type.

This can be used on the face as well. It washes out the bacteria and fights acne problems. The formula is gel-like. And it washes off easily compared to many that leave an oily feel behind. It smells pleasant, mild, and refreshing.

It lathers well, and the micro moisture technology restores the natural skin oils. The ingredients do have sulfates and fragrance, but it is dermatologically tested and doesn’t irritate the skin.

However, you would like to apply some moisturizer after the bath. The skin might feel dry if you don’t.


  • Good for normal to oily skin
  • Prevents bacterial growth
  • Cleans and moisturizes
  • Pleasant smell


  • Not ideal for dry and itchy skin

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3. Dove Men + Care Elements Body Wash

Dove Men Care Elements Body Wash

If you are looking for an everyday body and face with excellent moisturizing properties and refreshing smell, you should definitely try this out.

Dove Minerals and Sage is one of their best selling body and face washes. It is best for men with normal to dry skin.

The mineral-rich formula cleanses the skin and restores all the skin’s essential oils. And sage fights skin problems like clogged pores and bacteria. This daily body wash can make you feel energized and invigorated and hydrated.

The formula forms a rich lather. And the smell is mild and pleasant. A few customers said it lingers for a good time. It’s not very manly or overpowering. So, anyone can use this body wash.

Unlike others, the consistency is pretty thick. Hence, little goes a long way. It’s hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. It is safe for the dry, itchy skins and also for the delicate face.

The Mineral and Sage body wash is always high on demand. This is good for the whole family. You can also give them as a gift. And they are light on the pocket too.


  • Goodness of minerals and sage
  • Cleans and nourishes
  • Leaves skill feel revived and refreshed
  • Anyone can use this


  • Could have come in a squeezy pack

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4. Dove Men + Care Elements Body Wash

Dove Men Care Elements Body Wash

Dove Charcoal and Clay body wash is ideal for men who prefer a deep cleaning. The body wash is infused with charcoal powder. Charcoal binds with impurities such as chemicals, dirt, oil molecules and heavy metals. Even sucks up the acne-causing bacteria deep from the pores.

It also has Clay in the formulation. The Clay removes the toxins and balances the oil secretion. Overall, the skin feels squeaky clean, soft, and supple.

The ingredients also include moisturizing elements such as glycerine. However, the body wash still can leave the skin a bit dry. So, it’s best for men with oily skin Or someone who often gets dirty. It doesn’t leave any waxy film and washes off easily.

Coming to the scent, it doesn’t smell anything like masculine. It smells spicy, a blend of bergamot, cardamom, and citrus. Some men like it while some find it not manly.

It used to be a thicker consistency. So, it was hard to push it out off the bottle. But Dove has brought some changes in the formation. The new formula is a bit liquidy and has some tiny beads to give you a gentle exfoliation.

It’s a pack of 3 bottles, but if you there is also a pack of 4 Dove Charcoal and Clay Body Wash


  • Best body wash for men with oily skin
  • Great face wash for pimple prone skin
  • Charcoal and Clay removes impurities, toxins
  • Available in a pack of 3/4


  • The smell can be a turn off for people who prefers manly scents
  • Not recommended for dry and itchy skin

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5. Dove Men+Care Foaming Body Wash, Extra Fresh

Dove Men Care Foaming Body Wash Extra Fresh

This instant foaming body wash is an excellent choice for a quick and clean bath. The bottle dispenses creamy lathering foam, which is very easy to work with. Just take it out and apply it on your face and body.

The foam absorbs all the impurities, excess oils and dirt from the skin and leaves it squeaky clean. The quick-rinse foam formula washes off very easily without leaving any waxy residues.

The rich foamy lather is loaded with refreshment and energy. It might leave a cooling effect on the skin. And its smells like minty fresh, perfect for the day’s kick.

It’s also infused with hydrating properties such as glycerine, an excellent skin moisturizer, which takes care of the nourishment as well. The foaming body wash is also an excellent face wash, particularly for men with oily skin.

The most impressive thing is perhaps the bottle. The pump-mechanism bottle makes it really easy to use in the bathroom. And also saves from unnecessary wastage. Hence, little goes a long way.

However, this type of deep cleaning can strip off some natural oils. So, it’s important to use a good moisturizer.


  • Deep cleansing foam
  • Rich and luxurious lather
  • Smells soothing refreshing
  • Leave a cooling sensation
  • Pump bottle


  • Not ideal for dry skin
  • Can irritate sensitive skin

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6. Dove Men + Care Body & Face Wash – Hydration Balance

Dove Men Care Body & Face Wash Hydration Balance

As mentioned in the name, this Dove men body wash works on balancing body’s natural ph and moisture. Men with body odor, dry and acne-prone skin, this is your buy.

The micro-moisture lock technology locks the skin’s natural moisturizers. It removes the dirt without stripping off the natural oils. Thus skin looks healthy, soft, and smooth.

This hydration balance body also controls body odor by maintaining the ph levels.

This body wash is also an excellent face wash. Since your face has more delicate skin, a hydrating face wash like this can do wonders. Especially, people with normal to dry skin should give it a try. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic.

As for the scent, it’s very mild but basic. So, men who are after strong-smelling body washes might not like it that much.


  • Best dove body and face wash for dry and sensitive skin
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Leaves skin nourished
  • Maintains natural ph balance and controls body odor


  • Very mild scent and doesn’t last long

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7. Dove Men+Care Sportcare Body And Face Wash

Dove Men+Care Sportcare

Dove Men+Care Sportcare body and face wash is made for sports enthusiasts. It is designed for people with an active lifestyle. It is made for both oily and dry skin types. 

It has a micromoisture technology that is formulated in a lightweight gel formula. The lather from the gel treats excessive oil from sweating, dryness, itchiness and body odour. 

It is dermatologically recommended for gym and sports enthusiasts as it prevents rashes, irritation and redness arising from an active lifestyle. The exfoliating beads act as a gentle scrub and effectively remove dirt, dust and dead skin from the skin.

The body wash also has a hydrating formula and is gentle enough to be used on the face. 

What we like:

  • The packaging is made up of 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • Formulated specifically for men’s skin issues
  • It is 100% cruelty free certified by PETA 
  • It has a patented technology

What we did not like:

  • The exfoliating beads and peppermint extract might irritate extra dry and sensitive skin types. 

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8. Dove Men+Care Body & Face Wash, Sensitive Shield

Dove Men Care Body Face WashThere are a few body washes for sensitive skin. Most of them are expensive or prescribed by doctors. So if you want the best budget body wash for your sensitive skin, go for it.

Almost all Dove products are hypoallergenic. However, this one is exclusively made for sensitive skins. That means the formula is even gentler on skin.

It has very mild soaps and a jelly like texture. The micro moisture technology actives when you start lathering up. It locks the skin’s moisture while removing the bacteria, chemicals, and other skin irritants.

It has a very mild smell. And that’s actually good. Because body washes that contain scents can irritate the sensitive skin.

Though it is hypoallergenic, it still has sulfates in it. So, you have any severe skin condition like eczema, better to see a dermatologist in person


  • Best face and body wash for sensitive skin
  • Affordable value pack
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Excellent customer feedback


  • Contains sulfates

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9.Dove Men + Care Body and Face Wash, Cool Fresh

Dove Men Care Body and Face Wash

If you have a thing for scented body washes, you might love it. The Dove cool fresh men’s body and face wash is meant to give you a refreshing and relaxing bath.

The gel forms a light foam that washes off the dirt layer very gently. Unlike many, the body wash is good at keeping skin hydrated. It even washes off very easily.

The micro moisture technology keeps the moisture intact. It has a strong, invigorating smell that lasts a good time. The best part is it’s hypoallergenic. So, people with sensitive skin can also have a pleasing bath.

It can leave a cool and soothing feeling on the skin. This is why men and boys love to use it after a hot session of working out.

If you want that cooling and calming sensation long after you leave the bathroom, this body wash is for you. There are some availability issues of this particular product. So, if you want it, you have to hurry.


  • Smells invigorating
  • Leaves a cooling and laming sensation on the skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Good for oily to normal skin people


  • Not ideal for dry skin types

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10. Dove Men+Care Active Care Body and Face Wash

Dove Men+Care Active Care

The body wash is made for all men’s skin types. It has antibacterial properties that fight against germs and the cooling menthol leaves your body feeling fresh and energised.  

The dermatologically approved formula is proven to add hydration and treat dryness of the skin. 

It has a smoky refreshing of cedarwood and eucalyptus that keeps you smelling great throughout the day. The thick gel formula has a thick lather but does not become too foamy as this will strip your skin of moisture and make it dry. 

It comes in a pack of 4, 532 ml bottles that lasts you for a long time. 

What we like:

  • Cool menthol effect that leaves you energised after an active session in the gym.

What we did not like:

  • The strong smell might irritate some sensitive skin types.

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Hope you have found your perfect body and face wash. In case you are still confused with your first purchase, you can go with our choice- The Men Body and face wash. It is hydrating, and has natural cleansers and delightful smell of citrus and mints. It’s also hypoallergenic. If your skin doesn’t fall in the very oily category, buy this one with your eyes closed.

So, how did you like our reviews?  Do you want any other product to get reviewed? Or are you confused between two products? Are you using any of these?

Write to us. This comment section is for you.


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