The Top 10 Best Shaving Bowls Buying Guide and Reviews

Parkers shave mug

If you are looking for a classic item that can make your shaving process easier, then a shaving bowl is that classic item. This is an ultimate tool that will give you the best lather. Ensuring you get a clean pass with every stoke of your razor.

We have listed a few key factors that you must consider while you purchase a shaving bowl.


If you are looking for a metal shaving bowl then you can go for stainless steel. These wouldn’t rust or crack. Then can retain warm froth but not more than an average of ten minutes.

If you want to keep your froth warm until your entire shaving process then go for a ceramic, marble or granite.

Bowl, mugs, Scuttle

This choice is subjective or can depend on the kind of material you want to invest in.

A bowl is available in different materials and gives you enough space to wiggle your brush. Though it cannot retain heat for a longer time as compared to scuttle.Scuttle and mugs are usually available in ceramics and come with a narrow bottom.

 Cold or Warm Froth

 A froth is necessary for the wet shavers. Warm or cold can be subjective. But if a person likes only wet shaving then a scuttle would be a better choice. Bowl and mug can be used by a person who prefers cold shave or wouldn’t mind if their froth gets cooler.

Now that you know the key factors, look into our top ten best shaving bowls that you can buy online.

If you are curious about the advantages of shaving bowls, refer to our Buying Guide. We have also answered your awaited questions.

Best Shaving Bowls

Shaving BowlsMaterialBowl, mugs, ScuttleWarm or cold frothBuy Now
AKStore Durable Shave Soap CupStainless
Miusco Shaving Razor Soap BowlStainless
VIKINGS BLADE The Chairman Shaving BowlStainless
AKStore Shaving Soap Bowl Stainless
Beau Brummell Shaving Soap BowlCWhite MarbleBowlWarm frothCHECK ON AMAZON
QSHAVE Shaving Scuttle MugCeramicScuttleWarm frothCHECK ON AMAZON
Henry Cavendish Gentleman's Ceramic BowlCeramicMugWarm frothCHECK ON AMAZON
Parker's Safety Razor Shave MugCeramicMugWarm frothCHECK ON AMAZON
Perfecto Stainless Steel Shaving BowlStainless steelBowlCold frothCHECK ON AMAZON
Viking Reovolution Stainless Steel BowlStainless steelBowlCold frothCHECK ON AMAZON

Top 10 Shaving Bowls Reviews

1. AKStore Durable Shave Soap Cup

Akstore shave cup

First up in our top ten shaving bowls list, is this high-quality stainless steel cup bowl. Being composed of stainless steel you can be assured that this would not crack or break. This has a double heat insulation layer, that can keep your froth nice and warm. To top it all the bottom of this bowl has an antiskid design that prevents it from slipping and sliding.

Product dimension: 3.3inch* 2.3 inch

Product weight: 1.92 ounces


  • Antiskid bottom design
  • A double heat insulation layer
  • Thick and polished edged
  • Lightweight


  • Cannot keep hot water for a longer time

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2. Miusco Shaving Razor Soap Bowl

Miusco Shaving bowl

This shaving bowl is quite nifty. It comes with a shaving stand that holds your shaving products upside down. Allowing its moisture to drop down keeping your brush and razor dry. This can help you easily organise your daily shaving needs without any assistance.

Product dimension: 2.05 inch( bowl width)

3.94-inch stand width

4.75-inch stand height

Stand ring diameter 1.2 inches and 4.7 inches

Product weight: 13.4 ounces


  • Comes with a shaving stand
  • Stainless steel
  • keep brush and razor dry


  • Brush and razor holding grip might not be that good

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3. VIKINGS BLADE The Chairman Luxury Shaving Bowl

Viking blade shaving bowl

Next up we have a product from one of the most popular men’s grooming brand, Vikings. This is composed of heavy-duty steel but unlike others, this has a rough and tactile surface. This gives un an ultra grip and a manly look. This is frosted with a microscopic finish that helps generate extra lather at a faster rate.

Product weight: 7 ounces


  • Microscopic finish
  • Rough and tactile surface
  • Generates extra leather


  • Bowl is not very deep

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4. AKStore Men’s Durable Shave Soap Cup


AKStore Men's Durable Shave Soap CupThis shaving bowl from the local brand AKStore is made of high-quality stainless steel with a glossy finish. This finishing is free from scratches and stains, so you can use it as a mirror to check your beard even if you don’t have a mirror with you during shaving.

Moreover, the inner part of this vowel has double-wall insulation to keep the foam and also the brush warm for a long time. 

The bowl comes in the size 2.2 x 3.25 inches in terms of height and diameter, so it is a small-size bowl which is travel-friendly too.

Meanwhile, the bottom of this shaving mug is built to be thick enough to prevent accidental slips while you use it in your bathroom. The edges are also thick and ensure you can easily whip the cream to create more lather.

Product weight: 1.94 ounces.


  • Holds the heat well.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Affordable.
  • Travel-friendly.


  • Some users reviewed that the sides are a bit lower than what is expected.

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5. Solid Marble Shaving Soap Bowl by Beau Brummell


Solid Marble Shaving Soap Bowl by Beau BrummellBeau Brummell is a famous men’s health and wellness brand that curates products that suit modern men and their needs. All the products are made with one thing in mind- to make men look handsome.

This shaving bowl from the brand is made of pure white marble stone, which is well known for its property to retain heat. Also, the bowl has horizontal grooves on the inside, so you can whip the cream for more lather. 

With 4.5 x 2.5 x 0.27 in terms of height, thickness and diameter, the bowl has the right size fitting perfectly in your palm. So, you can get a better hold of it to create the lather you want.

Before using this bowl, you just have to run it under hot water for a minute or so. It gets heated up and keeps that heat for a long time till your shave is done.

Product weight: 1.3 pounds


  • Best quality bowl.
  • Classy look.
  • Gives good lather.
  • Not slippery even under water.


  • Can break when it accidentally falls.

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6. QSHAVE Shaving Scuttle Mug

QSHAVE Shaving Scuttle Mug

Our sixth product is scuttle. This has a bowl within a bowl. To get a nice warm shave all you have to do is fill the gap of two bowls with warm water. The ceramic plating and silicon cork will hold the heat keeping your foam nice and warm. This is extra deep and can store enough foam to perform three pass shaving. The deep bowl has a spiral structure that helps in creating sloppy leather.

Product dimension: 4.3* 4.3*3.2 inches

Product weight: 14.2 ounces


  • Waterproof
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a protective packaging


  • Silicon cork might lose its efficiency over time

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7. Henry Cavendish Gentleman’s Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl

Henry cavendish bowl

This ceramic mug comes with a side knob making it very convenient to use. If you enjoy a nice warm shave then you would be happy to know this mug can be microwaved to heat up your foam. You also get a Henry Cavendish Shave Soap Puck that can melt in 20 minutes.

You can be assured with this product and can definitely try this without any risks. As this comes with a lifetime warranty.

Product dimension:4*5*3 inches

Product weight: 12 ounces


  • Microwave safe
  • Comes with a soap
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • The side knob is too small for proper grip

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8. Parker’s Safety Razor Shave Mug 

Parkers shave mug

This shaving mug belongs to a brand that has been engineering finest shaving accessories for the past 40 years. This is versatile enough to store shave soaps up to 3 inches. It’s tapered composition creates great leather along with a shaving brush. While its heavyweight design can retain heat and give you a nice warm shave. To top it all it comes with an apothecary handle for a safe and sure grip.

Product dimension: 5*4*4 inches

Product weight: 12 ounces


  • Tapered design
  • Stores 3 inches of foam
  • Apothecary handle


  • Fragile

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9. Perfecto Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl


Perfecto Stainless Steel Shaving BowlPerfecto is a famous brand that provides shaving tools for men like brushes, razors, and shaving stands. All these help you have a perfect shaving experience without any injuries.\

This shaving bowl is one such product from the brand that is made of stainless steel, so it is perfect for anyone who does the traditional style of shaving using the razor. It is free from chipping, breaking or cracking, so you can carry it in your shaving kit during long travel.

It measures 4.4 x 3.7 x 1.9 inches and is large enough to fit any size of shaving soap, so you can easily build the lather. 

As it is also weightless compared to other materials, you can easily use it in shower without the fear of falling and breaking. 

With the fine polishing, the bowl has a lustre that makes it look elegant and classy. 

Product weight: 3.21 ounces.


  • Fits in every bathroom decor.
  • Affordable.
  • Best for gifting purposes.
  • Break Proof.
  • Slip-free base. 


  • Nothing specific to mention.

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10. Viking Reovolution Stainless Steel Shaving Soap Bowl

Viking revolution shaving bowl

Last but not the least another product from one of the most popular brands, Venking.

If you are looking for a shaving bowl that fits in your budget then our tenth product is perfect for you.

This is structured with high-quality stainless steel and has a double wall for insulation. You can use this with shaving cream or soap to get a perfect lather.

Product weight: 1.6 ounces


  • Affordable
  • Stainless steel
  • Double-wall for insulation


  • Does not retain heat for a longer time

Buy Now at Amazon

Things to consider while buying shaving bowls

In this segment, we will tell you about some features that must be considered while buying.

Refer to these key factors for precise buying.

 1. Material

Shaving bowls are composed of different kinds of material that have their own advantages and disadvantages. So let’s have a look at them.

  • Stainless steel

If buying a metal bowl is on your mind then we would recommend going for stainless steel. These are safe to use and won’t crack or break when dropped. This does not rust and durable.

However, this cannot retain heat for a longer period ( average 10 mins)

  • Ceramic

This best part about ceramic shaving bowls is that it can retain heat for a longer period. You can submerge the bowl in hot water and start your shaving process. This wouldn’t stain or smell.

However, this is fragile and needs to be handled with care.

  • Marble

Marble can conduct thermal conductivity three times more than ceramic. Implying you would get a hot lather for a longer period of time. Just soak your bowl in warm water while you prepare your shave.

This might cost a bit more as compared to ceramic or stainless steel, but they are durable and a better conductor of heat.

  • Granite

Granite is excellent for heat retention. It will keep your lather warm. The inherit rough texture of granite will give you a thicker and floppy foam.

  • Metal

This is one of the common materials used for grooming products. However, maintaining a warm form can be a point of concern as metals aren’t the best heat retainers.

While buying a metal bowl ensure that it doesn’t rust easily so that its servers you for a longer time.

  • Wood

First and foremost finding a wooden bowl can be a task.

Lathering process becomes easy with the rough texture of wood. This is good at retaining heat and quite durable.

The only disadvantage of a wooden bowl is that it does not dry easily and can stink.

2. Size

 After deciding the material of the shaving bowl, next up you should look for is the dimension of shaving bowl. This would depend on how often you shave or how long you shave.

Depending on this, choose between a narrow scuttle, mid-size mug or a large size bowl.

Scuttles are the best to keep your froth warm. They have a textured wall but their narrow bottoms give a little room to whip the brush.

 Cups can definitely hold more lather as compared to scuttles and they are also priced friendly. Though the bristles still hit the sides while whipping.

Whereas these shaving bowls are a blessing for those who like to wiggle there brush and shave with a sloppy lather.

 3. Bowls, Shaving Mug and Scuttles

  •  Shaving Bowl

This is one of the most common types and they are easily available. These are wider in size and help you whip better.

There are ideally two types of shaving bowl one that you lather with and the other one that you used to store shaving soap.

Bowls come in a variety of sizes and different materials that fit the decor of your washroom and are efficient enough to hold your lather.

  • Shaving Mug

Mugs are easily available and they come with high sides. This ensures you don’t spill lather while you are whipping. They are also easy to hold as they come with a side handle.

But it is necessary to point out that mugs are not that wide. So while whipping with your brush the bristles might hit the edges. This might cause a slight inconvenience. So while purchasing a mug check the bottom width.

  • Scuttles

They are categorised into two categories:

Original scuttle – this looks like a teapot with a handle on one side and a spout on the other.

Bowl scuttle- this looks like an ordinary bowl with thick base and hole on one side

Both of these scuttles can keep your lather warm. But the bowl variant can store hot water keeping the lather warm throughout your shaving time. They also have textured ridges on the inside surface that lets you get a foamy lather quickly

4. Cold froth or warm froth

 Froth or lather is necessary for wet shaving. While the choice of froth’s temperature can absolutely be subjective.

But if you want your lather to stay warm for the longest time, purchase a scuttle.

However, if you want a colder froth or you are a quick shaver and wouldn’t mind your froth cooling down. Then you can go for a bowl or mug.

5. Texture

 It would be better if you look at the inner surface of your bowl before your purchase.

A rough or textured surface will give you a better and quicker lather than a smooth surface. The simple reason behind this is texture offers assistance to your whipping brush. This creates friction and helps to make the lather much faster.

6. Price

 Price of a product varies depending on the material and size. This can vary from $6-$29. Invest in a shaving bowl depending on how long you want to use it. If you want a durable that serves you for a longer time, investing a higher amount would be a better decision.

But if you are just looking for a shorter period of time or just want to experience this shaving tool. Then investing in the affordable one would not be a bad decision.

How To Use A Shaving Bowl?

 A shaving bowl is a very easy kit that can be helpful for your grooming needs.

There are just five simple steps that have been mentioned below

Step 1– soak or fill your bowl with warm water(cold froth lover skip this step)

Step 2– wet your shaving brush

Step 3– take your shaving cream or soap and apply it on the inner surface of your bowl.

Step 4– whip it with your bush and you would get a foamy lather. Add water if needed

Step 5– once you are done with your shaving, wipe it with a cold towel and once dried wipe it with a dry towel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it ok to reuse a stainless steel bowl after it is dented?

Of course, you can use it if it is dented. This is just caused by poor handling and would not affect the quality of lather. You can use a stainless steel bowl until and unless it does not change colour.
An altered colour indicates a change in a chemical reaction.
Though you can be assured that a stainless steel bowl runs for a longer period of time without any problems.

2. How often should a shaving bowl be cleaned?

You should clean it after every use. Wipe it with a wet towel first and once it is dry clean it with a dry towel.

3. Is a shaving bowl necessary while shaving?

They give you an excellent lather and make the most of your shaving creams. Though they are not necessary we can vouch and say once you use them, you would not like to go back to your old shaving routine.

4. How to get a good lather?

If you want a warm froth then first and foremost fill your bowl or soak in warm water. The cold froth lovers can skip this step.
Then take your shaving cream or soap and soften it up. Whip it inside the bowl and you would see a lather coming up.

5. What to do if soap doesn’t fit the bowl?

In this case, put your bowl in the microwave but only if it is heat resistant. If not you can always cut the soap and use it.


Finally, we come to the last segment. We hope our reviews can serve your shaving needs. Along with the top ten products we have also provided a detailed guide to help your purchasing process. We intend to make the buying process easy and with that purpose, we would suggest the best among these top ten shaving bowls. This would be AKStore Men’s Durable Shave Soap Bowl. This is structured with high-quality stainless steel and consists of a double that can retain heat. This also features an antiskid design at the bottom that gives a proper grip and secures your lather. This was our most favourite product, do let us know which one was your favourite.


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