Best Shampoos for Red-Color Treated Hair to Prevent Fading


“Wanna protect your red hair color? We’ve picked out the best of the best just for you”

Maintaining the vibrancy of your red colored hair without fading is a real struggle as it fades quicker than other hair color dyes. And with the frequent salon visits, it can be a costly affair too.

Regular shampoos are not an option as they can strip off the color dye. So, you have to use specially formulated shampoos for red color-treated hair.

Apart from the protecting the hair color from fading, it repairs the damage and brightens up the color as well. Because unlike regular shampoos, they don’t let the cuticle open and prevent the color to wash away.

According to hair color experts, it is very important to choose the best shampoo based on your hair type and requirements. To make the right choice, you have to consider two main factors.

  • Type of Hair: Identifying the type of your hair is important before choosing a shampoo. Since shampoos are meant to be beneficial for your hair as well as protect the hair color.
  • Free of Sulfate: Sulfates are chemicals that are harmful to color-treated hair. They make your hair dry and the color fades sooner than it should. This is why it is advised to stay away from shampoos containing sulfates at any cost.

If you want an in-depth analysis on how to choose the right the best shampoo for red-color treated hair, then check out the Ultimate “Buying Guide”.

Using the same information, we have shortlisted the best shampoos for red-color treated hair for keeping your hair red (and yes clean of course).

Best Shampoo For Red Colour Treated Hair 2023

Best Shampoo For Red Colour Treated Hair Reviews

1. L’Oréal Paris Everpure Moisture Sulfate-Free Shampoo

LOréal Paris Everpure Moisture Sulfate-Free ShampooL’Oréal has been one of the most reputed brands when it comes to beauty products. It has come up with a colour protection shampoo that provides two times more moisture than any other colour protection shampoo.

This shampoo is free of all kinds of harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and harsh salts. Moreover, it has been formulated with rosemary which gently cleanses the hair and protects the natural moisture in hair. It also softens the strands and adds luminous shine.

It helps the vibrant red color to stay intact on your hair for weeks.  It has a non-stripping formula which makes it ideal for color-treated. The jasmine and the juniper berry extracts enhance the fragrance of the shampoo.

It doesn’t feel dry after shampooing and has conditioning and moisturizing effects. The shampoo feels lush on the hair and produces rich lather too. The shampoo comes in a plastic bottle with a normal cap for convenience and storage and use. The packaging is compact.

There is no added fragrance or added color. This product is vegan and is absolutely gluten-free. It is especially suitable for dry and wavy hair types.

Product Details:

Item weight: 33.8 oz

Suitable for: Dry hair, Curly hair

Brand: Loreal


  • Provides 2 times more moisture than any color-protect shampoo.
  • Gently cleanses and revives the natural moisture of the hair.
  • Free of all kinds of harsh chemicals.
  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • Vegan and gluten-free product.


  • None discovered

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2. Redken Color Extend Shampoo

Redken Color Extend ShampooRedken Color Extend Shampoo extends the color life and protects the hair from the protein damage that comes with hair color. This shampoo has an interbond conditioning system and fade-resistant complex along with micro-net technology and UV filters. This helps to lock in the color and lockout the natural aggressors.

It successfully fights the four causes of color change like poor cuticle condition, color altering minerals, water, and environmental aggressors. It helps to shield and stabilize the intensity of the colour. The gentle clarifying shampoo treats the coloured hair and makes it manageable, radiant, and smooth. It also secures the color vibrancy and protects the color for a long time.

The application is very easy, you just have to use the shampoo on wet or damp hair. The smell is very refreshing and leaves the hair feeling fresh the whole day. The shampoo comes in a bright red plastic bottle with a normal cap. The shampoo prevents fading of the colour and protects the intensity of the colour for almost 12 weeks.

Product Details:

Item weight: 10.1 oz

Suitable for: Color-treated hair

Brand: Redken


  • Improves hair strands and prevents it from breaking.
  • Protects against the natural aggressors.
  • Locks in the vibrancy of the colour.
  • Favourable smell.
  • Easy application.


  • Some people received broken bottles.

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3. John Frieda Radiant Red Boosting Shampoo

John Frieda Radiant Red Boosting ShampooJohn Freida has launched a color protect shampoo which helps to keep your red locks look all gorgeous, vibrant, shiny for a longer time. It is formulated with the unique anti-fade technology which preserves the color. The shampoo is actually red in color which is made to enhance the pre-existing red color of your hair.

As per John Frieda the shampoo deposits red hues into the hair making the red color stay longer. It protects the vibrancy of all shades of red color-treated hair. The pomegranate extracts and the Vitamin E present in the shampoo make the strands soft and magnifies the shine of the hair.

It is safe for all-natural and colored shades of red for the hair. This shampoo is gentle on the hair and cleanses and purifies the hair. You can use the shampoo once or twice a week. It works best if paired with John Freida Radiant Red Boosting Conditioner.

It has a fresh and light fragrance. It generally comes in a tube pack with a normal cap. It is suitable for all types of hair.

Product Details:

Item weight: 8.3 oz

Suitable for: All hair types

Brand: John Frieda


  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Can be used for natural or colored red hair.
  • Fresh and light fragrance.
  • Boosts softness and adds shine.
  • Comes in a convenient tube pack.


  • Might stain the shower and other parts of the washroom.

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4. Revlon ColorSilk Care Shampoo

Revlon ColorSilk Care ShampooRevlon has come up with ColorSilk Brave Red shampoo which is especially formulated to fulfill the needs of red colour treated hair. The shampoo is enhanced with the natural components like berries, almond oil, acai Berry, and chamomile. It also provides UV protection which protects against sun damage.

The natural ingredients in the shampoo help to nourish the hair and protect the colour. The shine and softness of the hair is improved with every wash. Silicone is also one major ingredient of the shampoo which helps to condition the hair. It also prevents the damage caused by hair dyes, chemical treatments, and heat styling.

The color-preserve formula protects the strands from losing the vibrancy of the color with each wash. The organic ingredients also protect the hair and work on improving the hair quality.

This is a rich, moisturizing, and color-safe shampoo that is ideal for red color-treated hair. It also rinses out quickly. It comes in a tube pack with a normal cap.

Product Details:

Item weight: 8.45 oz

Suitable for: Color-treated hair

Brand: Revlon


  • Rinses out quickly.
  • Moisturizes the strands of the hair.
  • Protects the vibrancy of the color.
  • Provides UV protection.
  • Softens and moisturizes the hair.


  • Might dry out your hair.

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5. Joico Color Infuse Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Joico Color Infuse Shampoo and Conditioner SetJoico’s Color Infuse Red shampoo is formulated for reviving and repairing red color-treated hair. The shampoo by Joico contains red pigments which enhances the red color and reduces the color stripping with each wash.

The bio-advanced peptide complex with antioxidants prevents hair damage and extends the color life for up to 25 washes. It also contains botanical oils which condition and get rid of split ends and prevent breakage. This gives glossy, frizz-free, and vibrant red-colored hair.

The Joico’s red-reviving shampoo has a multi-spectrum defense complex that provides UV protection. It also helps to retain the vibrancy of the red colour in the hair by minimizing sun damage. The shampoo prevents color stripping or color fading. Therefore, the colour lasts for a long time. It has a pleasant fragrance and the hair feels fresh all day.

A conditioner also comes with the shampoo which nourishes the hair from the roots. Both the shampoo and conditioner come in cylindrical bottles with normal caps.

Product Details:

Item weight: 10.1 oz

Suitable for: Colour treated hair

Brand: Joico


  • Deposits red color with every wash.
  • Moisturizes the hair.
  • Removes frizz.
  • Affordable.
  • No color fading or stripping.


  • Availability issues

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6. Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo

Moroccanoil Clarifying ShampooMoroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo is one the best clarifying shampoos ever made for color-treated hair. It’s free of sulfates, parabens, and phosphates therefore completely safe for red or any other color hair. The two main ingredients of this shampoo are avocado oil and argan oil.

These essential oils help to retain moisture while cleansing everyday build-up from hard water, chlorine, dirt, pollution, and mineral deposits. The shampoo is infused with lavender, jojoba, and chamomile extracts.  It is also enriched with keratin which is a hair protein amazing for dry, brittle, and chemically treated hair.

The Moroccanoil rejuvenates and revitalizes lifeless and limp coloured hair. It leaves your hair bouncy and shiny and makes your hair feel soft to touch. It also keeps the hair weightless and does not feel heavy on the hair.

The shampoo has a pleasant fragrance that is not overwhelming. The product comes in a cylindrical bottle with a twist cap. It does not make your hair greasy and enables the color to stay for a long time.

Product Details:

Item weight: 33.8 oz

Suitable for: Build up prone

Brand: Moroccan oil


  • Perfect for color-treated hair.
  • Essential oils hydrate the hair.
  • Removes the daily build-up.
  • Makes hair smooth and silky.
  • Keratin-infused.
  • Exotic smell.


  • Clarifying shampoos are suitable for dry hair.
  • Expensive.

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7. Tresemme Shampoo Keratin Smooth Color

Tresemme Shampoo Keratin Smooth ColorIf you want a budget shampoo for silky smooth voluminous color-treated hair, then this is the shampoo to go for. The unique Tresemme Keratin Smooth Color System is completely sulfate-free and has advanced anti-fade technology.

The main ingredient of the shampoo is argan oil which protects hair from damage, reduces frizz, and adds natural shine. It’s formulated with a double-duty system which helps to lock the colour and makes the color last for a much longer time. It helps to minimize flyaways and leaves the hair vibrant and lustrous. It also minimizes hair damage.

The essential oils like Punica oil and Camellia oil give the shampoo a refreshing smell and leave the hair smelling great. It comes in a plastic bottle with a press open cap for the convenience of use. This shampoo locks the colour and keeps the hair glossy for up to 60 days.

Product Details:

Item weight: 22 oz

Suitable for: All hair types

Brand: Tresemme


  • Locks the colour for 60 days.
  • Adds shine to the hair.
  • Pleasant smell.
  • Has anti-fade technology.
  • Makes the hair smooth.


  • Not suitable for oily scalp.

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8. Four Reasons Store Color Mask Shampoo

Four Reasons Store Color Mask ShampooFour reasons have come up with a Color Mask Toning shampoo. This shampoo has color pigments that deposit tints of red color on your hair to keep the vibrancy of the red color intact.

The shampoo is very gentle on the hair. It has anti-fade technology and does not strip color from your hair, instead the vibrancy of the red color is noticeable from the first wash. It also moisturizes and nourishes the hair while extending the color life.

This is an eco-friendly color that does not have any kinds of harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens. The shampoo also prevents static while adding moisture to the hair.

It is suitable for all textures of the hair. It also restores damaged hair. The product comes in a tube pack with a normal cap. It’s vegan and it’s made for bronze and red color-treated hair.

Product Details:

Item weight: 8.5 oz

Suitable for: Color-treated hair

Brand: Four reasons


  • Deposits intense red color.
  • SLS free.
  • Reduces frizz and static.
  • UV protection.
  • Cruelty-free.


  • Can leave stains.

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9. Suave Professionals Color Protection Conditioner

Suave Professionals Color Protection ConditionerSuave Professional Color Protection Shampoo and Conditioner moisturizes and nourishes your hair. It keeps your color vibrant up to 40 washes. It also revitalizes the color each time that you use shampoo or apply conditioner to your hair.

The products are formulated with a colour guard complex which seals the hair cuticles to lock in the vibrancy of the colour. It also adds strength to your hair and prevents it from breakage.

The smell of the shampoo is favorable. It is free of harmful chemicals. The professional shampoo works best with the conditioner. It’s free of sulfates and it’s amazing for any color-treated hair.

Product Details:

Item weight: 12.6 oz

Suitable for: Color-treated hair

Brand:  Suave


  • Conditions and protects the color-treated hair.
  • Gentle on the hair.
  • Help keep the color vibrant for over 40 washes.
  • Seals the cuticle to protect the hair.
  • Salon approved.


  • Availability issues

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Choosing the Best Shampoo For Red-Color Treated Hair

Be it an electronic device or personal grooming product, it is important to consider some factors. Because, there isn’t thing like ‘one size fits all’, especially when its about your hair. If you choose a wrong product, then it can damage your hair which can be pretty hard to repair. To avoid making any mistakes, you have to consider points mentioned in this guide.

1. What’s your Hair Type?

Because of coloring or dyeing, the texture of the hair doesn’t change. This means if you have curly hair, you still need a shampoo that works for curly hair type, even if you got a hair color. If you have dry hair, then most likely the dryness increases after getting hair colored. So, you have to use hydrating shampoo.

Apart from protecting your hair color, a shampoo should be beneficial for your hair as well. Consider if your hair is dry, dry, straight, curly, frizzy, or damaged. Based on this information you can pick up the right choice.

2. Which Ingredients Does it Contain?

Coloring your hair can increase dryness of the hair and also cause damage as well. So, we recommend considering a shampoo that has ingredients that help with damage without fading out the color. It is also better to have a shampoo that contains some beneficial ingredients like chamomile, tea tree, aloe vera, and others.

They nourish the hair and help to repair the damage. Also, make sure the ingredients are not allergic to you.

3. Is it Free from Harmful Ingredients?

Go for a sulfate-free shampoo since they can be harmful.  Sulfates are strong chemicals that make your hair dry and are not at all good for color-treated hair. It makes the color fade faster than it will fade naturally. Sulfates are also responsible for reducing the vibrancy as well as the sheen of the hair. It is best to go for a gentle shampoo that does not make the layer of the hair cuticles rough.

And also make sure to avoid products that have alcohol, salt and parabens as they are main culprits of hair color fading. Apart from that, they also cause imbalance in pH, flaking, and itching of scalp.

4. Is it Hydrating?

When you color your hair, it becomes exposed to different types of chemicals and makes your hair more vulnerable, prone to breakage. Colored hair needs to be protected from breaking. The hydrating ingredients present in color shampoo will protect the hair against damage.

It also makes the hair better from the inside by improving the hair quality. This is why it is advised to go for a color shampoo made from natural ingredients that nourish and hydrate your hair.

5. Can it Provide Color Protection?

When looking for a shampoo for color-treated hair, color protection is a must-have. This property allows the color to stay for a longer period of time without the need of a touch-up. Extra proteins and emollients are necessary for these shampoos. The hair cuticles are sealed with proteins and emollients with this shampoo. When the hair cuticles are sealed it does not allow the pigments to leak and does not let the color fade.

6. Does it Provide Color Enhancing?

While hair color is filled with chemicals, hair color shampoos are designed to improve as well as protect the hair. The shampoo makes your hair color look more vibrant. Some of these shampoos contain color-enhancing pigments that are deposited in the hair to extend the color life. Look through the label to get an idea of the enhancing color ratio in the shampoo.

7. Can it Moisturize?

Select a shampoo that is able to provide your hair with extra moisture. If you have dry or curly hair, this factor becomes all the more important. Moisture present in the shampoo moisturizes your hair as well as makes the color vibrant. Apart from this, it also improves the quality of your hair.

Natural moisturizers such as aloe vera present in the shampoo benefit your hair after each wash. Nourishment is important for your hair, and a moisturizing shampoo delivers just that.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you really need special shampoo for red hair?

Ans: Yes, using a specially formulated shampoo will help you keep the hair color stay for long without fading away every time you wash the hair. Usually, any shampoo for color-treated hair can be helpful. However, shampoo that is specially developed for red-colored hair are gentler.

2. Does red hair dye faster than other hair colors?

Ans: It is true – that red hair dye fades a bit faster compared to other hair dye shades, regardless of the brand or manufacturer. The reason lies in the science of this particular color. The red hair color molecule is a bit larger than other hair dyes. So, they don’t penetrate deep into the cortex. As the color is not deep, it will fade easily.

3. Is it okay to use color-treated shampoo on regular hair?

Ans: Color-treated shampoo is designed to protect your hair color and can be used on every type of hair. You can also use this shampoo on normal or regular hair. But there is no need to use color-treated shampoo on regular hair. It won’t harm your hair but it will not be able to perform its role on hair that is not color-treated.

4. Which shampoos should be avoided on color-treated hair?

Ans: It is better to avoid shampoos that are filled with harmful or harsh chemicals. Some of these chemicals are sulfates, parabens, and sodium chloride. Sulfates in the shampoo fade the hair color faster.

5. How to maintain colored hair?

Ans: Actually, maintaining color hair is a constant process and not a single time task. The following are some of the tips that help you maintain the hair color properly.

You should avoid washing your hair frequently. The more you wash your hair, the more the color fades faster. While you wash your hair, make sure to use hair care products meant for color-treated hair and not normal hair. Allow your hair to dry normally and do not use any products.

6. How can you condition color-treated hair?

Ans: To condition, your hair treated with color, apart from using a color-treated shampoo that conditions your hair, choose a conditioner for color-treated hair. Always keep the conditioner for a few minutes in your hair and also treat your hair with proteins.

Final Word

No matter how expensive hair color you choose it will cause some damage to your hair which causes it to become more vulnerable and prone to hair damage. If you notice the ingredient list, you will see they have quite a different ingredient list to make the color last long and protect your hair.

We understand that with the plethora of options in the market, as a consumer you tend to get confused on which is the best product for you. We suggest you to go thoroughly through the buying guide to understand what you should look for in a shampoo before choosing it.

If you are still confused regarding anything related to this article, let us know. We will be happy to help you.

Have you tried any of the above-mentioned products before? If yes, let us know your opinions about the same in the below comments section.


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