10 Best Quiet Hair Dryers: Reviews and Buying Guide

Have you ever noticed your flatmate or your partner staring angrily at you while you merrily dry your hair? It is probably because your current hair dryer sounds more like a drilling machine. And when someone is asleep, it might strike their ears like a machine gun!

You are not alone. We have all be at the receiving end of such angry gazes. If you want to change that, you might want to purchase a quiet hair dryer. One that does not disrupt the sleep of your partner, the meditation of your mother, or the studies of your child.

But how would you get the best quiet hair dryer when the market is flooded with similar products, all of which claim to be ”the BEST”?!

It is simple. Take note of the following two factors and remember them when you purchase a quiet hair dryer for yourself or your family.

Noise Production Level

The most fundamental thing you need to see in order to purchase a quiet hair dryer is its noise production level. Any dryer with a decibel level lower than 75 dB can be termed as a quiet hair dryer. The lesser the decibel level is, the better.

Heating Technology

To know what will suit your hair, take a look at the heating technology.

Ionic: Suitable for thicker and curly hair

Ceramic: Best for thinner and finer hair

Tourmaline: Suitable for all hair types

To read about several other factors in detail, check out our buying guide.

If you already know what you are looking for, take a look at the reviews of the ten best quiet hair dryers available in the market.

10 Quietest Hair Dryers that will Not Disturb Your Bliss

Quiet Hair DryerWattageVoltageDecibel LevelHeat TechnologyBuy Now
Trezoro Ionic Hair Dryer2200W100 to 125VUnknownCeramic + tourmalineCHECK ON AMAZON
KIPOZI Hair Dryer1875W125V78 dBNano IonicCHECK ON AMAZON
Panasonic Hair Dryer1200W100V49 dBIonicCHECK ON AMAZON
MHU Professional Salon Grade Hair Dryer1875WDual voltage75 dBCeramic + IonicCHECK ON AMAZON
RUSK W8less Hair Dryer2000W125V80 dBCeramic + tourmalineCHECK ON AMAZON
Andis QuietTurbo Hair Dryer1600W125V79 dBIonicCHECK ON AMAZON
Centrix Q-Zone Dryer1500W125V72 dBCeramic + tourmalineCHECK ON AMAZON
Chic Ionic Hair Dryer1875W125V80 dBIonicCHECK ON AMAZON
Confu Negative Ion Blow Dryer1600W125VunknownIonic + tourmalineCHECK ON AMAZON
Immoso Berta Hair Dryer1875W110 to 125VunknownIonicCHECK ON AMAZON

1. Trezoro 9300 Ionic Hair Dryer

trezo hair dryer

If you are searching for one of the quietest hair dryers that can take care of your styling needs as well, then your search ends here. It transfers ten times more irons to keep your locks smoother and silkier. So good-bye to frizzes.

People who say that hair dryers are bad for your tresses have clearly never experienced anything like the Trezoro 9300. This hair dryer is equipped with a powerful 2200 watts DC motor that dries hair in minutes.

To make this model user friendly, the manufacturer has rendered it with a soft touch body and an arched nozzle. This hair dryer also has a detachable rear filter for easy cleaning. The 2.7m cable is long enough to reach form the power cord to your dresser.

The voltage requirement is 100 to 125V. It weighs about 1.5 pounds, which should be light enough for all to use. However, one might feel that the body is a tad long. Also, the on/off button placement of the dryer is not the best. Users often accidentally turn it on or off.

If you are particularly keen on getting a hair dryer with a number of settings, you should seal the deal. The Trezoro ionic hair dryer has three heat settings and two-speed settings.

Styling your hair with a hair dryer should no longer be a problem as this one comes with two concentrated nozzles that can achieve the perfect end results you desire.

Decibel level: Unknown

Wattage: 2200W


  • Ten times more ion removes static and frizz.
  • Features 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings
  • High powered motor


  • On/Off button placement is inconvenient

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2. KIPOZI Hair Dryer

KIPOZI 1875W Hair Dryer

The performance, features, and ergonomics of the Kipozi hair dryer are sure to exceed your expectations. It is one of the best quiet hair dryers that is available in the market and offers some versatile solutions as well.

This hair dryer can generate both cool and hot air to suit your needs. It uses a nano ionic technology to give you that beautiful, frizz-free look.

The dryer is equipped with an 1875 watts DC motor, that does its job pretty well. It also comes with two attachments— a diffuser and a concentrator. The attachments ensure that you can obtain the perfect style while drying your hair thoroughly every single time.

The Kipozi quiet hair dryer does a good job of curbing that high-pitched hair dryer noise. It comes with an ALCI safety plug and is ELT certified. The decibel production level is 78 dB, which is pretty low compared to the average dryers.

There are three heat settings on this dryer— low, medium, high for you to choose the one that suits your needs. You can also alternate between the two-speed settings for a better experience.

Decibel level: 78 dB

Wattage: 1875W


  • Has warm as cool air settings
  • Comes with two adjustments (diffuser and concentrator)
  • ELT certified product ensures your safety


  • Not the best choice for people with thicker hair

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3. Panasonic Hair Dryer

panasonic hair dryer

Looking out for the best in the segment of quiet hair dryers? The Panasonic EH5305P-T is just the thing you are searching. It produces just 49 dB noise when you plug it on normal speed, which is better than most of the quiet dryers in the market.

It is a Japanese design that is specially made to remain super quiet while you go about doing your business. If you get this one home, you will not have to worry about disturbing your roomie’s peaceful slumber ever again. Most of the online reviewers are of the opinion that this is the quietest hair dryer they have ever purchased.

Also, this hair dryer is super easy to use as it has a brush head. There are three heat settings— cool, warm, and hot. The product uses a 1200watts AC motor. It has a compact design that is easy for all to grip. Being from one of the leading brands in electronics, Panasonic, you can rest assured of its quality.

As it has an AC motor, this dryer is a durable product. However, as it operates on only 1200w, it is not the most powerful one in the market. This means you will have to spare a while to dry your hair thoroughly before you can step out.

The package does not include any additional attachments. Also, as it is made in the Japanese market, you might have to purchase an extra adapter for a different country. There is a 1year warranty on this product.

Decibel level: 49 dB

Wattage: 1200W


  • Super quiet hair dryer
  • Features a durable AC motor
  • Ergonomic and reliable Japanese design


  • Takes a while to dry hair
  • Does not include accessories

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4. MHU Professional Salon Grade Hair Dryer

Mhu hair dryer

The MHU hair dryer offers a salon-grade drying every time you take a shower. It is also one of the best-rated quiet hair dryers out there. In terms of ergonomics, style, and features, this product is at par with most of the best hair dryers in the market today.

The product comes packed with a powerful 1875w AC motor, negative ions to dry the tresses quicker and infrared heat to shield those beautiful locks from being damaged.

It also has two adjustments, a diffuser and a concentrator for better styling. The length of the cord is 2.7m, which is good enough to move around an average size American bedroom.

This quiet hair drier is a product that will suit all hair types. Be it the super porous straight hair or the tightly curled one; this one has got your back.

With its two speeds and three heat settings, it does a decent job of delivering what your hair needs in a perfectly efficient way. We recommend you do not use it for too long at a stretch because overheating is a concern.

Decibel level: 75dB

Wattage: 1875W


  • Infrared heat and ionic technology wards off frizz and flyaway
  • Comes with additional accessories
  • Features a powerful 1875W AC Motor


  • Overheating can be a concern

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5. RUSK W8less Hair Dryer

rusk hair dryerThe Rusk W8less is a terrific gadget that can dry your hair within a few minutes. With seven heat settings and a superb 2000w motor, it has taken the game to the next level!

It includes three heat settings, two-speed settings, a hot-shot button, and a cool shot button. The Rusk W8less is said to be a decent air dryer when in terms of noise production, with a level of 80 dB.

However, wait before you get happy, it costs almost twice as much as an average quiet hair dryer.

If you are fine with shelling out the extra money (it is totally worth it), this hair dryer will be your hair’s best friend. However, there is just one narrow nozzle that comes along with it. So, you will have to invest in a diffuser if you want one.

This one is a lightweight tourmaline and ceramic hair dryer that uses infrared heat and negative ions to dry out your hair without wicking off the natural moisture. It comes with 2 years of warranty.

Decibel level: 80 dB

Wattage: 2000W


  • 7 heat settings
  • Very silent function
  • Dries hair quickly


  • Heat on the highest setting is too hot
  • Costs more than average hair dryers

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6. Andis 30975 QuietTurbo Hair Dryer

andis hair dryer

If you get the Andis 30975, you don’t need to search for your dryer in the dresser every time you need it from now on. This wall-mounted hair dryer will be right in front of you, always! People who like their dresser to be super organized are likely to fall this product.

The Andis Quiet Turbo stands true to its name. It generates 68 dB noise on the lower setting and 79 dB noise on the higher heat setting. Lifeline shock protection is built into the unit for added security.

This hair dryer operates on a 1600w AC motor. You get just two heat settings, nothing fancy. It also features an LED light. While it is a great feature in itself, our issue is, there is no separate switch to turn the light off.

But don’t worry, the LED light is not too bright and will not bother you. It is there just to ensure steady handling.

This ionic dryer treats your hair good. It diminishes those frizzes to give you a more glamorous look every time you use it.

Overall, this is a unique hair dryer model that is thoughtfully designed. It does not cost much and is one of the best quiet hair dryers in our opinion.

Decibel level: 79 dB

Wattage: 1600w


  • Comes with a metal mounting plate to ensure secure mounting
  • Decent 1600w motor works quietly.
  • Features built-in LED light.


  • Mounting can take time.
  • No separate switch for turning off LED light

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7. Centrix Q-Zone Dryer

centrix q zone paper

The Centrix Q-Zone dryer exhibits a combination of sleek looks and good performance. It is one of the best quiet hair dryers in our view. In the higher heat setting, this tool produces just 72 dB noise.

The Centrix Q-Zone hair dryer is considered an ”insanely quiet” by its manufacturer. And most of the reviews about this product confirms this claim.

It is powered by a 1500watts motor. We don’t claim it to be the most powerful of the lot. But its motor power and performance are decent enough for this product to claim a spot on this list of the top ten best quiet hair dryers.

The ceramic technology manages to keep your hair smooth and silky, even after you dry your hair in the highest heat setting. Its ionic technology manages to considerably reduce the drying time.

It is a professional quality product that you can use to style and manage your tresses. Apart from the dual heat settings, it also has a cool shot feature. Use it to make your hairstyle last longer.

It is an ergonomically designed hair dryer that is easy to grip, is relatively lightweight, and has a long power cord. The buttons are conveniently located on the barrel of the dryer for a better experience.

All in all, the Centrix Q-Zone is indeed a product for professionals. We love most of its features. But the inclusion of a few adjustments and nozzles would have been better. Also, it is pricey.

Decibel level: 72 dB

Wattage: 1500w


  • Delivers professional-quality hair drying
  • Ergonomically designed product is easy to use
  • Very quiet operation


  • Does not include any adjustment nozzles
  • Expensive

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8. Chic Republic Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

chic hair dryerPeople who want the best quiet hair drier of professional quality at the best price should settle for the Chic Republic Ionic Hair Dryer. Your hair would shine brighter and be silkier thanks to its ceramic and ionic heat technology.

At its loudest, this dryer is 80 dB. We agree, it is not the quietest, but given its price, it looks like a deal. This dryer comes in a travel-friendly size and weighs just about one pound. It also has an extra-long cord of 3m.

The 1875w AC motor delivers a power-packed performance every time you plug it in. Besides being powerful and cost-effective, it is equipped with all the standard features and a one-year warranty.

There are two-speed settings and three heat settings. You can enjoy styling your hair even more as it comes with two nozzles. There is also an indicator that prompts the current setting of the hair dryer. It also has a cool shot feature, which helps in sealing the cuticles after blow-drying them.

Decibel Level: 80 dB

Wattage: 1875W


  • Cost-effective product
  • Ceramic and ionic heat technology
  • Overheating protection mechanism


  • Ergonomics isn’t the best

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9. Confu Negative Ion Blow Dryer

confu hair dryer

The Confu Ionic hair dryer is yet another option if you are looking for the best quiet hair dryer at a cost-effective price. The ionic heating technology ensures faster drying and a fuller body. It maintains your hair health while giving it a shiny look.

You get three heat settings, two-speed settings, and cool shot feature. This hair dryer package comes with a diffuser and a concentrator for creating different styles for various hair textures.

It might work great for you if you have short or medium length hair. But for long hair people, this is not the best choice. The 1600w motor works fine, but it is not very effective in drying longer tresses within minutes.

It is too hot to handle. What we mean is, even in the lowest heat setting, the air is way too hot. The negative ion technology protects your hair, but for some, the excess heat is not a welcome thing. However, people with curly hair can use this to their advantage.

Decibel level: Unknown

Wattage: 1875W


  • Negative ion heat technology keeps hair silky
  • Package includes two adjustment heads


  • generates too much heat

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10. Immoso Berta Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

berta hair dryer

The Berta is another quiet hair dryer that delivers quality without ensuing a pocket-punch. It is a standard hair dryer model with intelligent temperature control for better safety.

The powerful 1875 AC motor shows efficacy by drying medium length hair within 3 minutes. There is a rear filter for easy cleaning, which makes it more durable.

If you want to roam around freely in your room, then the extra-long cord of this hair dryer is not likely to be an impediment. There is an ALCI plug for better safety for you and your family members.

The Berta Professional has two-speed settings, three heat settings, and a cool shot feature. The negative iron heating tech removes static and makes your hair frizz-free.

A concentrator is the only adjustment head that comes with this hair dryer. We recommend this one for straight hair belles. Curly hair beauties might not find sufficient power to make their curls manageable.

Decibel level: Unknown

Wattage: 1875W


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Does not cause heat damage
  • Includes an ALCI plug for safety measures
  • Negative ion tech effectively removes static from hair


  • Might not be the best hair dryer for people with tight curls
  • Inclusion of a diffuser would have been better

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Things to Consider While purchasing a Quiet Hair Dryer

Wondering why some hair dryers scream like demons while others are angelically quiet? Of course, there are reasons related to their designs, which make all the difference.

Let’s have a look at some of the most crucial things you should be looking out if you intend to purchase a quiet hair dryer.

1. The wattage of the Hair Dryer

If you are looking for the quietest hair dryers, then the first thing to take a look at is the wattage of the product. Generally speaking, dryers with wattage between 1200 to 1800 are designed to make lower noise.

This thing changes with products that have a wattage of 1875 and higher, which means better power, but also more noise. However, if the product has a dual-fan installed, then it is unlikely to generate loud noise.

2. Type of Motor

There are three types of motor that are found in hair dryers— AC motor (alternate current), DC motor (direct current), and EC motor (electronically commutated).

Hair dryers with AC motor tend to make much lower noise than the other two categories. We are not saying that there are no DC motor quiet hair dryers. What we mean is, AC motor dryers are generally quieter. However, there are exceptions.

3. Heat Technology

Knowing the heat technology your dryer is using is one of the most crucial things. This factor determines the amount of volume, shine, or damage your locks might have from the hair dryer.

  • Ionic: Hair dryers with ionic technology is the best for thicker and curlier tresses. Static and flyaway on the head are a direct result of accumulated positive ions on the hair. The negative ion technology negates those positive ions to remove funny-looking static. It is best if you want to prevent your hair from drying due to overexposure to heat.
  • Ceramic: If you have fine and soft hair, a hair dryer with ceramic heat technology is more suitable for you. It works by creating infrared heat that protects your hair and scalp for possible damage.
  • Tourmaline: A tourmaline dryer is suitable for all types of hair. It protects your scalp while drying your hair fast like the ionic dryers. However, these are generally on the expensive side.

4. Low Noise Level

The best indicator of a good quiet hair dryer is its noise level. So, to obtain the best quiet hair dryer, never forget to check this factor.

A hair dryer that has its noise level under 75dB is fine enough. Even if you use them at an untimely hour, your neighbors aren’t likely to get disturbed.

The quietest hair dryers, however, produce way lesser noise. For instance, the Panasonic IONITY EH5305P-T, it produces just 49dB of sound while functioning.

5. Speed & Heat Settings

No one likes doing their hair in the same fashion every single day. And to get out of that routine, you ought to have hair styling tools with various heat and speed settings.

Look for a hair dryer that has at least two-speed settings and three heat settings. This is especially a necessity if you are looking to buy the hair dryer for a salon. The variety of settings will help you meet the requirements of different hair types and textures.

6. Cable Length

This one might not sound important, but the length of the cable matters. Try buying a hair dryer that permits free movement within at least 2m of the radius from the plug point.

A long cord will allow you to move about freely while styling your hair. It also gives a better user experience while using the hair dryer.

7. Additional Accessories

Many hair dryers in the market come with additional accessories like diffuser and concentrator. While you can surely purchase these adjustment heads from the market, but the inclusion of these accessories in the product box certainly adds worth to it.


Searching out for the quietest hair dryer among so many terrific products was a difficult job. We researched, tested, and read numerous reviews before choosing the top ten.

But, if you ask us to pick one product that we consider the best, it would be Trezoro 9300 Ionic Hair Dryer. It has a powerful 2200W motor, but still, it manages to work semi-silently to give you silky, dry, and voluminous hair. The reasonably priced hair dryer has a ceramic tourmaline heating technology, which is suitable for all hair types. It also includes two adjustment nozzles, which makes it our favorite.


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