7 Best Fogless Shower Mirror To Buy for Shaving


Most men prefer to shave right after a shower or while being in a shower. Standard mirrors cannot give this luxury as they fog up and they don’t give you a clear view.

A fogless mirror gives you a clear reflection, irrespective of your washrooms environment.

There are few things you should know before you buy a fogless mirror.

Different Fogless Technique

There are three methods used to prevent your mirror from fogging up: Coated, Reservoir and Preheating.

Preheating and reservoir methods are better than anti fog coating as the chemical used for this will deplete. You will have to buy chemicals and reapply them on your mirror.


The few attachment methods are: Suction cup, hooks and adhesive tapes.

Suction cups can easily be attached to any ceramic or porcelain surface. Adhesive tapes are double sided tapes that attach the mirror and surface. Hooks have to separately attached first to the surface followed by the mirror.

Adhesive tapes and hooks are better for a longer run. Suction cups would be more suitable for people who are shifting and would require to attach and detach frequently.


Make sure to check if your mirror is shatterproof or not. Most of these mirrors are shatterproof and would only incur minor damages.

Also check size, razor hooks and pivot heads before buying.

Read our Buying Guide to know other factors to consider and advantages of fogless shower mirrors.

Here is a list of 7 best fogless mirrors that you can now buy online.

Fogless Shower MirrorMountingTechniqueShatterproofRotationBuy Now
ToiletTree Fogless MirrorWall adhesion with double-sided tapeReservoirsYes360CHECK ON AMAZON
HoneyBull Fogless MirrorSuction cupAnti-fog coatingYes360CHECK ON AMAZON
ProBeautify Fogless MirrorSuction cupAnti-fog coatingYes360CHECK ON AMAZON
Deluxe Shower MirrorAdhesive HookPreheating with warm waterYes---CHECK ON AMAZON
ReflectXL Shower MirrorAdhesive HookPreheating with warm waterYes---CHECK ON AMAZON
Mirrorvana Fogless MirrorSuction cupReservoirsYes360CHECK ON AMAZON
InnoBeta Fogless Shower MirrorHanging RopePreheating with warm waterYes360CHECK ON AMAZON

Best Rated Fogless Shower Mirror: Reviews

1. ToiletTree Products Deluxe Fogless Shower Shaving Mirror

ToiletTree shaving mirror

Our first product is from ToiletTree. This comes with an adhesion tape that sticks to the walls of your washroom without damaging them. It is versatile enough for a 360-degree rotation.

This comes with a reservoir where you just have to fill in warm water and this will prevent it from fogging.

This is a shatterproof and comes with convenient hooks where you can easily hang up your razor or other toiletries.

There is a squeegee that comes absolutely for free. This helps you in cleaning up the mirror and can be stored inside the mirror shelf.

Key features

  • Size: 5″ W x 8″ H
  • Attachment: Adhesive Tapes
  • Anti fog Method: Reservoir
  • Durability: Very Good
  • Price: $39.95


  • Shatterproof
  • Able to rotate 360 degree
  • Fog resistant
  • Comes with a squeegee


  • The adhesive is not very strong
  • Not travel friendly

Buy Now at Amazon

2. HoneyBull Shower Mirror

HoneyBull Shower Mirror

Our second product has an anti-fog coating that prevents water vapour from sticking to its surface. This is very easy to install. You just have to twist and lock the suction to your washroom wall. This can rotate to 360 degrees and thus gives you the flexibility of using it at any angle as per your requirement. This mirror is also accessorised with razor hooks.

Key features

  • Size: 7 x 7 x 4 inches
  • Attachment: Suction cup
  • Anti fog Method: Anti-fog coating
  • Durability: Good
  • Price: $19.99


  • Easily install
  • Shatterproof
  • Comes with razor hooks


  • The suction cup is not very long-lasting

Buy Now at Amazon

3. ProBeautify Fogless Shower Mirror

ProBeautify Fogless Shower Mirror

If you are looking for a suction cup fogless at an affordable rate. Then this is the right product for you. Pro Beauty fogless mirror comes with an anti-fog coating and powerful suction cups. Its adhesion is strong and does not fall off easily.

Its 5.75 inches of viewing surface can resist up to 100 degrees of heat temperature. This also comes with a razor hook which acts as a bonus.

Key features

  • Size: 7 x 7 x 1 inches
  • Attachment: Suction cup
  • Anti fog Method: Anti-fog coating
  • Durability: Good
  • Price: $16.95


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Razor hook
  • shatterproof


  • The suction cup doesn’t stick of textured wall
  • Not completely fogless

Buy Now at Amazon

4. Deluxe Shave Well Shower Mirror

Deluxe Shave Well Shower Mirror

Deluxe shave Mirror requires a bit of preparation before you use it. You will have to hold it for a few seconds to warm it up and this will prevent its surface from fogging up. It comes with a separate suction hook where you can hang this mirror.

Key features

  • Size: 83″ tall, 5.25″ wide and is 1/8″ thick
  • Attachment: Hooks
  • Anti fog Method: Preheating with warm water
  • Durability: Very Good
  • Price: $12.93


  • Easily portable
  • Affordable
  • Shatterproof


  • Takes time before using it
  • Does not give the flexibility of rotation

Buy Now at Amazon

5. ReflectXL Shower Mirror

ReflectXL Shower Mirror

Our fifth product would also require you to hold it up against warm water a few seconds before you use it. This does not stick to your wall and just hangs with an adhesive hook tied with a rope. This mirror is also shadow proof. Hold it against optimal light and it will give you a clear reflection.

This is available in four different shades which are named as Blue, Green, Red, Unclad, Wet Steel.

Key features

  • Size: 6″ x 5.6
  • Attachment: Adhesive Hook
  • Anti fog Method: Preheating with warm water
  • Durability: Very Good
  • Price: $13.99


  • Shatterproof
  • Available in four colours
  • Fog and shadow-free


  • Does not stick properly to tiles

Buy Now at Amazon

6. Mirrorvana Shatterproof Fogless Shower Mirror

Shatterproof Fogless Shower Mirror

We have yet another option for suction cups fogless mirror. This comes with a water reservoir where you can add warm water and this will prevent it from fogging. This is easily installed. Its suction cup can stick to a flat and non-porous surface. This is 100% plastic and shatterproof.

Key features

  • Size: 9 x 8.1 x 3.1 inches
  • Attachment: Suction cup
  • Anti fog Method: Reservoirs
  • Durability: Very Good
  • Price: $27.99


  • Does not break
  • Can rotate to 360
  • Easy installation


  • Not completely fogless
  • Does not stick properly

Buy Now at Amazon

7. InnoBeta Fogless Shower Mirror

InnoBeta Fogless Shower MirrorIf you are irritated with a fogged shower mirror or bored of preparing the fogless one often, you can get this model from InnoBeta for peace of mind. 

Instead of plastic, it is made of shatterproof glass that doesn’t break easily. With the best use of nanotechnology, its surface has an anti-fog coating. So, you can’t see fog and will have better vision in the mirror. Thereby, you can save time and finish off your tasks quickly. 

You just need to splash water on the mirror to activate the anti-fog coating and use it without any other warm-up. 

It has a premium quality EVA material on the back that makes it strong and durable. Moreover, it comes with two stainless steel chains with which you can flexibly hang it anywhere. 

The brand offers a lifetime warranty on the mirror, and so you need not worry even if the mirror breaks. 

Key Features:

  • Size: 6.7*6.7 inches 
  • Attachment: Two Chains
  • Anti-fog Method: Anti-fog coating
  • Durability: Very good
  • Price: $23.99


  • Larger square size gives a better view.
  • Fog-resistant 
  • Shatterproof glass
  • Easy hanging with chains
  • Flexible to shift anywhere
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable


  • Fingerprints or dust on the mirror affect the anti-fog nature. 
  • Better if it is also has a suction cup along with the chains

Buy Now at Amazon

Things to consider before buying a fogless mirror

Read the factors listed below. This will help you choose the right mirror to serve your needs.

1. Fogless Technique

  •  Anti fog Coating

These mirrors have a chemical coating that will get rid of the fog from your mirror. This is one of the most popular choices. Though this deteriorates over time. But you can purchase anti coating products and use them on your mirror. Making them brand new.

These kinds of mirrors usually come with hooks or suction cups since it is advisable to remove from the shower when it is not in use.

This will prevent the chemical coating of the mirror and extend its product life.

  • Reservoir

This mirror has a reservoir attached to its back. These are popular too and easy to install.

All you need to do is to fill the reservoir with warm water and it will heat the glass with the same temperature of the water and prevent it from fogging.

The best part is that it does not require any installation process or any anti fog products and it would not deteriorate. You can use this for a longer time.

  • Preheating

Some mirrors require preheating like holding it under a hot shower for a few seconds to warm it up. This mirror should be placed well for it to receive optimal light.

2. Mounting

There are usually three types of mounting: Suction cups, Hooks and Adhesive tapes.

  • Suction Cups

Suction cup mirrors can easily be attached to any ceramic or porcelain surface. These mirrors are flexible enough to rotate as per our requirement.

  • Adhesive Tapes

These are double-sided tapes that attach the mirror to the surface. These are much more long-lasting than suction cups. They are usually preferred by people who have permanent residence and don’t shift most often.

  • Hooks

Hook type mirrors are a bit fussy. They have to be separately attached and then a mirror is attached to them. These hooks do not require any kind of drilling and are much more stable. Though they are not that stable as compared to suction cups.

Rope mounting is the rare type. This involves a mirror hanging from the ceiling or shower head.

3. Pivot Head

A pivot head mirror has the ability to point upwards, downwards and side to side. This would be convenient for those who share a washroom with others. People with height and preference can enjoy this mirror.

This can also be pointed away from shower for those who do not like to get splashed while grooming themselves.

4. Razor Hook

Some of these mirrors come with razor hooks. This makes it convenient to hold disposable or cartridge based razor. They also dry off your razor post shower and ensure the crevices don’t get any mildew.

5. Material or shatterproof

Using a mirror in a slippery environment can increase the chances of it breaking into tiny pieces.This is the last thing you can wish for.

The best fogless mirrors are made of acrylic and these don’t shatter on falling.

6. Size

Choosing the right size of the mirror is important. Some mirrors can be quite large, which can be beneficial or not depending on the person who is shaving.

If you require a mirror just for shaving purpose a small size that reflects your face would be enough. But for women who want to use it for any makeup purposes would prefer a mirror with larger dimensions.

7. Shape

The most common mirrors are the rectangular ones. This can hang vertically or horizontally and you can choose whatever you prefer.

Round mirrors are also prefered. Though they offer less surface area, this wouldn’t be a problem if you want to see a more concentrated area on your face.

The third option is square mirror which is the least preferred one.

8. LED Lighting

LED light mirror can be helpful if the washroom is dark. This may be due to poor lighting or dark curtains. These lights give you a clear vision especially if you have a light color beard.

9. Amount of Magnification

This is an additional feature of fogless mirror. Most of the mirrors come with permanent settings. But in some mirrors you can zoom in your face to get a better view.

Though this feature might not be necessarily in need.

10. Product lifespan

Two aspects define the lifespan of a product. Quality of the mirror and quality of the mirror frames material. Finding the right fogless mirror with both these qualities will ensure a long lifespan.

11. Fog-free Duration

Most mirrors in the market offer a fogless shaving experience. Some can last longer than others. It’s often the design of the mirror that affects the anti fog mechanism.

12. Reflective surface

The reflected surface quality will decide how much light you are going to experience. Cut the light as a rule, as they resist double-reflective surfaces because they are half-light.

13. Durability

Cheap and low-quality mirrors won’t last long. They might easily break or their adhesive might not be that strong. Therefore investing in a good quality fogless mirror will ensure its longevity and will also serve the purpose it is bought for.

14. Installation

Although most mirrors offer an easy installation. Some can be tricky. Ensure you have necessary tools and enough space to properly instal the mirror.

15. Weight

Weight of a product matters the most when shifting too many houses or if you are a traveller. A light weight mirror would be more suitable for you.

16. Price

A fogless mirror should not cost you much. It would cost you more than 49$. But you should consider the price depending on which model you are looking for. Comparing among different models and investing in the right product would be a smart choice.

Advantages of a Fogless Shaving Mirror

  • The best advantage of using a fogless mirror is that it lets you do your daily grooming routine in the heated environment of your washroom. The usual heat fogs up the mirror and this makes it difficult to see a clear reflection.
  • Most fogless mirrors come up with razor hooks. This makes it very convenient. Instead of carrying loads of stuff and cluttering your sink area, you can just hang your razors and use it whenever you need.
  • This will save up your time. After your hot bath you don’t have to wait for your mirror to defog. You can use it right away saving a lot of your time.
  • Installing a fogless mirror is also very easy. Most of them come with suction cups, hookes or adhesive tapes. This makes its attachment and detachment very easy.
  • Fogless mirrors are mostly shatterproof. Using it in a slippery environment increases its chances of falling and breaking. This feature ensures you can use your product in your convenient environment and for a longer period of time.


Fogless mirror is a luxury to have while you are taking a hot bath. It gives you a clear reflection and allows you to shave or clean makeup as per your convenience. Our best suggestion would be ToiletTree Products Deluxe Larger Fogless Shower Shaving Mirror. This mirror sticks to the surface with adhesive tapes. This can also rotate for 360 degrees and is shatterproof.  This comes with an inbuilt shelf that can store a squeegee. All you have to do is fill its reservoir with warm water to get a fogless clear reflection.


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