10 Best Dreadlock Extensions Reviews in 2023

Eliza Dreadlocks Extensions

Dreadlock extensions have become quite popular during the last few years.  Demand for this style without going through the 2-6 months locking process has led to the rise of these flexible extensions.

Now you can wear beautiful braids in various colours without any waiting.

Here are few factors that you should consider before your purchase

1.Length of dreadlock

If you want your hair length to be around your shoulders then go for a 10’’ length extension. While 16 inches or more for waist length.

2. Natural or Synthetic

It might be difficult to distinguish natural and synthetic extensions just by looking at it.

But a human hair extension can be dyed and washed just like your natural hair.

Where as a synthetic extension cannot be dyed but are cheaper than natural extension.

Here is an exhaustive article on dreadlock extensions. Refer to our Buying Guide to get necessary details on how to attach them, how to maintain them, plus all the answers you ever needed. We have listed 10 best extensions that you can now buy online.

1. Eliza Dreadlocks Extensions

Eliza Dreadlocks Extensions

Our first product is a crochet dread. This makes it the most natural-looking and durable as compared to other types of dread. This is made of 100% kanekalon synthetic fibre, which is considered to be the highest quality synthetic fiber. Being light and soft, this becomes very flexible to use and is preferred by the majority. It is a single ended dread and does not have any smell and has a shiny appearance.

This does not contain any harmful chemicals and can be used for all age groups. This comes in 14-18 inches in length and can be used 5-6 times a week.

To prevent your hair from getting tangled, mix conditioner and water and spray it over your hair. This will prevent tangling up to some extent.

Colour shade: 8

Dimension: 70g, 1.4inch diameter

Size: 14-18 inch length.18strands/pack.8packs/lot

Package: 8 packs dreadlocks crochet hair,1 Crochet Needle, 10 Pieces Decorating Rings. (6-8 packs make full head)


  • Crochet
  • Easy to wear
  • No chemicals
  • Can be used for all age groups


  • Can tangle easily
  • Can get heavy on wet

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2. Karida Hair Extension

Karida dreadlock hair extension

This extension comes in section braiding hair that matches the natural hair density. This is composed of 100% High-Temperature Kanekalon Fiber. These faux locs curl up towards the end. This looks bouncy and natural-looking. This does not have any smell and is lightweight. It is already pre-looped which makes it easy to install.

Colour shade: 7

Dimension: 70g

Size: 18-inch length

Package: 24Roots/pack, Normal 6 Packs Make a Full Head.


  • Lightweight, soft, durable
  • Crochet
  • Curls towards end


  • Too shiny
  • Can get tangled

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3. YONNA Human Hair Dreadlocks Extension

YONNA Human Hair Dreadlocks Extensions

Our third product is a partial extension and is composed of 100% natural human hair.

This gives the flexibility of washing it whenever it feels stiff. This can also be dyed or bleached. You can add this to your existing locs to extend the length or cover broken or damaged locks. Each lock is unique and handmade. They can also be curled.

Colour shade: can be dyed

Dimension: 0.4 diameter

Size: 12-inch length

Package: 60locs Per bundles.


  • Can be dyed or bleached
  • Washable
  • Natural hair


  • Can get stiff
  • Colour fades

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4. MOBOK Dreadlock Hair Extension

MOBOK Dreadlock Hair Extension

This is a synthetic hair extension and is composed of 100% Kanekalon. These fall under the crochet category of dreadlocks. Which makes it natural-looking and long-lasting. These are not rough, lightweight and are easy to install. It is a single ended dread and available in 21 different shades within the length of 14-20. To get a full head 6 packs would be enough.

Colour shade: 21

Dimension: 70g

Size: 14-20inch length

Package: 24 Roots Per Pack 50g/Pack, 6Pcs/Lot, a crochet needle and hair ring


  • 21 colour shades
  • Easy to install
  • Light and easy to handle


  • Can be smelly

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5. LETIAN Dreadlocks Hair Extension

LETIAN Dreadlocks Hair Extension

This is a synthetic extension and composed of 100% Kanekalon Synthetic Fiber. This is lightweight and soft and feels like human hair. This comes pre-looped, making it easy to install. It is a single ended dread. This is durable and offers a 30 days return policy. You can expect this product to be delivered within 1-3 days after shipping.

Colour shade: 6

Dimension: 70g

Size: 18-inch length

Package: 6Packs/lot. Also, Come with Free Gift of 1 Crochet Needle.

Full Head Set: Normally 6 packs Make a Full Head.


  • Natural-looking
  • Can be washed


  • All locks might not be of the same length

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6. Bobbi Boss Synthetic Hair Dreadlocks

Bobbi Boss Synthetic Hair

These are synthetic dreadlocks which are 100% hand braided. They give you a wide choice of colours being available in 15 different shades. They are crochet dread and give an appearance of natural and thick hair. This comes pre looped which makes it easier to wear. This is a single ended dread.

Colour Shade: 15

Dimension: 70g

Size: 18-inch length

Package: 15 stands/pack.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wear
  • Looks natural


  • Unravels quickly
  • Get matted and tangled

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7. AISI BEAUTY Dreadlock Hair Extension

AISI BEAUTY hair extension

These faux locks fall under crochet dreads. These are curled towards the end giving a variation to your normal dreadlocks. This is 20 inches in length and pre looped. Being hand braided they give a natural appearance. They look fuller and thicker. These are synthetic locks and can maintain themselves irrespective of any weather. They require very little maintenance. 

Colour Shade: 5

Dimension: 100g, 0.5 inches diameter

Size: 20-inch length

Package: 24 stands/pack, crochet needle, hair beads


  • No smell
  • Easy to wear
  • Looks natural


  • Braiding loosens up

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8. AOSOME Dreadlock Extension

Aosome Dreadlock extension

Aosome dreadlocks are composed of high temperature fiber. These crochet dreads are hand braided. This makes it look more natural. They can also be customized according to your colour and size and also the pattern of the braid. The usual single colours are available in 20 inches, ombre and tri colours in 24 inches. These are single ended dread.

If the dreads are a little bent on receiving just just use a dryer or just boil them in water for a few minutes, not longer. This will help it make it straight.

Colour Shade: 14

Dimension: 5-6g/ stand, 0.4 inches diameter

Size: 20-24inch length

Package: 20strands/pack,1 bag free beads for decorating your hair.If you need a full coverage,suggest buy 2-3packs


  • Customizable
  • Washable
  • Soft and loose ends


  • Itchy

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9. Dorsanee Dreadlocks Hair Extension 

Dorsanee Dreadlocks Hair Extension 

These extensions are composed of 100% heat resistant synthetic material. It can resist upto 150 degree centigrade. Its colour and texture are similar to real hair. This is lightweight, bouncy, tight and has no smell.

You can wash this with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Sock these extensions in detergent water to alleviate the tangles.

Colour Shade: 5

Dimension: 70g

Size: 18-20 inch length

Package: 6packs/Lot, 24roots each. Usually 6-9 Packs For A Full Head.


  • Washable
  • Pre looped
  • No smell


  • Hair loops can be loose

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10. Callia Dreadlocks Hair Extension

Callia Dreadlocks Extension

This dreadlock is composed of 100% High Quality Kanekalon Fiber. This is also fire retarded making it safe to use. This is easy to wear and suitable for all age groups. It is a single ended dread which is hand braided and suitable for hot water setting.

To get hot water setting curl: wrap the locks tightly on a rod and soak them in warm water for 15 seconds. Once dried unwrap the locks for rod to reveal the curls.

Colour Shade: 4

Dimension: 70g

Size: 18 inch

Package: 18 strands/pack, 6packs/order 6 packs make a full head


  • Washable
  • Easy to wear
  • Fire retarded


  • Can get fizzy

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Things to consider before purchasing dreadlocks

These are a few factors that will help you select the best dreadlock extension. Read them well for a better understanding.


Length of the hair can be subjective to one’s need or the way they want to style it.

But we would suggest taking a minimum of 6 inches. Attaching this dread from your hair tip will give you an ear length. While attaching it to your existing locks and increase its length.

If you want a natural shoulder length hair then go for 10 inches. This is with respect to if you are attaching from the roots.

To get a waist length buy 16 inches or more, this will give you the flexibility of styling it in various ways.

Along with the length you should also consider the thickness of the lock.

If you have existing locks, buy an extension with close enough thickness to your current locks.

But if you don’t have locks then you can choose locks of any thickness keeping in mind your desired look.

Types of lock Extensions

Lets run down to 4 types of extensions:

1. Human Extension

This is sourced from an actual person. It is then stripped of all its cuticles, dyed and coated with a layer of silicone.

Due to its silicone coating it does not give the flexibility of dying, especially black.

Though this can be washed and manipulated like your natural hair. It feels much softer and smoother than synthetic hair.


  • Affordable
  • Better quality than synthetic extensions
  • Last longer( 2-3 years on straight hair, more than 5 years on Afro hair)
  • Requires less maintenance


  • It is not completely natural since it is processed
  • Cannot be dyed to jet black

2. Virgin and Remy Extension

If you are looking for permanent extension then you should purchase this. This is sourced from an actual person and is not processed in any way. This is the highest quality you can find in the market.


  • Closest to real hair
  • It is not processed
  • Can be dyed


  • Highly priced
  • Not easily available

3. Synthetic Extension

These are made of very fine plastic fibers, resembling human hair. The most popular extensions are composed of Kanekalon.

Make sure to purchase the good quality ones. The lower quality ones look cheap and fake.


  • Lower price
  • Available in wide range of colours
  • High quality ones look like real hair
  • This is no fizzy


  • Last 1-2 years
  • Cannot be dyed

4. Nylon and Wool Extension

Wool extensions are very colourful but they look extremely unrealistic. Nylon is a low quality synthetic fiber. So the dreadlocks made from this product look fake.


  • They are cheap
  • Should be used only for temporary purpose
  • Perfect if you want to experiment with dreadlocks.
  • Should not be used as permanent dreads
  • Don’t look like real dreadlocks
  • Have to maintain them every two to three months depending on your hair growth.

5. Full Head or Partial Head

Wearing a full head extension or a partial head extension can absolutely be subjective. You can buy either of them depending on your styling needs or if you want to cover your existing broken or damaged locks.

But you should consider these points before purchasing

  • While buying a partial hair extension make sure to get the closest color and texture to your existing hair.
  • Hair extensions change their colour and texture over time. This can make your entire hair set look different. As your natural hair would be of a different colour than the extension.
  • But this problem does not arise if you take full head extension. Because even if they change colour or texture your entire set of hair would still look the same.
  • Even the thickness of extension should be considered. In case of buying a partial extension. This is not required for full head extension. You can choose your extension in any desired length.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dreadlock Extension


  • You can get any length without waiting for your hair to grow
  • You can choose your own style
  • It works on any hair type
  • Wide ranges of colours to choose from


  • They might fall out
  • They are fake

Difference between Crochet, Backcombed and Twisted Dreadlock Extension

Crochet Extension

  • Crocheted Dreadlock Extensions look the closest to natural dreadlocks. They are usually crocheted by hand.
  •  They are durable, lightweight, soft and flexible.
  • They are usually available in human hair or high quality kanekalon synthetic.

Backcombed and Twisted Extension

  • They are composed of high quality kanekalon or any other synthetic material that comes at affordable price
  • They are twisted until dreadlocks are formed and then sealed with heat.
  • These are braided with loose hair and can be used by people who don’t have existing braids.

How to attach Single Dread Extension

A single dread extension has a single loop on one end. You can attach it following these steps:


  • Rubber bands
  • Comb
  • Mirror (if you’re doing it on your own)
  • Clips


  • Divide your hair into sections.
  • Pass one hair stand through a dread loop.
  • Push the loop towards the loop and secure it with a rubber band.
  • Split the hair strand into two sections and braid it using the dread as the third strand.
  • Continue this with the rest of the strands.

How to attach Double Dread Extension

A double ended extension is basically one dread with two ends. You can attach it following these steps.


  • Rubber bands
  • Metal tip sectioning comb
  • Hair ties for sectioning
  • Clips for holding your hair back
  • Mirror
  • Hair care product to help you braid


  • Divide your hair into sections
  • Divide your one hair stand into two parts
  • Secure the extension with these two strands and make braid, using one part of extension as third strand.
  • Secure it with a rubber band
  • Continue the process with other strands.

How to Maintain Dreadlock Extension

Now that you know how to attach them, you should also know how to maintain them.

Human hair locks

It depends on how the dreads are installed. If it’s a crochet then there should be no maintenance. All you have to do is groom your new dreads as they grow.

You can just maintain these deeds as you do for your natural hair.

Synthetic Hair Locks

Since it’s synthetic you don’t have to wash your dreads. But clean your scalp. Wash it at least one a week. A non sulphate shampoo would be suggested. Use a hair cap when you are not washing your head.

How to Remove Extensions

The difficulty of removing an extension depends on your installation process. A crochet dread is the most difficult to remove especially if it’s done by a professional.

  • Take one dread at a time
  • Start from the lower end.
  • Remove any band that was used to secure
  • Spray a bit of water on the end
  • Comb it till you can separate your natural hair and extension
  • Once you have three separate strands, unbraid it.
  • Repeat this process for all the braids.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Will Dreadlock Extensions Last?

Considering your hair type and installation method, your extensions can last for a few months or year.
If you are using the crochet method, Afro hair will be permanent but straight hair will last for 1-2 year. Synthetic hair will last 2-3 years or more with human hair.

2. Can Extensions Be Dyed?

This depends on which material is your extension. Some human hair is so processed that they cannot be dyed. However, virgin hair can be dyed.
Synthetic locs can’t dyed but they are available in a wide range of colours.
Single colour, ombre or tricolour. They come with various options.

3. Will the extensions fall out?

Yes, extensions can fall out. But this mostly happens if it is not attached properly. Or the extension is at the end of their lifespan. This usually happens after continuously wearing it for 3 years and if you have straight hair.

4. Can these be removed?

Yes, they can be removed. Though crochet extension is the most difficult to remove. Especially if it is done by a professional.

5. Will they damage the existing hair?

They can only damage your hair if you comb them out after attaching them. Otherwise they are not harmful for your hair.

6. What is the ideal hair length to get extensions?

Attaching a dreadlock extension would require at least 3-5 inches. If you want an extension with a smaller diameter which is known as the pencil size, only 3 inches would be enough. 5 inches would be required for a sharpie size extension or bigger then that.


Now that you know all about dreadlock extension. From how to attach them to how to maintain them. You can definitely choose the perfect extension for yourself. But we would like to suggest you that best among all ten listed extensions and that would be Eliza Wavy Hair Extensions. This extension is made of 100% kanekalon fiber which is the best synthetic material. This is a crochet dread which makes it look closest to human hair. Being light and soft this is preferred by most people. You also receive a crochet needle along with a decorative ring on its purchase.

Do let us know which one was your favourite.


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