7 Best Beard Beads (Beard Jewelry) To Style & Maintain Beards


Are you planning to style your beard in a different style? There are a plenty of options that you can try. One of them is beard beads that can help you give a vintage look.

Beard beads are decorative jewelry pieces that helps you keep the long beard in its place. This makes sure your long beard doesn’t disrupt day to day functioning.

Using beard beads has multiple benefits that include – it keeps the beard tidy and neat, style up your bear and makes sure to get the attention as well.

Best Beard Beads in 2023

Beard BeadsNo. Of PiecesMaterialBead SizeHole SizeBuy Now
Modpion Norse Vikings Runes Hair Beard Beads24Metal Alloy15mm x 10mm6 mmCHECK ON AMAZON
Norse Tradesman Wolf Beard Bead Coils4Metal Alloy20mm x 10mm7 mmCHECK ON AMAZON
Qingsi Vikings Rune Beard Bead Set40Metal Alloy13mm x 10mm6 mmCHECK ON AMAZON
PIAOPIAONIU Norse Vikings Beads57Metal & other13mm x 10mm6 mmCHECK ON AMAZON
Willbond Beard Beads  24ZincAlloy13mm x 9mm6 mmCHECK ON AMAZON
Love Viking Beard Beads 5Tibetan Alloy15.5mm x 12mm8 mmCHECK ON AMAZON
MYAROMA FINDINGS Norse Viking Rune Scandinavian Beads5Alloy Plated15mm x 12mm6.8 mmCHECK ON AMAZON

7 Best Beard Beads Reviews

1. Modpion Norse Vikings Runes Hair Beard Beads

Modpion beard beads

Well, people with short beards or hair can’t have the privilege to decorate their facial hair with any jewelry. On the other hand, the guys with huge and thick whiskers can enjoy it by using these Norse Vikings Runes Hair Beard Beads.

This package includes 24 pieces of beard beads made of zinc alloy, stainless steel, and some Tibetan alloy. As a result, the build quality of the beads is absolutely premium and does not wear out easily. Due to such a sturdy design, you can even use these beads on your braided or straight hair without any issues.

As soon as you pick these beads, you will notice the attention to detail is actually very good, and every bead is unique from one another as some different ancient Vikings symbols are embossed on each bead.

The size of each bead in this package is 15mm x 10mm, while the hole size of each of them is 6mm. Hence these beads can fit easily on medium-thick braids. Apart from that, you also get two Pull hairpins of extremely good quality which will help you to wear these beads easily.


  • A good quantity of beads
  • Attention to detail is amazing
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Not ideal for little facial hair

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2. Norse Tradesman Wolf Beard Bead Coils

Norse Tradesman wolf beard bead coil

These beard beads from Viking Rune are one of the best sets you can get to style your beard like the Vikings used to do at the earlier time. It has become very trendy as mostly every bearded man wants his beard to look the best.

If you enjoy having braided beards, or even hair, this fine set of 5 beard beads are good enough to keep your whiskers maintained while giving you the most fashionable look possible.

In this set, you get 4 pieces of very premium quality beads that are made of metal alloy. Hence you can assume that the build will be very much sturdy, and they will surely last for a long time with you.

Although there are other brands that offer more beads, none of them provides it with this fancy looking spiral design. Moreover, all of the beads feature Norse Runes, which were believed to provide its wearer with mystical powers.

The dimensions of each bead are 20mm x 10mm with a hole size of 7mm. That is the reason most people choose these beads for their beards, braids, or dreadlocks because the ring size is perfect for adorning any type of hair.

However, if you are not much in need of multiple beads, and your focus is only on quality and style, these 4 pieces of beads are just the perfect choice to pick from the market.


  • Top-notch quality
  • Unique Spiral design
  • Strong build


  • The openings are a little large for thin braids

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3. Qingsi Vikings Rune Beard Bead Set

Qingsi Vikings Rune Beard Bead

Qingsi Vikings Rune Beard Bead Set might be the best choice for you in case you are looking to purchase a set of beard beads in a variety of styles.

This set contains 40 pieces of beads that can cover all of the styles you desire to make with your hair or beard. All of the pieces are made up of metal alloy, so there is no need to worry about any discoloration or any other damage as the beads are quite rigid to handle much more than you expect.

Moreover, it contains 24 pieces of beads that are of normal shape with Norse runes embossed for giving them an old traditional look. Apart from that, the other 16 beads are of different styles that are too made of the same metal alloy and work best to style dreadlocks.

The basic 24 pieces have a dimension of 13mm x 10mm with a hole size of 6mm, and around the beads, you will be amazed to see the attention to detail that the brand has put in designing this kind of set.

Apart from that, you can use these beads for Pendants and Bracelets DIY projects of yours. Along with the package, you will also receive a carry bag that can help you keep these beads safe from getting lost, which is quite essential as these are one of the best ornaments you can style your braids or dreadlocks with.


  • Durable
  • Multiple kinds of bead designs
  • Braid Helper included in the box


  • The curved beads pull hair a bit

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4. PIAOPIAONIU Norse Vikings Beads

Piaopiaoniu viking beads

If you are lucky enough to grow a thick beard which can be braided, you can surely think to have that Viking aesthetic, but you will need a good pair of beard and hair beads for that.

Well, you don’t need to look anywhere else and waste time online for selecting multiple styles of beads because you can find it all in one set only, which we are talking about right now.

To show off the best of your beard, this set is enough as it has 57 pieces of beard beads, mostly having the old traditional look with Norse Runes embossed around them. These are the most basic ones but the most desirable ones for attaining Viking aesthetics.

As most beads are made of metal alloy, you can have faith in the quality as they are quite sturdy and do not get damaged easily. However, this set includes 10 beads with a wooden-kind of look, so we can’t tell you how long they will last as the material feels a lot like plastic.

On the other hand, the metal ones are pretty rigid and can style your braids flawlessly. The usual Norse Runes beads have a dimension of 13mm x 9mm and have a hole size of 6mm. Hence you will face no issues using them even with the thick dreadlocks.

Along with the package, you also get a small velvet bag to keep all the pieces in one place safely.


  • Variety of bead designs
  • Solid build quality
  • Size is adequate


  • The wood-like beads are not as strong as the others

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5. Willbond Beard Beads  

Willbond beard beads

There are hundreds of kinds of beard beads available online, out of which we have picked some of the best ones that have the most positive reviews and are worthy of your hard-earned money.

For an ideal price, you get 24 pieces of beard beads with a taste of Norse Viking Runes on each bead. Well, all these kinds of symbols have a powerful meaning, so you can look for their meanings and choose what suits your personality the best.

The beads have a perfect size in general with dimensions of 13mm x 9mm with a hole size of 6mm. This size seems adequate as it fits most braids, dreadlocks quite easily. Apart from that, as each bead in this set is made with perfection, the metal alloy build does not disappoint at all while keeping the beads strong and steady for a long time.

Also, you get 160 pieces of black elastic bands along with 6 pieces of love top quick bearded hairpins to style and apply these beads as easily and quickly as possible. Moreover, in case you think it will be a lot harder to manage the beads which are not in use, the brand has included a carry bag to store them safely.

These beads are very much ideal for Beard weaving, pendant, bracelet, and jewelry DIY as it is an eye-catching weaving accessory that you can even gift you one of your loved ones.


  • Sufficient gap for most men’s whiskers
  • The embossing is done very well


  • Tends to slip from facial hair like any other metal beads.

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6. LoveViking Beard Beads 

loveviking beard beads

The LoveViking Beard Beads can be a great pick for you if you have fairly large beard braids or dreadlocks. However, they are not much in quantity, but good enough in quality.

For such an affordable price, anyone would love to have a set like this one, which can make you reminisce about the Vikings. However, these are not embossed with the Norse Runes, but the designs that you see on these beads look very traditional.

We are suggesting these beads to those who have thickest whiskers as the size of these beads is comparatively larger than any other set of beads on this list. The dimensions of these beads are 15.5mm x 12mm, and the gap size is 8mm, hence, not very much suitable for thin or even medium-thick braids.

The Antique silver color of the beads gives it a more old look, which is a good thing. Moreover, the Tibetan alloy build is of good quality and can make them last for ages if used properly. Apart from that, these feel a lot lightweight and do not hurt or pull the hair in any way.

To be precise, the design is of a trinity knot, which is a symbolic representation of the threefold nature of the Goddess as a mother, maiden, and crone. Also, it represents the forces of nature, such as earth, fire, and water.


  • Ideal for wide whiskers
  • Attention to detail is amazing
  • Good build quality


  • Not ideal for thin beard braids or dreadlocks

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7. MYAROMA FINDINGS Norse Viking Rune Scandinavian Beads

Myroma finding beard beads

In case you are not much satisfied with the designs on the beads that we discussed previously, then you might like these beard beads as these offer the same size and style-statement as them.

However, the quantity of beads you get in this package is 5 pieces, but that is well understood as there are only a few people who choose to pick beads of this size as it is obviously a challenge to grow a large beard that could fit these beads.

As the size of these beads is fairly large, measuring 15mm x 12mm, these are best suitable for the thickest dreadlock and braided hair because the hole is almost 7mm wide. The details in the design of these beads are absolutely remarkable, and that is absolutely a good pick if we consider the price of this package.

The thickness of these beads is good enough to say that these can last for much longer, apart from that, as these beard beads are alloy plated with sterling silver, there is no chance of any discoloration or any other small damaging.

Also, the package includes a small linen pouch to store the spare beads. Otherwise, you can use all these beads to design any pendants or bracelets if you want.


  • Sufficient gap for thick hair braids
  • Quality of alloy plating is good
  • Value for Money


  • A little heavy

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What Are Beard Beads?

While braiding the beards is not a new concept, decorating them is also quite common. The beard beads allow you to style your beard in a classy and unique way.

They allow you to look cool and sassy, but not to forget, you have to style it in a proper way otherwise tables can turn upside down. Apart from the style factor, these beads help your beard look neat and tidy, especially if you have a long beard. They keep your beard in place and let you stay away from any sort of disturbance.

The trend of beard beads was actually started by the Vikings where they used to flaunt their long beards by decorating them with such beads. These were also used by the Norse in the past to keep their beard out of the way.

Who Can Wear Beard Jewelry?

If you are wondering who all can wear beard jewelry, the answer is there is no limitation to it. Anyone who wants to try it, whether for styling purpose or just to keep the beard in place can wear them.

However, there are different types of beard beads that can be used for different purposes.

Beads made using novel gem cuts help in holding the beads set up, no matter whether you put them near your lip or towards the tail of your beard.

If you are worried about the count, you can wear as many beads as you want, depending on the length of the beard. It allows you to style your beard in whatever way you wish to and look like the coolest guy amongst all.

Unlike those men with a clean-shaved look who supposedly fit in the tenets of the society, you can break the norms and stand out and try something new and interesting with your long beard.

How To Use Beard Beads?

This step-by-step guide can help you learn how to attach beads to your beard. Let’s have a look!

  • Take a silicone band and wrap it around that portion of your beard where you wish to wear the bead. You can wrap it in 2 to 3 loops.
  • Now take a piece of a long string and divide it into 2 parts. The ends of this string should pass through the hole of the bead.
  • Doing this will allow you to make a larger loop using that part of the string that is not inside the bead’s hole.
  • Take the tip of your beard and slip it through the loop. Keep the folded ends of the string intact using your other hand while doing this step.
  • Pull the loop entirely through the hole in the bead ring. The bead should not move and should stay in place.
  • You can finish the process by sliding the bead on the top of the silicone ring that you placed initially. This will allow the bead to stay in place easily and comfortably.

Is There Any Proof That The Beard Beads Were Used In The Past?

Even though we all tend to believe that the Viking and the Norse used to use decorative items to style their beard, there is no clear evidence to prove this fact. However, archeologists and scientists have discovered such beads and different pieces of jewelry that can prove these assumptions right.

From the wall cravings and other details from the history, it looks like the Vikings were fond of their beards and they used to style them by braiding neatly and considered this as a huge part of themselves.

Norse men also used to love doing so. Few people also call them as battle braids.

Dyeing and decorating the beards were also common amongst the Ancient Egyptians.

How To Braid Your Beard?

If you are finding it difficult to style your beard hair neatly, these steps can be helpful to you:

  • Start by brushing your beard hair neatly until you get rid of all the tangles. Make sure your strands are now smooth and good to go. You can also apply a small amount of hair smoothing serum starting from the roots till the tips to add smoothness and shine to your beard.
  • To start braiding, take a 2-inch area of your beard hair on any side. Fold your hair a little bit at the base so that it will anchor the hair and act as a base to the braid.
  • Now take a beading wire and remove a long segment measuring around a foot. Keep this wire handy. Separate the bunch of hair into 3 even areas and start wrapping the finishes of one segment of hair around one end of beading wire gently.
  • Prick a few dots on the other end of the beading wire and simultaneously drive the dabs on the associated strands of hair. Keep maintaining globules on the wire and the hair until you reach the point where you have made enough dots to make nice interlace. The range of globules can vary between 5-15 dabs.
  • To keep the globules on the segment of braid, keep wrapping the base of the beaded segment of the hair. You can add such globules to more than one segment of the interlace before you start twisting the braids.
  • Now mesh your hair strands into clean and smooth interlaces. Use a hair versatile to tie the base of the plait.
  • Once this is done, you can remove the first versatile from the beaded segment of the plait. Start rehashing the similar twisting process in a similar number of areas and on as many interlaces as you want.


If you are in search of a good quality beads ornaments for styling your beards and hair like the Vikings used to do, you can pick any of the above-mentioned products as all of the beads will remind you of the Vikings in some way. However, we suggest you pick the beads that are suitable according to the size of your whiskers and consider the budget as well. However, in case you are not able to select one, we have some personal recommendations:

The Norse Vikings Runes Hair Beard Beads is a great deal as you will get 24 pieces of beads with medium-sized beards that are best to fit small and medium-thick braids. Also, the Norse Runes make every bead different from each other, so you can choose those that match your personality.

Also, the Norse Tradesman Wolf Beard Bead Coils can be the perfect choice for you if you are mainly focusing on the design and quality. This set comes with only 4 beads, but the design language and the embossing are absolutely remarkable.

So these were some of the Best Beard Beads that you can spend your money on. In case you liked any of the products or you have any queries about any of them, do let us know in the comments section below.


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