The 9 Best Co-Washes for Natural Hair Reviews 2023


Co-washing is a method to wash the hair with the help of conditioners. In this method, we avoid shampoos and is also called the “no-poo” method. Co-washes for natural hair and curly hair are a common method. It is an excellent method to handle the dryness of the hair and conditions the hair. This method is especially beneficial for people with curly hair as it makes the hair smoother, softer and allows you to manage the locks easily.

Co-washing means washing the tresses using a conditioner. It means that you do not use shampoo for washing the hair. Instead, you use conditioner to clean the scalp and wash the hair. You should not be shampooing natural or curly hair as it strips the natural moisture from the hair. Co-washing ensures hydrates, nourishes, and makes the hair softer. People with natural and curly hair benefit from co-washing as these types of hair need to be hydrated the most.

Before you buy the best co-washes for natural hair, you must carefully follow the following two factors.

  • According to the hair texture: knowing the hair texture is essential before buying a conditioner. For flat and thin hair, you need a volumizing conditioner. If you have wavy hair, you need a moisturizing conditioner. While for thick and wavy hair, you must look for a hydrating conditioner.
  • Formula and ingredients: Analyzing the conditioner’s composition is crucial as the product gets absorbed in the hair and the skin. Look for a product that is organic and made with natural ingredients.

Apart from these two factors, there are other factors that you need to look upon before you decide on the best co-washes for natural hair. You will find all the important factors in the “Buying Guide” present just below the product review.

Best Co-Washes for Natural Hair Reviews

Co-Washes for Natural HairQuantityHair typeBuy Now
Cantu Shea Butter Complete Conditioning Co-Wash10 ozCurly, wavy hairCHECK ON AMAZON
Gold Series from Pantene Hydrating Co-Wash15.2 ozDry, damaged hairCHECK ON AMAZON
RENPURE Creme Cowash Cleansing Conditioner16 ozAll hair typesCHECK ON AMAZON
Creme of Nature co-wash conditioner12 ozCurly, wavy, and coily hairCHECK ON AMAZON
EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing Cowash16 ozDry hairCHECK ON AMAZON
Shea Moisture Coconut Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser12 ozAll hair typesCHECK ON AMAZON
Alikay Naturals Cowash Me Cleansing Conditioner8 ozCurly hairCHECK ON AMAZON
Peter namrongput As I Am Coconut Cowash16 ozColor-treated hairCHECK ON AMAZON
Africa’s Best Honey and Castor Co-Wash12 ozCastor hairCHECK ON AMAZON

Top Co-Washes for Natural Hair Reviews 2023

1. Cantu Shea Butter Complete Conditioning Co-Wash

Cantu Shea Butter Complete Conditioning Co-WashOne of the best conditioners in the market for natural hair, Cantu’s conditioning co-wash has a creamy formula that gently cleanses the scalp. But, it is harsh on the impurities and does not leave any build-up on the scalp.

This conditioner helps restore the hair’s natural beauty by removing the heavy build-up and impurities and leaving the hair fresh and purified. The unique blend of 15 natural kinds of butter and natural oils like shea butter, castor seed oil, and coconut seed oil infuses moisture to the locks and hydrates them. Also, it detangles the hair easily. The application of the product is very easy, and for best results, you should follow with a leave-in conditioner.

The product is free from silicones, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and mineral oils. This makes the product safe to use, and the user is less prone to allergies.

The tube packaging of the conditioner makes it convenient to use. It works on all types of hair- wet or dry. It works best for curly, coily, or wavy hair.

Product Details: 

Quantity: 10 oz

Hair type: Curly, wavy hair

Item form: Cream


  • Blend of 15 natural kinds of butter and natural oils.
  • Free of harmful chemicals.
  • Ideal for curly or wavy hair.
  • Detangles the hair easily.


  • Might cause split ends.

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2. Gold Series from Pantene Hydrating Co-Wash

Gold Series from Pantene Hydrating Co-WashThe Gold Series by Pantene was specially made for curly and afro hair, which needs intense and deep moisturization. This collection’s deep and hydrating co-wash provides this much-needed nourishment.

This co-wash keeps the scalp and the hair clean and revives the natural moisture of the hair. It also strengthens each strand of the hair. Additionally, it is rich in argan oil which de-tangles the hair easily and leaves the hair soft. The ultimate moisturizing and nourishing formula improves the manageability of the hair too. This co-wash can be used instead of shampoos and conditioners in between washes. Also, it produces low lather.

There are no harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, or dyes. This is a top-rated product. For best results, use the co-wash with other products of the gold series.

The product is available in a cylindrical bottle with a push-down cap for easy usage. It is suitable for damaged and dry hair.

Product Details:

Quantity: 15.2 oz

Hair type: Dry, damaged hair

Item form: Rich cream


  • Provides deep moisturization.
  • Enhanced with argan oil.
  • Strengthens each strand of the hair.
  • Free of harmful chemicals.


  • Might leave a flaky residue.

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3. RENPURE Creme Cowash Cleansing Conditioner

RENPURE Creme Cowash Cleansing ConditionerRenpure is known for using gently sourced ingredients and producing naturally inspired products. They produce safe, effective products which the whole family can use. This co-wash for natural hair gently removes all the impurities from the hair.

This co-wash is enhanced with coconut oil which nourishes the hair and protects it from damage. The superior blend of amino acids, proteins, and keratin helps to repair all kinds of damage, make the hair lustrous and smooth, and restore strength. The shea butter contained in the co-wash supplies protective lipids to the hair and conditions the damaged areas. It also makes the hair

The product is free of all kinds of harsh salts, parabens, and sulfates. It does not contain sodium chloride. It is a dye-free and gluten-free product.

This co-wash comes in a cylindrical bottle with a pump. It is ideal for all hair types and effectively treats damage.

Product Details:

Quantity: 16 oz

Hair type: All hair types

Item form: Liquid


  • No sodium chloride.
  • No harsh salts.
  • Prevents tangles in the hair.
  • Makes the hair soft and bouncy.


  • The pump might be faulty.

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4. Creme of Nature co-wash conditioner

Creme of Nature co-wash conditionerCreme of Nature Argan Oil Pure-Licious Co-wash cleansing conditioner revitalizes and revives your curls by perfectly cleansing the scalp made from the butter blend of argan oil. It is a color-safe formula that retains 90% of the color even after 10 washes.

The color-safe formula of the co-wash is infused with argan oil. It gently cleanses the scalp and hair and removes build-up and product residue. The argan moisturizes your natural hair and keeps the hair frizz-free. This formula effectively defines your coils, curls, waves, and kink. The product is lightweight and provides an exotic shine to the hair. Additionally, the product prevents the breakage of the hair and detangles the hair easily.

The product is free of parabens and all kinds of sulfates. It is mineral oil-free, silicon-free.

It comes in a plastic bottle with a normal cap. The product is most suitable for curly, wavy, and coily hair.

Product Details:

Quantity: 12 oz

Hair type: Curly, wavy and coily

Item form: Cream


  • Sulfate-free.
  • Mineral oil-free.
  • Paraben-free.
  • Silicon-free.


  • Some users might not like the fragrance.

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5. EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing Cowash

EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing CowashIf you are looking for a suds-free co-wash for natural hair, this is the product you should go for your hair. This is a silky conditioning co-wash for natural hair, which revives the lost moisture and cleanses the scalp of product residue and other impurities.

The goodness of shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, aloe vera extracts, and other natural ingredients work together to hydrate the scalp and the hair. Also, they lock in the moisture and prevent dryness in the hair. It promotes easy detangling of the hair too.

The product is free of harmful chemicals like sulfates and dyes. It is also free of mineral oils, which makes it highly suitable for dry and porous hair.

The co-wash comes in a jar with a twist cap. It has a pleasant fragrance but is little on the expensive side.

Product Details:

Quantity: 16 oz

Hair type: Dry hair

Item form: Cream


  • No artificial dyes.
  • Detangles the hair easily.
  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • Suits transitioning hair.


  • Expensive.

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6. Shea Moisture Coconut Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser

Shea MoistureWash away all your troubles with this Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus co-wash conditioning cleanser. The cleanser is made from hand-picked natural ingredients, which makes the stubborn curls tangle-free and prevents frizz.

The co-wash is loaded with the goodness of coconut oil and neem oil, which prevents the damage and breakage of the hair and protects the hair from external impurities. While the certified raw shea butter hydrates and moisturizes the hair and leads to easy detangling. It also locks in the moisture in the hair and the scalp. Moreover, it adds a bright shine to the hair.

The product is free of all harmful ingredients like sulfates and parabens. It is also a color-safe product that protects the color of the hair.

It comes in a cylindrical bottle with a normal cap. It is suitable for all hair types

Product Details:

Quantity: 12 oz

Hair type: All hair types

Item form: Cream


  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Adds shine to the hair.
  • Locks in the moisture.
  • Loaded with natural ingredients.


  • Can make the hair greasy.

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7. Alikay Naturals Cowash Me Cleansing Conditioner

Alikay Naturals Cowash Me Cleansing ConditionerThis co-wash conditioner has a sulfate-free formula and is gentle on the scalp and the hair for daily use. It maintains and balances the natural oils of the hair. The co-wash cleanses the scalp and the hair by effectively removing the impurities and product build-up.

The unique blend of peppermint oil and jojoba oil nourishes the hair and protects them from external hazards that can harm the scalp or hair. It also makes your hair soft and ensures that the scalp feels clean and refreshed. The dryness is also managed with the use of this co-wash, and it also reduces frizz.

The peach scent of the product is also delightful. It contains natural and organic ingredients and is free of harmful chemicals like parabens and sulfates.

The co-wash comes in a cylindrical bottle with a normal cap. It is suitable for curly hair types. It works well for both oily and dry hair types.

Product Details:

Quantity: 8 oz

Hair type: Oily, dry, and curly hair

Item form: Lotion


  • Ideal for curly hair.
  • Reduces frizz.
  • Made of natural and organic ingredients.
  • Makes the hair soft.


  • Can make the hair oily.

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8. Peter namrongput As I Am Coconut Cowash

Peter namrongput As I Am Coconut Cowash

This is a deep conditioning co-wash that is perfectly suitable for natural hair. It removes all the impurities like build-up, dirt, and product residue from the scalp gently, suitable for everyday use. It also maintains the coils and curls by retaining the moisture in them and preventing them from drying out.

This co-wash is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients like tangerine, saw palmetto, coconut oil, castor oil, and phytosterols. They work together at the follicular level by unclogging the pores and stimulating blood circulation. This promotes hair growth and is great for moisturizing and conditioning purposes as well. These ingredients combined ensures moisture in your hair till the next wash. The product spreads easily and detangles the hair smoothly.

The pleasant smell of the co-wash makes it favorable for all. It is suitable for color-treated hair and free of harmful sulfates and parabens.

The product comes in a jar with a twist cap. It is suitable for curly and coily hair.

Product Details:

Quantity: 16 oz

Hair type: Color-treated

Item form: Cream


  • Deep conditioning.
  • Gentle for everyday use.
  • Suitable for color-treated hair.
  • Pleasant fragrance.


  • Product packaging might lead to wastage.

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9. Africa’s Best Honey and Castor Co-Wash

Africa’s Best Honey and Castor Co-WashAfrica’s Best is an Atlanta, US based hair company that makes hair products for all hair types. Their area of specialisation is products for women of color. They have market share not just in the US but also the UK, middle east, caribbean, south america and Africa. They use traditional African herbs, oils and techniques to formulate their unique hair care line. 

Africa’s Best Original Co-wash is designed for naturally coily, wavy and curly hair types. It contains 100% natural honey and castor oil that gives intense hydration to the hair. Castor oil provides moisturisation and shine to the hair as well as controls frizz and hair fall. The honey locks in the moisture and repairs damaged hairs. 

The sulphate free formula can create mild lather to thoroughly cleanse the hair and scalp without drying it out. 

What we liked:

  • Has a nice, pleasant fragrance
  • Not drying and works well on relaxed hair as well
  • Creates light lather that is enough to properly cleanse the hair
  • Manufactured in the USA

What we did not like:

  • No major cons

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Co-Washes for Natural Hair

Taking care of the hair is a tough job. You need to ensure the products that you are using on the hair nourishes them and not damage them. For the best co-washes for natural hair, getting the right conditioner for your hair is important. With the plethora of options available in the market, along with some false claims from the manufacturer, it is important that you know to distinguish what is best for the hair. Before buying a conditioner, make sure to follow the factors mentioned below.

According to your hair texture

You must know your hair texture before buying a conditioner for your hair. Different conditioners are available for different hair textures. Your hair texture may be flat and fine, wavy, or thick and curly hair. If your hair is fine and flat, you should buy a conditioner that states it is a volumizing conditioner and has a lightweight formula.

If you have wavy hair, it is best to buy a lightweight and moisturizing conditioner. This kind of conditioner helps to control frizz. You need a deep hydrating conditioner if your hair is thick and curly. It hydrates the hair and nourishes them. If you buy a conditioner that is different from your hair texture, it will harm the hair.

Formula and ingredients

Analyzing the composition of the conditioner you are buying is crucial. There is only one reason behind it. Whatever you are applying in the hair and scalp is getting absorbed on the skin and scalp. Look through the ingredients carefully. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients present in the product, you should stay away from the product.

If you are unsure about any of the ingredients, you should conduct a patch test before buying. The most recommended conditioners are those which are organic and natural. Conditioners containing shea butter, natural hazelnut oils, natural oils, panthenol, argan oil are common ingredients you will find in conditioners.

Things to avoid

You should stay away from products that contain parabens, sulfates, or SLS. Sulfates and SLS are harsh chemicals that damage the hair and degrades its quality. If you are exposed to too much paraben, there is a risk of developing breast cancer. It is also good to choose a conditioner that does not have artificial colors, dyes, or fragrances. This does not do any good to the hair, but with the artificial ingredients, the hair gets damaged.


If you are interested in a product, it is good to go through the reviews before buying the product. Also, look out for the ratings. The ratings and reviews are related to each other. Ratings are determined based on the number of people writing a review of the product. It gives you an honest and clear idea about the product that you are choosing. It gives you an idea if the product fulfills all the promises made by the manufacturer. It also helps you understand if the product will be beneficial in any way for your hair texture or it will be a waste of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the meaning of co-washing?

Co-washing is abbreviated for conditioner-only washing. This will mean that while washing the hair, you only use conditioners to clean and rinse the scalp and hair without using shampoo. Co-washing will result in making the hair softer, smoother, and more manageable.

2. Are co-washing and conditioning the strands the same?

Though co-washing means washing the hair using only conditioner, it is different from conditioning the strands. Co-washing uses a cream cleanser that is specially formulated to clean the hair and remove the buildups from the scalp. It does not lather the hair and is free of harsh chemicals, parabens, and sulfates.

3. Mention the benefits of co-washing.

There are several benefits of co-washing. Some of them are:
*Free of harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, and SLS.
*Makes the hair stronger, smoother, and healthier.
*Reduces frizz and dryness from the hair.
*Prevents breakage.
*Better moisture retention.

4. What are the drawbacks of the process?

If you are not accustomed to the product and do not wash the scalp and hair properly, there is a risk of build-up of the product on the scalp. Also, there is a risk of irritation or itchiness with new products. This is why it is advised to conduct a patch test before using a new product.

Final Word

Co-washes are beneficial for natural and curly hair. In this method, you wash your hair using conditioner only and stay away from shampoo. It makes hair smoother, softer, and easier to manage. To get the best results, it is best to use co-washes once or twice a week. Co-washes are free of harmful chemicals, sulfates, parabens, silicone, and artificial fragrances.

If you wish to shift to co-washes, we are sure this article will help you. With the buying guide and the product review, we assure you that deciding on co-washes will be a piece of cake. If you have any doubts regarding anything mentioned in the article, feel free to write to us. We will be happy to help. Have you used any of the above-mentioned products? If yes, let us know what your opinion is about the same in the comments section below.


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