The 10 Best Automatic Hair Curlers Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Automatic Hair Curlers

Ladies and curly hair are inseparable in the trendy modern world. It’s a wow and lovely thing to have s-curls, waves, ringlet curls, spiral curls, soft curls, and many more for your hair. But, pertaining curves and twirls all over the hair can be time-taking and leave your arms painful. And it seems to be so uncomfortable, worrisome, and deterrent. Let down this tedious job now to the easiest hassle-free task with awesome automatic hair curlers. 

An automatic hair curler is a device that curls or twists your hair automatically within minutes. So, the main discomfort of arm stress is lost! However, it needs specific heat, time, and style settings to achieve small, medium, or large curls. 

With the main intention of a painless, effortless, and quicker hair curling process, they are designed in assorted styles, designs, and models. So, among the numerous brands and varieties available today, it is very confusing to pick up the best automatic hair curlers. 

Yet, you can derive the right selection by looking for two important things – the design and power source of the automatic hair curlers. 

Design – Though there are many different designs of hair curlers, you ought to have one with a simple design that makes your curling job easier. Most often, a clamp iron design is used in a majority of automatic hair curlers present in the market. 

Power Source – Automatic hair curlers run by corded electric power or battery power. Check the feasibility and benefits of each power mode for the right selection. 

Apart from these two, there are many other factors to consider which are given here in the “Buying Guide” below the product reviews. 

With our list of best automatic hair curlers available on Amazon, we ease your searching process. 

Here is a table below with an overview of the products. 

Best Automatic Hair Curlers 2023

Automatic Hair CurlerMaterial Power sourceBuy Now
CHI Spin N Curl CurlerCeramicCorded electricBuy Now
Unbound Cordless Auto Curler from Conair Ceramic,5000 mAh lithium batteryBuy Now
Fezax Cordless Auto Hair Curler Ceramic---Buy Now
Kiss Ceramic Curling IronCeramicCorded electricBuy Now
INFINITIPRO  CurlerCeramic and tourmalineCorded electricBuy Now
YAPOY Hair Curler CordlessCeramic5200 mAh batteryBuy Now
PFUM Cordless Automatic Hair CurlerCeramic5000 mAh batteryBuy Now
Nuaer Automatic Hair CurlerCeramic5000 mAh batteryBuy Now
MELOPHY Auto Hair Curler Ceramic5000 mAh batteryBuy Now
Wandor Automatic Curling IronPlastic5200 mAh batteryBuy Now

Best Automatic Hair Curlers Reviews

1. CHI Spin N Curl Curler

CHI Spin N Curl CurlerCHI Spin and Curl is an automatic hair curler manufactured by Farouk Systems Inc. This company is based in Houston. You can quite easily curl your hair using this hair curler within a couple of minutes. The hair curler creates perfect waves and curls.

The curl chamber is heated and you need to place the hair inside the chamber after it is heated enough. A digital display gives you an idea of the temperature. You can adjust the temperature settings of the device. Or, choose a preset hair setting to get a different hair texture. This heat setting also protects your hair from unnecessary heat damage.

The heating plates are made of ceramic that produces more and even infrared heating. It conditions your hair to provide more luster and shine.

The device also does not allow tangles to be formed in your hair. It works on dual voltage and after an hour of use, the device shuts off automatically. Buttons along with directions and beep alerts make your job easier.

Product Information:

Material: Ceramic

Power source: Corded electric

Color: Black

Maximum temperature: 410°F


  • Digital temperature display.
  • Automatically shut off after an hour.
  • Ceramic provides more heat.
  • A preset temperature setting protects your hair from unnecessary heat.


  • Allows only one size curl.
  • Not great for short hair like bangs.

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2. Unbound Cordless Auto Curler from Conair 

Unbound Cordless Auto Curler from Conair It is the first high-performance cordless automatic hair curler that creates beautiful curls and waves within no time. It is of standard size and allows a feasible use for anyone. Moreover, the curler is cordless, and upon the full charge, you can use it anywhere anytime for up to one hour. 

The curling tool uses high-quality ceramic metal that heats up quickly. And it adopts 3 heat and 4 timer settings with a maximum temperature of 400℉ and perfectly fulfills professional use. So, you can have any type of tight or loose curls and waves as desired. It works well by removing frizz and allows curl action in left, right, or mixed direction, and lets you a complete hair makeover. 

Coming to its design, it is compact with 3*4.5*10.13 inches, portable, and travel-friendly. Yet, ensure that you recharge the battery completely as required. Also, it has special additional features like the auto shut-off feature that turns it off automatically within 15 minutes for safety. Moreover, with an anti-tangle protection feature, it removes any tangles of the hair and creates smooth twirls and curls. 

Product Information:

  • Material: Ceramic 
  • Power Source: Lithium batteries
  • Color: Light Purple
  • Maximum Temperature: 400℉


  • Easy to use 
  • Digital temperature display 
  • Multidirectional curling 
  • The curls last longer. 
  • It comes with a thick cloth case or bag. 


  • It shuts off automatically within 15 minutes, and you need to start again if you are not done when curling long hair. 
  • Battery life could have been more. 
  • A bit expensive

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3. Fezax Cordless Auto Hair Curler 

Fezax Cordless Auto Hair Curler 

If you are searching for an affordable cordless automatic hair curler, this serves you the best. Without any hassles, skill, and pain, you can simply have soft and smooth wavy hair and curls just by pressing the temperature and timer setting buttons. 

It has 6 different temperature settings (150 ℃ – 200 ℃ / 300 ℉ – 390 ℉) and 11 time settings (8 s – 18 s). So, you can have personalized waves and curls by setting a suitable temperature and time.

As the curler has the safe and latest anti-rust ceramic + tourmaline + nano-coating technology, it heats up rapidly. And so, you need not wait more time to curl once you switch it on. There is also a ceramic crimping chamber with a heat insulation function to protect your skin from scalding. 

It has an LCD screen to display temperature, curling direction, time, and battery level. So, it is user-friendly and you need not worry about using it. Upon fully charging for 3-4 hours, it can work for one hour, and so you can carry it anywhere at home, travel, office, or parties. Also, it is just 7.6 * 2.1 inches in size and lightweight at 13.05 ounces and it is portable. 

With an automatic shut-off feature, it turns off automatically within 10 minutes saving battery life. 

Product Information:

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Power Source: 5000 mAh Lithium battery 
  • Color: Black 
  • Maximum Temperature: 200 ℃ 


  • Anti-tangle and scandalous designs are safer. 
  • Auto shut down 
  • Simple and easy to curl 
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • It curls up the whole head within 10 minutes. 
  • Affordable price 


  • Low battery life 

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4. Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Ceramic Curling Iron

Kiss Products Automatic Ceramic Curling IronKiss has made an automatic curling iron for the people who are unable to use the traditional curling wands and iron. The device allows you to have curls that are worthy of salons but without any hassle.

The device has a simplistic design and changes the way people do their hair. The automatic hair curler allows you to style your hair with just a button. This device gives you bouncy as well as natural curls. The device has ridges and prongs that detangle and makes your hair smooth at the time of curling. The design of the curler prevents your hands from coming near the hot iron, thus reducing the need to wear gloves.

The iron tool is made up of ceramic and the ionic technology used in the device makes your hair healthy as well as shiny. This technology also lessens the amount of frizz in your hair and even prevents the hair from getting damaged.

This device comes with two different types of heating settings. The maximum heating temperature is 420°F and after using it for 90 minutes the device shuts off automatically. The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty.

Product Information:

Material: Ceramic

Power source: Corded electric

Color: Black, White

Maximum temperature: 420°F


  • Simple design.
  • Lessens the frizz in your hair.
  • Comes with two heating settings.
  • Shuts down automatically after 90 minutes.


  • It works for dry hair and not silky hair.

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Conair curl secret introduced a revolutionary product by bringing INFINITI PRO that helps you get beautiful curls.  Conair has been delivering styling tools for hair since 1959.

The hair curler comes with a brushless motor that gives a long life to the curler. The curler also has a safety sensor that allows precision styling as well as tangle-free curls. The device has 2 levels of heating and 3 different settings for the timer. This allows you to have both tight and medium curls.

The maximum heating temperature of this device is 400°F. A beep sound indicates that it is safe for you to remove the curl from the device. The material used for the heating barrel is tourmaline and ceramic. The presence of both the materials brings out more shine to the hair and lessens the frizz in the hair.

After using the automatic curler for some time, it turns off automatically. This quality makes the device safe to use.

Product Information:

Material: Ceramic and tourmaline

Power source: Corded electric

Color: Metallic grey

Maximum temperature: 400°F


  • A safety sensor is present that makes your hair tangle-free.
  • Brings out the shine in your hair.
  • Safe to use.
  • Comes with 2 levels of heating and 3 timer settings.


  • Sometimes the hair gets stuck.

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6. YAPOY Hair Curler Cordless
YAPOY Hair Curler Cordless

Yapoy has developed an intelligent and cordless hair curler. You can curl your tongs through the isolating curl chamber that provides unique heat. This surface saves your hands from coming in contact with the heat.

In this hair curler, the heat turns up because of the ceramic coating. This coating reduces the chances of your hair from getting damaged. This reduces the chance of the hair being frizzy, breakage, and flyaways by 40%. You can comb through your while curling and allow your hair to be tangle-free.

You can curve your hair in 3 different directions. You can also set the temperature and timer in 5 kinds. If you are not using the appliance for 10 minutes, then it will shut down automatically.

The device has a 5200 mAh built-in battery that can last for an hour. It creates curls within 8 seconds.

Product Information:

Material: Ceramic

Power source: 5200 mAh battery

Color: Green

Maximum temperature: 390°F


  • Can curve your hair in 3 different directions.
  • Automatically shuts down.
  • Creates curls in 8 seconds.
  • Reduces breakage and frizz by 40%


  • The battery takes time to charge.

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7. PFUM Cordless Automatic Hair Curler

PFUM Cordless Automatic Hair Curler

This one is the latest version of an automatic hair curler from the brand PFUM with a smart induction motor that ensures no tangles. So, there will be no more poor curling effects. 

Like most other models, it contains ceramic material to quickly heat the hair strands for a faster curling process. Yet, your skin and hair remain safe with the ceramic curl chamber. Moreover, a vegetable protein coating and tourmaline ceramic technology lock the moisture in the hair for better protection. 

Coming to its design, it is cute-looking with a good-quality barrel. The curler has 6 heat settings from 150 ℃ – 200 ℃, and time settings from 8 s to 18 s. Upon feasible temperature and time attributes, you can have looser, slight, softer, stronger, or wavy curls. 

With a more durable and efficient 5000 mAh Lithium battery, you can use it for a long time. As it is rechargeable through a USB cable, you can simply power it fully for 3 to 4 hours, and use it wherever you want. The battery life is also saved by an automatic shut-down feature which switches off the curler automatically if it is not used continuously for 10 minutes. So, ultimately, it also saves yourself, your kids, pets, and others from any accidental handling. 

This one is especially easy to use because of its many interesting user-friendly features. It has an LCD indicator buzzer which indicates when to loosen the curler. Others like built-in timer, LCD, and so on also make it more preferable. 

Product Information:

  • Material: Ceramic 
  • Power Source: 5000 mAh Lithium battery 
  • Color: Black
  • Maximum Temperature: 200 ℃ 


  • 6 temperature and timer settings
  • Ideal for loose, medium, and tight curls 
  • Smart induction motor to avoid tangles 


  • Very poor battery life
  • As it shuts off automatically within 10 minutes, you have to charge it twice and then reuse it to complete your long hair curls. 

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8. Nuaer Automatic Hair Curler

Nuaer Automatic Hair CurlerThe brand Nuaer has several products across many categories. The new automatic hair curler from the brand lets you have captivating long-lasting curls without anyone’s help.

This updated curler comes with a large heating tube along with a U-shaped slot that helps in curling more hair in less time.

The curler lets you select from four different temperature settings ranging between 325℉ to 430℉ matching your hair type and requirement. You can also select three different timings (8S, 12S, 16S) that meet your hairstyling needs.

Made of good quality ceramic material, this lightweight curler is also given double-layer insulation to protect you from burning your hands from heat. It comes with a smart sensor that untangles the hair by rotating in the opposite direction immediately after it notices that your hair got stuck.

Moreover, the curler’s negative ion function and efficient keratin coating together reduce hair friction and damage by maintaining stable heat throughout the usage. If you are away from the curler after you turned it on or if you forgot to turn it off, its auto shut-off feature turns the curler off after 45 minutes.

It comes with a power cord that can be rotated 360° without any winding. It can work with voltage ranging between 100V to 230V making it a reliable curler to travel around the world with. It measures 13.66 x 3.58 x 3.35 inches in dimensions, which means it does not take much space.

Product Information:

Material: Ceramic

Power Source: Corded electric

Color: Lavender

Maximum temperature: 430℉


  • Adjustable temperature and timing
  • Advanced technology
  • Compact-size
  • Easy to handle
  • Suitable for traveling


  • Chic rose shape design does not have a smart sensor chip

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9. MELOPHY Auto Hair Curler 

MELOPHY Auto Hair Curler 

The next best auto hair curling wand is the advanced large-volume model from the MELOPHY here is for girls with long and thick hair. It has an upgraded 1-inch larger barrel and a larger U-shaped slot that curls more hair each time. So, people with long hair will be free from any arm pain or stress that otherwise arises during curling. 

Besides, it has a 1.8 m long swivel cord that can rotate around 360-degrees, and so you can easily move the curler. So, you don’t have the worries of low battery time. Yet, you have to find a better power source wherever you use it.

But, it’s not problematic because it works with a dual voltage of 100 – 230 V, and so you can use it better even if you are a worldwide traveler. It creates excellent beach waves, curls, and spins within 10 minutes without effort. Just a simple button press gives you the characteristic personalized curly hairstyle. 

With a superb ceramic plate and keratin and ionic coating protection, it excels in faster curls without hair damage.

Moreover, it contains 4 heat options from 160 ℃ – 220 ℃ (325 ℉- 430 ℉) with 3 gentle timer settings of 8 s, 12 s, and 16 s. As it is the latest model, it has an induction motor to protect the hair from tangles while curling. So, you can have a wide range of curls ready to go for the office, beach, or parties within 10 to 20 minutes. 

Though you use it in a hurry, you will be safe enough with its anti-tangle and 4X more protection that saves your hair from damage. 

This auto curler is different and beneficial from others as it has a 45-minute auto shut-off feature. So, as you use it for long hair, it does not switch off within 10 minutes and lets your work be done completely and effectively. 

Product Information:

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Power Source: Corded electric 
  • Color: Blue
  • Maximum Temperature: 220 ℃


  • Ideal for large hair with a 1-inch larger rotating barrel and a U-shaped slot
  • 45-minute auto shut off feature
  • Keratin and ionic coating protection 
  • Left and right direction of curls 
  • 1.8m long and a 360-degree rotation swivel cord
  • Worldwide use with dual voltage 
  • Automatic bouncy curls


  • Some complained that the hair stuck within the barrel. 

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10. Wandor Automatic Curling Iron

Wandor Automatic Curling IronThe Wandor hair curler is a rechargeable and cord-free hair curler. The main focus of this curler is to provide a personalized experience to the people using it.

You can vary the temperature from 300°F to 390°F. You can also set the timer from 8 to 18 seconds. According to your wish, one can also feature tight or loose curls. Non-toxic materials are the key elements that are used to make the heating element of the appliance.

The built-in battery of 5200 mAh is convenient for cordless use. Moreover, you can also use the curler to charge your phone and make it work as a power bank. After charging it completely, it lasts for 60 minutes.

Product Information:

Material: Plastic

Power source: 5200 mAh battery

Color: Gray

Maximum temperature: 390°F


  • Cordless hair curler.
  • Can do tight as well as light curls.
  • Can be used as a power bank.


  • Some people received used products.

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Things to Consider Before You Buy an Automatic Hair Curler 

As said, the design and power source are the key things to consider when purchasing an automatic hair curler. However, we suggest you look even for other features given here. 

1. Design

Automatic hair curlers come in different designs like – 

  • Clamp Iron – This classic design has a clamp, a handle, and a barrel. Upon opening the clamp, you have to wrap the hair across the barrel for curling. Once you close the clamp, the iron heats the hair and gives nice curls to the hair.
  • Spring-loaded Clamps – Most home-use hair curlers have this design for an easy curling process. It simply needs pressing the clamps down while the curler opens and closes automatically. 
  • Marcel Curling Iron – Hair curlers for professional use in salons will have this design. With a spring-loaded clamp, it is easy to curl your hair. Yet, you have to shut off the clamp manually. 

2. Power Source 

The power source of hair curlers is of two types – corded electric power and a battery source. The corded electric ones have a swivel power cord for functioning. But, the only concern with this type is the probability of the cord being tangled with your hair or hand. And it may disturb or hurt you through the curl-making way. 

On the other hand, the battery-sourced hair curlers avoid this problem as they are not corded and simply run by battery power. But, the downside of these models is that the power lasts only for an hour or so.

3. Barrel Size

Hair curlers are designed with different sizes of barrels. Those with longer barrel sizes are for long hair and shorter ones for short hair. 

Most importantly, you will have different types of curls mainly because of the barrel’s width. If it is narrow, you will have tight curls. And if the barrel is wider, the curls will be wavy. So, check the length and width of the barrel based on your hair length and desired curl type. 

4. Hair Curler Material and Quality 

While different types of materials like ceramic, tourmaline, gold, and titanium are used for making the curler, ceramic is used most commonly as it is safe and gentle. We advise you not to prefer others that have reviews mentioning toxic release, smell, melting, or easy damage. 

5. Settings 

Automatic hair curlers make your work hassle-free by feasible settings of temperature, timer, and direction of curls shown on the LCD screen. They also have simple buttons to alter the temperature and time as you need. Besides, the screen also shows the battery level in the case of battery-powered hair curlers. 

6. Thickness and Length of Hair 

Consider your hair length and thickness so that the curler holds the hair aptly for curling without pain. Some curlers may either trap your hair in the chamber if the hair is too long while some may drop it in case of short hair. 

7. Safety Features 

Safety is always important when handling an automatic hair curler. Certain features like a safety stand, automatic shut-off feature, and an LED indicator ensure the safety of yourself and that of the device to have peace of mind. 

8. Additional Features

Hair curlers are equipped with some additional user-friendly features like an LCD screen, brush attachments, a long swivel cord, and many others which make the curling operation comfortable and effortless. So, check if the curler has these features for a better trouble-free hair curling. 

9. Price

Most of us feel that expensive automatic hair curlers work the best. But, it’s not always true. There are even many brands that offer even efficient ones at an affordable price range. So, choose one as per your budget, and don’t get in trouble by choosing only a costly model.

10. Mode of Working

While some girls wish to have curly styling at salons, some prefer to have it done at home with self-use. Anyways, the home or professional users should understand how a particular automatic hair curler model works. This is because the operating methods, safety features, and others will differ from each brand. And so you have to be aware of the working, check the instruction manual before use for safety. 

If you purchase one without even knowing its way of use, it remains complicated. And you will end up with a wasted investment if it is costly. 

Why Should I Use an Automatic Hair Curler?

Automatic hair curlers are one of the most beneficial and superb hairstyling and hair curling tools. Why because –  

  • They are automatic, and you need not manually use your hands to twist, curl or wind the hair. 
  • They are available in different temperature settings to cherish different types of beautiful and fascinating curls – soft, ringlet, spiral, and so on. 
  • Automatic hair curlers save your time. Especially, in this busy world and schedules, as we ladies do not have time to spend much time styling our hair, they make your curls within 5 to 10 minutes. 

How to use an Automatic Hair Curler?

Automatic hair curlers are easy to use at home or in salons. However, the mode of usage depends on its chamber-type or wand-type design. Still, the basic use remains the same. 

  • Drying the Hair – You have to use an automatic hair curler only on dry hair. So, first, let it dry with a hairdryer or wipe it with your towel. Some prefer using a hair spray before curling for protection against hair damage.  
  • Brushing hair – Before using the automatic hair curler, make sure that your hair is free of tangles, knots, and snarls for free movement and curling. The hair should be loose enough without which the hair gets stuck. Then, you may feel pain or the curly design may also be improper. Besides, it consumes more time, ending you in frustration. 
  • Sectioning the hair – Segment your hair into 1-inch sections to curl as suggested. If you overload the curler, you won’t have proper curls as the heat does not pass up correctly for wraps. 
  • Waiting till the set-up time – Once you section, you have to keep the hair into the curler for a certain desired time based on the tightness of the curls you wish. Once the allotted or set-up time is finished, the curler gives an alert to stop or release. However, you have to hold it appropriately for sufficient time for efficient curls. 
  • Removing and styling – Later on, you have to release the hair from the curler iron and give a final stylish touch-up with your hand if needed. 

If you are a beginner, better style the curls carefully though you take more time. You can learn it sooner, and upon practice, you can finish off the curling in much less time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are automatic hair curlers better than traditional hair curlers?

Traditional hair curlers take more time to curl the hair as you need to wrap each hair strand across the barrel. Whereas, the automatic models do this in very little time and save most of your time. 

2. Do curling irons turn off automatically?

With new technological inputs, several automatic hair curling irons shut off automatically. The heating element turns off by itself after a certain amount of time to save you and the device as well. 

3. Is there a possibility of damaged hair due to curlers?

If you wound the hair too tightly around the rollers, the hair may break from the shaft or even from the roots. If you use the curler daily, traction alopecia may arise and may damage the hair follicles. So, there may be permanent hair loss. 

4. Can I use hair curlers every day?

No, you should not use hair curlers every day as they may weaken and damage your hair. But, if you want to renew a damaged or dry hair, you can use it daily as it won’t harm the hair. 

5. Should my hair be dry or wet to use the hair curler?

Always use the hair curler for your dry hair. If you had a shower, dry it up first, and then use the curler for safe and better results. 

6. Why does curling not stay for long in my hair?

Based on the heating temperature you use, the duration of the curls vary. If you are tuning up the heat of the curler too much, the curls do not stay longer. So, if you need long-lasting curls, you have to use the automatic hair curler at low temperatures.

7. Do I need to use hairspray or hair protectant before curling?

It’s not necessary to use hairspray before curling. But, you can use the one only to protect the hair from heat. Generally, hairsprays, hair protectants, and heat dry out your hair, and so it’s preferable to use them upon finishing the curling process. 

8. How long should I hold the curling iron to your hair?

You have to wrap the hair around the curling iron for five to eight seconds continuously, and then hold the curls within your hand for three to four seconds till they become cold. 

9. How to curl my long hair?

Section or segregate your long and thick hair into small portions and curl them in the chamber one by one for efficient curls and safety.


Automatic hair curlers are the ideal tools for girls, teens, and women of all ages. They perfectly meet your curly hairstyle needs and give a distinctive look for office, parties, celebrations, school, and so on. It is also a time-saver by giving the wonderful waves and curls within less time, and lets you enjoy a new change-over outlook. 

Yet, take some time to have a glance at this most useful guide and reviews and choose the best suitable automatic hair curler. 

The top-most pick we recommend is the most branded HI Spin N Curl Curler that gives more efficient hair curls. However, it is limited to only a single type of curls and inappropriate for short hair.

The next best one for your short and long hair is the battery-powered travel-friendly Unbound Cordless Automatic Hair Curler from the Conair Store that gives the best curls ever. But, a bit costly when compared to the prior one.  

We hope that our reviews will drive you to the best product. If you have any confusion about any of the above information and the products, be free to write or contact us. Also, are our reviews useful? And did you use any of these curlers? If so, please mention your agreements, comments, or suggestions here. 


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