Beard Oil : Top 10 Beard Oil for Beard Growth

Recently, the one thing which has become a raging fad among men is making sure their “beard game is strong.”

Beard is no longer just another facial feature or a way to hide your double chin. It has become an accessory. It is a way to make yourself look more manly, cool; basically, it’s there help you increase your sex appeal.

If you see all the actors, you’ll see how well trimmed, maintained and balanced their beards are. There is not one hair which is out of place. Sure they put in a lot of time and effort to do this, many people are involved in order to achieve the look they’re wanting but the main thing behind a perfect look is the perfect beard.

The natural way to do it is to eat proper food, keep your beard clean and tend to it. But if you’re looking for a quick remedy or want to lustre without much effort, you could invest in good beard oil.

Beard oils are made with essential oils, fruits and other edible items which help in hair growth. These are combined with health supplements and certain chemically produced hormones or agent which ascertains good result.

Beard oils are marketed heavily and are available easily online as well as in the market. One place where you can get a huge variety at reasonable prices is Amazon.


  • Smooth Viking Beard Oil for Men Use with Balm & Conditioner for the Best Facial Hair Grooming Kit

It softens the stiff and unruly beard hair, keeps them smooth and shiny without any residue or grease. It also works great for mustaches. Easy to use and manage. Costs $34 dollars and currently available on sale at a discount of $11.

  • Bossman JELLY Beard Oil – World’s First Jelly Beard Oil, Bonds to Beard Hair Better than Conventional Oils, 3-in-1 Moisturizing, Taming and Strengthening

A jelly formula which is more effective than any other oil, cream or wax based product. Lasts the whole day without re-application. It helps in growing, taming and strengthening the beard. The products keep the hair follicles moisturized and prevents any flaking of skin. Costs $14.95.

  • Mad Viking Beard Co. – Premium Beard Oil All-Natural Oils For Beard Health and Style

Premium oil for beard styling. The products leave no residue and has a very fresh and light fragrance like lemongrass, peppermint or sandalwood. It conditions the beard, softens the hair and protects them from damage. It stimulates a better growth since the formula acts on keeping the pores clean. Available for $16.99.

  • Beard Oil by MOUNT BEARDMORE™, Premium Beard Oil

The super sleek formula works on your beard, moustache and side locks. The most easy way to manage your facial hair. It hydrates the skin underneath to give a healthy look to the beard. The oil is free of alcohol and the company does not test any product on animals. It’s luxury without guilt. Available for $19.99.

  • Prophet and Tools Unscented Beard Oil

The oil is suitable for everyone even those with allergies to nuts or kosher or any chemicals. It comes with no unnecessary smell and looks very natural. The product is so light on the hair, nobody would ever notice that it’s there. It makes the beard hair grow thicker and fuller. Even those slight patches don’t show after regular usage. Available for $16.99.

  • Beard Flux XL | Caffeine Beard Growth Stimulating Oil for Facial Hair Grow

It stimulates the hair follicles keeping the growth natural and permanent. The brand boasts of there being no other product like this one. It uses the elements of coffee after their base being enhanced. It is a leave in formula without residue or grease. It acts fast and absorbs quickly. Available for $69.99.

  • The Gentlemen’s Beard – Premium Beard Oil Leave-in Conditioner & Softener

The product has a mix of the virgin coconut oil and the tropical bay rum scent. Cruelty free and very easy to use. The evening primrose oil and vitamin E help in reducing beard itch and manages split ends really well. The product is natural and handcrafted for the special touch. Available at $45.99.

  • Unscented Beard Oil & Leave In Conditioner By Beard Necessities

It is paraben and sulfate free. It helps in keeping the beard hydrated, softer and makes the growth fuller. It also reduce flaking and itch or rash. If the hair is coarse, this is the perfect conditioner. It has a very soft smell which doesn’t linger. Available at $19.99.

  • Rhett’s Beard Oil

It is an all natural product with different fragrances like citrus, sandalwood and rosemary. It leaves the beard smooth and fuller to look at. It will also work at reducing the itch, rashes or dandruff. It also prevents any bumps due to infections or trimming. Works well for your moustache as well. Available at $17.99

  • Beard Oil and Beard Balm Kit for Men Care

Famously called as the beard butter. It comes with a soft cherry fragrance and is a leave in conditioner. It is to be used mainly for beard styling and increasing the manageability of your beard or moustache. It prevents pre-mature greys. The product comes as a kit, an oil and a wax like balm. Available at $29.95.

  • PURA D’OR Organic Beard Oil

It softens, conditions and gives strength to the beard and moustache. It comes packed with argan and jojoba oils for the all natural effect. It protects and heals dry or chapped skin under the beard or moustache. It also makes it easier to style your hair. Available at $19.99.

  • Caveman Virgin Patchouli Combo Beard Oil and Beard/Mustache Balm, Leave in Conditioner

The product is a leave-in conditioner which comes with a balm. It is made of apricot, castor oil and virgin patchouli. The product is a high concentrate for better results. It is a healthy but light formula for styling. Available at $14.54.

  • Best Beard Oil, 100% Natural & Organic Reverend J

Full organic and natural with cedar wood and pine scents. It has no harmful chemicals, and easy on the hair. You can style your hair without worrying about the grease or a strong smell. The beard grows fuller than before. If you already have a heavy beard, this will keep the hair intact. Available at $14.95.

Benefits of Beard Oils

  • Beard oils help you get rid of the constant itching feeling under the beard by locking in the moisture and keeping your skin hydrated.
  • Another point of interest is that beard oils help in preventing flaking of your skin which also looks like your beard has dandruff.
  • It helps you grow your beard hair faster and thicker as compared to the growth which is not supported by any beard oil.
  • It prevents unnecessary breakage or breakage caused due to using styling or heat products.
  • It makes your beard smell good just like a good shampoo makes your hair smell nice.
  • It also helps you in achieving the illusion of a fuller and more manageable beard.

How to Apply Beard Oil

Most of these oils come with their own specifications for usage, storage and what results to expect. The way to apply, when to apply and other directions are given at the back of the bottle or the packaging.

However, if the directions are not available for your product, then here is the most basic way to use these oils –

  • Make sure you face is clean before the application. Clean your face using a face wash with cold water to keep the pores tight.
  • Towel dry your beard but allow it to stay damp for better absorption.
  • Once a week, use a face scrub to help get rid of the dead skin under your beard. It will also unclog the pores and absorb the oils better.
  • Then take some oil between your palms and rub gently to generate some heat. Remember, the quantity of oil should be as per the length and thickness of your mane.
  • Apply the oil evenly over the beard.
  • Massage gently so that it settles down inside the pores and does not stay only on the surface of the beard.
  • Blocked pores or poor application will lead to half or even less absorption and a dehydrated skin.
  • The oil should be applied once or at the most two times a day. Several applications may cause adverse effects.
  • To cleanse your beard, you can look for soaps or shampoos which target the facial hair for better results.
  • Once you have applied the oil, use a brush or a comb to take out the excessive oil for a smoother finish. If left, the residue can look clumpy or start collecting dirt.


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