All About 3A, 3B & 3C Curly Hair :: How to Style and Maintain Curly Hair for Men

15 Curly Pompadour - Curly Hairstyles

How to aid the growth of curly hair?: To make sure that your curly man hair grow properly and with the right thickness and lustre there are a certain things you need to do and certain other things that you need to take care of if you follow the steps given below:

Always hire a professional to cut your hair: one of the easiest ways to ensure that your curls grow properly is to give them a cut which aids hair growth. If you cut the unhealthy part of your hair regularly you can easily help curls grow.

A professional ill know the right way and style to cut your hair in to give it the perfect curly look. A professional will have years of experience of cutting all types of hair.

Curls can be curled and styled in a plethora of ways and your stylist will know the right way to cut your hair to give them a stylish and attractive look.

Finding the right cut and style: the truth of the matter is that there is no universal style or cut that suits all people with curly hair. Your stylist will have to take multiple things into consideration before he decides the right cut for you.

The face shape, the types of curls you have, your personality all these factors play a very important role in deciding the right cut for you.

The texture of your hair, the amount of fizz also defines the cut. If you have fizzy hair then your stylist will give you a cut that makes your hair look less frizzy.

Maintain the health of your hair by proper styling: when you decide to style your curly man hair, it is important to remember to not use too much heat since this can damage your hair and cause split ends.

Avoid using a blow dryer since if your hair is curly, chances are, that a blow dryer will make them dry and fuzzy causing them to look bushy and unruly. To give your curls the perfect bounce and shape, after each wash, pat your hair dry with the help of a towel and then let them dry naturally.

If your hair are too fizzy you could tie them when they are partially try in to small bun. This will instantly tame your hair and give them a sophisticated and attractive look.

Importance of using the right products: in the opinion of many experts men with curly hair, who wish make their curls healthy, should steer clear of polymers and sulphates. This makes the hair lose its natural oils and causes build up of follicle that slows hair growth.

Remember to use shampoo at least twice a week. This shampoo will wash off the extra sulphate build up and make hair grow faster.

Another way to aid curly hair growth is by applying onion juice on your hair mixed with coconut oil in equal parts. This will make your hair grow faster and longer and will also give your man curls the required bounce.

Night care for curls: including a night care ritual for your hair can help your curls grow to a great extent. If you include a bedtime hair-care routine it can do wonders for your curls.

Make sure that your hair do not get tangled, to take care of this you can tie your hair tightly pulled all the way back and into a bun. If your hair is very shot then they probably don’t get tangled in any case.

Best Hair Styling Products

How to Style Curly Hair Properly?

To style your curly man hair with perfection you need to follow the steps given below:

Using a Styling Cream: a cream based styling agent is the best thing for curly hair. A cream based styling agent will help you style your curly hair the way you want to.

When your hair is still damp after a shower you can chose to apply a cream based styling agent that can give the hair some hold. This will help in making the curls look sophisticated and gentle. It will give the curls a bouncy effect.

The cream will also give your hair shine and help keep your natural curls in control and may sometimes also prevent your hair from getting frizzy.

The scrunch the curl technique: the easiest known technique to style curly hair is by scrunching them in your hand repeatedly, till they become bouncy and curly.

You should avoid using a comb which has fine teeth as much as possible, because that will flatten your hair, and you will lose the bounce of your curls.

Curls look the best when they are bouncy and shiny. To make your hair bouncy, you need to scrunch up your hair nice and proper when they are damp. Damp hair is the easiest to style and requires lesser effort.  

The beauty of naturally dried hair: once you have decided the style for your hair, you need to let them dry naturally so that they can be styled when they are not disrupted. Using hair -dryers results in loss of texture of hair.  

To maintain the right texture of your curls and style them while making them look natural, you need to let your hair dry naturally, after each wash.

If your hair becomes too frizzy by not using a hair-dryer to style them, then you may tie your hair in a small bun. Men with short hair can tie a bun on the tops of their heads, while men with longer hair can make a low bun. A bun will help give your curls a great bounce.  

Styling Short Curls: if you have short hair, with tight curls, then to style this you need to make sure that you get a stylist to give you a hair-cut. A hair stylist will know the correct way to cut these types of curls.

When your hair is curly then, while taking a cut, make sure to have it done while your hair is dry. Wet curly hair does not represent the actual texture of your curly hair properly, when they are dry.

The undercut: a style that suits almost all men with curly hair is the undercut. In this you leave hair on the top of the head and remove hair from the sides and back or either.

In this look, the curls get concentrated on top of the head and give a fuller look to your face, due to the volume of the curls. This can also make you look a few inches taller and can add to your charm.

Alternatively, you could try the undercut fade. In this the sideburns and the hair on the name of the neck are trimmed in a faded manner.  

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How to Maintain Curly Hair and Hairstyles?

Maintenance of curly hair can be a tiresome job. If you follow the advice listed below you may be able to make your life easier.

Timing is the key: if you time your plans and the day you need to wash your hair, correctly you may be able to save a lot of time and effort at the last minute.

If you plan ahead and wash your hair one or two days before an engagement, you may be successful in having the perfect hair on the day you actually need to go out. Get the timing of washing your hair right, and everything will fall in place, hair-wise.

Keeping the scalp healthy: people with curly hair need to be extra particular about the health of their scalp. This is important since it will determine the quality of curly hair that grows.

Once a week, you could apply a mixture of argon oil and Moroccan red clay powder this will nourish your hair instantly and leave your scalp healthier. Red clay is also helpful in removing oily dandruff.  

Conditioning: to strengthen your curls you need to nourish them with protein. You can choose a conditioner which is rich in protein. Protein makes hair stronger and reduces the chances of breakage of hair.

While making a choice for conditioner, buy one which has SPF protection, so that your curls do not get damaged by the harmful UV rays of the sun.  

Alternatively, you could use dry conditioner, which basically means that you apply a little amount of conditioner to dry hair. This will revitalize your curls and make them bouncy and round. The conditioner basically acts like a moisturizer for hair.

Experiment: till such time you do not experiment various hair products on your curly hair, you will not find the right one.

Trial and error is the best way to go. Try various products from various companies and decide on the one that suits your hair the best.

The only thing you need to remember is that your curls should be bouncy and shiny. It should not be frizzy so as to make your head look too big or too hairy.

Types of Curly Hair

Hairstyles for men with 3A curly hair type: Men which possess this hair type, have thin curls, like wire. This hair type causes high moisture retention. This makes curls shiny and gives them a well-defined- S-shape. These curls are difficult to maintain since they are thin. To tame these curls and form proper ringlets you need to apply a mousse or a serum to give them a sophisticated look.   

#1: Curly Undercut

Curly Undercut

An undercut is an easily achievable look, it looks great with men with 3A type curly hair. In this there is hair on the top of the head and the hair from the sides and the back re removed almost completely. You can alternatively also try a fade at the back of your head and on the sides.  

What you need:

  1. Trimmer
  2. Scissors
  3. Comb
  4. Razor
  5. Mousse

How to get curly undercut:

  1. The easiest way to style curly hair is when they are damp.  
  2. Set your trimmer to either a 1 or a 2 level setting.
  3. Part your hair with a comb so that the section you intend to keep longer is on top, and clip it.
  4. An undercut typically begins from just below the area of the hair which you intend to keep longer and ends above the ear. Use the Trimmer in front of a mirror for accuracy.

#2: Curly Quiff


This hairstyle also looks great on people with thin curls, like 3A curls. In this the hair on the top are puffed up a little and then rolled on a brush and left into position. Hair spray can be used to hold this style into position.

A curly quiff requires:

  1. Hairdryer
  2. Round brush
  3. Hair Gel/Pomade
  4. Hair spray

How to:

  1. Start with damp hair, combed over and untangled.
  2. Apply hair gel into the hair and spread evenly with a comb.
  3. Take the round brush, and brush your hair backwards while drying it with the hairdryer.
  4. Between every minute of drying, tousle the hair in a back combing fashion with your fingers to maintain the natural curly texture.
  5. Once the hair is sufficiently dried in place, use the round brush to smoothen out the edges and brush the hair at the back for a neater look.

#3: Side-ways swept


A side-swept look is all about effortless chic. This adds volume to thin curls and gives them the required texture to make it look fluffy and beautiful. This is an easy and quick look for people with curly hair of this hair type.

You will need:

  1. Comb
  2. Hairdryer(optional)
  3. Texturing gel or pomade

How to:

  1. Begin by dampening your hair and combing it over.
  2. Apply the texturing gel or a pearl sized drop of pomade into the hair and comb it in until evenly spread.
  3. With the help of the comb, part your hair to the side desired. Preferably, comb a major chunk of the hair to the side where the hairline lacks in structure.
  4. Now slowly comb over the side part, and dry the hair with a dryer. Do not make the hair bone dry in the process.

#4: Slicked Back


The classic formal look of slicking your hair back hardly ever fails. Since it is easy to re-create and it looks great on thin curls. You can easily style your curly hair into a slicked back formal look. Since these curls are thin they can be easily styled.  

What you need:

  1. Comb
  2. Sea Salt spray
  3. Hairspray
  4. Wax / Clay

How to:

  1. Begin by applying the sea salt spray onto damp hair so as to get your natural curls to stick together.
  2. Then apply a hair wax or clay which can retain the slicked back style.
  3. Evenly spread the wax through the hair with your fingers in a push back motion and do not open up the curls which are already setting.
  4. Comb over in the same direction as you have slicked your hair back.

#5: Curly Fringe


A curly fringe is a haircut wherein the top length of the hair is cut keeping in mind the direction of the fringe required. The hair on the top of the head will be longer in length than the ones on the side.

You will need:

  1. A comb
  2. A razor
  3. A trimmer
  4. A round brush

How to:

  1. In damp curly hair, attempt to the do the fringe.
  2. This fringe can be easily styled with the help of a round brush.
  3. Take the hair on the top of the heard and roll it onto the round brush and hair spray it into place.  
  4. This can be styled easily and without much effort.
  5. A simple sea salt spray in the hair in front, along with a finger combing should suffice. The aim of a fringe is to let it hang on the face.

Hairstyles for Men with 3B Type Curls

This hair type is dense and the hair is thicker and coarse. They are more like a corkscrew or a ringlet. They tend to make hair voluminous since they are larger in circumference. They resemble the end of a sketch pen.  

#6: Man-Bun


A man bun is the male version of the best lazy girl lifestyle hack. For this, one only needs a comb and a sturdy elastic band. This looks great on men who have curls with 3B air type. A man bun can be easily made in curly hair. If you have long curls, to add volume to the hair you can make a bun on top and leave the hair on the bottom open.

You will need:

  1. A rubber-band
  2. A comb
  3. A hairspray

How to:

  1. Comb over hair to detangle.
  2. Push all the hair up to the level where the bun is intended to be made.
  3. Then keeping a strong hold on the section of hair to be made into a bun, twist the hair and then roll it right up on the apex of the head.
  4. A low bun can be made by simply pulling the hair together in a pony tail, and leaving the hair elastic in a half tuck.

#2: Messy Curls


The classic messy curls are best achieved naturally. There are more than a few ways to get there without having to stock up on beauty products. Messy curls are easy to attain on coarse curls since these do not require much effort. Curls which are coarse may become hard to handle. Hence, sometimes just to leave them natural is the best way to go.

You will need:

  1. A comb
  2. A hair spray

How to:

  1. In dry or damp hair comb them upward.
  2. Let them dry naturally
  3. Apply hair spray to keep the curls in place.  

#8: Short Crop


A short crop curls is a bunch of choppy curls which lay on the top of the head. In this there are shot curls on the top of the head. The hair on the sides and the back are then removed.

You will need:

  1. Comb
  2. Clippers
  3. Scissor

How to:

  1. Gather sections of hair and put clippers to keep them in place.
  2. Cut each section into even lengths as desired.
  3. The aim is to have a crop, so feel free to go as short as you want, but keep the top close but curly still.
  4. To finish, add a texturizing serum and finish with hairspray to set.

#9: Curly Bob


A curly bob can be of two kinds – either it can be a long bob reaching your shoulders, or a short bob reaching just below the ear. Curly hair can be difficult to cut a bob in, and so the hair should be wet before cutting.

Maintaining a bob of curly hair is simple.

  1. Apply a small quantity of hair gel or serum into your palms, rub together, and run through the hair evenly.
  2. Then gather the curls in your palms and fist them to give them a tousled, but organized look.
  3. Let the hair air dry.

#10: Full Curls


Rollers and curling irons can be used to achieve the proper full curl look. However, in the interest of hair health, heat application should be avoided. Mostly, if you have 3B type curls, they are voluminous and full and will look great on you.  

Rollers are easily available at your nearest drugstore and can be used in the following manner:

  1. Untangle damp hair and divide into 8 sections.
  2. Pick each section and lengthen the curls before placing a roller in it and roll upwards.
  3. Do not push the hair into submission. Simply roll towards the roots.
  4. Then pin the roller into all sections and wrap a damp towel on your head for about half an hour to an hour – depending on the intensity of curls desired, and unwrap.

Hairstyles for men with 3C type curls

This hair type is coily. If you have coily curls which are tight and are like corkscrews then you have type 3C curls. These curls experience shrinkage and are also high in volume. They are thin like a pencil or a straw.

#11: Curly Tail


A curly tail is a curly ponytail, which ends with curls. This works well on mid length hair. 

What you need:

  1. Comb
  2. Mousse or pomade
  3. Elastic band

How to:

  1. Begin with drying your hair off after applying some pomade or mousse through it when damp.
  2. Push the hair back and hold it to whatever level you intend to make the ponytail at.
  3. Secure with elastic band. Take a small portion of mousse or wax in your palm, rub together and crimp the end of the ponytail for natural looking curls.

#12: Cupid Curls


Cupid curls are tight curls which are close to the head. This is a style reminiscent of Justin Timberlake from his NSync days. It is great for men who have tight curls and experience shrinkage in their curls.

You will need:

  1. A comb
  2. A scissors
  3. A razor
  4. A trimmer

How to:

  1. Leave in salt spray in the hair overnight, and wrap in damp cloth.
  2. Instead of opening up the curls the next morning, just shake off the excess moisture.
  3. Use a hairdryer from a distance and let the curls set.
  4. Remove the hair from the back and the sides using a razor and a trimmer.
  5. Comb the hair on the top to straighten out the curls to make them look sophisticated.

#13: Hard Part Curls


A hard part is a definite parting made with a razor. This part disconnects the top of the head from the hair below.

The best way to achieve this is to keep the curls tight on the top of the head and have a tapering fade on the bottom half. To separate the two, set the razor or trimmer to its lowest setting and carefully go over the part in the hair with it. This is risky when done at home, unless you have a steady hand and practice.

You will need:

  1. A razor
  2. A trimmer
  3. A comb

How to:

  1. Remove hair from the sides of the head and the back of the head.
  2. Leave some hair on the top of the head and since the curls are tight there will be little hair on the top.

#14: Curly Pompadour

A pompadour is a simple upward blow-dry which focuses the curls onto the face, adding height and sleekness to the face.

What you need:

  1. Round brush
  2. Hairdryer
  3. Mousse/pomade

How to:

  1. In this there need to be tight curls on the top of the head.
  2. This will make your face look slim and sleek.
  3. Using a mousse set the hair on the top of the head.
  4. This will give you a smart and attractive look.

#15: Angular Curls


This is recommended for persons with mid length curls on the top of the head. It is a classic style which looks great on men with curly hair of type 3C. This adds volume to your hair and also makes you look a few inches taller.

Here is what you need to style your hair into an angular curly fringe:

  1. Comb
  2. Round brush
  3. Pomade or mousse
  4. Hairdryer

How to:

  1. First, in damp hair, apply the pomade or mousse and tousle the hair.
  2. Then, carefully with a round brush, collect the top of your hair in the direction you intend to angle it.
  3. Using the round brush as a guide, dry the hair with a dryer. In an upward motion.
  4. Once the hair is sufficiently dried, use some hair wax to set the angle in completely.


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