90s Hair Trends: 90s Fashion Trends That Made a Comeback

90s Hairtrends

90’s hairstyles:As the trends in men’s hairstyles keep changing, those who want to stay updated in fashion, affiliation, expression, and making a personal statement, try to catch up with the latest hairstyles.

In 2020 we have seen some of the classic hairstyles become popular, with the transition of men’s haircuts from the 90’s staging a comeback.During this period of transition, we have seen the 90 hairstyles resurfacing with some twists, to demonstrate that the 90 hair styles have not been discarded, instead given a rebirth, thanks to the barber community, which has pioneered the comeback in style.

The 90 hairstyles for men, which were prominent in the past, have suddenly taken the front seat in 2020, with a large following confirming the uniqueness of the 90 s hairstyles.

The hairstyles of the 90s, when there was a craze for tattoos, body piercing, and adoption of creative hairstyles, have made a comeback, making professional barbers jump into giving them a twist, for making them contemporary hairstyles for men. You will find an array of 90s hairstyles for guys, which are now vogue, but to help you flaunt some of the best 90 hairstyles for men, we have collected 20 of the 90s hairstyles men, from which you can choose the ones that can perfectly suit your face shape.

90s Fashion Trends

The “Young Leo Front Curtain:

This 90s hair style is an amazing hairstyle, which requires the hair to be cut to medium length. Famous personalities, who flaunted this hairstyle 90s, include Leonardo DiCaprio, David Beckham, and Brad Pitt. This style has now once again become popular.

The Cornrows Hairstyle:

This was one of the hip hop hairstyles from the 90s, which has been given slight twists during the period of its transition to the 2016. Following in suit of the traditional African Culture, this 90s hair style is manageable, by just having the hair moisturized and clean. Styling the braids can be challenging, but with professional barbers, you can well relax and wear the 90s hair cut to make a personal statement.

The Frosted Tips:

The Frosted Tips

This hairstyle is one from the late hairstyles 90s, where the hair is cut short and styled with spikes after using a gel and hair spray on the tips of the hair. If you want a light blonde look,  you can dye the hair. This hairstyle blends with the hair tone and the skin, giving you a multidimensional appearance.

Jheri Curl Hairstyle:

Jheri Curl Hairstyle

Who else can make this 90s hairstyle men evergreen, than Michael Jackson, and the reason why it has staged a comeback in 2016. The greasy appearance with the curls dangling down make it popular among black men, especially by those in the British and Canadian societies.

The Blonde Hairstyle with Highlighted Top:

The Blonde Hairstyle with Highlighted Top

It was the backstreet boys in the 90’s, who had taken their hairstyle to be remembered forever, with frosted tips. This is one of the early 90s hairstyles, where the hair has a blonde highlight, that is smart and gives a spicy look.

The Flat Top:

The Flat Top

More and more guys are joining in to rock the Flat Top hairstyle, one of the popular 90 hairstyles for men. It is an amazing hairstyle, where the entire volume of hair is lifted upwards and styled like a table top. This hairstyle will need the skilled hands of a professional barber.

Afro Hairstyle

Afro Hairstyle

This hairstyle is largely followed by black men with the kinky texture of the hair and those having long hair. It is one of the 90s mens hairstyles, which has resurfaced with a bang. The hair is rounded in a ball shape after being lifted from the scalp.

360 Waves Hairstyle:

360 Waves Hairstyle

Men with short hair can wear this hairstyle of the 90’s easily, where the hair is brushed to create an “oceanic” wave to the hair. Once, very popular with black men having curly hair, this hairstyle is one of those hairstyles from the 90s, which has come back in style. The roots of the hair can be distinctly seen as the hair keeps growing.

The Slick Back:

The Slick Back

This is a heart throb hairstyle, where the hair is slicked back to one side, with some strands hanging in the front. This is one of the medium length haircuts, which is now a popular one.

The Bowl Cut:

The Bowl Cut

The Bowl Cut is a simple hairstyle, where the hair is cut to equal lengths all around to the top and the sides, to the area just above the ears. The style resembles an inverted bowl, and has been flaunted by quite a few rock bands. It was popular among children during the 90’s.


The Mohawk

Even children used to wear the Mohawk hairstyle during the 90’s, and when it has come back again, the younger generation is taking it like anything, let alone the punks. You have to hold patience till your hair is fit enough to wear the Mohawk hairstyle.

The Mullet Hairstyle:

The Mullet Hairstyle

The Mullet hairstyle became popular after the song “Mullet Head”, by the Beastie Boys in 1994 became a hit. This is one of the 90s hairstyles guys, where the hair at the front is cut short, leaving the hair at the back longer.

Curtained Hairstyle:

Curtained Hairstyle

Men with short as well as long hair can look gorgeous with the Curtained Hairstyle, as it used to be in the 90’s. Those with short hair did the parting on the side, whereas, those with longer hair flaunted the parting in the middle.

Wavy Floppy Haircut:

Wavy Floppy Haircut

If you wanted to follow one of the conventional hairstyles in the 90s, then this hairstyle is for you. This hairstyle suits those with curly hair, where the curls are uncontrolled and given a glamorous look.

Hi Top Fade:

Hi Top Fade

This is one of the most popular 90s hair cut, which was mostly followed by black men, and till today, it is the same. The hairs on the sides are cut completely, leaving the top with full volume of hair lifted and styled with a flat top.

The Mushroom Hairstyle:

The Mushroom Hairstyle

The mushroom haircut 90s has come back again, and still have increasing numbers of followers. The mushroom is styled at the ears, unlike the bl haircut, where the haircut extends to just above the ears.

Tram Lines:

Tram Lines

Trams were a popular means of commuting in the 90’s, and has even been followed in hairstyles, like this one. Here, the sides are trimmed to the skull as nearly as possible, and a three line illustration is created on both the sides.

Short Bagged Caesar:

Short Bagged Caesar

This hairstyle is one of the early 90s hairstyles, which is easy and simple to style. It has been borrowed from the hairstyles worn by the Jews. George Clooney was among the stars who flaunted this hairstyle.

Dream Boat Flat Top:

Dream Boat Flat Top

There was a range of flat top hairstyles during the 90’s, and this one is among those, which became popular and has staged a return. The hair is combed to one side and the top lifted up and styled flat on the top.

The Chin Length Hairstyle:

Drastic appeal chin length hairstyle

This hairstyle was common among those in the field of martial arts, and is still popular among the same community. You will need a long hair, cut to the length of your chin to bring perfection to the hairstyle.

2016 is witnessing a revival of the mens 90s hairstyles, where, we see a wide range of hairstyles 90s having staged a successful come back.

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