Widows Peak’s Haircut: What Is Widows Peak Hairstyles & How To Style

Widows peak hairstyles

If you are born with a Widows Peak’s hairstyle or if the hairline is falling back into one, you don’t have to consider it a curse or weakness anymore. Men usually try to hide their Widows Peak with or without intention. Some even shave their head completely to hide this distinctive line. Unless you have a decent scalp shape, this is not a reliable option. You can still own a rocking hairstyle that lets you embrace your Widow’s Peak.

What is A Widows Peak’s Haircut?

Simply put, a Widows Peak is the v-shape hairline on the forehead with the center being upfront and the rest extended behind it. It is found in both men and women. Now there is a difference between natural Widows Peak that people are born with and the slow receding hairline that forms on men’s heads as they age.

If you see a gradual formation of a v-shape hairline on your forehead, it is not a natural Widows Peak but a result of your baldness. In this case, people go for hair products to strengthen the hair, restore the hairline, or simply shave their heads. On the other hand, people who are born with a Window Peak have the v-shape due to genetics and you can’t use any product to get rid of it but you can with a hair plantation.

Having a Widow Peak is neither a disadvantage nor an advantage. But thanks to many celebrities around the world, people are not looking at it as an unwanted feature but some sort of masculine signature. Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Keanu Reeves, Christopher Nolan, and many more notable celebrities embrace their Widow Peak hairline and showed us that it can be a desirable trait.

How Can You Style Widow Peak’s Haircut?

Styling a Widow Peak’s haircut must be done with good quality hair products. Those who have thick hair can go for clay or cream, wax, pomade while those with thin hair are advised to use hair wax and attain tousled hair for a thick look. If you have curly hair you need to find extra strength styling products to keep the hair intact with the Widow Peak hairline.

If you have thick hair then you can easily make your Widow Peak style more appealing with a neat or messy look by simply using a comb or a brush. You have to make sure that the style you pick must match with your face shape and hair type. From intriguing buzz cut to compelling slick back, there are several styles to make your Widow Peak an asset to you. We brought the 15 finest Widow Peak hairstyles on this list for you to explore and pick the one that you can be happy with.

15 Window Peak Hairstyles

1. The Classic Pompadour


This classic style makes you look more attractive with your Window Peak. Keep the sides and the back shorter than the top. Make a parting on either side on the top. Use a comb to make a pompadour in the front and let the rest of your hair follow its lead. This style works with or without a beard. Make sure you keep the edges groomed but not sharp for a natural look.

2. Johnny Depp Widows Peak

Johnny Depp Widows Peak

Johnny Depp gave us many remarkable performances in styles that are hard to forget. Even when was off-screen Depp was seen in cool styles that fans always swoon over. He gracefully shows off his Widow Peak hairline with elegant hairstyles. The most common look of his is with long hair in the front that is made into fringes and medium-length hair all over the head. He keeps his hair messy and lets his Widow Peak look classy with a supporting beard style.

3. The Undercut Widows Peak

The Undercut widows peak

A classic undercut can fix many hairstyle problems. It also works like a charm with Widows Peak. The undercut’s signature move emphasizes the Widows Peak and makes it more dashing. You can add more elegance to it by giving the thick top hair a decent slick back. You can rock this look with or without a beard.

4. The Messy Shag Style

The Messy Shag Style

This style is to cover up your Widows Peak completely. No one will ever know or will ever wonder about your forehead hairline. You need to maintain a decent amount of hair to pull this off. This style works perfectly for youngsters and adults. Comb the hair to avoid any tangles but remember we are going for a wild look. Apply hair mousse or gel to style the hair smoothly. Let the hair fall all over the sides and cover your head.

5. The Messy Combover

The Messy Combover

This elegant style lets you carry the Widows Peak everywhere you go with a lot of class. It can get you into a party and can even let you into a corporate world with remarkable class. Keep the sides and the back short. Make sure the top of your head is thicker than the sides. Apply hair gel and give your hair a parting. Let your hair rest to the sides and give a wave to the v-shape front hairline.

6. Combed Back With Volume

Combed Back With Volume

This might seem like a variation to the pompadour but actually, it is different from that. Keep the volume of your thick and length decently long. Starting from the front part at the top, comb the hair to the back. Keep the hair direction uniform all over your head and cut down the hair that is in excess. Give your beard a light touch for a more devilish look.

7. Channing Tatum’s Widows Peak

Channing Tatum’s Widows Peak

Channing Tatum is one of the finest Hollywood actors whom we can’t get enough of. Not only through acting, but Tatum also managed to win many hearts through his masculine yet loveable features. Keep your hair at a minimum length all over your head. Maintain a difference between the sides and the back from the top. Keep the edges of the hair groomed for a neat look. Use hair gel to smoothly set the hair to the desired style.

8. The Wavy Hairstyle with Front Volume

The Wavy Hairstyle with Front Volume

Make your Window Peak stylish than ever. As the name suggests your need have an extra volume of hair on the front side at the top compared to any other part. You should keep the sides and the back low but use scissors to decrease the volume. Keep the backside of the top section a little more than the sides but less than the front side. Use hair mousse to neatly comb the hair using a round brush. Let the wavy hair on the front fall on your forehead.

9. Short and Textured

Short and Textured

You make the v-shape distinctive in this style. You need to keep the hair short all over your head including sides, back and top except for the front part. Use a clipper to keep the hair short but for the front part use scissors. Style the front part hair to make it look taller resulting in the accentuation of your Widows Peak.

10. The Buzz Cut

10. The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a subtle style to give the Widows Peak a compelling look. You need to keep the head uniformly short from all dimensions. This way, the v-shape is less obvious and the rest of the short hair gives a decent illusion of a full-grown hairline. The advantage of a buzz cut is it is as captivating with a full-grown beard as it is with a clean shaved face.

11. Straight Fringe

11. Straight Fringe

This yet another perfect way to hide the v-shape on your forehead. The main aspect of this style is to keep the front thick to cover up the v-shape. It has to be long that its edges must be able to meet your eyebrows. You can keep the rest of your hair medium or short depending on your taste. Keep the beard length to a minimum for a more sophisticated look.

12. Perfect Fade

Perfect Fade

Fade cuts are another classic styles that can be used on all kinds of hair textures. Even on Widows Peak, the style looks elegant. Give the sides and the back decent fade. You can have variations in the fading but make sure the top section is thicker and long compared to the sides. Now, if you have long hair on the top make a small quiff in the front and reduce the hair length at the back. You can make a parting using a comb or you can simply style using gel and your hands.

13. Classy and Simple

Classy and Simple

This simple hairstyle is often seen in men with Widows Peak hair. Keep the hair length to a minimum on the top and give a smooth wave on the front part to enhance the Widows Peak. Keep the sides and the back a little less than the top. Use good quality hair gel for the style to remain stable. It works great with or without a beard.

14. Gelled Back with Beard

Gelled Back with Beard

This tough guy look is easy to attain and maintain. Keep the sides and the back uniformly short and the hair on top grow freely. Apply a good amount of hair gel all over your head. Comb the hair towards the back and make sure it rests that way. You can rock this look with or without a beard.

15. Slicked Back Undercut

15. Slicked Back Undercut

You will be combining too classic styles for this one. A decent slick back is supported by the prominent undercut. Just like any other undercut style, trim down the sides and the back to a short level. Keep the top lengthy and apply hair mousse for easy handling. Comb the hair towards the back starting at the front from the v-shape. Rock this style with or without a beard.


Like we mentioned earlier, Widows Peak hairstyle is no longer a weak hairline that you need to hide at all costs. You can attain a dashing look by choosing the right hairstyle. Through our article here, you are introduced to the 15 best Widows Peak haircuts. This doesn’t mean there aren’t anymore. You can try out many more styles but keep these 15 for your safe bet. Always be open to experimenting and finding new styles that suit you well.



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