20 Best Short Sides Long Top Haircuts for Men

The Classic Pompadour

Bold hairstyles are on trend these days. That being said, sleek and cropped haircuts too have been gaining popularity as they are more comfortable and suit almost every man. One such sleek hairstyle is the short sides and the long top. This hairstyle doesn’t weigh your hair down and also makes even the thin hair look voluminous. 

While the sides are kept short, you can select the top haircut according to the texture of your hair, face shape and other factors. You can also choose to keep a quiff, pompadour, slick back to the top of your head. 

Here are 20 of the best short sides long top hair dos that we absolutely love. Take a look!

1. The Hybrid Hairstyle

The Hybrid Hairstyle

As the name suggests, this hybrid hairstyle is a mix of few hair dos including a side fade, pompadour on the top and a thick quiff to the front. This hairdo is unique and doesn’t suit all occasions and face shapes. It mostly suits the younger lot and also kids. You can set your hair using a hair wax, pomade or hair gel.

2. Long Combover with Drop Fade

Long Combover with Drop Fade

This is a side parting hairstyle with a drop fade to the side and long combover to the other side. This hairdo especially suits thick haired men who want to maintain a sleek and presentable look. It also suits school and college goers for whom neatly trimmed hair is mandatory.

3. The Classic Pompadour

The Classic Pompadour

This is a classic hairstyle that has been on trend since decades. In this hairdo, there is no clear partition but a clear distinction can be seen from the top to the sides. The sides are cut in the form of a fade with a taper from the top. The top part of your head will be left long and brushed back to make your hair look thick. So, this hairdo mostly suits people with long and thin hair. 

4. Sculpted and Textured Haircut

Sculpted and Textured Haircut

If you have wavy hair and want to give it a new look, this hairdo is the one you can definitely try. The side hair on your head is cut into a low fade where your temples are clearly visible. The top hair is brushed to the front and is trimmed entirely. However, the front part is made into a long quiff and using a hair gel or wax, it is lifted upwards to create a sharp point. As you can see, there is a disconnected beard that is trimmed to perfection. 

5. Pompadour on the edge haircut

Pompadour on the edge haircut

This hairstyle is a combination of two hair do’s. There’s a high fade to the sides and a pompadour is created to the top to suit people with long foreheads. From the centre of your head, the hair is brushed backwards This hairstyles suit younger men and you can choose to keep your beard thin and well trimmed. 

6. Side Parted Medium Length men

Side Parted Medium Length men

This hairstyle is the skilled work of a hairstylist where your medium length hair is cut into two halves using a side part. You can also choose to create spikes to the front portion of your hair for a stylish look. This hairstyle is one of the most chosen ones among older men. 

7. Revived Pompadours Hairstyle

Revived Pompadours Hairstyle

As you have already seen the classic pompadour look, this one is the upgraded version of it. You can see a side partition to the right and the sides are kept short to elevate the front. This stylish haircut suits all occasions and instantly matches with any outfit. The front part of the hair is combed sideways and is set using a gel. 

8. Pushed Back Long Hairstyle with Short Sides

Pushed Back Long Hairstyle with Short Sides

With no clear partition, this hairstyle is completely the work of a skilled hairstylist. The sides are cut short and trimmed but not razed. The top and front part of your hair is cut into somewhat long tresses and is brushed back to create beautiful spikes to the front. This is the most stylish hairstyle among all the 20 in our list. 

9. Matte Spikes

Matte Spikes

This one is also a stylish haircut where the top part of your head is cut to medium length. Then, your hairstylist will create beautiful spikes to the top portion to elevate the overall look of your face. To give this hairstyle a quirky look, you can choose to color the spikes in silver or blonde. 

10. Short Slicked Pompadour with Hard Part

Short Slicked Pompadour with Hard Part

If you are looking for a somewhat professional yet stylish haircut, this one’s for you!You can clearly see a parting to the left, right above the eyebrow that separates the sides from the top. The sides are left short but are not made into a fade, so older men can also try this hairstyle. To get this haircut, you need to grow your hair long, at least up to 4 inches to get that neat brushed back look. If you have wavy or curly hair, you can set the brushed back hair using a hair gel or wax. 

11. The Blown Back

The Blown Back

If you have straight hair and love the blown back look that gives a vintage feeling, you can try this hairstyle. While the entire hair length is brushed back, the sides are demarcated from the rest by creating an undercut to the sides. This hairstyle makes even the thin hair look thick. Also, this hairdo suits younger men more than the older ones. 

12. Curly Side Parted

Curly Side Parted

This hairdo especially suits curly haired men who are looking to cover their frizzy hair. You can clearly see an undercut to the sides that makes your dull and dry hair fall to not fall on your face or ears. The top part of the head is left thick with clear curls and is brushed to the front to create smooth fringes. To highlight this hairstyle and make your face look more sleek, you can opt to keep the beard thin and trimmed. 

13. Business Savvy

Business Savvy

If you have an oval or diamond face shape and want to elevate the features of your face through a hairstyle, you can go for this one. Here, there is no fade or an undercut to the sides but the sides are kept shorter than the top. Moreover, the sides are brushed backwards to highlight your cheekbones and the front and top of the head has long tresses that are also brushed back to give a professional look to your face. You can also choose to keep your beard thick and trimmed. 

14. The Messy Matte

The Messy Matte

Messy haircuts are younger men’s favourite. They make you look more dapper, stylish and masculine. If you have thick hair and you have no problem with frizziness to your hair, you can go for this hairdo.  The quiff is kept long and can be combed sideways or lifted upwards for a unique look.

15. Very Short Pompadour with Hard Part

Very Short Pompadour with Hard Part

This is a side partition hairstyle with an undercut and fade to one side and somewhat bigger tresses to the other side. To give this hairstyle a neat look, a gel or wax is used and the hair is combed sideways. A short quiff is created to the front that is brushed upwards so that there are no flyaways. This can be called one of the most professional haircuts. 

16. Side Short Long Top Haircut with More Volume

Side Short Long Top Haircut with More Volume

Men with round faces need to be more choosy about their hairdo’s. And, if concealing the wide forehead is the priority or if you want to make your plump face look small, then this hairstyle is apt for you. To make your hair look bouncy, spikes are created on the top and the quiff is cut long and is brushed sidewards. To the sides, you can clearly see an undercut that makes the top look prominent.

17. Slicked Back Skin Fade

Slicked Back Skin Fade

Skin fade has become popular lately and is being seen on many heads, both young and old. This fade cut elevates the top and gives a nice definition to your face. If you want to look professional and presentable in any occasion, you must try out this look. The brushed back front makes your hair mess-free and neat. You can also keep your hair in place using a gel or wax. 

18. Long Hair on Top with Shorter Sides

Long Hair on Top with Shorter Sides

Long hair is difficult to maintain, we know your struggles! But, growing hair that long is not an easy job and we know you don’t want to cut it off. So, here we bring you a hairdo that makes your hair manageable and makes you look neat. The high fade to the sides and back with a strip of long hair left on the top, this hair do is not is not difficult to maintain. 

19. The Slick Back

The Slick Back

This slick back look is the most common hairstyle found in younger men. It adds volume to your hair and suits straight haired men the most. A nice low fade to the sides and back-combed tresses to the front, it takes very less time to create this hairdo. However, make sure you grow your hair long before visiting the salon.

20. Side Part Short Sides Long Top Haircut

Side Part Short Sides Long Top Haircut

SIde part hairstyles have always been on trend and even in 2021, side parting is the most common thing among men. But, you can give this common hairstyle a contemporary look by getting a fade to the sides. If you have receding hairline, you can definitely try this look too. It makes your forehead less visible by highlighting the sides. 


These are our top picks of short sides and long top haircuts. We have carefully chosen each one to suit all age groups, face shapes and occasions. So, there’s a hairstyle for every man on this list. Do tell us, which one would you choose from these!


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