Best 15 Sexy Hairstyles for Men and Boys

The Messy Medium Hairstyle

Sexy Hairstyles for Men: There are men who are willing to spend a huge amount on their hairstyles for wearing a trendy, fashionable and sexy outlook, making women turn their heads in appreciation. There is much you could do in your hair styling, with an exhaustive range of short and long hairstyles offering you a wide choice. You can choose the hairstyles that could be perfectly matched with the shape of your face and head and the hair texture.

Here are 15 sexy hairstyles for men that will help you to choose the ones that could help you look sexy and manly.

15 Best Sexy Hairstyles for Men

#1: The Messy Medium Hairstyle

The Messy Medium Hairstyle

This is a simple hairstyle for men where the hair is let to grow to a medium length. Men with wavy or curly locks will find this hairstyle easy to wear by just running the fingers through the medium hair to make it messy. Those with long hair will need trimming the hair by a scissor and styling the top to make it look messy.

#2: The Hybrid Hairstyle

The Hybrid Hairstyle

The Hybrid hairstyle is one of the men’s haircut trends that has a more organic approach, just like the “salon” one. Texture, volume and fades in the low region make this style a clean, messy and sexy one, also to be flaunted by boys.

#3: Short and Curly Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

Short and Curly Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

Flaunting curly hairstyles can always look sexy, especially if you have natural curls. Otherwise, you can have your hairs curled as there are many options. This hairstyle has the curls only at the top with the sides and the rest of the head neatly shaved. The hair is styled towards the front after applying a styling product or a gel. A fully grown beard can make this haircut have a sexy appeal.

#4: Short Sides with Longer Hair

Short Sides with Longer Hair

This hairstyle for men has made an impact in 2016, where the long hair on the top is brushed backward and the sides cut short. The sex appeal comes from the long hair and this hairstyle makes men also look innocent.

#5: Layers with Texture Sexy Haircut for Men

This hairstyle is easy to do because there is an additional volume for the added texture of the hair. The hair has a layered cut with the sides trimmed short and the long strands on the top falling over the forehead right up to the eyebrows. This sexy hairstyle hides any irregularity in the shape of the forehead.

#6: Irresistible Back Brush

Irresistible Back Brush

The long hair is effortlessly brushed back to give a simple yet sexy appearance. Blow dry the damp hair and push back the hair using a brush after applying a cream. You can also use your fingers to push the hair back to make the hair a little messy.

#7: The Loose Undercut

The Loose Undercut

With a messy styling, this haircut looks classic and sexy, especially with the long hairs on the top providing a variation with the loose undercut. A small part appears on the side of the undercut. A casual but appealing hairstyle.

#8: Side Slicked Messy Sexy Hairstyle

Side Slicked Messy Sexy Hairstyle

Men having long hair can try this sexy haircut, where the hair is slicked to one side with some strands falling on the side and going past the eyebrow and touching the eyes. The entire hair with the part is made a little bit messy. Applying a gel will keep the hair in proper shape.

#9: The Braided Hairstyle with Beard

The Braided Hairstyle with Beard

Men with long hairs have unlimited options to flaunt hairstyles that could make them look sexy and appealing. This braided hairstyle is a glorious example, where the beaded hair falls from both the sides well below the shoulders. A short beard adds to the style, making it more appealing.

#10: Low Maintenance Messy Fohawk Hairstyle

Low Maintenance Messy Fohawk Hairstyle

Men with short hair can also wear sexy hairstyles like this one. The hair on the top is kept to medium length and made messy with the use of the fingers lifting the hair on the top. This is a fohawk hairstyle where the sides are clipped short. Women are attracted by messy hairstyles.

#11: Short Buzz Cut Sexy Hairstyle

Short Buzz Cut Sexy Hairstyle

This is not exactly a military hairstyle but a variation, where the extremely short hair cut resembles the buzz cut. The hair is cut very short so as to make the head appear bald. This haircut has a genuine sex appeal, especially with the beard joining the sideburns.

#12: Short Hairstyle with Volume on the Top

Short Hairstyle with Volume on the Top

The top part of the hair is kept extra long while the bottom part is cut short. This creates a contrasting style and is one of the sexiest hairstyles for men. This is a low maintenance hairstyle which you can play with. Clean shaved face adds more appeal to this haircut.

#13: Long Fade Medium Hair Cut

Long Fade Medium Hair Cut

The long fade is the striking feature of this haircut which makes it look sexy, especially with the longer locks that make this hairstyle really amazing. The deft use of clippers on the sides to achieve the long fade is highlighted here.

#14: The Short Mohawk Punk Style

The Short Mohawk Punk Style

The hair on the top is a Mohawk while the sides are shaved clean. Mohawks are always appealing to women and this one is no exception. A full grown beard compliments the hairstyle. A styling product is required to keep the Mohawk in proper shape.

#15: Cowlick Haircut

Cowlick Haircut

The Cowlick men’s sexy haircut is among the latest hairstyles for men where the hair needs to be coarse and the sides undercut to reduce the thickness of the hair. Using proper hair styling products and regular visits to the salon will be necessary to maintain this hairstyle.

Both long and short hairstyles can have a sex appeal provided the haircut is matched with the shape of the face. You will have a wide range of hairstyles to choose from, but your barber may be the best person to advise you on the particular hairstyles that could make you standout in the crowd and look sexy.


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