10 Best Safety Razors for Men Reviews – You Can Buy for a Clean Shave


A necessity in every man’s grooming kit is a razor. Whether to finally pull the plug on a yearlong attempt at growing a beard or to just have a change in the look, a razor will forever be considered a man’s best friend (after dogs of course).

However, choosing a razor, in particular, could be a little difficult, with every seller in the market claiming their razor to be the world’s best. Thus, the article seeks to highlight a few best in the market safety razors for you to choose from and use it to give yourself the perfect shape that you desire.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Safety Razor:

Choosing a safety razor that is best for you could be a little confusing and many often end up purchasing one which does not satisfy their needs. On the other hand, you could look at the following pointers to consider which razor you should end up purchasing:-

Design: The four basic designs that safety razors are sold in are one, two or three piece and a butterfly head. The three piece razors are the most commonly used, the two piece razor is usually preferred by wet shavers and the one piece razors have a rotating handle which opens the cutting head.

Double edged: Whether the razor you chose has sides, both of which are usable.

Price: Good quality razors can be found in the modest price range. It depends from person to person as to how much they want to spend on razors, though differences can always be seen amongst high end products and the cheaper ones.

Handle: The size of the razor handle differs from product to product and depends mostly on personal preference. If you have large hands, you should go for a razor which has a longer handle and if you have small hands you should go in for a razor with a smaller handle accordingly.

Adjustable Blade v. Fixed Blade: If you prefer to set the exposure of your blade yourself a razor with an adjustable blade would be ideal for you. However, very few razors come with an adjustable blade as most men usually prefer a razor with a fixed blade.

Weight: How much should the razor weigh is again a matter of personal choice. The weight of razors differs from model to model. However, many men prefer heavier razors as they are easier to control.


Below are the 6 most popular safety razors for you to choose from. The article also seeks to point out specific characteristic features and also pros and cons of each razor to give you a clear picture.

1. Edwin Jagger Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety RazorEdwin Jagger has set its standard way above normal when it comes to male grooming. The company is built on family foundations and the business believes itself to be a place where integrity, promise, and inspired design go together.

Edward Jagger razors showcase the traditional style of English quality and are combined with designs which are state of the art, the latest manufacturing techniques and the craftsmanship of the long-established Sheffield.

The company has become a global leader in the manufacturing of grooming products and also delivers their products all over the globe, every piece of the razor is designed with absolute attention to detail.

 The key features which make this product quite desirable:

  • This Edwin Jagger razor supports the latest version of the company’s DE blade head, which has become immensely popular amongst regular wet shavers and also by shavers who have sensitive skin.
  • The closed comb head has an expert set up with high quality chrome plate finishing which makes the close wet shaving easy to achieve.  
  • The handle, brass, chrome plated and lightweight shows precision even in its lined pattern finish and also has the company’s name engraved on the collar of the razor.
  • The body of the razor has great balance which makes shaving sensitive skin very easy.
  • This razor is delivered in a beautiful presentation box by the company and also comes along with a complimentary Feather Hi-Stainless DE Safety Razor blade to start your amazing shaving journey.
  • After the purchase of the razor do not forget to register your razor with the company as it can benefit by making you part of the world known customer support and services.

Precaution to be taken: Always remember to not overly tighten the DE head and also handle the razor with care as the case metal is very sensitive and could break if dropped.


  • Excellent for skin which is sensitive
  • Great body balance
  • Quite durable


  • The handle is a little shorter than what is usually preferred

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2. MUHLE TRADITIONAL R41 Double Edge Safety Razor

MUHLE TRADITIONAL R41 Double Edge Safety RazorThe company MUHLE finds its origins in Germany and has been part of the grooming game since 1945. The overall products of the company range from razors, shaving creams, brushes and other care products and also showcase their own natural cosmetic series. The company claims to use only such materials in their end product which are in consonance with nature.

The company provides for state of the art accessories such as the shaving brush enshrined with the silvertip badger and other such products. The products of the company have now become tantamount with consummate design and rare craftsmanship.

The MUHLE open tooth comb double edge safety razor is also called “The Beast”, this razor is a very aggressive one available in the market and gives a shave very much similar to a shave from a razor which is straight. The amount of pressure that needs to put is very less and the product is mostly used by experienced shavers. The razor supports a design called open tooth comb, which has a special angle for the blade, specially designed by keeping in mind experienced shavers.

The key features which make this product quite desirable:

  • The razor’s open tooth design works along with a gap which is behind the edge of the razor ensuring that the edge of the blade does not have debris while shaving. Giving you the opportunity to shave longer without having to run it under water with every use.
  • The razor has a safety bar which gives a shave without getting any nicks or cuts which is very ideal if you are someone who does not want to dedicate a lot of their time to shaving.
  • The razor weighs very less which makes it very easy to handle and glide on the surface of your skin.
  • The razor comes in various designs such as the one, two, three pieces thus, making it easier to change the handle if you think that you need a better grip.


  • Comes in three different designs
  • Close shave with less passes
  • Ergonomic design


  • Made for experienced shavers

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The Seki-Edge company originates from Japan and the Japanese technique and craftsmanship can be seen in every product manufactured by the company. All the products have an ergonomic design and style coupled with modern time requirements.  

The Seki-Edge razor is way more costly than your normal safety razors but its performance is very up to the mark. It has been made from medical grade stainless steel and can be used by inexperienced shavers as well. The razors have been made for everyday use and are such products which have been made to last; almost every safety double edge razors feature a shiny chrome finish put together by a very delicate process and with very little scope of needing replacement.

The key features which make this product quite desirable:

This Seki- Edge razor has been made up of 316 “surgical” or “marine grade” stainless steel, which makes it a very hard and thus a very durable metal than which other normal razors are supported by. Stainless steel is quite resistant to rusting and other kinds of corrosion. Thus, you will never have any issue with the chrome plating chipping off and the medical grade stainless steel is very easy to clean and sterilize The razor is not trying to imitate the shiny chrome razors rather it supports a classy stainless steel matte finish to showcase the high quality of the product.

Since stainless steel is very hard which makes it an immense task to manufacture small items with precision as is the case with razors and blades. Nothing by the company is made without the aim of providing the finest quality product, be it in terms of their blades, handles or design.

This razor supports one of the sharpest blades known which are extremely effective and efficient. The razor has a precise construction which gives the personal a gentle shave with every use and the kit is accompanied with five stainless steel blades as well.

The handle of the razor is very compact, only four inches and gives the person good control over it.

The razor blades have more aggressive angles than other safety razors, thus, doing the work of three shaves in one go and gives the shaver close and clean shave without much irritation.


  • A design which will last for a lifetime
  • Easy for inexperienced shavers
  • Easy for inexperienced shavers


  • The handle could come across as a little short for few customers.

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PARKER 98 R ULTRA HEAVYWEIGHT LONG HANDLE SAFETY RAZORParker 98 R ultra heavyweight long handle safety razor is again a very good choice when choosing safety razors. A better term to attach to this razor would be “superheavyweight” because this razor is quite big; the difference in this and other razors can easily be noticed as soon as it is picked up and weighs a total of 4.3 ounces and is most ideal for men with larger hands.

Though quite heavy, the razor consists of authentic brass construction and plating of nickel and the kit also comes along with three disassembled pieces which makes it quite easy to clean and precise the alignment of the blade.

Many people prefer such a razor as much pressure is not required to be applied as the weight of the razor helps in doing that work for them. However, heavy razors should be used carefully as too much pressure could result in nicks and cuts while shaving because of the added pressure.

The key features which make this product quite desirable:

The razor feels comfortable in the hand as it comes with an extra long, knurled handle giving the person a good grip over the razor and there will be no worries from your side about it slipping from the hand while shaving.

 The weight however distributed over the razor does not matter as it will anyway give you a very close shave and make the skin quite smooth.

It is highly durable which is one of the highest selling factors of this razor and as mentioned above it can be disassembled to replace only those parts which need replacing.

The razor comes with five double edged blades. These blades can be changed by unscrewing the head of the razor and the razor also can accommodate all standard double edged blades.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy grip due to the long handle
  • Quality construction


  • Many do not find the finish as good as other razors

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VIKINGS BLADE – THE CHIEFTAIN SAFETY RAZORThe Vikings Blade company is a 30 year old underground Australian workshop. Their chieftain safety razors are high value products made from top quality- durable Swedish stainless steel. The razors also have lifetime warranty with regards to any manufacturing defects and are also not very heavy on the pocket.

The chieftain razor blade is a manly and superior product and is great for smooth shaves without giving even a fairly new user nicks and cuts. The razor is also great for people new to the shaving game.

The key features which make this product quite desirable:

The razor has a micro-comb, which makes it easier for the fresher to handle. It helps by preventing accidental cuts as the close end of the razor hides the blade.

The razor has a butterfly head, thus making the change in blades possible within no time.

The razor is great for men who have sensitive skin and also helps in avoiding ingrown hairs. The handle is deeply knurled and gives you a firm grip even if the hands are damp.

The head of the razor is smaller than other razors which help it to access harder and smaller areas. Good weight accompanies the razor and you will not have to apply a lot of pressure while shaving.

The razor comes along with five blades and a travel case. The blades are longer lasting requiring less number of changes.

The razor is also great for women as it is sharper than the types of razors which are designed for women.


  • The product has guarantee for a lifetime
  • It is suitable if your skin is sensitive
  • High quality craftsmanship


  • The handle is short, which makes it harder for men who have large hands.

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MERKER FUTUR ADJUSTABLE SAFETY RAZORThe Merkur Company has been in the game of manufacturing razors for more than 30 years and their razor making craft has been over for so long which makes it as good as a science. The future razor has an exclusive look and gives all of it user’s versatility as it comes in six diverse settings.

Merkur has been making adjustable razor blades since the early 1980’s, thus, it is safe to say that they know what they are doing. The razor can adjust the exposure of the blade and that’s the reason it provides for great and safe aggressive shaving.

The key features which make this product quite desirable:

The razor has a smooth brush comb which also comes in different metallic colors which you can choose as suits your eye.

The razor has a longer handle than almost all of the safety razors available which gives the men with larger hands a better grip of the razor.

The razor has weight which makes the grip stronger which helps in the most aggressive of shaves.

The razor comes from German craftsmanship which is known to make quality razors. They would definitely please the already experienced shavers and give as close a shave as possible.


  • Different kinds of settings
  • Ideal weight
  • A good looking and solid design


  • It has a bulky head making it difficult to access the smaller areas

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How to Shave Using a Safety Razor?

Even though you have finally let go of your habit of using daily disposable razors and switched to safety razors, there is still a technique that needs to be followed to have a clean shave without any nicks or cuts. You can observe the following tips while using the razor on your face-

  • Ready your skin for a shave: You will have to prepare your skin for a shave. You can either use a shaving cream or soap or even a hot damp cloth over the area you are looking to shave to soften the whiskers.
  • Use fresh blades: Fresh blades have sharper edges which help in cutting the whiskers as close as possible.
  • Don’t push the blade into the skin: A safety razor has been designed to give you an easy shave. You will not need to push it into your skin to get your required result and if done you might end up with nicks and cuts.
  • Shave at the correct angle: If you do not shave at the correct angel you might end up with nicks and cuts. The angle which is considered best for safety razors is close to 30 degrees.
  • Shave along with the grain: Always shave along with the direction of your facial hair growth. The hair does grow in different directions, so go for the direction in which the majority of your facial hair grows.
  • Stretch the skin: Safety razors are most effective on tightly stretched skin.

Do not shave over the same area too many times: Try not to shave in the same area more than twice or thrice, this could make your skin sensitive and make it more prone to nicks and cuts.

  • Rinse often: Keep running water over the razor blades to get rid of all the debris that gets collected while shaving as it could make it that less effective.

For more clarity on using a safety razor, watch this video: 


Though there is nothing wrong with using daily disposable razor blades, it cannot be denied that safety razor blades are always going to be the better choice. You actually end up saving more money this way by not having to buy daily disposables. The safety razor blades can last for as long as a lifetime if you can take care of it well and the replacement blades are obviously much less expensive than buying daily disposable razors.


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