Comb Over Fade: The comb over was one of the favourite hairstyles amongst the guys long ago. But since some of the celebrities have adorned it, comb over has gained back the popularity and has become a latest buzz for guys now days. Now it is one among those modern and versatile hairstyles that can suit almost every face.

From a comb over with taper to a wavy comb over, we have picked 20 modern comb over hairstyles to reinvent your look.

What is the Comb Over Fade haircut?

The comb over haircut is one where the longer hair on top are either parted to the side or slicked at the back. Wearing a comb over haircut with faded sides gives it just the perfect finish and so comb over is often clubbed with the fades, hence the name – Comb Over Fade haircut.

How to ask for comb over Fade Haircut?

To get a comb over haircut, you can ask your hairstylist to start with the side parting. Then you can choose any of the can comb over fade haircuts, with tapering sides or long top or if you want a sophisticated cut then ask him to keep the sides shorter.

How do I get the comb over fade?

To get a comb over fade, you should follow the steps given below:

  • Choose the perfect comb over style for yourself.
  • Discuss it with your barber and ask him to give you one.
  • Now to maintain this look every day, start with the dry hair.
  • Comb your hair carefully to find your side part. Do not mess up things.
  • Use a hair dryer to blow and dry from front taking it to the back.
  • Comb the hair at the top to their place while maintaining the side part.
  • Use a good quality hair serum or gel from back to front.
  • Finish it by combing the front hair.

Short Comb over fade with side part:

Short Comb over fade with side part

This comb over fade hairstyle is a very easy to maintain as you don’t have to give much time on it every day. All you need is to keep your hair short, give a little spiky look to the hair in front while keep the rest of the hair to the other side. But yes, you might like to use a good amount of hair gel for a perfect look.

Razored comb over with pompadour:

Razored comb over with pompadour

Pompadour has never been out of fashion. So club your comb over fade haircut with a pompadour at the front while keeping your sides razored. For a bolder look you can try a light beard look too!

Mohawk comb over fade:

Mohawk comb over fade:

One of the boldest comb over fade styles is the faded comb over with Mohawk. The style only guys with a lot of guts and die hard fashion freaks would like to try. Go for it dude!

Polished fade comb over:

Polished fade comb over

Yes there are times when you would like to might want to look an absolute gentleman. Then this style is one for you! A sophisticated fade with comb over hairstyle for short hair. Blonde guys would rock this style though!

Heavy top clean low fade comb over:

Heavy top clean low fade comb over

You can flaunt your heavy and volume hair with this comb over low fade hairstyle. You can keep the top hair to medium and comb over that will show off the volume of your hair while keeping the sides and the back at a low fade

Bushy medium fade comb over:

Bushy medium fade comb over

How about trying something unruly? Even the shaggy hair can look cool if they are combed over nicely and this bushy medium fade comb over is one of them. Teenagers and college guys can see this as the best option if they want to keep their hair length a little more than average without any worries of getting pulled up by their parents or teachers!!

Messy fade comb over hairstyle:

Messy fade comb over hairstyle:

For guys with curly hair, this particular comb over with fade hairstyle can do wonders to their curls. The faded sides will help in drawing more attention towards the natural curls.

Taper fade comb over:

Taper fade comb over

This hairstyle looks good on men who are in their 30s, but a mandatory condition for this taper comb over hairstyle is that the person should have dense and thick hair as then only the tapered look will get a sharp finishing. Serums and hair gels will make the style more attractive.

Short comb over fade:

Short comb over fade

Some men like to keep their hair short, for those this can be comb over haircut fade can be a great choice. Keeping the side part and combing over will give it a complete and cleaner look.

Slick it back and comb over:

Slick it back and comb over

Another comb over hairstyle is a fusion between the back swept and a mid fade comb over, however it resembles with the side part but it actually is comb over mid fade. You need to keep your hair a little longer to be able to slick them at the back.

Cool taper with comb over:

Cool taper with comb over

Yet another taper comb over haircut is this one! This style will not be that easy to carry because the designer tapering is what makes it different from the other comb over taper fade haircuts.

Low skin high fade comb over:

Low skin high fade comb over

To give yourself a perfect manly look, try this comb over fade with beard. The high fades are combed over while the sides are faded and a thick chinstrap beard gives this style the finishing touch!

Low fade faux comb over:

Low fade faux comb over

This fade comb over haircut looks good on everyone. Thin guys to heavy guys, all can wear this look without worrying about how it will look, because it is a made-for-hairstyle. So if you are not a kind of a person who like much of experiments with his hair, then this one is for you.

African Fade comb over:

African Fade comb over

African guys have a very different hair texture. This hairstyle is an excellent one for them. The extra-short and extra-dense curls can be kept to a medium length while the sides must be kept faded.

Bend it like Beckham:

Bend it like Beckham

The next thing that David Beckham is famous for other than his football game is his hairstyles! There is not any hairstyle this man has not tried. And so we take honor in mentioning this david beckham comb over fade hairstyle where he has neatly combed over his hair to the side while keeping the sides short.

Asian comb over fade:

Asian comb over fade:

This is one comb over fade asian guys would love wearing as it is one if the easiest styles. Not at all time taking as your salon guy will only have to maintain a length of your hair combing it over and fading away your sides and back.

Comber over with shaved sides:

Comber over with shaved sides

Perfect style for young men ready to join a graduation school! Comb over your long bangs and keep the sides shaved to give a neater look. However complexion will have its role to play in this hairstyle, so guys with darker complexion, unfortunately this one is not for you!

Comb fade over for long hair:

Comb fade over for long hair

Long hair men can wear a comb over fade in many different ways. You can go for a side part or no part and simply apply a good hair product and comb over your bangs at the back or to the side.

Sexy medium comb fade over:

Sexy medium comb fade over

Guys with medium length hair and different texture can also look sexy wearing a comb fade over. Go for a comb over taper haircut or a back swept or leave your longer hair in the front, you are sure to look amazing.

Wavy comb over fade:

Wavy comb over fade

Last but not the least, this one is the cutest! For those who have a chocolaty face and wavy hair are the lucky winners for this hairstyle. However, slight beard can make you look chocolaty plus sexy.

So many hairstyles are there to choose from and you might be confused which one to pick? Don’t worry you can try any of the comb over fade with part hairstyles, all you need is to know about the texture of your hair or better yet catch up with your hairstylist who will be able to give the best one to suit your face!

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