Green Eyes – Most Attractive Eye Color on Guys


Men with Green Eyes: When it comes to the colour green, only two percent of the world’s population has such an eye colour. Green eye colour is also the only colour which changes; it becomes more green, blue or gray based on the weather, the surroundings and even the person’s mood. Certain traits are also attached to people who have green eyes and it’s a popular belief that people who have green eyes are very loving and caring. Green eyes have a charm attached; almost making the eyes look magical and also making the onlooker the feel the need to keep having their eyes locked with the person rather than look somewhere else.   

Defining traits of people with green eyes

As mentioned above, green eyes have certain traits attached. Various researches and surveys that eye colour actually has an impact on a person’s personality which dictates such a person’s characteristics and specific behavior. Green eyes are however, very common in the Icelandic region. The allure of green eyes is very different, thus, attracting the onlookers.

#1: Intelligent

Intelligence is one of the strongest traits when it comes to people with green eyes. It is said that such person’s have great speaking skills and also high concentration level even when placed in distracting environment. Such people are said to be gifted, with the ability to think differently and learn and process information rapidly. They are also said to be open minded and also sensitive by nature. They also are known to be able to hold valuable conversations.

#2: Creative

Creativeness is also a trait attached to people with green eyes. Such people are said to be vibrant and also have creative skills. They are said to have quite an imagination which they can bring to life. They also have great observation skills and also are quite curious when it comes to their surroundings. Their thought process is distinct and quite unique and their creative ideas can often be seen being reflected in their actions.  

#3: Charming

People with green eyes are often found to be good looking and quite charming. Men having green eyes look very handsome and seem to attract a lot of women attention. The charm is also seen in the fact that such people are expressive of their feelings and always appreciative of the people in their lives.  

#4: Passionate

Another trait attached to people with green eyes is that they are very hard working and very passionate in their personal as well as their professional life. They feel very strongly about their feelings and have no problem in showcasing them. With every goal set in mind, people with green eyes have the need to reach the goal in excellence and nothing less. They also are said to be passionate in love and tend to have relationships which tend to last long. They have strong beliefs and are also said to have a lot of patience.

#5: Mystical

People with green eyes are said to be mystical. It is said that they have a air of mystery around them. This also gives such a person a charismatic as well as a curious personality. Many works of art, such as books, stories etc have creatures having green eyes when wanting to go in for that mystical look. The trait also shows that such a person is observant and quite, in favour of keeping their opinions to themselves, and also an ability to have a calm and polite conversation.   

#6: Jealous

Jealousy is a trait which is also attached to people with green eyes. It is because that people with green eyes can sometimes have a tendency which can make one feel uncomfortable because of such a person’s actions or behavior. People with green eyes usually tend to show passive aggression and hostility when they are jealous

#7: Devious

Due to the rarity of the eye colour, people with green eyes tend to look quite attractive. However, the green eyes tell you one story and the reality is the other. Green eyes can reflect playfulness and intellect at the same time. Such people are also seen taking risks for the sake of experiencing opportunities and challenges. Research also supports that people with green eyes have the most playful and fun loving personalities.

Famous Male Celebrities with Green Eye Colour

#1: Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

The actor has found a place in our hearts since the good old days of Top Gun and just the opportunity to have an eye lock with him is every girls dream.

#1: Jude Law


With his upcoming stint as Dumbledore in the crimes of Grindelwald, Jude Law finds a place on this list. His green eyes are mystical and the English accent is just an added bonus.  

#3: Gary Dourdan


If you ever followed CSI: Crime Scene Investigation then you know who this man is. His acting is way beyond the best and his eyes are a beautiful shade of light green.

#4: Channing Tatum


Starring in his first movie “She’s the Man” and the original Step Up, Channing Tatum has made a big name in Hollywood.

#5: Robert Ri’Chard

Robert Ri’Chard

Very few black men have green eyes and one of them is black actor Robert Ri’chard. He has been seen in various films and television series but is yet to make his big break.

#6: John Krasinski

John Krasinski

If you ever followed the popular show from the 90’s called The Office, you know that this is our own Jim here. The man has beautiful green eyes and seems to get better looking day by day.

#7: Chris Pine


Chris Pine has been in the movie business for quite some time and many girls are seen swooning over his green eyes and the heart throb look.

#8: Gerard Butler


Gerard butler is a very talented actor with varieties of movies in his bag. He always had a Europian charm and his looks have always been appreciated.

#9: Harry Styles


Harry Styles is the member of the all boy band “One Direction” and it is not an understatement when it’s said that thousands of girls are crazy about his looks and eye colour.

#10: Benedict Cumberbatch


Our very own Sherlock Holmes also finds a place on this list. Sherlock Holmes was his big break and his eyes were a huge contributor in his Sherlock look and he has not looked back ever since.


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