Clip On Men Bun: 10 Best Man Bun Hair Extension Reviews

Man bun extensions- Guide and review: Long hair is not restricted to only women today, many men too are growing long hair and are looking to either grow a man bun or get a one once they attain a hair growth enough to make one. This tutorial will enlighten about man bun and the various extensions that are available to easily sport a manbun look.

What is a Man Bun Hairstyle?

For men with long hair, the term “man bun”, refers to the particular placing of a bun on a male’s head as a trendy hairstyle, somewhere close to the crown. The man bun is also termed as the “bro bun” and the “hipster bun”. There are different styles of man bun, some buns are less acceptable than others.

man bun

A few of the most common man buns in trend are:

  1. Full man bun: This style sports long hair on the sides that are pulled back into a large high bun.
  2. Low man bun: This style is similar to the full man bun with only a slight variation wherein the bun sits lower on the head.
  3. Top Knot: Here a smaller back bun is made with the help of the top hair. The side hair can be clipped or shaved.
  4. The pineapple: A single shoot is seen to emerge from the center of the hair. This man bun is more often quite small.
  5. The undercut: This man bun is often seen to be interchanged with the top knot. The style is seen to include a smaller hair shoot.

Who Suits a Man Bun?

Different hairstyles have seen to suit different face shapes and the man bun is no exception. The topknot is seen to suit people with a less defined bone structure, as it can make the face appear longer making to slim down the facial features. The topknot is seen to pair well with a beard.

Hair type also plays a pivotal role. Extreme thick hair is a lot harder to control and they are illusional to project a more rounded face shape making the head appear larger than it actually is. On the other end, very thin hair can be equally problematic as receding hairlines are more visible when the hair is pulled back. So the best hair type for a man bun is the middle-of-the-road follicles.

What are the factors that are seen to affect a man bun’s appearance?

Many factors are seen to affect a man bun’s appearance. The following list enlightens them.

#1: Size of the bun.

Predominantly the bun size depends on the raw materials used. If a man has a lot of hair, he’s likely to have a large bun that includes a lot of hair. If not, he’s more likely to have a very less hair that will stick up or out and not appear as a full bun, this style is occasionally termed as the top knot.

#2 The position of the knot.

The nubbin is seen to appear on top of the head or toward the back. This greatly affects the look of the bun. If a man bun  is seen to travel too far back on the head, it is termed as a “pony bun.”

#3 The side hairs on the head.

A full man bun is seen to use the same base material as a ponytail that is a large amount of hair from all sides are pulled back and put into a bun. Long and side hairs are not prerequisites for a good man bun. Often, we see man bun wearers shaving the sides of their heads or closely clipping them.

Trending man bun extensions brands

The following section will enlighten on the top brands of the man bun extensions that man bun wearers can choose from.

#1: Bella Hair 100% Human Hair Bun Extension Donut Chignon Hairpieces by Bella Hair

Bella hair human hair chignon is a unisex product that is seen to instantly personalize an individual’s hairstyle. The hair provided is a strictly selected high-quality human hair selected by a 15-year-experienced hair quality standard team.

This hair product can be permed, washed and also dyed to a darker color. The adjustable size is seen to fit on most people with variant hair volume and length.

In comparison to the synthetic hair bun, this human hair bun has obvious superiority in terms of aesthetic, vision, touch, and durability. Package components: One natural black bun, hair pins, and hair elastics.

How to use:

  • Place the hairpiece over the bun and secure it with the help of a comb.
  • Adjust the buns position with the help of the stopper and drawstrings.
  • Tie the drawstring around the bun and secure it with hair pins to hold it in its position.

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#2: Man Bun – The Original Clip On by Man Bun (TM)

The Original Clip On by Man Bun aids in growing the hair in seconds. One needs to simply clip it on to sport the bun look. The attachable clip gives a man the option to have or take off the man bun based on his personal needs.

How to use:

  • Comb the hair back toward the crown of the head, in a motion similar to lacquering a reclaimed-wood coffee table.  
  • Attach the man bun to the natural hair in a way the lay public attaches itself to Arcade Fire.
  • Use bobby pins to secure the man bun to hold its position.

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#3: REECHO Hair Extensions Chignon Synthetic 3 inches in Diameter Size Small Color Black

REECHO hair extensions are the apt synthetic hair buns for men because this man bun is available according to the diameter of the men’s hairstyle, length, and volume; is double secured with the elastic drawstring and two built-in clips, and is made up of matte hair fiber that provides a realistic looks like real human hair. The elastic drawstring is designed for a stronghold that is not to lose hold even during exercises like running and yoga.

How to use:

  • Comb the hair towards the crown of the head.
  • Attach the man bun at the desired position on the hair and secure it with the in-built clips and the drawstring with the fixed button.

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#4: Clip-in Man Bun (Blonde) by Second Glance Beauty

This clip-in man bun was made popular by Hollywood celebrities such as Jared Leto and music ‘star’ Harry Styles. The man bun is all a man needs to find himself in a part of the in-crowd.  One does not need to go through the exasperating chore of growing the hair and no knots or pulls too needs to be experienced. It just attaches right into one’s hair. In situations where one’s man bun may be less appropriate one can just take it right off.

How to use:

  • Comb the hair back to the crown of the head.
  • Put any amount of hair into the man bun.
  • Secure the bun using the slide combs and toggle.

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#5: Moreal 100% Real Human Hair Elastic Tie Straight Men’s Top Knot Half Bun Women Bun Hun Updo Extensions Dark Brown by Moreal

Moreal 100% Real Human Hair Elastic Tie is made of 100% real human hair, that is seen to easily blend with one’s own hair providing a natural look. Is available in three colors that include natural black, dark brown and light brown. This product is easy to fit on with an elastic hair tie and is secure and comfortable to wear. This fashion item is unisex,  which could be men’s top knot and also a women bun half bun extensions. The product is perfect for adding volume and fullness to a bun or a ponytail and is washable and easy to comb.

Note: Refrain from twisting, wringing, squeezing the hair extension, allow it to air dry.

How to use:

  • Comb the hair back on to the crown of the head.
  • Tuck in any amount of hair into the man bun.

and secure the bun using the slide combs and toggle.

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#6: Onedor Synthetic Fiber Hair Extension Chignon Donut Bun Wig Hairpiece by Onedor

The product is made from 100% Korean high-quality synthetic heat-resistant fiber, which mimics the feel of a real human hair. It is designed to be hassle-free and comfortable to use. One can easily wear it without any extra help. This hair extension is stylish that come in adjustable sizing and can be permed and washed. This product transforming one’s looks in seconds as it is provided with an attachment that is not only secure but also comfortable for all-day wear.

How to use:

  • Comb the hair back on to the crown of the head.
  • Tuck in any amount of hair into the man bun.
  • Secure the bun using the fine combs and rubber drawstring to the desired comfort level.

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#7: Susanki Human Hair Bun for Men Instant Elastic Hair Updo Chignons Ponytail Extensions Light Brown by Susanki

The hair extension is made up of authentic human hair, without the mixture of any other material. If one feels the hair bun is a little small, he can comb it to a messy one. This man bun is very easy to wear and remove. It can be treated like one’s own hair. The real human hair bun is washable and can trim bangs as well as style hair texture. Is available in three variants black, light brown and dark brown.

How to use:

  • Comb the hair back on to the crown of the head.
  • Place the hair extension at the desired level on the crown.
  • The instant elasticity of the product aids in an easy merging with the natural hair.

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#8: Goessom Wavy Hair Bun Extensions by Goessom

The product is made of 100% human hair and is perfect for adding volume and fullness to a bun or a ponytail.

This hair extension transforms one’s look in seconds and can be worn for a special occasion within no time. The extension is available in an adjustable size and is very easy to fit with an elastic hair tie. This bun is washable, comfortable and provides a secure fit for all-day wear.

How to use:

  • Comb the hair back on to the crown of the head.
  • Fit the bun over the own hair and secure with the interior combs.
  • To adjust the size one needs to adjust the length of the elastic band.
  • Tie around with the extra part of the elastic band and secure with the aid of a few hairpins.

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#9: Clip On Instant Man Bun (Brown) by L’Vanah (TM)

This attachable and detachable man bun is made of artificial hair and is seen to easily blends in with the natural hair. The extension can be worn throughout the day as it only needs to be fixed and secured on to the hair. One never needs to actually grow a long hair to sport a man bun hairdo.

How To Use:

  • Comb the hair back toward the crown of the head.
  • Attach the man bun to the natural hair at the desired position.
  • Use bobby pins or antique paper clips to secure the man bun.

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#10: Costume Culture Men’s Man Bun Wig.

This imported pull-on closure man bun wig is made out of synthetic fibers. It aids in providing a hipster coffee house look.

Any individual with no or minimal hair can make use of this man bun as it a wig.  One can experiment with the various man bun styles and choose the one which aptly suits the personal taste.

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General care guide for all man bun extensions

  • The product needs to be washed and combed gently.
  • The manufacturer recommends using mild hydrating shampoos to cleanse the product.
  • Air dry the product whenever time permits.
  • The product needs to be almost dry before combing or brushing it.
  • The maximum heat that can be applied on to the product is under 392 F.

Final thoughts

The man bun extensions are a simple and easy hairstyle for me with minimal obstacles. One does not need to commit much time to grow the hair length for the type of man bun that one wants to sport. If you belong to the group of men who would want to experiment having long hairdos go ahead, experiment with these hair products and live trendy.


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