Clip On Man Bun: 5 Best Man Bun Hair Extension Reviews

Man bun is the ever-popular hair style for men. With clip on man buns, men with short or thin hair can also enjoy the messy top knot hair look whenever they want.

It is similar to a miniature hair net that can be locked around a short ponytail to look like a thick hair bun.

To attach the man bun or to hold the bun for long time, you should have at least minimum hair length.

For placing the clip on man bun, first gather all hair and secure it as a small knot. Now, place the man bun on it and tighten the string to the close it. And finally, gather the string and tuck it into the bun.

If you wondering which clip on man bun to choose, then read our Buying Guide. It helps you choose the right according to your hair type and other requirements.

A list of 5 Best Clip On Man Buns are provided below after reviewing all the options available in the market.

Best Clip-on Man Buns

Man Bun Material ColourBuy Now
Billy-Bob Man Bun Visor100% polyester hair, 100% cotton capBlackCHECK ON AMAZON
Onedor Synthetic Fiber Chignon Donut Bun100% high quality Korean synthetic fiber1B Off BlackCHECK ON AMAZON
Costume Culture
Man Bun Wig
100% other fibersBrownCHECK ON AMAZON
Sarla Fake Hair Buns100% Japan high-temperature fiber10H16 Medium Brown with
Beach Blonde Highlight
REECHO Fast Hair BunHeat friendly hair fiberBlackCHECK ON AMAZON

Top 5 Clip-on Man Buns Reviews

1. Billy-Bob Man Bun Visor

Billy Bob Bun

Billy-Bob is providing one of the best man buns online and that too for a fair price. This man bun comes with a cap visor, made of 100% cotton. Basically, it’s a cap that has a visor, and the cap area has the hair and the main part, the bun!

While you wear this bun visor, if you have dark hair, there is no chance that somebody might recognize that it’s fake as the polyester hair and bun look almost like the real. It has a very natural-looking shiny texture making it look more realistic.

The knot of the bun is adjustable; hence if you want to make it smaller or bigger, you can do that easily. However, the bun is kept a little messy to make it look like a real one. Therefore, if you need to have a bun while keeping your hair short, this bun visor is all you need. 


  •     Looks realistic
  •     Easy to use
  •     The visor is helpful in sunlight


  •     If you don’t like wearing caps, it’s not ideal for you

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2. Onedor Synthetic Fiber Hair Extension Chignon Donut Bun

One door chigon donut bun

In case you are too not able to make a big and round bun of your hair, you must try out a bun extension as it can add a lot of volume to your bun and make it look a lot fuller and healthier.

One of the best bun extensions you can find online is the Onedor Synthetic Fiber Hair Extension Chignon Donut Bun. The bun looks very realistic, and when in use, anyone can barely notice that you have added an extension.

The best part about this bun is its material, which is 100% High-Quality Korean Synthetic Fiber that gives it the look of natural hair. No matter what color your hair is, Onedor has a bun extension available in almost every color.

Moreover, these bun extensions are adjustable and can fit almost any hair bun, smaller or bigger; you can always have that dashing look in just a few minutes. In addition, the bun can survive heat up to 300 degrees F, and can also be permed and washed.


  •     Available in a variety of colors
  •     Quick application
  •     Gives a natural look
  •     Washable


  •     It can only be used when you already have enough long hair to make a bun.

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3. Costume Culture Men’s Man Bun Wig

Costume culture man bun

If you are someone who is, unfortunately, getting bald, or work for a drama company, and want to have a hipster-like look, trying out a wig can be one of the best options that can help to change the way you look entirely. 

There are a variety of different wigs available online, but as we are discussing man bun here, we have this amazing wig from Costume Culture that can serve as a wig and has a bun on top as well.

The hair on this wig is made entirely of synthetic fibers which are of exceptionally good quality. As a result, it looks pretty much like real hair. Although, the hair color is brownish and has some light color streaks in-between to add some style to it.

Apart from that, we have dimensions of this wig, which says that its 0.7 inches high and 14 inches wide, hence it will fit most people quite easily. Also, in case you end up getting it dirty, it can be hand-washed without any issues.

However, we do not recommend using this wig on a daily basis, but if you need it for some drama acts, it will do the job for you. Moreover, it does not cost much, so there will be no regret after purchasing this wig as it gives a perfect hipster look.


  •     Washable
  •     Ideal size
  •     Fiber quality is good


  •     Not suitable for everyday usage

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4. Sarla Fake Hair Buns Extensions Clip in Donut Chignon Bun 

Sarla fake hair bun

This bun by Sarla Brand has been reviewed one of the best online, that being the reason we are also recommending you to purchase it for yourself as the quality of this one seems to be on fleek.

100% Japan High-Temperature Fiber is used to make the hair strands of this bun, and every hair is placed really well, giving it a perfect bun shape. As the size of this bun is 4inch x 4.8inch, it can suit anyone while giving an elegant look.

Not just that, the bun can be easily restyled or shorn as per your likings or needs. And, in case it catches any dirt, you can easily hand-wash it, and it will be as good as a new one. There are plenty of color options available as well, so you can choose the one which matches your color hair the best.


  •     Easily adjustable
  •     Washable
  •     Ready to use


  •     You need to already have a bun to use this extension

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5. REECHO Fast Hair Bun

Reecho fast hair bun

Bun extensions are pretty easy to use as there are no complicated procedures behind it; everyone loves to use them. However, there are very few brands that make bun extensions, particularly for men, we have this brand called Reecho that has taken the initiative.

The cost of this bun clip-on is absolutely fair, and everyone who needs to style their hair, but is struggling to make a big bun out of their hair can use this product.

Reecho has a variety of color options available so that most anyone can have the privilege to have a bigger bun that they desire. As man buns are fairly smaller than the ones that women usually have, these buns have a size of 3 inches, which is an ideal size for men.

These buns have an elastic drawstring, which you can tighten to make it grip your hair tightly for the best fit. Apart from that, it is made up of Matte Heat Friendly hair fiber that looks much like real hair 

However, these buns are available in various sizes, while the small ones are meant for men, larger sizes are available that are suitable for women.


  •     Looks realistic
  •     Adequate size
  •     Holds your hair strongly


  •     Fibers may shed

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What is a Man Bun Hairstyle?

In this hair style, all the hair is gathered together and tied into a knot resembling a bun. Men with short hair and like to have this hair style, then they can do it with a clip-on man buns. They can be placed close to the crown to resemble man bun hair style.

This hair style is also called as bro bun or hipster bun. There are several types of man bun styles. Some of them are super trendy while other are not accepted much.

man bun

Below are some of the trendy men’s hair style ideas…

  1. Full Man Bun: This style sports long hair on the sides that are pulled back into a large high bun.
  2. Low Man Bun: This is similar to full man bun hair style but the position of the bun is present slightly lower on head.
  3. Top Knot: It is a small back bun which is tied using top hair. The side hair is usually shaved or clipped.
  4. The Pineapple Bun: The bun size in this hair style is quite small. They are usually seen as single shoot present in the center of hair.
  5. The Undercut Bun: This style, the bun is interchanged with top knot and it usually includes a smaller hair shoot.

Who Can Wear a Man Bun?

Different hairstyles have seen to suit different face shapes and the man bun is no exception. The topknot is seen to suit people with a less defined bone structure, as it can make the face appear longer making to slim down the facial features. The topknot is seen to pair well with a beard.

Hair type also plays a pivotal role. Extreme thick hair is a lot harder to control and they are illusional to project a more rounded face shape making the head appear larger than it actually is. On the other end, very thin hair can be equally problematic as receding hairlines are more visible when the hair is pulled back. So the best hair type for a man bun is the middle-of-the-road follicles.

Below are general guidelines for man bun hair style based on face size and type.

  1. Heart Shaped Face – For men with this face type have pronounced jaw line and small chin. So, man bun at the back of head provides tough look.
  2. Oval Shaped Face – Men with this face type tend to be photogenic. They usually have pronounced cheek bones and both jaw as well as forehead are rounded. For them, man bun at top of head is suitable.
  3. Square Shaped Face – This is considered as the perfect shape to have a man bun hair style. No matter where you place the bun (higher or lower) creates a sexy hot look.
  4. Long or Small Face – Usually, men with this face type don’t prefer man bun because they either have more or minimally pronounced.

What Are the Factors That Affect a Man Bun’s Appearance?

Appearance of a man bun can be affected by many factors. We have mentioned some of them below.

Many factors are seen to affect a man bun’s appearance. The following list enlightens them.

1. Bun Size

It usually depends on hair thickness. If you have a lot of hair, then you will end up with bulky bun. If you have too thin hair, then you will end up with bun that will stick up or out.

2. Knot Position

Man buns are usually tied either on top or back of the head. This affects the look of your face and style.

3. Side Hairs on the Head

A full man bun is usually much similar to a pony tail which means all the hair, even from the sides is gathered and tied into a bun. Prerequisites of a good bun usually are long hair. Some men prefer to shave the hair present on the sides or closely clip them.

General Guidelines for Maintenance of Man Bun Extensions

  • Once in a while, you have to wash and comb the extensions.
  • It is recommended to use mild hydrating shampoos to not only cleanse the product but also keeps the bun hair moisturized.
  • When time permits, air dry the man bun.
  • Before combing or brushing, make sure the clip on man bun is completely dry.
  • If you want to use hair dryer for drying the man bun extension, then maximum heat allowed is 392 F.


So these were some of the best bun clip-on products that are available to purchase at the moment. Considering the pricing, all these products are affordable and offer the most realistic and quickest solution to have a healthy-looking bun hairstyle. However, if you are having any trouble choosing the best one out of these, we have some personal recommendations for you.

Firstly, the Billy-Bob Man Bun Visor is the best and is the quickest to give you a nice hairstyle with a natural-looking bun. The hair is made of synthetic fibers, and the quality seems to be top-notch as well. 

So this was the list of our best Hair Bun Extensions/Clip-on that you can check out online. In case you liked one from our list, or have any queries about any of these products, do let us know in the comments section below. 


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