Jaden Smith Rapper Hairstyles: Afro & Cornrow Braids Hair

Jaden Smith Rapper Hairstyles

Jaden Smith Inspirational Rapper Hairstyles: Who else can change so frequently to dreadlocks hairstyle from the weaving braid haircuts than Jaden Smith, the Karate Kid famous actor and nominee for the BET award for the Young Artist and Young Star awards. Besides his acting prowess he has left everybody following his hairstyles that were so much versatile that his appearances were changed every time he came on the floor or stage with new haircuts.

The hair evolution which Jaden pioneered showed that he had an awesome taste. Moreover, his healthy  and naturally black hair gave him an added advantage to wear different hairstyles. He had experimented with a range of hairstyles and each of them had been impressive.

Here are 20 of the best jaden smith hair styles with pictures that will give you an idea on how to copy any of jaden smith hairstyle.

#1: The Curly Afro Hairstyle At An Early Stage

The Curly Afro Hairstyle At An Early Stage

His naturally curly and thick hair made this jaden smith afro hair style a super hit. Notice the volume of the hair all over his head and covering his ears.

#2: The Afro Up Do Jaden Smith Haircut


Here the curly hair is cut short for wearing the jaden smith curly hair afro hairstyle. The hair on the top is lifted a little and the sides have a slight undercut.

#3: The Amazing  Cornrows of Jaden Smith

The Amazing Cornrows of Jaden Smith

The barber who had helped Jaden Smith to flaunt this jaden smith cornrows hairstyle should take pride, as, this hairstyle is one of the most amazing air styles that Jaden wore.

#4: The Dreadlocks That Jaden Loves

The Dreadlocks That Jaden Loves

The jaden smith dreads hairstyle is one of the hairstyles which Jaden loved to wear. This locks styled into braids falls from all the sides of the head making him look cute,

#5: The Wild Hair Locks of Jaden Smith

The Wild Hair Locks of Jaden Smith

Any type of lock Jaden liked, more because his type of hair suited the jaden smith long hair lock style. This is one of the hair locks style which is seen all over the head.

#6: The Jaden Smith Fade Haircut

The Jaden Smith Fade Haircut

Jaden Smith used to change his appearance now and then because of his hair styles, among which the jaden smith fade haircut is a popular one. The hair is cut short with the sides and the back having a fade

#7: The Jaden Smith Blonde Hairstyle

The Jaden Smith Blonde Hairstyle

Not often did Jaden blonde his hair but when did so, the jaden smith blonde hair styles had been just fabulous as you can see in this pic. The middle portion of the hair on the top is dyed.

#8: Short Braids by Jaden Smith

Short Braids by Jaden Smith

This jaden smith with braids hairstyle is one of his favorite haircuts. Jaden has been seen in this hairstyle in many of his appearances. The hair on the top is locked into braids to make Jaden look appealing.

#9: Carefree Locks of Jaden Smith

Carefree Locks of Jaden Smith

This is one of the jaden smith hair styles where the long and thick black hair is styled into long locks hanging from all the sides of the head. This is an edgy and carefree hairstyle.

#10: Very Short Braided Jaden Hairstyle

Very Short Braided Jaden Hairstyle

Jaden has changed his hairstyles very often which included the braids. This jaden smith with braids haircut is one of them, where the hair is cut very short and styled into braids.

#11: The Jaden Smith Full Dreadlocks

The Jaden Smith Full Dreadlocks

Here the long hairs are weaved into dreadlocks and let to hang from all the sides including some over the forehead. Jaden showed that he had a taste with this hairstyle.

#12: Jaden Smith Tied Up Hairstyle


This is the tied up Jaden Smith hairstyle where the dreads are tied on the top with some falling on both the sides. This is the hairstyle flaunted by Jaden during the early stages of his career.

#13: The Lined Up Fade Jaden Smith

The Lined Up Fade Jaden Smith

This is a  jaden smith high top fade haircut where the hair is lined up on the sides. It will be not an easy task for a barber to create the dine lines when styling this haircut.

#14: The Hair Ties into Locks by Jaden

The Hair Tiers into Locks by Jaden

This hairstyle wore by Jaden Smith is one of the most complicated jaden smith hair styles where it cost him more than a $1000. Notice the number of tiers and locks in this hairstyle.

#15: The Tidy Looking Locks Jaden Smith Style

The tidy looking locks Jaden Smith style

Here in this jaden smith long hair style the locks are tidy and hangs over one side of the face. You will need a skilled barber to copy this hairstyle.

Jaden Smith is a simple man but his hairstyles are not that simple, especially the dreads, braids and the locks, which will need a tutorial and a skilled hand to give a perfect shape.

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