What is and How To Grow Handlebar Mustache

how to grow handlebar mustache

Handlebar mustache- An ultimate guide: The handlebar whisker is one of the most easily recognized facial hair styles. The ends of the whiskers are twisted and styled far past the outer edges of the lips and this resembles the handlebars of a motorcycle or bicycle. These whiskers are also famously known as the Emilio handlebar and a spaghetti mustache, because of its common association with Italian men.

how to grow handlebar mustache

The handlebar whiskers are simply the epitome of refined manliness. Once a guy decides to grow the handlebar mustache, he needs to understand that it is going to take a commitment on his part. If the idea of growing a handlebar mustache appeals to a man, then the following facts, growing process, will certainly speak help.

Steps to Grow a Handlebar Mustache (Curly Mustache)

1. Grow the whiskers.

The following pointers effectively aid in growing the mustache.

Choose the appropriate products that enhance whiskers growth.

The following tools are required for a good mustache growth.

Mustache wax: A whisker wax needs to be chosen based on an individual’s mustache hair type. If the mustache hair is thick and wiry a guy needs to opt for a stiff wax. Inversely, if the hair is thin, then one needs to buy a softer wax.

A fine-tooth comb:  Aids in brushing out the mustache.

A pair of hair-trimming scissors: a small scissors helps in trimming the mustache hairs.

All these products are available at most of the beauty supply stores.


  • If a guy has doubts on the whisker hair type, it is predominantly advised to purchase two containers of wax, one with a medium stiffness and one with a strong stiffness.
  • Experiment with comb types. Some men prefer fine tooth combs,  while others prefer to use unconventional combs such as head lice combs.


Stop shaving the upper lip region.

Most handlebar mustaches make use of the hair from the entire upper lip. Hence beginners are generally advised to refrain from shaving any part of the face that may help the bristles look fuller. This also includes the areas next to the mouth corners.


  • To grow a thick and glorious whisker one needs to patiently wait for three months.
  • Avoid trimming the mustache, even the parts right above the lips.


Train the newly grown whiskers.

Once an individual’s mustache is long enough to comb, he needs to start training the hairs to maintain the shape that one intends to keep. Part the whisker down the middle of the lip and gently comb each half away from the nose. Apply a small amount of mustache wax or hair putty before combing to hold the hairs in place.


  • Predominantly it is advised to warm a small amount of a wax taken from the tub between the fingers before applying it. Uniformly coat the wax over the whiskers by combing it.
  • A stick of wax can be applied directly to the mustache before combing.


Start shaping the newly grown hair by twisting the mustache ends.

It takes time to grow a decent handlebar whisker. While one waits for the growth to happen he needs to initiate shaping the new hair by twisting the ends. Though the mustache won’t be long enough to get a good curl one will be able to get an idea of how it might look. In this stage, a guy can start trimming the sides to create different shapes.


  • Refrain from trimming the hairs directly above the lip. If they stay short, one won’t be able to brush them into the mustache.
  • Give uncooperative hair period to grow out. Once they grow longer it is easier to manipulate it.


2. Shaping the whisker

Style selection

A guy can plan the way they want to style the bristle tips once they have grown long enough to curl post taking into account the time period the mustache style takes to grow. If a large curl or a bigger mustache is what one needs then they need to allow the hairs to grow, on the other hand for a smaller mustache one can begin trimming the ends when the tips grow very long.


  • Refrain from trimming the bottom of the mustache near the lip. These hairs need to be as long as to be combed away from the mouth.
  • Handlebar mustaches are seen to suit both clean-shaven and bearded faces. They are seen to pair well with the well-groomed, classic barbershop hairstyles or bald heads.



Blow dryer to shape the mustache out.

This aids in training the mustache into the shape one likes to maintain. Once the mustache is grown for a few months, a guy can skip this step. After one shower, the mustache needs to be towel dried. Part the mustache down the middle of the lip and mold the damp mustache into the shape one desires by curling the ends around with the help of the fingers. Lastly, carefully dry out the curled edges to set them on.


  • Keep the hair wrapped around the finger as one dries it. This will not only aid in controlling the curl and will also let one know whether the air is too hot.
  • It is generally recommended to have a low setting on the blow dryer. Too hot air can damage the whiskers.


Apply the whisker or mustache wax.

Apply a stick wax directly on to the mustache and brush through it with a fine-tooth comb or warm a wax a tub between the fingers before applying and carefully spread the warmed wax into the mustache evenly coating all the whisker hairs and comb the mustache into place.


  • The wax should not be visible against the hair. If it isn’t, one may need to invest in a tinted wax.
  • If too much of wax is added simply brush out some with the aid of a comb.


Shape the mustache.

Post combing, re-shape the curls of the mustache by twisting the edges around the fingers into a curl of choice. Once the wax dries it will aid in keeping the mustache in its form. If the bristles still have trouble keeping its curl, heat a curling iron to medium heat and wrap the hair around it for 10-15 seconds. refraining from burning the face.


  • Some guys prefer large, looping curls, while some opt to wax their bristle ends into straight lines. Experiment to find what suits one the best.
  • Some people make use of a stronger wax on the curled whisker tips to help hold the shape.

3. Maintaining the grown whisker.

Wash the bristles regularly.

Brush the mustache off to remove flakes of dead skin or waxy residue with the aid of a stiff, dry toothbrush. Later, wash the whiskers with shampoo. This will aid in removing the wax and skin oils from the mustache.


  • Sleeping with wax in the mustache is seen to leave a colorful residue on one’s pillowcase.
  • If shampoo fails to remove the wax from the mustache stylist recommend to make use of a dish soap instead.


Carefully eat and drink.

The mustache is seen to pick up all sorts of things throughout the day, hence right before a meal,  one is advised to spread a small amount of mustache wax on the bottom strands of the whisker hair. This will not only aid in the clearing of the mouth but will also effectively insulate it from liquids.


  • Wipe the mouth often to keep the mustache free of crumbs when consuming crumbly foods.
  • Refrain from hogging soups and other messy food in public until one practice eating with a large whisker.



Consume foods that enhance the whisker hair growth.

Consume foods that contain the same nutrients found in hair as these are seen to aid in improving the hair and fingernails growth. Foods such as salmon, yellow peppers, avocados, and egg yolks are seen to speed up hair growth.


  • The rate at which the mustache hair grows is equal to the scalp hair growth, hence if the former grows quickly the latter too will.
  • For effective visible results one needs to patiently wait for one or two months.

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Frequently asked questions:

Q. How can one remove mustache wax out of a fine-toothed comb?

One can make use of a hair dryer to heat up the wax. Once softened, the wax can be wiped off with a towel or tissue.

Q. What are the factors that need to be pondered while choosing a mustache wax?

Some of the factors that need to be considered include:

  • Container type– Majority of the waxes are available in a tub but youngsters choose products that come in the form of a tube or a stick.
  • Stiffness- A soft wax is suitable to keep the ends of the mustache in place, but for shaping them one would require a wax that sets off more firmly.
  • Color- Choose a color that suits one’s natural hair color.
  • Perfume- Choose a product with a mild smell as this wax is going to stay below the nose throughout the day. Strong smelling waxes are seen to induce headaches.
  • Price- Choose a brand that will not hit hard on the pockets and also is economical in terms of volume.

Q. Is there a cheaper alternative to mustache wax?

Yes, soap is a cheaper alternative to whisker wax but the main disadvantage observed is that it foams up when contacted with water.

Q. What can one do to increase the mustache growth rate?

Foods such as salmon, yellow peppers, avocados, and egg yolks are seen to speed up the whisker hair growth as these are composed of similar nutrients that the hair is composed of.

Q. Can bald guys over 50 sport a handlebar whisker?

Absolutely! Bald men are seen to look more handsome with handlebar mustaches. For example, Tom Hardy’s look with the bald-with-handlebar-mustache in the movie Bronson rocked the screens.


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