How To Get The Perfect Faded Beard Shape With Step by Step

Beard fade

How to Line Up a Beard Fade – DIY Method

If you can trim your beard properly, you can do anything with it to make your beard style appealing. Beard Fade is one such beard style that will need a master hand for trimming the beard, the sideburns as well as the hair length in order to blend the entire beard style in a seamless way.

You will have to make the best use of the trimmers if you have to shape up your fade beard starting the fade from the thick bristle to the portion where it is thin shave. Factors like what should be the right time to trim your beard to get the fade shape up depends upon your personal preference.

Basically, the principle is the same for trimming your fade beard and all you have to do is to follow the tutorial in order to master the art of trimming.

How to Achieve the Perfect Faded Beard Shape Up

All that you will need are the clippers and a razor.

Beard fade
Step 1 – Pull the levers of your clippers all the way down and start trimming your beard till you achieve your desired length.

Step 2 – Use a detailing clipper to shape your beard around the portion of your upper lip right to the edge of your lips.

Step 3 – Follow the line starting from above the adam’s apple to the edge of your neck in a semi circle around the neck resembling a “sad face”

Step 4 – Continue operating the detailing clipper to create a line starting from just under your ear where the sideburns end at the area of your cheekbones. Use the clippers at a slightly offset angle in order to create the fading point.

Step 5 – Adjust your clippers to a lever length of 0 and then flick the clippers off the line that you had created right at the bottom of your sideburns. Lower down the lever slightly and flick off at the point when the lever moves between the 0 and 0.5 mark.

Step 6 – Your fading process has begun. To create the fade effect, you will need to use your detailers to work along the line of your beard growth which should be ½ cm from the downwards line.

Beard Fade

Finish off applying some shaving oil and then use the razor to define the lines.



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