Pompadour Tutorial: How to Style a Pompadour Fade Haircut- 12 Steps

How to Style a Pompadour

Pompadour Tutorial:Think of David Beckham and what strikes your sight first, you will admit that it has to be obviously his latest clean Pompadour Hairstyle. Yes, if you are looking for the current and the hottest hairstyle trends then the Pompadour clearly stands out in a major way. Pompadour hairstyles for men are always in great demand. From businessmen to celebrities, everyone has been rocking this new look recently. But do you really have an idea what the hairstyle looks like? How to style a pompadour hairstyle perfectly?

If you are not familiar with this kind of classy and elegant hairstyle then, it’s time for you to check it out. Today we’ll look at the best tutorial options available to achieve the look and make everyone go crazy about this hairstyle.

Try This Tutorial On Pompadour Hairstyle

Here is a tutorial which will help you how to do a pompadour hairstyle. We hope you will find this pompadour hairstyle tutorial helping you to hone the skills of how to style pompadour haircut.

The features of the Pompadour haircut include short sides, slicked back hair and volume added in the front to give a dramatic height, to get the look of the classy rock star style, pioneered by the great Elvis Presley. Here is a step by step guide on how to pompadour with ease and minimum effort.

Category of Hair Length – Medium
Suitable type of hair – Straight

To be perfect in how to cut a pompadour, one should know what exactly to do, like leaving 4 to 5-inch hair on the top, and tapering the hair on the back and sides to 0.5 inches, smoothened on the sides and back to give the true effect of a pompadour. The difficulty rating of how to make a pompadour is 3 out of 5, which means a skilled barber should have no difficulty in how to do pompadour hairstyle.

Steps on How to Make a Pompadour:

Step 1:
Before starting, ensure that the hair is clean and dried with a towel.

Step 2:
The entire hair on the top should be lifted using a comb, coat the hair and the locks with pomade, using your fingers, and then slick back the hair on the sides.

Step 3:
Use a blow dryer to blow the hair into a pomp

Step 4:
While slicking the hair, comb the hair from the back of the top of the head and slick back 4 inches of the hair from the crown.

Step 5:
Then slick another 4 inches and complete the slicking of the remaining hair from the top of the head.

Step 6:
Once this is complete, slick the hair again to the back, but starting from the front.

Step 7:

Use a comb to run through the slicked areas beginning from the temple right up to the vertex to lift up the slicked back areas.

Step 8:

Retouch the slicked areas to flatten it, leaving the front to create a quiff, which is the main feature of the pompadour.

Step 9:

Create the quiff at the front to give it the shape of a wedge and lift up the hair from the front, using a comb, rolling it backwards to create waves.

Step 10:

Take some pomade in your fingers and run them from the front to the back, lifting the hair to give the perfect shape.

Step 11:

Run your fingers two or three times to lift the hair in the front as much as possible. You can use a hair pick instead of a comb to slick back the hair more effectively.

Step 12:
Finish off the process by blasting the hair with a hair spray

Hair Products Recommended

  1. Comb
  2. Hair Pick
  3. Hair Dryer

Hope this tutorial on how to get a pompadour haircut will be helpful. To bring perfection to how to make pompadour, you will need a quality pomade and a hair pick, so that the styling is made from the grass root level of the hair. There has hardly been any hairstyle that has become so popular as the pompadour.

The final thing which you need to know how to style pompadour, is using the blow dryer. Using the hair dryer perfectly will help you to make the pompadour more noticeable. Use only those attachments that are needed for learning how to style a pompadour. Step out in rock style and stand out in the crowd with the pompadour fade, one of the most followed hairstyles for men.



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