7 Best Hair Clippers for Home & Professional Use – Reviews & Buyers Guide


Men who would want to have clippers for the purpose of short hairdos, manscaping or the incidental buzz trim men have to prepared before getting the right cut. Using the right resources will help them save money in the longer run. Nowadays men are more inclined towards trying out bolder hairdos.

Hair clippers are best distinguished by the brush like sharp edges sitting over the gadget that works like a progression of scissors to trim hair at any given length. Most bear an indistinguishable likeness from the retro scissors utilized by their own stylist. Others support current forms that can be mixed up for a portion of the market’s best facial hair trimmers or electric shavers.  

What to look for in a hair clipper?

Accessories: you will find a variety of comb attachments in the box to cut hair at various lengths. More often than not, you will also get a cleaning brush to wipe the blades.

Design: If you prefer something lightweight, go for a cordless set, but you will compromise on power. Clippers with a cord pack more power.

Maintenance: Nobody would want to clean every last bit of hair from between the blades. Go for something that is easy to clean.

Performance: A decent match of hair scissors will skim through thick hair dependably, it also prevents overheating. Considering the battery life, as well.

Special Features: Adjustable length settings, powerful motors, specially engineered blades, and even sensor. Yes, all these exist!

Warranty: Buy a pair of hair clippers isn’t the same as buying a car! Make sure to read the print on the box.

Bring everything into genuine consideration. What’s more, since this is an incredible beginning stage before perusing through the market’s best hair scissors, one should get acquainted with the distinctive varieties which are more helpful for your hairstyling needs.

At this point your decision is clear. So, comes an opportunity to investigate what the market has in stock. How about we get you set in the hairdresser’s seat, as we list the best hair scissors for both home and expert utilize!

How to Find The Best Hair Clippers

Mains or Battery Operated:

The decision between mains-controlled scissors and cordless scissors extremely just boils down to individual inclination. In the event that you travel a considerable measure and need to trim your hair moving, cordless is definitely the most ideal approach.

On the off chance that you require the greatest power and hope to have your scissors running for extended stretches of time, then clippers with cord are the best option.


The blades are usually made out of stainless steel, which is totally fine for easy going use. A great deal of expert hair dressers is inclined towards clay sharp edges, as they don’t warm up in comparisons to other blades. However insofar as you’re simply wanting to give yourself a trim each week, and you don’t have thick, wiry hair everywhere on your body, that won’t be an issue.

Taper Lever:

Some of the hair scissors are outfitted with a lever to the side of the trimming cutting edges. This enables you to shift the length considerably further. It releases you from a zero to a half which enables you to make blur hairstyles and keeps it from getting the skin when trimming sensitive regions, as well. It likewise implies that on the off chance that you don’t need an enormous measure of variety in the general length of your hair, you can do the entire thing without swapping Guards.


If the cutting length keeps fluctuating Guards with different sizes may be required. Most Clippers have an extra set of Guards provided with it. Guards fill in as a connection for scissors that you settle over the cutters so as to accomplish diverse lengths on an assigned territory of hair.

These clasp on brushes are numbered and each number compares to an alternate cutting length. The most reduced numbers will leave the slightest sum hair and the most noteworthy numbers leave the most. Cutting lengths by and large range between 0.5 mm up to 25 mm, which compares generally to a review 0 – review 8.

Ensure the brushes have some sort of anchoring cut so they don’t tumble off. The exact opposite thing you require when trimming is for the brush to leave away and you cut a decent uncovered line through your hair.

A sharp general look can be accomplished utilizing scissors at a set estimation. However, to accomplish a more amazing blur, you have to graduate the scissors evaluating with a specific end goal to make a characteristic looking graduation ascending from the neck.

Which Motor Should You Go For?

A decent motor is a heart that drives your scissors through the uncontrollable mane. It provides life to the clipper. All things considered, if you pick a decent one, that is.

With regards to choosing your motors, there is three principle composes you have to think about. They are as per the following:

Magnetic Motor:

In case you’re on a tight spending plan, you’re more than likely going to wind up with something controlled by one of these. That is not really an appalling thing, however. It does not matter as to what hair length has to be trimmed. These engines utilize a spring and an electromagnet to move the sharp edges from side to side. And keeping in mind that they will not be the most ground-breaking alternative, their absence of moving parts makes them amazingly solid.

Pivot Motor:

This motor works with electromagnets. The primary contrast is that it utilizes two of them, wiping out the requirement for the spring. This really brings about a slower trimming speed, however, makes a considerably higher trimming power, making it simpler to use with wet hair.

Rotary Motor:

These motors provide a wide margin the most power. Their high torque settles on them a prevalent decision for horse groomers, who need to get past a genuine measure of hair without their scissors separating.

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Maintaining The Hair Clippers

Hairdressers can be utilizing hair clippers throughout the day, so items need to withstand that sort of delayed, proficient utilize. In any case, it is anything but a reason to disregard them. You can locate a couple of assistants to keep your scissors in barbershop condition. A little brush will expel hair from between the sharp edges, while a little container of oil keeps them greased up and keeps them from pulling at your hair while your trim. In the event that you’ve purchased a waterproof set, at that point you can run it under the tap, as well.

Expel stray hair after each utilization and give it a more profound clean each month and after every use.

How To Cut Your Own Hair With Clippers 

You need to spare cash on the barbershop and handle your style yourself. Let’s be realistic, we’ve all had issues with a barbershop not doing it very right. You’d imagine that somebody who does this for eight hours daily would give careful consideration, isn’t that so? Do it without anyone else’s help, and spare stores of money throughout the years.


Choose a hairstyle- If you’re OK with a similar style you’ve been keeping from the beginning, continue with it. The point here is that you would prefer not to all of a sudden choose, “I need a totally different haircut,” when you have never had it. You like this haircut. It’s been your style for some time, you know it looks great, and you know how it should look. In case you’re picking a brand, you should visit a barbershop or salon the first time around to perceive what the finished item should resemble.

See How Your Hair Grows –For the most part, men’s hair develops in precisely the same manner. There will not be a need to investigate yourself in the mirror, comprehend where your hair is at, and how it develops in. You should constantly trim toward the path that your hair develops, and never against it. Reason being is that you’ll make sharp, spiked closures on your hair, and destroy that common look.

Give It a Primer –If your hair has developed to an extensive length, or it’s simply turned out to be shaggy and ragged contrasted with what it was, you should begin with hair scissors that you know you’ll like. For example, on the off chance that you typically have stick-straight, short hair on the sides and back, and a minor piece more to finish everything, you’ll need to pick the clipper that matches the longest purpose of your hair. Buzz your head the whole route around.

Work the Sides – A lot of hair stylists tend to chip away at one side of your head, at that point move to the back of your head and to the opposite side. You demolish your core interest. When you’re chipping away at one side of the head, you have new thought of what it would appear and how you need it to be. Quickly bouncing to the opposite side will keep you centred, and in a similar zone. It’s less demanding to look at how the sides are going, and after that, once you have the green light, work your way to the back.

Cutting the Back –This is the place it gets somewhat dubious. You’ll require an extra mirror to do this. Most men simply like having shorter hair on the sides and back. Begin hacking ceaselessly at the back of your hair and be certain to make the cuts in the direction of the hair growth.

Assess –Without any doubt your sides and back should all have a similar length, and that the covering of your hair is straight and everything is going admirably. Presently you can get a somewhat shorter piece for the highest point of your hair, or, you get extra focuses on the off chance that you utilized a clipper that was at that point set to your favoured length.

Enjoy -You’ll have the capacity to evaluate how well you did here. Keep in mind, you can simply buzz it off and begin once more. Humming down to the 1 or 2 Guard measure is basic and followed by many.

7 Best Hair Clippers for Men – Reviews & Buyers Guide

1. Oyster Fast Feed Clipper

About the Product- This product is twice more powerful than any other clipper in the market. It has a Pivot Motor. This product is used by a lot of professional stylists. The quick signal presents a solid defence for being a best dealer and Ask Men Editor’s Pick.


  • Fast in execution,
  • Noise Free
  • The 8-foot control line offers greater portability
  • Easy Maintenance


  • Not good to shave hair with Larger Volume
  • Provides Lesser Warranty

Final Word– It’s intended for consistent haircutting by conveying double the intensity of attractive scissors on all fronts. The extraordinary lower edge framework is flexible, in this manner wiping out the additional cost of additional sharp edges, and it gets strings easily for precise cutting. At that point comes the “Whisper Quiet” motor that is twice as intense as an attractive engine and less boisterous.

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2. Wahl Color Pro Hair Clipper

Wahl Color Pro Hair Clipper

About the Product

Wahl has been the leader in offering professional and at-home grooming products for global customers. This Wahl color pro hair clipper is one of the best models as it comes with a full set of coded and colored attachment guards for convenient, quick, and easy haircutting. 

With these distinctive color codes, you can find, identify, and remember the right guard for specific hair lengths. So, it allows easy and effortless grooming at home or salon. 

Also, it has a powerful, long-lasting, and rechargeable battery with a 60-minute run time. This corded or cordless hair clipper can be used anywhere as it supports a worldwide voltage. 


  • NiMH battery 
  • Quicker charging
  • Lasts longer
  • Color-coded guards for easier hair cutting
  • Easy to use


  • Delicate build
  • A bit noisy

Final Word

It’s a perfectly feasible rechargeable hair clipper for men, women, and children. With a variety of cutting lengths, you can adjust the trim length without pain. Moreover, the guards of different colors guide you as per the required hair length. Its removable blades assure you hygienic grooming with easy cleaning. So, you can get this Wahl product for personal and professional haircuts safely with comfort. 

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3. Panasonic ER-GP80 K Professional Hair Clipper

About the Product- Panasonic has dynamic trimming innovation to earn the most stylish hairdos conceivable. It has Linear motor with Constant Control highlight, which utilizes sensor-following innovation to characterize hair thickness and consequently draw in cutting edge speed. So obviously, less exertion is required on your part.


  • Quick Trimming
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Best for sharp cuts


  • Restricted Portability due to the adapter on the cord
  • Requires High Maintenance

Final Word- The 45-degree sharp edge is calculated perfectly for quickly trimming hair without pulling it, while the thumbwheel work gives enough adaptability to cut through 0.8 to 2mm hair lengths less any brushes. Get up to 50 minutes of cordless task on a full charge.

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4. Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Trimmer

About the Product- Post-hair style support is an inconvenience. This natural trimmer makes it possible to have a helpful vacuum work that sucks up near 80% of gathered strings.


  • Quality accuracy
  • Double motor Control
  • Vacuum Suction


  • Heavy Body
  • Not appropriate for Fades

Final Word- You’ll locate the additional substantial chamber holds a tremendous measure of trimmed hair for moment transfer. Its ultramodern plan advances to twenty to thirty-year-old with a partiality for prepping style as well.

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5. Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper

About the Product- Andis noteworthy haircutting framework drags out sharpness up to five times longer and stays 70% cooler than regular steel edge cutters. Its convenience is eclipsed by the gadget’s amazingly control motor that works quickly with minimal sound.


  • Ceramic blades
  • Minimal Sound
  • Removable Blades


  • Very Sharp Blades
  • Does not last for a long time

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6. Hatteker Hair Clipper

Hatteker Hair ClipperThis Hatteker hair clipper is no way less than others for professional use. With a superb powerful durable motor, it gives a lifetime of superior hair cutting performance at home and salons. 

It is a multi-comb machine that meets the needs of various hairstyles. Also, with an adjustable taper, you can customize the cutting length from 0.8 mm to 2.0 mm. So, you can use it for kids and adults as well. 

Being equipped with 10 colored guide combs, it’s easy to use as per the desired hairstyle and length.

Moreover, it’s a 100% waterproof trimmer, and so you can wash the whole body. Also, it is easy to remove even small hair stuck in the trimmer. 

Never bother about its operation as it has an excellent Lithium-operated battery with better charging means. With a USB smart charging of 3 hours, it works for 300 minutes continuously, and with a hair clipper charging of 2.5 hours, it works for 180 minutes. So, you need no doubt if it stops while trimming. 


  • High power motor and large capacity battery
  • LED display for battery indicator, oil reminder, and charging reminder
  • USB charging allows you to recharge it anywhere 
  • 14 pieces different guide attachments
  • Waterproof body 


  • Nothing as of now

Final Word:

With absolutely different trimmer guides, this one allows even professional cuts. You can have finer grooming even around the ears and neck easily without effort. Additionally, it’s really ergonomic, hassle-free, and waterproof. So, you can purchase it without a second thought; to have a peaceful haircut at home in this pandemic. 

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7. Ufree Hair Clippers

Ufree Hair ClippersAbout the Product

Ufree hair clippers fulfill the needs of a professional hairdresser, yet it suits your haircut needs at home too. 

It’s fully made of sturdy metal for strength and durability. And it equips a rechargeable 2000 mAh high-quality, safe, and powerful Lithium-ion battery. 

With an efficient T-shaped metal blade, you can use this for trim hair, beard, face, sideburns, and edges around the ears. 

As it’s designed with a wireless mode, you can use it conveniently. Though it’s cordless, it runs at a higher speed without pulling the hair. 


  • Best clippers and trimmers
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Longer battery life
  • No noise


  • It does not include blade oil. 
  • The polishing could have been better. 

Final Word

Though this steel-made hair clipper does not look like the other plastic-made trimmers, you can have this for a better and perfect haircut. It runs longer without any sound with a powerful rotary motor and long-life quality battery.

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