Best 15 Different Hairstyles for Boys and Men

The Simple Short Style

Times have changed from the days when only women were seen flaunting different hairstyles to look attractive and graceful. With the evolution of hairstyles which have taken place during the past few decades, men also have come up with creative hairstyles to make them share the same platform with women in sporting different haircuts for men.

There are different hairstyles for men, which include the ones for long hair, the styles for short hair, the cuts for curly hair and many other hairstyles for different types of hairs. There are the inspirational haircuts, the creative ones and the latest in hairstyles that include the ponytails, buns, beads, braids, and of course the age old Pompadours.

Professional barbers have also stepped into the fray, coming up with exclusive and innovative hairstyles that have been among the trend and popular ones. There are different haircuts for men with long black hair, especially for black men, which are versatile and easy to style. Here are 15 different haircut styles for men that are unique and to add style, you will need the skills of a professional barber.

Different Hairstyles for Men

#1: Spiky Short Hairstyle

Spiky Short Hairstyle

The hair is brushed to one side, spiked, using a quality gel and parted neatly to look clean and cool. The sides can have fade to add to the style.

#2: The Blown Back

The Blown Back

This is one of the different men haircuts, especially suited for those having wavy hair. The hair is blown and combed back with the sides parted and fading into the region just around the ears. Beards can add to the glamour to this hairstyle.

#3: Undercut Tapers with Fade

Undercut Tapers with Fade

This is one of the latest among different haircuts men which has become popular. The hair on the top is styled with a pomp and the sides undercut and fade to make men look masculine.

#4: Curly Side Parted

Curly Side Parted

This different hairstyle for men is also for boys, with curly hairs which is styled messy on the sides with a parting. His hairstyle looks great for those having prominent jaw and cheek bones.

#5: Blonde Fade Haircut

Blonde Fade Haircut

Men with short hair can easily flaunt this hairstyle, where the hair is cut very short and combed to the front, with the sides joining the beard.

#6: Free flow Frizzy Hairstyle

Freeflow Frizzy Hairstyle

This different haircut for men is a carefree one, where the curly hairs cover the entire head in a messy style. The hair is made frizzy by adding texture. Teenagers can follow this style when attending parties or at college functions.

#7: Short Hairstyle with Fade Undercut

Short Hairstyle with Fade Undercut

Men can sport this latest hairstyle to look attractive, with the sides styled with a fade and undercut, and the hair on top cut very short.

#8: Center Parting Long Haircuts

Center Parting Long Haircuts

No such skill is needed to flaunt this haircut, arguable one of the different style haircuts for men. The long hair is parted in the middle and the two sides having the hair free flow right beyond the shoulders.

#9: The Classic Taper

9 The Classic Taper

This hairstyle is another of the men different hairstyles, where the hair is tapered on the top with the sides kept as it is. Beard can add to the style.

#10: Curly Comb over Hairstyle

Curly Comb over Hairstyle

Men with curly hair can sport this hairstyle without much ado. The hair is combed on one side and the other side parted slightly, not leaving a distinct line.

#11: Short Layered Haircut

Short Layered Haircut

The hair is cut short and layered with a styling product to look cool and attractive for men who want to step ahead in style.

#12: The Shaggy and Cropped Haircut

The Shaggy and Cropped Haircut

This is one of the different hairstyles of men with long hair. The hair is cropped up and styled to be shaggy looking. This hairstyle is also for teenagers to follow.

#13: The Cool Fade

The Cool Fade

Here is a hairstyle for men and boys where the sides have a noticeable fade, mixing with the skin around the ears. His haircut is one of the coolest.

#14: The Simple Short Style

The Simple Short Style

This hairstyle is a simple one, where the hair has an added volume and styled with a quality product.

#15: Short Undercut Hairstyle

Short Undercut Hairstyle

This is one of the coolest and clean hairstyles, where the sides are undercut to give a bold and hot look.


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