Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair: Reviews and Buying guide


A steam flat irons include steaming vents and a water reservoir. As opposed to a regular flat iron, they don’t suck the natural moisture of your hair.

The steam vents are present throughout the length of the plates. They spread water vapor on the hair strands restoring the lost moisture. As a result, your hair feels softer, smoother, and shinier.

They reduce the chances of breakage and damage. That makes them the hair straightener of choice for everyone, especially the Afro-American men with curly, kinky hair of 3s (3a, b, c) and 4s (4a, b, c) types.

But how would you get your best steam iron? More importantly, do you know what makes a good quality steam flat iron? Well, don’t worry, it’s simple. Just remember the following two things:

  • Size of the plate: Usually, all steam flat irons have a generic size from 1-inch up to 3-inch. While a smaller plate is more versatile— lets you do curling, add volume and flicks, wider plates help to get the job done faster. Wider plates are preferable if you have long and thick hair. Not to forget wider plates will be de less comfortable to hold, especially if your hands are smaller.
  • Plate material: Right now, you will find three types of materials used in the plates. They are ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium. Ceramic is the best in terms of fast heating and protection. But ceramic plates with tourmaline coatings are the safest in terms of heat damage. They are the best at preventing damage, neutralizing the hair avoiding static, resulting in a better outcome. Since titanium plates heat way faster than any of the two, we don’t recommend them to the thin and fine hairs due to possible chances of heat damage
  • Adjustable temperature and heating time: Most of the steam flat irons have a temperature controller ranging from 300-450 degrees F along with a digital LCD indicator. Usually, they take 30-60 seconds to heat up. The lesser, the better, of course.

If you want to know more about steam flat irons, scroll down to read our buying guide. If you think you are familiar with them, proceed to check our detailed review on 10 best steam flat irons.

Best Steam Flat Iron For Natural Hair

Steam Flat IronPlate SizePlate MaterialHeating TimeBuy Now
XTAVA Professional Steam Flat Iron1-inchnano ceramic plus tourmaline60 secCHECK ON AMAZON
Solofish Salon Grade Steam Hair Straightener2.5-inchCeramic15 secCHECK ON AMAZON
MKBOO Hair Straightener with Steam1 ¼-inchTitanium with
Ceramic coating
DORISILK Ceramic Vapor Steam Flat Iron 1 ¼-inchCeramic with
Tourmaline coating
KEMEI Steam Flat Iron for Hair 1-inchCeramic30 secCHECK ON AMAZON
Infinity Pro By Conair Ionic Steam Flat Iron1-inchCeramic with
Tourmaline coating
Cortex Professional Vapor Flat Iron for Hair 1.25-inchCeramic with
Tourmaline coating

1. Xtava Steam Flat Iron Hair Straightener


Xtava Steam Flat Iron Hair StraightenerXtava is a one-stop destination for all the hair tools that also come at never-before prices. From curlers, straighteners to style creams and hair masks, the brand offers it all.

This steam hair straightener from the brand has 1-inch thick nano ceramic plus tourmaline plates. While the ceramic material ensures even heating, the tourmaline material ensures the plates are heated up swiftly.

You can conveniently choose between 350-degrees and 450-degrees Fahrenheit temperature settings. The least temperature is for thin hair while the highest is for curly hair. 

This straightener has a removable water reservoir, which needs to be filled with water before you start your styling. Then, close the lid and point the straightener towards the floor to activate the steam. With the power of this steam, the tool helps to lock the moisture of your hair while making each strand poker straight. 

Coming to the features, you get an 8’10” cord that is rotatable to 360-degrees, offering more convenience to you while using the tool. Along with this appliance, you also get a heat-resistant travel bag to easily take this straightener wherever you go. 

Warranty: 2 years


  • Rubber handle, which is heat-resistant.
  • Comes with a water dropper for easy pouring.
  • Good for all hair types.
  • The plates heat up in 60 seconds.
  • Lightweight (14.08 ounces).


  • Nothing specific to mention.

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2. Solofish Salon Grade Steam Hair Straightener

Solofish Salon Grade Steam Hair Straightener

Customers who brought this were amazed by its quality, performance, features, and customer service. This steam hair straightener features a 2.5-inch plate made of ceramic. The plate has just the right size for medium to thick hair.

As mentioned earlier, ceramic plates heat fast, and they are the best at minimizing hair damage. It takes only 15 seconds to heat up, which beats most other devices in the fast heating race.

The tool also features 6 levels of heat settings from 300 to up to 450 degrees. Also 2 levels of steam intensity for a safer styling. That means, no matter how curly or thick hair you own, you will always get the job done in time.

Solofish steam hair straightener is CE&ROH certified, and for safety purposes, it automatically shuts off after 60 minutes of use. It also comes with a hand glove and a safety carry bag. The size and design are very easy to grip and travel-friendly.

One thing that is worth mentioning is their customer service. They are very responsive. Some unlucky customers who had issues with the device got quick replacements within the warranty period.

If there is any downside to it, that would be the size of the reservoir. It has 5 steam vents, and it produces a lot of steam, which is good for the hair. But you will require to fill the 10ml tank more frequently with this.

Warranty: 18 months


  • 6 level heat settings
  • 2 steam intensity settings
  • Heats fast in 15 seconds
  • After-sales customer support


  • Needs frequent refilling of the water
  • There are better designs and better-looking models

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3. MKBOO Hair Straightener with Steam


If you can exceed your budget a bit more, I bet this steam will exceed your expectations. The titanium ceramic plates are 1 ¼ inch wide, safe, strong, and one of the best quality in the entire market. Their curved edges allow you to curl, to add volume and flicks.

Ceramic heats fast and evenly, and titanium is strong and durable; also, a great conductor of heat, reduces the change of heat damage. The plates further include a 3D titanium comb, which brushes the hair as your straight, removes any knots, and results in a smoother outcome.

MKBOO hair straightener has blue LED controls with 5 level temperatures ranging from 300 to 450 degrees F. Being a premium model; it has an auto temperature lock. It heats up within 30 seconds, and within 40 seconds, it can reach 450 degrees F.

A 40 ml extra-large water reservoir provides continuous steam for 30 minutes. It’s enough time for styling without stopping for a refill every once in a while. The comb plate is removable. The device will automatically turn itself down if left untouched for more than 60 minutes.

For the big size water reservoir, the handle is wider; for small hands, it might not give the best grip. But its lightweight, works with worldwide voltage, so travel-friendly. The package includes a dropper and two clips.


  • Titanium ceramic plates
  • 3D titanium comb for a better performance
  • 40 ml large water tank
  • LED indicator
  • Curved edges for versatility


  • Makes a humming noise
  • Pricey

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4. DORISILK Professional Ceramic Vapor Steam Flat Iron

DORISILK Professional Ceramic Vapor Steam Flat Iron

The DORISILK Professional flat iron is quite good in terms of performance compared to other flat iron in the market. It is equipped with 1 ¼ inch heat plates made of ceramic and coated with tourmaline.DORISILK Professional flat iron is a 2 in 1 product. You can also use it for hair curling.

They are uniformly designed for better performance and even result. There is an LED display with 6 different temperature settings with an optimal temperature of 455 degrees F. Heating up takes around 60 seconds.

It uses 5 conditioning steam vents, the steam adds moisture to the hair, making it shiny and healthier. The conditioning steam can be turned off manually, or you can use it in medium or high settings. It is equipped with an auto shut down feature, which will automatically turn off the flat iron after 60 minutes when left idle.

There is one thing that is completely different in DORISILK, is the on/off button. It is inside the flat iron very close to the plates. The temperature adjustment is also there. During the operation, flat iron gets hot; if not careful, burning your fingers is a real possibility. An outside button would have been preferable.


  • 2 in 1 product. A hair straightener as well as hair curling equipment.
  • New vapor technology.
  • 3D floating plates.
  • 5 conditioning heat vents.


  • The water tank is really small
  • Button layout
  • Takes 1 minute to heat up

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5. KEMEI Steam Ceramic Hair Straightener 


KEMEI Steam Ceramic Hair Straightener This steam hair straightener from KEMEI contains ceramic plates. So, these plates not only heat faster (in 30 seconds) but also ensure utmost protection to your hair strands.

As this is operated through steam, the appliance has a small water tank, which needs to be filled with water up to the brim. Then, the tool reaches the maximum temperature to generate proper steam. This steam comes out through the 5 vents on the plates. 

Moreover, you can adjust the temperature of the plates from 120 to 200 degrees Celsius. This setting makes the tool suit various types of hair, including the chemically treated hair.

Coming to the features, there’s a 2-metre cord attached to the straightener that rotates 360-degrees, allowing you to comfortably plug it to the nearby port. You can also find a small screen on the appliance that shows various temperatures, so you can easily select the temperature you want.


  • Keeps your hair healthy and shiny.
  • Looks attractive.
  • Automatically shuts itself off after an hour.
  • Comes with 3 levels of steam setting.
  • Lockable plates.
  • Affordable.


  • Requires a lot of water to generate the steam.
  • No warranty from the brand.

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6. Infinity Pro By Conair Ionic Steam Flat Iron

infinity ionic flat iron

The deep red color of Infinity Pro is really attractive, making it one of the most popular choices for women. Performance-wise, this is a good steam flat iron with 1-inch ceramic-tourmaline heat plates coated with nano-silver technology ensuring safety.

The steam iron is also equipped with 5 LED temperature settings. It takes around 30 seconds to heat up. The combs are retractable. It helps to detangle the hair before you start steaming it. Single stroke straightening is also possible. The optimum temperature of this steam iron is 395 degrees Fahrenheit, which is convenient for most at-home use.

This steam iron also uses both ceramic and ionic technology, providing soft, shiny, and evenly straight hair. The ceramic plates are also coated with aluminum, which makes it durable and allows for extended use.

The water reservoir is detachable, allowing you to spray water on your hair while styling. The firm grip of the steam iron makes it easier to hold, attached with a temperature controller making heat control quite convenient.

Overall, Infinity Pro comes with a Mist technology that promises users a 60 hour detangled, damage-free hair even on extreme humid conditions. Simply fill up the reservoir with water and get healthy, straight hair.


  • The ceramic-tourmaline heating plates are quite good.
  • 3-position makes styling easier; they are also retractable
  • There are 5 LED temperature settings
  • Heats up in just 30 seconds
  • 360 degree rotating cord makes it convenient to use


  • The water reservoir of Infinity pro is quite small compared to other similar products.
  • Steam release is also quite weak.

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7. Cortex Professional Vapor hair Straightener Flat Iron for Hair

cortex professional hair straightnerThe Cortex Professional Vapor hair Straightener is quite different from the streamlined products, in a good way. Thereby a lot expensive. It terms of facilities and user-friendliness, it might be best among the rest.

It comes with Argon oil infusion that hydrates hair and improves the moisture level. Cortex Professional Vapor hair Straightener is one of the best vented tourmaline-ceramic flat iron. It can reach the heat 450 degrees with 35-40 seconds.

It is equipped with 1.25-inch vapor mist ceramic plates. There are 2 different vapor setting to blast your hair with steam and 6 different temperature settings.

The grip is coated with good quality rubber for a secure grip. The on and off switch is also on the handle. This flat iron uses ionic technology that recovers damaged hair and seals in the moisture reducing the heat damage.

If you have thin hair, prone to damage, then this steam straightener is one of the best options.  The Argon oil infusion takes this flat iron to a different level. It is also equipped with a heat resistant textured cord and 360-degree swivel hook for better performance.


  • Gemstone infused ceramic plates.
  • 6 different temperature settings.
  • 2 different steam settings.
  • Heat resistant cord.
  • 360-degree swivel hook on the cord.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • Quite expensive.

Buy Now at Amazon

Things To Consider While Purchasing A Steam Flat Iron

Steam irons are a lot expensive than a flat iron. Expensive means more numbers of features, advanced technology, and also a matter of investments. A typical steam iron has steaming vents, a water reservoir which you need to fill and sometimes, very rarely a comb plate. But, they are not the deciding factors. In fact, there are far more important considerations. We will rank them from 1 to 10. Starting from the…

1. Width/Size of the Plate

Considering the right size/width of the plate as per the hair texture is important. Flat wide iron plates with more area give better results to thick air quickly. While fine and thin hair requires slimmer plates. Another thing related to the size of the plate is the grip. If you have smaller hands, wider plates might not be the best choice. It’s discomforting. It feels heavy and painful to hold and style.

Check out the table below:

Type of PlateHair TypeThickness
Slim PlateShort, fine hair1.5 cm to 2cm width
Medium PlateMedium hair2.5 cm
Wide PlateThick, long hair2.5 cm and up

Plate Material

There are mainly three materials used in the plates. Others use mixed elements, which have mixed characteristics. Some are made of a primary element and use better quality material as a coating for a better outcome.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic plates are the most favored.  They are known for their fast heating and even heat distribution properties. You can get straight hair after with one stoke and don’t have to go over one place again and again. Since the heat is dispersed evenly, there are no hotspots like the cheaper materials aluminum.

Ceramic is mainly composed of clay, so it is not so durable. But it’s gentler on your locks. Ceramic plates give a smoother finish without any tear of hair, heat burn, or damage. Seals the moisture to give a glossy, smoothy, anti-frizz finish, especially for thin hair.

  • Tourmaline

Tourmaline plates are comprised of finely crushed gemstones. Also, termed as ion plates, they produce a huge amount of negative ions. These ions seal the cuticles, locks the moisture in, and make hair more shiny, soft, frizz-free. This is a good option for both fine, straight, and thick wavy hair. It requires less heat resulting in less damage to your hair.

  • Titanium

Titanium gives 60% more negative ions. It heats up in no time, faster than the ceramic also holds the head for a long time. But provides lesser protection from heat damage. Titanium is considered to be the best in terms of durability. It is also expensive; thus, professionals in-salon prefer it mostly. It is suitable for thick, wavy, long hair.

In short, ceramic is the best in terms of fast heating and protection. While ceramic plates with tourmaline coatings are the safest options out there. They are the best at preventing heat damage, neutralizing the hair avoiding static, resulting in a better outcome. Since titanium plates heat way faster than any of the two, we don’t recommend them to the thin and fine hairs due to possible chances of heat dagame.

3. The Plate Shape

All steam flat iron look identical.  However, the edge can have a significant impact on the finish. Slightly rounded edges can transform your straightener to a curler. Hence you get various styling options such as curls, flips, straight hair, etc.

Sharped edges are not that flexible and bring slight straight strands. Belved edges allow you to go for both the straight and wavy texture. Create waves with the help of the edges. They also give a more natural-looking finish.

4. Adjustable Temperature Settings

Always choose a flat iron with a wide range of temperature settings.  It is crucial to have the proper controls while styling as per your hair condition, texture, thickness, type, length. Because not all hair type requires the same level of heat.

Thick curly hair requires more heat compared to fine, straight hair. Opting for digital flat iron allows you to maintain the right temperature to avoid damage due to excess heat. The temperature range starts from 300 F/ 150 C goes up to even more than  450 F/250 C.

Check the table to find out the temperature adjustment as per the hair type.

Hair TypeTemperature
Damaged  Hair300F
Thin Hair340F
Normal Hair370F
Thick Hair410F
Very Thick Hair430F

5. Water Reservoir:

This acts as an internal tank that converts the stored water into steam, releasing the steam into the edges.The more the capacity of the reservoir, the less it the hassle of refilling. You get more time for styling. An appropriate size tank can hold the perfect water require for styling, making the plate size not big enough for a person to hold.

6. Combing Plate:

This is not a significant feature to look for as the plate size/materials/temperature. Stylists, while styling, prefers combing the strands for an effective result. Basically, they part the hair sections so that the steam reaches out to every strand evenly. Few irons come with comb teeth in their plates. This saves your time and effort by coming and ironing at a single stroke. It is good for your scalp because it removes the dampness from your hair.

7. Price & Value

The budget is the major factor in finalizing any product. You can go for a cheap straightener compromising on the quality. However, doing so will probably make you pay more for your hair damage caused due to your wrong purchase. You may have to go for another one then. Purchasing an expensive one gives you effective results, heats up quickly, holds for a long time without much hair damage and tear. Consider the hair type, usefulness, regularity before spending out the money.

Some additional features to consider

  • Quick Heating Time

Always go for a flat iron, which takes less time to heat but holds the heat for a longer time. Generally, an efficient iron should get heat-ready by 30-40 seconds.

  • Auto-temperature Control

A number of steam flat irons come with an auto-temperature control. It is control over the heating mechanism, which locks it at a steady value after reaching the ideal temperature. Means, there will be no change in the temperature unless you unlock it. It can be a useful feature to have for the dry damaged and sensitive hair types.

  • Displays/Indicators

This gives you an indication of the temperature.  You can avoid excess heat exposure to your hair. You are aware of the temperature while styling without any hair burns. Most steam irons have LCD indicators, while the most advanced ones come with LED indicators.

  • Dual Voltage

If you are an international traveler, go for a flat iron with dual voltage knobs.  Check whether there is an extra attachment /plug for dual voltage. This range starts from 110V/60H or 240V/50HZ.

  • Auto Shut

This feature automatically turns off the device after a certain time if not used. So even by mistake, you have kept on, you do not need to freak.

  • 360-degree Swivel Cord

Choose a 360-degree swivel type. This helps you to move it to different locations making it more flexible while moving. It makes the cord free from tangles.

  • User-Friendly Features
  1. ACool Tip

2. Cool Misting Spray

3. Tank Locking Switch

4. Plate Locking Switch

Wrapping it Up

Congratulations on knowing all the factors important for you on your next purchase.

Deciding on a flat steam iron is a no more daunting one to you.

You know the top-line products in the market through our blog.

You know that the one which is user friendly delivers heat evenly, removes the frizz, eliminates heat damage, is the ideal one for your hair.

However, if you take our recommendation, then go for Xtava Professional Straightners for Hair. It comes with 5 adjustable temperature controls. The reasonably priced flat iron has ceramic tourmaline coating, which is good for all hair textures. It generates negative ions, locks the moisture, providing a smooth finish. It has got all the latest features. More importantly, the 5 vents alloversteam function, which makes it the best.


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